Cultural send-off for Terry Joseph Reporters
Event Date: January 11, 2008
Posted: January 18, 2008

Friends and family gathered at the Center of Excellence on Friday 11th January, 2008, to pay tribute to journalist and cultural promoter Terry Joseph. Mr. Joseph passed away on January 2nd 2008, in the United States after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was born in Laventille in 1947, and spent the latter part of his life writing about the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, especially Pan, Calypso and Mas.

The cultural send off titled “Farewell Teejay” started with friends and family viewing the body, with some inscribing their tribute on a large picture of Teejay, strategically positioned in the foyer of the Marvin Lee Stadium. The official programme started at precisely two o’clock as it was remarked that Terry Joseph was a stickler for punctuality.
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Terry gets fond farewell
“DON’T cry for me. I’m ok, I am free, I lived a life that was full. I blazed the trail. I created my path and have now come to the end of my journey. I did it my way.”

These were the words of Terry Joseph, noted by his wife Dr Laini Gilliam-Joseph, in his final days before dying of prostate cancer on January 2 in Douglasville, USA.

Farewell, my brother
Cultural send-off for ‘TJ’

Cultural icon Terry Joseph laid to rest
Father Clyde Harvey invited mourners to engage in thorough introspection to fully appreciate the legacy of scribe extraordinaire/media icon Terry Joseph…

‘Don’t cry for me’
Amid a sea of black, celebrated journalist Terry Joseph’s widow Liani looked radiant in her floral outfit—tinged with splashes of peach and green…

3 thoughts on “Cultural send-off for Terry Joseph”

  1. Goodbye Terry and may each of us find in your life’s work all which is available to TNT to make this TNT a place where every “creed and race can in reality find an euql place Politically,Economically and Socially.”
    Thank you Terry for a life well lived!

    Goodbye and may your soul rest in Peace from the Fearless TNT Republican

  2. OMG, of all the days for the me to look at this again, after not looking at it for over a year. One year anniversary of Mr. Joseph’s send off. We are also born on the same day. Life is so mysterious. I know his spirit is still alive. I did not know him personally, but I read his words in the papers.

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