JFK Four: Connecting Propaganda Dots from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Hugo Chávez?

By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com
June 03, 2007

JFK Terror SuspectsRussell Defreitas, the elderly and hapless patsy ensnared by the FBI for the crime of dreaming up a fantastical plot to blow up Kennedy Airport, “may have been inspired by Osama bin Laden,” however “was not an al-Qaida wannabe, according to authorities. He told an FBI informant that he and other non-Arab Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana wanted to do their part in the global jihad,” Newsday reports. These “other non-Arab Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana” are allegedly members of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, a Muslim group headed up by Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, who led members in an attempted coup d’état against the government of Trinidad and Tobago in July 1990. Bakr is a former policeman who converted to Islam while a student in Canada.

“U.S. and Trinidadian authorities have kept a close eye on the Jammat’s activities since the 9/11 attacks, but there is no hard evidence tying the group to international terrorism, let alone al-Qaeda,” writes Chris Zambelis for Global Terrorism Analysis, a Jamestown Foundation publication (the foundation is linked to CIA asset Richard Mellon Scaife and PNAC; members include James Woolsey and Zbigniew Brzezinski). “However, Abu Bakr did maintain links with Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi in the 1980s and 90s and considers him a close friend to this day. The Jammat reportedly received funds through Libya’s World Islamic Call Society (WICS) to finance the construction of its main mosque, schools, and a medical center, but there is no evidence linking Tripoli with the failed 1990 coup attempt. Abu Bakr’s most recent publicized links with controversial international figures include Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.”

No, Russell Defreitas, according to the corporate media, is “not an al-Qaida wannabe,” however he may prove to be a convenient link to Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Hugo Chávez, as the former is basically insignificant beyond the realm of kidnapping and drug smuggling, while the latter is a big fish with a lot of oil at his disposal and the neocons would love to demonize him as a terrorist, thus working toward his overthrow.

Recall, back in February of 2003, a Venezuelan man, Hasil Mohammed Rahaham-Alan, was arrested at Gatwick Airport in Britain, “allegedly carrying a live grenade in his baggage,” according to the BBC. Naturally, the neocons over at the Daily Standard wasted precious little time attempting to link Rahaham-Alan to Hugo Chávez and al-Qaeda, the database. “The British Mail reported that al Qaeda operates a training camp on the Venezuelan island of Margarita,” claimed Thor Halvorssen.

Venezuela, however, does not take kindly to baseless accusations and corporate media propaganda linking Chávez to the aforementioned database. “Venezuela levied charges against US cable network CNN for linking Chavez to Al-Qaeda, and against Venezuelan TV network Globovision for encouraging the president’s assassination,” Agence France Presse reported earlier this week. Not surprising considering the documented fact military personnel from the Fourth Psychological Operations Group based at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, worked at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

But never mind. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut the corporate media eventually gets around to linking Russell Defreitas and his hapless patsies to Hugo Chávez, who is targeted for extinction by the neocons and their kissing cousins, the neolibs.

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Trinidadian, two Guyanese arrested

Trini held in JFK bomb plot

Jagdeo pledges support to US

Jagdeo: Terror suspect not a ‘govt official’

UPDATE: June 04, 2007

Four Men Charged in Plot to Blow Up New York’s JFK Airport

Plot to attack JFK airport was operational: FBI

See, the JFK plot was bogus
There is, too, the question of the role played by the unidentified undercover informant who befriended Mr. Defreitas. The informant is a convicted drug trafficker, and his sentence is pending as part of his cooperation agreement with the federal government, said the authorities.

I’m plotting to blow up Sea-Tac Airport
If you’ve watched TV, listened to the radio, read a newspaper or browsed the InterTubes in the past 24-hours, then you’ve surely heard about the “unthinkable” plot to blow up JFK Airport, that was foiled just in the nick of time:

Um… forgive me for being cynical, but we’ve been lied to so many times before, with Bush administration propagandists transforming the angry ramblings of narcissistic pizza-boys into sophisticated, 24-like conspiracies, well… I’m having trouble taking any of these stories seriously. I mean, I suppose I wouldn’t chafe so much at the inconvenience of the enhanced security restrictions put in place in the wake of the infamous “plot” to bring down a jetliner by mixing a high-powered liquid explosive mid-flight, if the would-be terrorists actually had the resources or know-how to carry out their threat, or if the plan was at least, you know, scientifically possible.

