Bharath: Use Caroni lands to grow food


‘Stop the many housing projects’

By Adrian Boodan
June 04, 2010 –

Food Production Minister Vasant Bharath wants all lands that were under the control of Caroni (1975) Ltd to be returned to his ministry. Bharath was speaking with the media, during a visit to farmers in Cunupia yesterday. Bharath said when the PNM administration shut down state-owned sugar producer, the lands were handed to the Ministry of Finance for disposal. He said he wanted to see the stopping of all housing developments started by the former government on these lands.

Caroni lands are some of the most arable in T&T and can be put back to food production, a move that would greatly reduce T&T’s food import bill, Bharath added. He said T&T should not have to be importing produce such as fresh vegetables that can be grown locally. His ministry will be looking at ways to get water reserves in place for next year’s dry season so farmers would not have to suffer if a drought occurs similar to the one experienced this year, he said. Bharath said he would be looking at ways to get the praedial larceny squad fully operational to ensure that farmers are not robbed of their produce or livestock.
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Big plans for Caroni lands
No resurrection of sugar industry soon, but…
Minister of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs, Vasant Bharath, said yesterday there were no immediate plans to revive the sugar industry. But he insisted that systems were being put in place to ensure that the former Caroni (1975) Limited lands are used for viable agricultural production. He said the lands would be developed and used in this country’s food production.

Vasant to meet with farmers
FOOD Production, Land and Marine Affairs Minister Vasant Bharath will meet with representatives from several farmers groups today in an effort to move the sector forward. Revealing this in his Corpus Christi message yesterday, Bharath listed the groups which include the National Foodcrop Farmers Association, Cunupia Farmers Association, Livestock Association, Beekeepers Association, Ricegrowers Association, Citrus Growers Association, South Cocoa Farmers Association.

3 thoughts on “Bharath: Use Caroni lands to grow food”

  1. I was born in Caroni 61 years ago, my father and uncle both worked for Caroni Limited as engineers, I was so thrilled to see this part of my history in picture…please keep it for agriculture, Caroni fields are magnificent…

  2. “Idle Lands for Devil’s Hands” is the way Caroni lands seem to be treated. Trinidad and Tobago has one of the most diverse habitats in the world. As a nation so creative why are we not managing these resources and seeking optimum output while preserving what we have. Another case of wasted potential. Wake up and see what we all have been blessed with and use our funds to develop these lands and protect our biodiversity before it is too late. No more oil and gas talk, think economic diversification, self-sustaining, positive growth, education. that is true Nation building, working together the be truly independent in all aspects of life. Words to the wise ” Free your mind from Mental Slavery” and stop taking what you have for granted . Your were given paradise, do not regrettably waste it.

  3. I am a mature Canadian, presently doing PhD research at University Utara Malaysia – If given an opportunity and resources, under the sponsorship of Hon. Mr.Vasant Bharat, can lead a team of local TT agricultural experts and labour, using under 1000 hectares of Caroni lands, can make Trinidad and Tobago self suficient in cooking oil, with in three to five years. TT presently imports most of its cooking oil from abroad, 2500 tons/year approx., and pays millions of dollars while it can grow it at home. I can elaborate on it to any seriouus contact from the office of Hon Minister. My research topic “Evaluating the impact of inefficiencies in maintenance engineering management of Malaysian palm oil mills – case study of a Malaysian palm oil mill”.

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