State Guards for Manning

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning
Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning
By Clint Chan Tack
May 29 2010 –

PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday instructed her new Minister of National Security, Brigaidier General John Sandy to provide state security to former Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Speaking to reporters after yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony of members of her new Cabinet at Knowsley Building, Port-of-Spain, she told reporters Manning did not ask for security, but she was of the view that he needs to be treated with respect because of the Office he once held.

“He should have respect as a leader. More than 200,000 persons voted for him and we should respect that,” Persad-Bissessar said, noting that a vehicle and security would be provided for Manning.

Her comments came a day after Manning faced a rowdy crowd of disenchanted PNM supporters at Balisier House, Port-of-Spain, moments after he tendered his resignation as PNM political leader to the PNM General Council.
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Kamla pledges guards, vehicle for ex-PM
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has instructed her National Security Minister, John Sandy, that his first act be to provide security for former prime minister Patrick Manning.

Manning bids farewell to staff

Enill: PNM top brass to name senators
Since the People’s National Movement (PNM) was without a political leader, PNM chairman Conrad Enill says the PNM’s leadership would make a collective decision to choose its senators.

Imbert moves against Rowley
Fight in PNM for Opposition Leader…

Rowley slams rowdy PNM supporters
DIEGO Martin West MP and Opposition Leader designate Dr Keith Rowley yesterday condemned the rowdy, rude and insulting reception former Prime Minister and PNM political leader Patrick Manning got from angry PNM supporters at Balisier House on Thursday night.

He served T&T well
Rowley sympathises after Manning booed at Balisier House:
Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday what happened outside the PNM’s Balisier House headquarters with former prime minister and political leader Patrick Manning on Thursday night was unfortunate.

Manning’s constituents turn on him

Lessons from the PNM defeat
In my view there are three major lessons, among others, to be learnt from the comprehensive PNM defeat in the 2010 General Elections. The first concerns the style of governance, the second the scope of the party’s appeal and third the relationship between the political party and the government from which it is derived.

Of mice, men, manicou and Manning
When swift, decisive action is required by an individual, the British way of determining whether you are up to it is to ask, ‘Are you man or mouse?’ The British, of course, do not know anything about the mice in Antigua where I live.

2 thoughts on “State Guards for Manning”

  1. I Think that The Guards,Vehicles,are fair to the X-PM,I hope he remains in opposition and FACE all the MUSIC.I felt he should be treated Fairly in Every Thing,answer about the Siritual Leader and his involvement,in the Church,We still needs to know.About Calder Hart,Sherrie,and the rest of Harts and In Laws.Karen Teshiera,must Answer about Clicos Finances,She is Suing for $20.Million.Let the ROD ketch ALL Fishes and JAIL,JAIL,ALL,Panday no Excertion.All who fought The UFFs Commissions.All the Fees For X-Chief Justice,Hindu Credit Union,Jail Him Too,as Stalin said BUN THEM.
    Thanks GS Deenan

  2. The ex-Prime Minister is not in danger from the people. Trinidad and Tobago is not a narco state,nor a kleptocracy where he moved out with the loot. Putting guards on him seems to suggest that he is a bit of a prisoner.Are we also guarding the only other surviving ex-Prime Minister- Panday, who actually has outstanding criminal matters before the courts to answer?Are we guarding ex-minister CArlos John- also charged with a crime? granted the hooligans at Balizier House acted like hooligans have alsways acted- crass, loud, moblike I think tempers have cooled, and people will look to Mr. Manning for a unique leadership perspective- How to continue to act like a statesman, after a whopping defeat. The Caribbean could learn a lot from Mr. Manning’s return to Parliament as a backbencher.

    There has to be room in the country for a venerable statesman to go about his business of serving the people,without bodyguards.Those who pooh-poohed the threats against him, while he was Prime Minister, are now unseemlily anxious to protect him. Something smells here. Remember Indira Gandhi? She was assassinated by her armed security detail. Please do not make this man a prisoner, his every move watched and noted. He is much less a danger to his people than the irate Panday ever was.I believe he is protected by the mercy of God.

    He is protected by the goodwill he amassed from the country, before the elements of hate raised their ugly heads.
    He is protected by the mercy of the One God, the Triune God, who protects our island from the excessesses of Jamaica(73 reported dead and the convict escaped) India, where hundreds get killed in politicall violence, and Nigeria, where last Thursday, five bank robbers were shot dead by a rapid response police force, and the other six captured.

    We are the shining example of a peaceful transfer of government. Those security details need to be in taxi stands noting which taxis take little girls going home from school alone, possibly to their deaths. They need to be part of a rapid response team in every area, on whom citizens seeing crimes being committed, could call.Or, the money spent on cameras for high traffic, high crime areas.

    Mr.Manning will be OK. I claim it for him.

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