Sasha Mohammed under fire

Sasha MohammedSasha under fire

Threatening e-mails traced to PM’s adviser

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan yesterday was the only Cabinet Minister to criticise the e-mails sent from the home computer of Sasha Mohammed, special adviser to the Prime Minister, attacking Express editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder and Express reporter Anna Ramdass.

While his Cabinet colleagues steered clear of the issue, Ramlogan called it “unfortunate” and advised all threatened media personnel to do what was “in their best interest”. Continue…

CoP, Ministers mum on Mohammed
Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs responding to media reports that special adviser to Prime Minister (Kamla Persad-Bissessar) Sasha Mohammed had been reprimanded by the police following threatening e-mails she allegedly sent to two reporters of a media house, said he had no information on the matter save what he “read in the paper”.

PM stays mum on Sasha

PM blanks media on adviser issue

MATT calls for response from Govt

Other victim of cyber attacks
FORMER Express editor and columnist Raoul Pantin yesterday said that he, too, was a victim of a cyber attack launched against him from the computer of Sasha Mohammed under the e-mail name Janice Thomas.

Opposition Leader: Sasha must be removed

E-mails compromise PM’s office—MATT

PM must act now on Sasha
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar must act swiftly in response to the revelation that a member of her staff issued e-mail threats to media workers.

Penalties for unfair comment
The police intervention made in the matter of former journalist Sasha Mohammed, whose computer was traced as the source of threatening e-mails sent to Trinidad Express editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder and reporter Anna Ramdass, opens a new chapter in communications protocols in Trinidad and Tobago and sends a resonant message to our Internet community.

22 thoughts on “Sasha Mohammed under fire”

  1. This is essentially a re-iteration of comments I made at 10.00 PM last evening under the “Truth and Consequences” tag. Sasha Mohammed must be fired, summarily. She should arrive Monday morning to clean out her desk, under police escort. She needs to be searched to be sure she is not taking any discs home, nor the zip files that could steal so much information, so quickly. The police should then escort her to her home, check her computer again for any signs of confidential business from the Prime Minister’s office, and then arrest her for terroristic threatening. This kind of malice that is willing to hide under an alias, is particularly dangerous because it is launched against the Express reporters who have fearlessly exposed the shenanigans of government, both PNM and PP, as well as taken a lag after Panday when he makes an ass of himself. They are inpartial, mostly, in their vitriol, and can and do back up their investigations with data.
    Sasha has gone beyond the requisites of her ofice, and used her position to threaten all whom she thinks are criticising the PM, but further to reading the Expres this morning, it seems that she also attacked the venerable journalist Raoul Pantin, a man for whom I have tremendous respect.
    Sasha seems to be using her new position to get even, maybe for some insecurities she previously had as I understand she is a journalist.
    What a devious mind, to casually assign herself the name Thomas. In the accounts of the first Free Africans in Trinidad and Tobago, published by John McNish Wiess, there are Thomases who came to Trinidad in the Fourth and Fifth Companies of Colonial Marines, and who were free landholders in the south around Williamsville. David and Emmanuel Thomas came from the Virginia, in 1815, in the Fourth Company, and Allen Thomas came in the Fifth Company in the same period, from Camden, GA.
    These venerable ancestors cleared land by hand, not for a joke is the area called Hardbargain Vilage.These were the people the Africans who were emancipated in 1815 had to use as role modells of family life, and values. These are MY people. Yet this is the name she chooses to impugn?
    What a skank she is!
    Now I know on this websire a number of people hide under various names to do their dirty, but that it should be emanating also from the Office of the Prime Minister, albeit from the culprit’s home computer, is a new low in TnT politics!
    Madame Prime Minister, hurry to your office on Monday, collect her keys, pass cards, and all relevant documents and have her escorted home as stated above. You can do no less for your country and the venerable office you so recently occupied.
    It is not the press that would drag you down, Madam, its the caliber of people you surround yourself with who seem to be working ceaselessly at their personal vendettas who will drag you into the mire.
    To fail to fire her at this time will show a weakness that I am reluctant to think resides close to the heart of our first female Prime Minister. Fire her forthwith!

  2. Corection to previous post: “It was to this group of free Africans that the people who were emancipated in 1838, lOoked for examples of solid family life.”(Not 1815 AS PREVIOUSLY STATED)

    My father Emmanuel Edwards is a descendant of Mingo Edwards, who with his sister Minerva, arrived in the First Company from the Chesapeake Bay, in 1815.Unless Sasha is descended from Jonas Mohammed Bath, the Mandingo from Belmont who freed so many of his people before emancipation, she is a newcomer, and should have stuck with a name belonging to her own people, if she was too cowardly to use her own.

