7 thoughts on “Kamla Rips PNM’s Manifesto – PNM Ad”

  1. Yes Eric Williams burnt and destroy them,and kamla saw it was no use no good for the country thats why she tore them up.Kamla you have my support abroard,and as 24th is love,we love you kamla,is time to unite and stand as one.

  2. kamla deserve achance,we do need change on may 24th.will be kamla day.for change in our beautiful island.

  3. We need to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. This is not professional espeially when the youth of our nation is watching. I would not like this type of image representing me on the world stage. Only the Lord knows what embarrassing other behaviors she will display. She is like a bomb waiting to explode.

  4. MY Dear miss prim minister i will like to take this uppertunity to congratulation on a well fought victory i live in the usa i am from syne village penal i am related to chatoo iam their grandson pleas help all the poor people off trinidad& tobago also solve the crime sitution in that country also investagation into petroin oil company is a scandal look into it make all employee off trinma full time i no your dad and mum your dad name we as kid no him mr persad and also your brother toy nick name is purchers your bother was a very nice boy and congratulation from IAN G.SINGH

  5. congratualtions Madame prime minister and every other citizen of trinidad and tobago who made this change happen .. A new change for this beautifil pearl of an island BRAVO

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