UPDATE: June 07, 2007

A G-man in Every Plot; an Informant in Every Mirage
The great H. L. Mencken once observed, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the federal government’s continual attempts to assure us that (a) we are in grave danger of being killed by terrorists and (b) the government – the same government that failed so spectacularly to protect us on 9/11 – is here to keep us safe.

The JFK Pipeline “Plot”: Another “Chilling”
Example of Political and Media Hyperbole

The JFK pipeline plot appears to be the work of yet another gang that couldn’t jihad straight.

Its ring leader made a living exporting broken air-conditioner parts to Guyana. Talk about your boom market! Where can I buy stock?

There was no set plan. There was no financing. They didn’t have any explosives — and yet government officials were quoted calling the amorphous plot “one of the most chilling plots imaginable” that almost “resulted in unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction.” And people wonder why the public has become cynical about how the war on terror is being used for political purposes.

Casting a suspicious eye on some ‘big’ terror plots
Some of the more spectacular anti-terrorism busts of the last few months have these elements in common:

Announcements laced with scary, end-of the-world warnings — usually cast in the secretly taped words of the alleged plotters — and crowds of law enforcement suits huddled close together so they all can get inside the TV camera lens as they warn of what might have been if they hadn’t been so diligent.

UPDATE: June 10, 2007

Controversy over informants’ roles in JFK probe

By Carol Eisenberg

WASHINGTON — He is a twice-convicted drug dealer trying to avoid jail time, according to court papers. At the behest of his police handlers, who tantalized him with the prospect of a commuted sentence, the dealer befriended Russell Defreitas to investigate a tip that Defreitas might be involved in a terror plot against the United States.

The dealer, identified in court papers only as the Source, was so convincing that Defreitas exclaimed that he must have been “sent by Allah” to help blow up the fuel lines at Kennedy Airport, according to the criminal complaint.

By all accounts, the informant gave a masterful performance that appeared to shape the plot’s development: After winning the confidence of the 63-year-old Guyanese-born U.S. citizen, the Source repeatedly drove Defreitas, who had no car or money, to conduct airport “surveillance,” bought plane tickets for the two of them, as well as a third man, to fly to Trinidad last month, and trumpeted his jihadist sympathies, declaring that the greatest way for a Muslim to die was as a martyr, say court papers.

All the time, he was wearing a wire and was being paid by the government.
Full Article …

UPDATE: June 16th 2007

Terrorism on agenda for PM’s US visit
TERRORISM and other security issues will be on the agenda when Prime Minister Patrick Manning meets with US President George Bush next week.

11 thoughts on “JFK Four: Connecting Propaganda Dots from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Hugo Chávez?”

  1. There is terrorism being committed by governments (state terrorism) and terrorism being committed by individuals and non-governmental groups; we have to be vigilant about all forms of terrorism. Most people have been duped into viewing terrorism in terms of little groups of people (mostly Islamic) trying to advance political or religious agendas while they fail to see these same actions by governments such as the US and Israel as terrorism.

    Kurt Nimmo’s article is cautionary, and speculates on possible US motives in reporting this ‘terrorist plot’ in the manner and timing they did. Yes, we should keep in mind that the US has its eyes on Venezuela, and Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are in close proximity to Venezuela. The US already is meddling in what takes place along the Venezuelan-Columbian border with its alleged “War on Drugs” (a drug eradication exercise). If Guyana allows the US free access to its borders and Trinidad and Tobago its shores, the US would have Venezuela almost completely surrounded. Who knows the level of mischief the US could be engaged in from those vantage points?

    The Associated Press reported:

    Despite their efforts, the men never obtained any explosives, authorities said. “Pulling off any bombing of this magnitude would not be easy in today’s environment,” former U.S. State Department counterterrorism expert Fred Burton said, but added it was difficult to determine without knowing all the facts of the case.

    The Times of India reported:

    “As far as we know, no direct ties to Al Qaida. And while people will say it wasn’t operational, they had done up to four surveillances. They were searching for funding and explosives. So on that level, it was certainly operational,” FBI’s Assistant Director John Miller said on a Sunday talk show.