  3. After meeting with the PM, Sasha Mohammed should announce her resignation and disappear.
    Similarily, Jack Warner should have announced that he was stepping aside to await the outcome of the FIFA investigation.
    The PM should have insisted on these actions,instead of having to announce firings.

  4. But, if neither has sense enough to act in the national interest, rather than their own, she needs to act.

  5. Look at the people whom Kamla speaks ‘tough’ to and you would see that this is yet another ‘misstep’ she hopes would go away and allow her to keep her beloved Shasha. One may choose to ask the question ‘did she do this entirely on her own, including the choice of psuedo name?’. The answer can be very enlightening! More likely we would see on the news some kind of revelations about the PNM in order to drown this story.

  6. This use of pseudonyms in a region where English sounding names are mostly indicative of Africans have become the deceitful fad of the many cowardly racists who seek to pawn their shit off on us. Because besides being deceitful, this is racist. Selecting to send her terroristic threats under the name of Thomas was malicious and deliberate. The obvious motive is that she felt that the threats would be attributable to those who carry that name in T&T, and it requires no intuitive labor to determine where the focus would be.

    The same kind of bullying and threatening of the press occurred in Guyana when the PPP regime withdrew placing ads in the Stabroeknews because they were exposing crimes and corruption in the Government. What an irony that though separated by the width of the Atlantic ocean, the PP in T&T and the PPP in Guyana exhibit the same behaviorial tendencies. And it does not end there.

  7. Ah Kian, you are a sensible soul. I want to see if the police would be as assiduous in pursuing this terroristic threatening as they were with Mr. Dumas who accused the man of stealing his construction materials. The police never went to see if the man really had the materials at all, or talked to anybody to whom he could have sold lumber. It would be a very sad day indeed when/if people come to ralize that we have a dual system of justice, one for percieved PNM supporters and one for the PeePee people.
    Throughout the rulership of the PNM the police were percieved as pursuing the law, the same law for everyone. If that changes under this government, we’d be down in the sewer for ages to come.

  8. Now let us not get carried away with wild aspersions and theories. In the Dumas case, did the police have a choice? The accused thief had a set of knocked out teeth by a pistol waving Dumas.Even if the man had stolen the materials, Is it acceptable to assault him? to take the law into you own hands?

    “Throughout the rulership of the PNM the police were percieved as pursuing the law, the same law for everyone.”(LINDA EDWARDS)

    Come on, let’s get real.I can cite numerous cases of police preferential treatment for PNM supporters and PNM affiliated suspects. Just ask the labor movement about police bias and intimidation.There are numerous cases of police inaction on cases involving PNM accused. As a matter of fact Dumas was not going to be charged until …………

  9. More likely we would see on the news some kind of revelations about the PNM in order to drown this story.

    Kian you are a seer. How easy it is to predict the reaction of sycophants.

  10. That’s how the game of politics is played all over the world,especially in the Divided States of America and there is no shortage of “revelations” of the illegal and crooked nature being supplied by the PNM and their “sycophants”.
    This crisis plagued PP government is going to be kept alive to cruise to a second mandate in four years because a sober assessment will show that they will be the lesser of two evils.

  11. How, Tman, does two knocked out teeth, and I presume over and done with, compare to inability to sleep at night because you do not know from where or whom a threat comes. How does it compare to the fear either of those young women must feel if on appraching their vehicles, they saw a stranger standing near? How does it compare to the fear of the phone ringing, to silence, or a verbal threat?
    People who have not lived with terroristic threatening have no idea.

    I can cite from my memory only one case of PNM getting away with soething. Many many years ago, the young Dennis Solomon was arrsted for something or other. His father went and released him fromprison. He and The Doc had a majr falling out about it, that ended PAtrick Solomon’s political career. Was it good for Dennis? He became a very successful lawyer. Who know what would have haopened to that bright red young man, if he had ended up in the Remand Yard. Please feel free to type the cases you know of. Dennis, sorry pardner, that’s part of history.

    I have grown a bit weary of the “PNM did it too”, or “first,” by the same knuckleheads who insist that they did nothing for forty years. What skewed logic tries to have it both ways?

    A wrong is a wrong. Sasha is WRONG. Anyone failing to see that, is an idiot to the third power.

