Are Blacks Safe in Germany?

African group makes list of ‘no-go’ areas before World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is often considered an occasion to ignore differences and make friends. But ahead of Germany 2006, which kicks off on June 9, there have been several concerns that black fans and other non-white people may be subjected to serious racial attacks.

The debate started when the former government spokesman under chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Uwe-Karsten Heye, warned that black visitors coming to Germany for the World Cup should avoid certain parts of the host cities. His comment drew mixed criticism and support.

“There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin color to avoid going to… It is possible he wouldn’t get out alive,” Heye warned.
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  1. “A Black Person Doesn’t Feel Safe Everywhere”

    Right-wing violence is on the rise in Germany and some say parts of the country are “no-go” areas for foreigners. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke with European parliamentarian Daniel Cohn-Bendit about how Germany can combat racism and the xenophobia problem across Europe.
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  2. World Cup & Racism

    By Raja Ratnam

    Could it be that at long last Europe is on the way towards achieving the life-long dream of Adolph Hitler, the creation of a pure White Europe?

    The soccer world cup is due to start in a just a few of days in Germany, a Germany that used to be West Germany and East Germany but which has been reunified since the Berlin wall fell down. A new phenomenon is characterizing the world cup in this year 2006 of the 21st century. A wave of racism targeting non- Whites is very much apparent in Germany in the wake of the world tournament. A group of rightwing extremists is bent on making mockery of the motto of the world cup which is “The World Hosted by Friends”. Germany is treading on slippery ground but the country should not take the blame alone for this wave of racism against all that is non-Whites. Since the end of the Second World War and the collapse of the official racist Nazi policy of Adolph Hitler it was thought that given the horrors of the Nazi policy and the deeds that accompanied that policy Europe as a whole had freed herself of this demoniac racist outlook and attitude towards foreigners especially the non-Whites.
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