Celebrating the Life of Allyson Hennessy

Allyson Hennessy's Send-Off
Allyson Hennessy’s Send-Off in pictures

Celebrating the Life of Allyson Hennessy – January 04, 1948 – May 07, 2011 at St. Finbar’s R.C. Church, Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin on Friday May 13, 2011.


Allyson Hennessy Has Died

May 08, 2011

Allyson Hennessy
Allyson Hennessy

Veteran television presenter Allyson Hennessy died last night, Saturday 7th May, 2011, after falling ill last April. Although her family never revealed the exact nature of her illness they stated that she succumbed to Sepsis and Septic shock.

Mrs. Hennessy spent her last days at the St. Clair Medical Centre and died despite word last week that she was showing signs of recovery.

Allyson started her career as a media presenter in the 1970s replacing presenter Melina Scott at the Trinidad and Tobago Television station. She also hosted her own popular cooking show and later moved on to the popular Community Dateline programme.

During the 1980’s she mastered her cooking craft at the Le Cordon Bleu Restaurant School of cookery in London which was where she met radio broadcaster Emmett Hennessy. While in London, she also roomed with iconic Trinidad and Tobago fashion designer, Meiling.

Hennessy was also a renowned restaurateur with her family restaurant Veni Mange so named by her close friend and fellow media personality Holly Betaudaeir in 1980.

Hennessy received many accolades during her longstanding career and was recently honoured by the Trinidad and Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters Association for her contribution to television in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.

She leaves behind her husband Emmett, her mother Theresa La Roche and her sisters Judy O’Conner, Rosemarie Hezekiah and Sheila Besson. She was 63.


Allyson Hennessy playing mas in her own Carnival 2011 band called Friends of Allyson
Allyson Hennessy playing mas in her Carnival 2011 band called Friends of Allyson

Allyson Hennessy passes on

Veteran talk show host, Allyson Hennessy, has died.

Ms Hennessy, who was ailing since April, passed away on Saturday 7th May at the St Clair Medical Centre. She was in the Intensive Care Unit at the Centre for the past several weeks.

She was synonymous with State owned Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) during its early years, having interviewed many people from all walks of live including the late Prime Minister, Dr Eric Williams, pop superstar, Michael Jackson, and many others.
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May 09, 2011

Allyson Hennessy dies at 63
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday joined the nation in mourning the death of media personality, Allyson Hennessy who passed away on Saturday night at the St Clair Medical Centre.

Allyson Hennessy passes on at 63

Allyson is dead at 63
VETERAN television personality Allyson Hennessy has died at the age of 63. Hennessy, who for many years was known as “the lady with the wavy hair and bubbly personality on Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT)”, succumbed to sepsis and septic shock on Saturday evening after an extended stay at St Clair Medical Centre. Sepsis is a severe illness in which the bloodstream is overwhelmed by bacteria, usually from an infection.

Kamla: She was an icon
Late television presenter Allyson Hezekiah-Hennessy was an icon and an institution in T&T, according to Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar.

Matt pays glowing tribute to Allyson
The Media Association of T&T (Matt) says Allyson Hennessy’s multiple talents, intelligence, commitment and vision for T&T’s people carved for her a unique and influential place at the very centre of the country’s cultural life, from the independence era to her death.

‘Great loss for media industry’

Remembering Allyson
On Saturday night, away from the news cycles of the media she had been part of for most of her adult life, Allyson Hennessy passed away.

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  • rest in peace my dear see you in heaven

  • joanne williams-schmidhammer

    I worked with Allyson at TTT from 1989-1993, when I read the News.
    She was such a genuine talent and her warmth made Community Dateline the most popular show.
    She epitomises an era of professionalism when presenters were selected on stringent criteria.
    To Emmett,and her sisters and Mom, may I offer my sincere condolences.
    RIP Allyson…I can only imagine the welcome Kitchener, Tanker and the other Trinis in heaven will be giving you… Joanne

  • A reminder of how fleeting life really is. I only met her once when she arranged my appearance on her show to talk about my first novel. I have lit a candle of thanksgiving for her life and witness. May those who were close to her take comfort in the fact tht she was well liked ,and did her job with what Khalil Gibran called “Love in Work”.

