PP Trumps PNM in Local Govt Poll

PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Jack Warner
PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Jack Warner
July 28, 2010

Chamber congratulates PM Kamla and Partnership

Kamla: T&T must not go back to old days
T&T must never go back to the days of the “old corrupt, arrogant, self-serving politics of the past,” says Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Absent PNM MPs affected Diego results
Significantly two of the three MPs, Diego Martin North East MP and former Works Minister Colm Imbert who was also an aspirant to the PNM political leadership and Amery Browne were absent from the local government election campaign.

Don’t be tempted by corruption
Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma yesterday warned newly-elected councillors to resist any temptation to become corrupt.

Power shift in Sando
THE reins of power has shifted dramatically in the San Fernando City Council following Monday’s Local Government election which saw the People’s Partnership taking the majority of seats in the 14 regional corporations across Trinidad.

Campaign officials surprised over PNM win in P/Fortin

‘Point’, San Juan unchanged, San Fernando continues

2010 Local Govt Elections results

…Local Government results

99 seats for Partnership, 35 for PNM
A local government councillor earns $4,500 a month, which is inclusive of a $300 phone allowance and $700 travelling allowance.

Who will be new mayors?
THE names of two successful councillors, one a re-elected UNC councillor in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation and the other a first-timer from the COP at the San Fernando City Corporation, are among potential Mayoral candidates following last Monday’s Local Government Elections.

Back to the drawing board says Penny
Leader of Opposition business in the Senate Pennelope Beckles says the People’s National Movement will have to “return to the drawing board.”

Jack now eyes Tobago
UNC chairman, Jack Warner, has stated that having defeated the once-ruling PNM twice in two months via the coalition party, he has now set his sights on what he says is the final electoral victory – the election for the Tobago House of Assembly, (THA).

No honeymoon, get to work!
Newly elected Local Government councillors were told yesterday they would be outfitted with offices and given phones to stay in touch with their constituents, and could expect no political honeymoon.


Clean up to prevent spread of dengue
Health Minister Therese Baptiste-Cornelis has told newly-elected councillors to take charge and ensure dengue does not take over the country.

The PNM challenge
It would be a further debilitating mistake were the PNM, particularly its new leader, Dr Keith Rowley, to believe that all the political damage done to the party can be laid simply at the door of its former political leader, Patrick Manning.

Rowley: PTSC bills will be paid
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has said he hoped Housing and Environment Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal was paying his own house mortgage.

Now to governance
Congratulations are clearly in order for Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her People’s Partnership for their resounding victory in the Local Government Elections on Monday.

Will Partnership be ‘runaway government’?

Issue is to prevent any dictatorship

July 27, 2010

It’s still the People’s Partnership time now. It now has control of both Central and Local Government.

Kamla’s PP trumps PNM
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday did trump and follow-suit in resoundingly winning the local government poll after her emphatic general election victory two months earlier.

Kamla: People’s victory complete
TWO MONTHS after the People’s Partnership scored a resounding 29-12 General Election win over the People’s National Movement (PNM) on May 24, the Partnership “completed the victory” by decimating the PNM 11-3 in the Local Government Elections yesterday.

We killed PNM till I dead myth

COP wins Arima
CONGRESS of the People (COP) leader Winston Dookeran last night hailed the People’s Partnership’s (PP) sweep of 11 of the country’s 14 regional corporations, in the Local Government Elections, as “a significant victory and tremendous mandate.”

2010 Local Government Election results
People’s Partnership = 11; PNM = 3

Gypsy on Mayaro win: We’ve wiped out PNM
Mayaro MP Winston Peters says the People’s Partnership scored a second victory in the local government election by taking the Mayaro/Rio Claro Corporation.

It’s vote of confidence in Kamla says Moonilal

Opposition supporters stayed away, says Kamla
THE low voter turnout at yesterday’s polls was caused by People’s National Movement (pnm) members withholding their vote as a sign of protest, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said last night.

Rowley: PNM needed a miracle
IT WOULD have taken “a miracle” for the PNM to win yesterday’s Local Government Elections, PNM political leader Dr Keith Rowley said last night as he conceded defeat in the polls, arguing there was not enough time for the party to regroup after the May 24 General Election.

Rowley not surprised by huge 11-3 defeat

Rowley: I’m good, but not that good
PNM leader on election defeat…

Rahael: PNM holds ‘jewel in the crown’
People’s National Movement (PNM) election campaign manager, John Rahael, said he was always confident the party would have held on to the Port of Spain City Corporation, which he described as the “jewel in the crown” of regional corporations.

‘Extremely poor’ voter turnout in Sando

MP: PTSC bill can cost PNM Balisier House
Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal claims the PNM still owes the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) money for bus services provided to them before the May 24 general election.

Top cop boasts of crime-free election

‘Balance is key’
POLITICAL analyst Dr Selwyn Ryan feels a big Local Government election loss for the People’s National Movement would not be the “best thing” for Trinidad and Tobago.

