6 thoughts on “PM Manning vs. Rowley – 1 – 7 (PP Ads)”

  1. It’s obvious what needs to be done. Enough is enough. How much are the people supposed to take? If the people don’t seize the moment, the country will be lost. It’s as if it never ends. There is one scandal after another. It always seems like a masquerade party for the PNM pretending that everything is copasetic when in reality the country is crumbling at every level. The audacity someone must have to allow the Country that they are responsible for to deteriorate in to its shameful state I beyond belief.
    I do not want to inject race except to say that it is shameful that society has to add to a long list of failures when it comes to the misguided leadership of Black men worldwide. Let me be the first to say that I do believe that there are qualified Black men of high moral and social standards that could lead a country successfully, but none of them are named Patrick Manning. I have scrutinized the Prime Minister about frivolous spending including the Summit of the Americas, Cars, Flag Poles, etc… and hinted at the need for improving the infrastructure. I was not alone and pretty soon the PNM will learn some lessons as I did when I was a boy told to me by father. If you don’t hear then you will feel. The PNM has ignored the voices of the people for too long and now will be removed. If you make your bed rough you have to lay in it. At least in this situation, The President and his wife will find comfort lying in a bed under the secure roof of the Prime Ministers current residence.
    It’s time for a unanimous vote in support of Kamla and with that may she always be humbled to know that it was all of us who sought change and selected her to lead us into the future and responsible enough to try her hardest to improve the quality of life for all Trinbagonians.
    There is really nothing apparent to me in my mind with the blatant disrespect that the Prime Minister has shown the public that could make me endorse his reign any further. There is no reason apparent in my mind that I would vote for more fiscal abuse, corruption, street crime, and global posturing.

  2. Perhaps I misspoke. Perhaps you can’t trust any politician to be transparent even when they masquerade under the pretense of change.
    I really wish they cared about the country as much as I do. It seems as if all of the parties just want to fatten their pockets and look out for special interest that don’t help the country unify and progress.

  3. None of the political parties can be trusted. It is up to people to remain politically alert and force politicians to act with transparency and accountability. They must be aware that there will be no second chances for them if they are caught stealing or squandering our resources. I am almost certain that we will have to deal with similar issues if this People’s Partnership forms the government. But they too must be aware that there are no second chances for corruption.

    While I do not trust any political party, Patrick Manning Must Go!

  4. Rowley has ‘serious issues’ with PNM leadership
    “I represent the PNM. I am one of 41 PNM candidates. Our party is not a perfect party. No political party is perfect. A political party is not about who like who. It is not about individuals. I am sure you all are very clear on that fact. I have serious issues about my party’s leadership,” Rowley said alluding to the tensions between himself and Manning. The strained relationship between the two has been the topic of several advertisements by the opposition People’s Partnership.

    Vote to protect your interest
    Incumbent Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley last night called on the supporters of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) to ensure that they come out to vote in the May 24 general election or the party may lose the election.

    Vote PNM, Not PM
    Rowley concerned party might lose, coalition could win

  5. What a shame that this Election is different in terms of the vastness of advertising ability,we are hoping praying that CITIZENS OF Trinidad and Tobago will open their minds and vote for the country’s well being.NOT PARTIES.

  6. What a failure of the PNM to improve the living conditions of the citizens who thrusted them with their lives. In this 2010 living in Trinidad with no water, the condition of the hospital being in a shameful position, crime is beyond an all-time high; for yeasr the correction of these things Citizens were asking to improve during the PNM administration. Instead emphasis was given to expensive summits, expensive life-styles, squabbling, and not paying attention to the simple things that the citizens were requesting. Manning will go down in history as a failed President.

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