7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: May 24 is Election Day”

  1. May 24, 2010, election day, will be an historical date in Trinbago. The outcome of this election will determine whether Trinbago will be a permanent NARCO State or will the citizens make a change from that direction. If the PNM returns to power then all is lost for the next five years. Trinbagonians will become more and more distant from the State and social conditions will only get worse. Trinbagonians it is up to you to save your country.

    1. While the present administration is not suitable. It appears to apply also for the alternative. First impression is that all everyone is talking about is untiy which blots out any draft manifesto or anything pertinent for that matter.

      These parties have to demonstarte leadership by completeing tough decisions. They have to make clear definitive statement in spite of any fear that the enemy may use the info against them. You really cannot make an omelet without breaking an egg or two and if this is required, stop the analysis paralysis and get on with the job at hand for the people of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, for our NATION.

  2. This election may not prove anything regardless of the outcome! The ruling party have not proved that it has the discipline or the veracity to govern effectively and the opposition will gladly return to “we in power now” and this can make for a rocky era in the politics of T&T. To instill hope there must be effective change in the leadership of the PNM, the nomination process remains old and tainted, why must the political leader insist on having hs wife as part of the cabinet. This does not augur well for effecient and effective governance, no mp will be himself or herself when the boss’s wife is a colleague. Members must feel free to speak their minds, so dont expect that coming from the PNM side. The opposition will have a mad rush for power and will no doubt use every opportunity to advertise that “we in power now”. There is no doubt in my mind that they will taunt supporters of the PNM for months after the election and may seek to avenge what they think was rightfully theirs. Race will evidently play a large role in how things are done and I’m not sure we have the leadership to manage the zeal, euphoria and chaos that will result.

  3. There is one person in T&T who does NOT realize that this is really a referendum on the leadership of the prime minister and that is Manning himself.

  4. Patos did it his way, what a way to go.
    Woman Power to Kamala. Can’t wait for May 25th ,new day, the beginning of the life new for T&T

  5. It doesn’t matter class, creed or race and in this case gender. We want capable people who will deliver the winning mandate.

    Whoever get’s in power must be made accountable for any harm that may come to Trinidad & Tobago and it’s People through dishonest, self-serving and poor performance and whatevere else.

    The people must become strong and resist the gimme gimme culture that will be the destruction of our Nation if we continue on this path.

    1. i absolutely agree with you RDL it doesn’t matter creed or race everyone has to come together to make it right for themselves and the country because this cannot go on any longer I think if Mr manning is not removed from there then Trinidad is over the country will be “lost” so on election day I hope everyone is looking forward to change a new happy start and a happy life like things use to be before all this corruption. good luck to all

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