  • Jennifer Jennings

    Allyson Hennessy was truly a wonderful human being. I loved looking at her shows and she spoke from her heart.She had such a beautiful personality and her smile,made you smile.Allyson you would never be forgotten. Blessings

  • RIP darlin… I grew up looking at her on community dateline..

  • i remember growing up as a child everyday i used to watch this wonderful lady on dateline ,what a great loss to the Trinidad and Tobago media community. Rest in perfect peace Mrs Hennessy

  • Farouk A Muhammad-former Director of Programming ttt

    Allyson had a big personality and a warm heart. She was introduced to ttt audience on one of its cooking shows. When I was looking for a Producer to develop morning television, I selected her because of her intutiveness and willingness to learn. She was able with the assistance of Judy Alcantara and Dale Kolasingh to use the opportunity to make Community Dateline a success. She brought distinction to herself and made valuable contribution to the development of the arts,culture and the dessimination of public information in Trinidad and Tobago. Well done Allyson; you made us a proud.

  • Farouk A Muhammad-former Director of Programming ttt

    Farouk A Muhammad
    former Director of Programming

  • To the numerous family and friends:

    She was indeed someone who loved her culture and enjoyed her life immensely. I remember playing mud mas with her many years ago. Rest in peace. God has gigantic plans for you now.

  • I’m so sorry to hear of Alli’s death.What I remember of Alli growing up in T/DAD.She was an excellent host, very fashionable, a warm and welcome personality.Alli you’ll be miss.I hope God gave your family health and strenght to moarn of their lost.PEACE ALLI.


  • Allyson Hennessy’s funeral takes place Friday
    The funeral for media personality, Allyson Hennessy, will take place at 10.30 am Friday at St Finbar’s RC Church, Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin.

  • Tragic as the loss of these two public servants, Allyson and Ken Valley is, nothing about their passing compares to the death of a woman in Chauguanas, mauled by 5 pitbulls, (Newsday) or 7 (Express). Now others have joined the cy to have these dogs put to death. Five dogs inside a house? Apart from the stink, I can see their bloody mouths foaming in ecstacy, having torn a waman apart on a public street.Perhaps they should go for one of the children next. (God forgive me)

    Who will put out a contact on these dogs? Who will secret himself/herself in a house nearby, waiting to get them in his scope? Who will invest in a pound of beef, laced with strychinine, or rat poison, or even soaked in antifreeze, cut into chunks and thrown over the fence at night from the back of a passing pickup truck?

    The police MUST remove the dogs from that house.Prhaps they are already in Penal also?. Some lawyer, interested in human rights must rally other lawyers to sue the family on behalf of the dead woman.

    The Dangerous Dogs act must be passed Friday coming.
    Those who shot the two men in Carenage yeterday, can perform public service by getting those dogs.

    Editor, I am pissed off beyond belief.

    The possibility now exists of a tourist walking in TnT being attacked and mauled by somebody’s deadly dogs. It could be Derek Walcott visiting Felicity, it could be anyone, it could be your tantie, or uncle or cousin’s child. I think of the times I have taken tourists to Chaguanas Market, and my legs begin to tremble.

  • Linda, my sentiments exactly.
    We wondered why individual policemen from the Belmont police station were patrolling the Hilton walkway to the Savanna during the carnival season accompanied by their privately owned pitbulls. It was very intimidating. Why are members of the Police force allowed to use their privately owned pitbulls while conducting their police duties?

  • Madame Hennessy was from all appearances ,a wonderful woman , comfortable in her own skin, and true patriotic citizen, who did what ever was within her means, to fly the Trini flag, and or tout the excellent virtues of her country, and it’s fine myriad of people.
    Thanks for your excellent service Allison.
    Pity we could not bottle this, and yes , sell it to some of the numerous other well known country leeches – in and out of power- who fleeced / raped their country whenever possible. If we did , then we would be able to balance not only our budget , but maybe that of every Caribbean country.
    Speaking of self hating country leeches, just call names , and listen for a whistle as confirmation, eh folks?

  • Thank you for your contribution to Television and all our lives RIP

  • RIP Allyson. To her family, may God bring you comfort during your time of grief.