    It seems these charges could be based on the ‘wishful thinking’ of some that lack any real threatening actions. Of course, we will see what new information the FBI gives out in the days to come. From what I have read so far, this plot seems similar to the Miami Seven “terrorist” plot.

    About the Miami Seven plot, Time Magazine wrote:

    The arrested men appear to be part of a cult organization proclaiming itself to be Muslim—although a member of the same religious group says it is, in fact, based on a homebrew of Islam and Christianity, and calls itself ‘Seas of David.’ Its members, mainly Americans and Haitan (sic) immigrants, clearly have an enthusiasm for emulating and following al-Qaeda. But their only ‘connection’ with al-Qaeda appears to have been the fact that a government informant who had infiltrated their ranks had apparently convinced the alleged conspirators that he was, in fact, a Qaeda operative. The oaths of allegiance to the organization alleged by the indictment to have been taken by the accused were administered not by any representative of the organization, but to a U.S. government agent posing as a Qaeda operative.

    The ‘Miami Seven’ was a case of entrapment nudged on by agents of the U.S. government. After the initial buzz surrounding this ‘terrorist plot’, many, including the Time Magazine article, concluded that this threat was not serious.

    In the article “Miami Seven Stand Accused of Thought Crime” Kurt Nimmo wrote:

    Finally, although we were initially told these putative Nuwaubian al-Qaedaites wanted to kill “white devils,” now we are told they wanted to “levy war against the government of the United States.” It is absurd to believe impoverished kids from a Miami ghetto would be capable of taking on the government, especially when they are reduced to begging for boots and money from the FBI. As usual, rationality does not figure into the equation, as the point here is to scare the pants off clueless Americans perched before their idiot tubes, digesting pablum dispensed by the Ministry of Neocon Lies and Fantastic Campfire Stories.

    The history of US disinformation has given us sufficient reason to question every story they put out and to speculate about their ulterior motives.

    As George W. Bush Jr. once said:

    There’s an old saying in Tennessee – I know it’s in Texas, it’s probably in Tennessee – that says, fool me once, shame on … shame on you. It fool me. We can’t get fooled again.

  2. This story could be intended to psychologically terrorize US citizens. Of all the airports in the US (according to the CIA fact book, as of 2006 there are 14,858) these terrorists chose John F. Kennedy International Airport? Many older and middle age US citizens have an emotional attachment to the assassinated president JFK, and the unresolved tragedy associated with him (that also has been linked to US “enemies”). Choosing the airport that is associated with his name could rally the US citizens back into another patriotic frenzy.

  3. The news from Brooklyn’s Newsday, is that the US goernment provided financial assistance to a convicted drug felon, so he could come to Trinidad and Tobago, to meet with other plotters.

    Was the government of TnT aware that a convicted felon was being sent to TnT for this purpose? While regional co-operation on iternational issues is essential, I for one am greatly concerned about who else the US may be secretly exporting to the region, and this country.

    We, as a nation have not forgiven the Jamaat for 1990, but do we want to bring them down badly enough to allow that convicted felon turned informant into our country? How long did he stay? Where did he stay? Who else did he met with? Was there a plot before he got involed?

    Considering the ease with which an Israeli citizen was able to come into the country, and disappear nto the Arouca hills last year, and have a government immigration stamp in his possession, and considering the ease with which he was shipped off to the custody of the Israeli Embassy in Caracas without adequate answers being prvided about his purpose,this latest fragment of the JFK allegations causes me great concern. I am bothered by thiis, for the security of this country, as well as for the USA. Could we export a convictddrug dealer turned informant, to the USA in order to pursue a conviction of someone?

  4. Linda Edwards

    The news from Brooklyn’s Newsday, is that the US goernment provided financial assistance to a convicted drug felon, so he could come to Trinidad and Tobago, to meet with other plotters.

    I believe that there is a side to this that is not being explored, but will emerge as time elapses. Kadir, a Guyanese, was a former member of Parliament of the Opposition Party in Guyana. Recently the owner of the Cambio where one of the suspects, Nur, worked was mysteriously slain, strangled to death, and they have his wife on trial, even though the autopsy seem to suggest that she would have been phycically incapable of committing the act.

