UDeCOTT’s Calder Hart Responds

Perfect performer

By Sean Douglas
Thursday, May 15 2008

Calder HartThe Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Udecott) is above board, executive chairman Calder Hart said yesterday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port-of-Spain, in a keenly-awaited media conference which drew the focus away from Hart and leant towards the technical details of Udecott’s operations.

Hart led four Udecott directors and six managers to face reporters the day after Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s nod in the Senate for Udecott to be probed by a parliamentary Joint Select Committee (JSC) — but not by a commission of inquiry — after charges of insufficient oversight made by fired Trade Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Backed by the velvety assurances of Udecott deputy-chairman Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh and the combativeness of director Michael Annisette, Hart ducked the politics of the current impasse which has seen Rowley fired for supposed “wajang” behaviour in a Cabinet-committee meeting where he complained about not knowing of a 60-room hotel in the National Academy of the Performing Arts in Port-of-Spain.

Hart, saying the board welcomed scrutiny of Udecott, clinically addressed each of the main criticisms of the structure and operations of his company.
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A mandate for lawlessness
Mr Manning knows only too well, as well as all parliamentarians and the public, the limitations of the powers of and the time constraints on our parliamentary committees.

Fitun insists: Enquiry the way to go

Verbal blows for Rowley
Annisette rips into sacked minister

Is Annisette independent?
Kamla calls for probe into Senator’s UDeCOTT role

She said Annisette should have resigned when he was appointed a senator as a result of his position on the board.

PM trying to shield his sacred cow–COP
The Congress of the People (COP) said a Joint Select Committee of Parliament to examine the operations of the Urban Development Company of T&T (Udecott) was a “lame attempt by the Prime Minister to shield his sacred cow and escape from accounting to the people of T&T.”

Udecott transparent, accountable –Hart

‘…UDeCOTT is not Calder Hart’

Hart comes under attack
The behaviour of a very vocal and “passionate” Michael Annisette yesterday at a Udecott press conference was juxtaposed to that of what Prime Minister Patrick Manning claimed was “wajang” behaviour of axed trade minister Dr Keith Rowley…

Auditor General considers probe
AMIDST continued calls for a probe into the affairs of Udecott, the Office of the Auditor General is now considering the initiation of a forensic audit into the affairs of the beleaguered state corporation.

JSC should start June –Imbert
The Joint Select Committee to examine Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott) should be in place by the end of next month once the Opposition agrees to participate, Leader of Government’s parliamentary caucus Colm Imbert said yesterday…

UNC boycotts Udecott inquiry

UNC says no to JSC

Deosaran: JSC needs forensic team

Govt proposes Independent Senators for JSC
Government proposes to use Independent Senators to make up the membership of the Joint Select Committee to investigate UDeCOTT, in the face of the UNC-A’s decision to boycott the exercise.

Cartel trying to pull down Udecott –Annisette

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  • Calder Hart is a culprit. Whether he comes back to T&T or not is not important. We can find him. He and all of HIS PNM accompilices, who are still in Trinidad, are the ones to worry about. So sorry for the Chinese workers, who are here to make a few bucks to support their families in a country where the population is so huge that the government of China has no work for all its citizen. Emily Dick Ford on the news, tonight, obviously is in a panic, after her arrogant and dishonest presentation during the Uff inquiry. She has been used. Her reputation is on the line. Manning placed all these in-experienced people in government because he thought that he would be able to manipulate them and get he majority required to become executive president and then we would be in HELL. The ministers he has are there to be PUPPETS. I THINK THEY ARE BEGINNING TO REALISE IT. The minister of sport proved that. Gary Hunt made a Boo Boo with the flag. Thank God, he admitted it. Manning will give him licks, soon. I have lived away from T&T for 40 years. I came home to retire. You know, I thought that when I came back home, I would see progress. I went to my street of birth, in Siparia looked at the building where I was born, 67 years ago, and do you know, there is no WATER there. P.N.M. – Patrick Nasty Manning.

    Listen my friends, forget about UNC and COP. VOTE TO GET RID OF pnm. They are theives.

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