    1. One of the realities pertaining to this website is that contributors often do not represent the views of the majority in T&T. Also, information on the realities on the ground in T&T is too often distorted by those who contribute but are permanently resident overseas.
      Objectivity is absent from many comments because bloggers are not privy to current information or adequate information to permit them to accurately comment on most controversial issues. Very often the information reported in the media is inaccurate, distorted and unreliable. There are others who are residents or expatriates of other Caribbean regions who attempt to analyze the social and political situation in T&T by applying the constructs which are peculiar to their regions and do not necessarily apply to T&T.
      The combative approach adopted by some is based on racial and political preferences only. In this scenario, objectivity is absent. Commentary becomes an aggressive contest of matching wits and scoring points. Nothing is achieved. Isn’t this situation reminiscent of the political contest in T&T?

      There are others who bring old racial and political baggage to the debate, unaware of the changing demographics in T&T, where the old rules and realities are no longer applicable. Those who read many vitriolic comments posted on this news blog would probably get the false impression that T&T is a battleground of hate and division. Nothing is further from the truth. The vast majority of Trinis carry on with their daily lives in peace and harmony, proud of their country and their fellow nationals.

  12. Sasha should be forgiven. I believe that she is a good person caught up in a web.. If you look at emails they were threats but not directed threats of harm. The police did the right thing by warning her. I am sure none of this will not happen again… One must also take into consideration that she may have been under stress from the constant attack on her name.

  13. Sasha has brought more shame to the Prime Minister. She should do the right thing and resign. To have her as an advisor to the PM and committing cyber crimes is unacceptable.
    She may be brillant but she lacks judgement especially at the highest level of Government.
    There may be room some where in the Party for her, but this position is not the right one.

    She should not wait to be fired. Do the right thing.

    1. Haven’t we all made mistakes and done silly things John T. Sasha was going through a rough patch. The Epxress virtually launched a “scathing” attack on her boss and on her. Remember the headlines “Liar, more lies” etc. Now who can stand by and see their boss being humiliated especially when their boss is the PM. Sasha made a mistake and we all have to understand that she was feeling as though the attacks were personal because her name was called by these two female reporters on several occasion. She had no way of defending herself.

      But I think the experience was instructive and let’s move on. Lesson learned.

  14. Ah, good people threaten their former colleagues with harm, do they.Kamla needs to watch her back then, after she fires her.

  15. you are all wrong. Remember who laughs last laughs the best. you are all gonna push your foot in your mouths. I believe she would not do a thing like that to jeopardise the government because they are doing a great job and we will always support kamla and her ministers

  16. If paying an advisor to the PM $30-40 thousand per month to guide the PM in her engagements of serving the citizenry well, she makes it her business to threaten the press, columnists and reporters then the words ‘unfortunate’, ‘mistake’ or ‘ill-conceived’ are mis-placed adjectives in describing her actions. People in those positions are paid handsomely becuase they are several cuts above the ordinary man (or woman) in the streets. It is obvious that this kind ofr behaviour is not new for her. She just got caught and should be made to pay dearly for her actions. A criminal case would be in order for crimes like that.

  17. I have always argued that the TMANs of T&T are so completely inundated in their Aryan supremacist prejudice that their view of politics in our nation is reminiscent of that David Duke took into his run for Governor of Lousiana a decade or so back. He accused Doctor Cudjoe of playing the racist card when Cudjoe did his exposure of the PM’s drinking. He has severally likened very policy of the PM to being racist. But he has the bald faced gall to wax deceitfully about people brining their racial and political views to this forum.

    When you opine from a cultural perspective that it is ok for you to allude any thing to the behaviour of black people, but they are not permitted to call you on it, or to form their own conclusions from their purview and experience of the politics in the country of the birth, that is an example of the classical racial perspective. The ascent of an Indian into the Prime Ministership of T&T has allowed TMAN and the other Bramhian enculturated clique to gleefuly anticipate the social caste stratification of T&T into their envisioned utopia. Constant eruptions from what they perceive to be the backward castes over the excesses of their Gujarat ideologued political rulership has become a thorn in their side, and they respond, typically, by attempting to guilt trip them into silence with accusations of racism. It might have worked a long time ago, but after the public ethnic mastubatory literal expositions they engaged in after Kamla’s win at the polls, no one should be in any doubt about where they are coming from.

    TMAN provides us with the example of why it took centuries to convince Europeans that enslaving a group of people and removing them from their humanity was morally and ethically wrong. The prism through which he and those who believed that there was no inconsistency between their claims to high moral groundings and slavery look out upon the world is structured to exclude and include. Some of them cannot be changed or remade, because that macabre hypocrisy has become their reality. The only thing that one can do is to disallow them stroking their perverted racial egos at your expense.

    So no TMAN, I for one will not allow you to stroke your silly supremacist ego in this forum. I will draw attention to the double entendre intent in your summations, the blatant hypocrisy that inundate the positions you take, and shallowness of your public beating on your chest and praying loudly so to speak. Not only are you a fake, you are an insidious fake.

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