And now, time to deliver
Relatively early last evening, the People’s National Movement (PNM) Political Leader Keith Rowley conceded defeat in yesterday’s Local Government Elections. As campaign manager John Rahael had earlier done, Dr Rowley projected readiness to take in stride an outcome the leader characterised as a “comprehensive” defeat.

And now on to the budget
Yesterday’s local government election brings to an end one of the most intense periods of democratic activity in this country’s history.

14 thoughts on “PP Trumps PNM in Local Govt Poll”

  1. Congratulations to the PP, the PNM is now politically dead in Trinidad.
    We hope the Rotweiller have a strong bark because he is going need it in the days ahead. Wooof woof wof..

  2. Congratulation to the People’s Partnership.
    great job ; now is the time to party and rock and roll with the
    punches, i lives in new york and for the past 8 weeks is what i hear and see PP did a lot for the people already ,PNM did crap
    for many years and suffer the people, now is the time the people wake up see what pp can do for them.I CAN SEE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO


    1. I don’t get these johnnie come lately trinis…all of them who all of a sudden proud to be trini and finally see trini in a positive light. Honestly, we could do without alyuh…I’m proud to be trini and happy to be trini through thick and thin…it seems like a certain group does only be proud to be trini when their party in power….big stuepsssss!

  3. All eyes would now be on Rowley following the PP victory. As the only real survivor of the Manning year, Keith faces enormous challenges. Dr. Rowley in my opinion is a transitional leader. What the PNM needs is an Obama type personality. The calibre of leaders following the death of Dr. Williams has been very poor. Chambers, Manning and now Keith. Manning proved to be a very weak leader, not understanding the role of government in creating a positive national view. His fall was his lack of ability to deal with crime. At one point saying his Minister of National Security was one of his best Ministers. The challenge for any future leader of the PNM is to understand that world has change and race base politics is on it’s way out. After all this is the 21st century not the 1950’s.

  4. It’s great to see that Diego Martin Regional Corporation will now be run by the PP. I hope the councillors don’t have to report to PNM MP Amery Brown.

  5. The top members of the PNM must hold their heads and bawl! They are responsible for the massive onslaught that has befallen their party. The PNM machinery is undoubtedly well oiled and operable. But equipment by themselves cannot work. They refused to point out to Manning that he was going off-course and neglecting the needs of the people. How can intelligent people like Amery Browne, Gaynor Dick-Forde, Lenny Saith and Jeremy watch while Manning gave out smart cards, continued with make work systems like URP and CEPEP and then go on a rampage to build NAPA, SAPA, Brian Lara Stadium, POS Waterfront, Woodbrook Tower, his own Palace etc. while more than half of the citizens were living below the poverty line. He and the Central Bank governor teamed up to come up with skewed statistics showing that unemployment was below 10 %. The reality as one goes through the depressed communities would show that a large number of people were being laid off every month since December 2009. The only work taking place in South was at the Power Plant in La Brea and spme secret works at the La Brea Port.
    People like Mariano Browne, Conrad Enill, Colm Imbert, Martin joseph and Esther Le Gendre continued to fawn at Manning gave him blind support.
    The historians will blame the party and not Manning for the licking and being thrown into the garbage heap. No one else is responsible. The $30million Church in Guanapo and the ugly support for UDECOTT was difficult by entire population to digest.

  6. Khem! Monique! Martina! Krishna! While it is good to root for the partry of your in an election victory it is stupid to think that thbe country is better of for it. No matter how elated one might become on the winning party, to rejoice that there will be NO OPPOSITION is NOT only STUPID it is downright undemocratic.

  7. good luck to our prime minister and may GOD bless you and the people of trinidad and tobago. we love you and we trust that you will make a change……

    1. I agree we have to give the new party and Prime Minister the time and help if we can to make Trinidad & Tobago become a better place to live and an envy to the outside world.
      May God Bless her and her party so that they can use the mandate given to them to be a success.

  8. The poor turnout….especially in the marginals should be wake up call for the PP…people are watching your every move and as easy they put alyuh in power, they will take you out. Peace!

  9. It is nice that there are many changes in the political lanscape of Trinidad & Tobago. We have a new party in power the PP with a great victory in the Regional Corporation with the election of 99 Councillors and wining 11 Corporations.
    It is time for changes as the country get away from the old PNM style government that caters to a small percentage of the population and its politics of nepotism and favouritism. Most ridings occupied by the opposition during the PNM rule were ignored even for the basic needs of utilities and employment for its citizens.
    We in Trinidad have bitumin and lake asphalt and solid aggregates from our rocks in the Northern and central ranges but some of the worst roads in the world. It is time we use the resources of Trinidad to build roads that last and not roads that are built for short term with poor structure and cheap material. We should have some of the best roads in the world if we want rather than waste the money on corrupt companies and inefficiences. Water should be never be in short supply and no village or town should have poor systems to distrubute this natural resource.
    I hope the future is bright as the talent is there been an Engineer from Trinidad living in Canada I know what’s going on with the infrastructure and what changes should be made for improvement in the services to people. I hope things change for the better under our new Prime Minister and party.

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