  • Sadness and celebration as Allyson is laid to rest

    Music and tears as Allyson laid to rest
    Hundreds of people, including government officials, family, friends and well-wishers, turned out to pay tribute to television personality Allyson Hennessy yesterday.

    …Allyson ‘patriotism personified’
    Not every person has cricket legend Brian Lara doing their eulogy and calypso maestro David Michael Rudder performing at their funeral.

  • I remembered Allyson when both she and Terrance Greaves worked together on a season of her programme ‘community dateline’ it was very wonderful seeing them gelling so smoothly. I also remembered her @ a sports meeting wearing a red top and jeans and was in the company of George wayne La blanc. These were the fondest memories I can recal of her amongst many.

  • So sorry to hear that Allyson is gone, my prayers are for her family at this time. I loved watching her present Community Dateline when I was a child.
    God bless.

  • I worked with Allyson during my early years at TTT as a cameraman on many shows that were produced there. She was a class act and a real pleasure to work with. A true professional, always making you feel as part of the team. I have lived abroad for over 30 years now and, during my visits home, I’d head to TTT to see the old crew. Allyson was one of the folks i’d look for. She always welcomed me with a big hug and a friendly smile which made me feel that I’d never left. When I heard of her passing, I was quite saddened. To her family, my heart felt condolences. May the good Lord bless, keep and give you the strength and ability to go through this difficult time. To Emmitt…Sir, Allison touched so many in a positive way, every time she hit the air ways she left her mark. Not many of us have or even take the opportunity to leave a positive legacy along life’s roadway. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your grief. You will be in our prayers. God bless you and your family,

    Gerry Luke and family

    • I, too, remember meeting Allison after your career at TTT during one of our visits to Trinidad. I knew her father, Oliver Hezekiah & Mum, Auntie Totsie who introduced my parents, Muriel Masters to Carlyle Patino. Allison’s professionalism & true passion for the art of Television took this media to another level. Allison has truly left her touch on her culture & the people whom she loved the most. Please accept our deepest sympathies, condolences and prayers during your bereavement. Please know that you now have an Angel in Heaven whom you can call by name. Pray to her & for her as she is now enjoying her eternal reward. Love & prayers,

      Patricia Patino and Family

  • Judith Ann Martinez

    We feel so empty today, Allyson was truly an Icon to T&T. I remember school days, she was such a beautiful person. I feel the loss of such a wonderful person, but as we remember her the flesh is gone but the Spirit Lives On.

    Beloved May You Rest in Peace as the Angels have taken you into Paradise.

  • Allyson!
    She embraced life with a gusto which was difficult to comprehend! And it was the breadth, depth and width of this embrace which made her so remarkable. For in none of her many activities, missions and support functions was she ever just peripherally involved…

  • Lynette Baboolal Mohammed

    Being a young girl growing up,always seeing this pretty pleasant lady on tv,a beautiful lady inside out,you are a shining star in heaven resting in peace. From a Trini in the USVI

  • Allyson the essence of Trini culture
    There are people who touch our lives profoundly even though we really don’t know them. Allyson Hennessy was one of those people. She reminded us on a daily basis what it was to be a true-true Trini, and she did it with an amazing combination of panache and dignity.

  • T&T citizen reside in baltimore

    As a young woman growing up in trinidad mrs Hennessy was a great role mpdel to me and am sure to many others i remember her smile when she appears on her televison shows that smile tells me she always love what she does and bet you she was darn good at it trinidad has lost a great icon and a great role model to woman old and young (rest in peace my beautiful one)

  • As a child growing up in Trinidad Allyson was a person I admired she had a great senses of humor and a very good personality she leave only her memories of the good thing she has done.God bless you may your soul rest in peace in god beautiful garden, you will be sadly miss forever.

  • you will be miss by all who know you.

  • alex. & silke (germany)

    we will always keep her in loving memory!

  • i grew up as a child watching dateline with Allyson & always dreamt of metting her one day but never got the chance she always reminded me of my mother soo sorry to hear that news about your passing you will always be loved & i know your in a better place now

    love you & miss your dearly from renny i still hear that dateline theme sound playing in my head each time the program starts miss it alot bye ally

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