Danah accepts award: Choc’late laments double standard

By Faine Richards
July 18, 2007

Danah and Choc'late AllenSuccumbing to criticisms from corporate sponsors and the general public, an emotional Choc’late Allen broke down during yesterday’s Youth Motivational Awards.

A small stream of tears rolled down the 13-year-old activist’s face as she reflected on the controversy surrounding the 100 per cent Crime Free Youth Motivational Awards.

“Even though persons didn’t understand our mission and understand the list of awardees, we continued,” Choc’late told a small gathering at the Valpark Chinese Restaurant, Valsayn.

Choc’late said a main sponsor unexpectedly withdrew its financial contribution on Monday as it did not want any affiliation with “the list of awardees.”

Describing what she called a “double standard,” Choc’late said the voices of those who preach love and understanding were noticeably silent in the week preceding the awards.

“We are being punished for doing something that we were taught from the cradle… and that is to forgive and forget,” she stated.

Danah Alleyne, the undisputed star of yesterday’s ceremony, was the last of six awardees to receive an award from the committee.

The Chaguanas teenager was the centre of an international controversy following the circulation on the Internet of a video showing her and American R&B singer Akon in a sexually raunchy dance-off at Zen nightclub in Port-of-Spain in April.

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  • ‘I rejected Choc’late’s award’
    Cricketer: Wrong to honour Danah

    Barath,17, said he spoke with Allen over the weekend and explained to her that he did not want the award and would not be participating in the awards ceremony. He said his decision was based on the fact that Danah Alleyne, who came into the public’s eye in April after engaging in a lewd dancing act with R&B star Akon at the Zen nightclub, had also been selected as a recipient.

    While the decision to give Alleyne an award as a motivator to youth drew criticism from the public, Allen defended the move, and Alleyne was on hand to accept her award at the Valpark Chinese Restaurant on Tuesday. An award was also given to Barath, although those on hand were told he was not present and someone was collecting it on his behalf.

    Barath, however, said he was confused when he heard that someone had collected an award on his behalf at the function.
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  • Choc’late sending wrong message

    Thursday, July 19th 2007

    I REFER to the withdrawal of major sponsors from Choc’late’s latest project (Express, July 18). Well, what did Choc’late expect? Sponsors would like to know that they are supporting a worthy cause.

    If they don’t feel comfortable with what is being done they will pull out, like they rightfully did.

    Granted, it is a bad situation for Danah and it is unfortunate that this young girl has to go through this at such an early age, but it comes down to the fact that she made a huge mistake, and she has to face the music now.

    Hopefully she will learn from this, and it will make a positive impact in her life and maybe others too, but as the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”, and now is just a transition phase, where she simply has to face the consequences of her action.

    As for the award she got, that in my opinion was a bad idea. It sends the wrong message to youths.

    Do the most irresponsible thing, but once you handle the consequences good, it is okay?

    There are hundreds of youths who deserve recognition for what they do, and don’t get it.

    It is unfair to them that Danah should get this award. Conscience should have kicked in. She never should have accepted that award when so many youths deserve it for so many good reasons.

    Citizen X

    via e-mail


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