    The Guyana Police make “Keystone” sound like Scotland Yard, in terms of their performance. People turn up dead, mutilated, tortured, and the interest of the Government and the Police is only triggered dependant on the race or political affiliation of the victim.

    The US need to investigate the informant’s credibilty, and ensure he is not trying to get two bites of the cherry for himself. That is to say, ease the burden of whatever penalty is due him for his legal contravention, and, maybe, do some dirty political work by ensnaring a prominent member of a political enemy of his local bosses into this sordid mix. Because it just does’nt seem to add up.

  5. From Prison Planet.com

    JFK Airport Plot Has All The Hallmarks Of Staged Terror
    Near-retarded “ringleader”, paid government provocateur mirrors legion of previous cases

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Monday, June 4, 2007

    An alleged plot to blow up fuel tanks, terminal buildings and fuel lines running beneath Kennedy International Airport has all the hallmarks of being another staged terror alert, having never advanced beyond a rudimentary planning stage while being prodded and provocateured by a paid government informant.
    In every single major terror sting we have researched in the west since 9/11, not one single plot has been absent the ingredient of a government provocateur, save the cases that were outright manufactured by imaginative government propagandists in alliance with the corporate media.
    In this case, the provocateur was “An informant with a criminal history including drug trafficking and racketeering agreed to work with investigators on the case, in exchange for payments and a reduced sentence,” according to the New York Times.

  6. JFK Terror Plot

    UNITED STATES law enforcement officials said they have foiled a conspiracy terror plot to blow fuel pipelines at John F Kennedy International Airport located in New York City.

    Four suspects, all Caribbean Muslims, are now in custody.

    US security officials said they spent approximately one year shadowing the group of alleged terrorists compiling surveillance footage, recording conversations and gathering information on the movements and intent of the four individuals.

    A convicted drug dealer turned US informant played a crucial role in unmasking the alleged conspiracy and is even said to have infiltrated a local Islamic group. The first part of the complaint was published yesterday. Following is the final part

    Even the Twin Towers can’t touch it…this can destroy the economy of America for some time if it falls into the right hands.

    Plans to meet JAM leader

    On or about January 22, 2007, the Source met with Individual E and discussed how Individual E could obtain explosives for the plot. Over the next several days, Individual E and Individual A became increasingly suspicious that Individual C was a spy for the Guyanese government. Individual A told the Source that he (Individual A) would not travel to Trinidad because of these suspicions.

    Then, on or about February 13, 2007, Individual E, De Freitas and the Source engaged in a heated argument, in part because the Source had removed the JFK video from Individual E’s computer.

    Individual E initially said that he wanted to delay the plot for a few months so that he could focus on his business, and then stated that he wanted to cut off his involvement altogether.

    De Freitas told the Source that he was determined to get to Trinidad and present the JFK plot to the JAM leader.

    De Freitas then contacted several associates in Guyana, including a person identified herein as Individual F, a citizen of Guyana.

    On or about February 18, 2007, De Freitas and the Source met with Individual F, and De Freitas told him about the JFK plot and their desire to discuss it with the JAM leader. They took Individual F to an internet cafe to show him the JFK video.

    Individual F identified two associates whom he thought might be interested in the plot.

    The first was the defendant Abdul Kadir, a citizen of Guyana, who, as set forth above, was a member of the Guyanese parliament, the former mayor of Linden, Guyana and an imam.

    According to Individual F, Kadir had connections with militants in the Middle East and South America.

    Kadir code-named the project “the chicken hatchery”

    On or about February 19, 2007, De Freitas, Individual F and the Source travelled to Linden, Guyana to meet with Kadir.

    Individual F told Kadir that De Freitas and the Source wanted to show him a video of a plan they were working on, in order to see whether Kadir was interested in helping it come to fruition.

    They loaded the JFK video onto Kadir’s computer and played it for him. Kadir expressed interest, saying that he needed a few weeks to contact some associates who would probably help them. Kadir code-named the project “the chicken hatchery” or “chicken farm” for future communications.

    Kadir, Individual F, De Freitas and the Source left Kadir’s residence and Kadir introduced them to his son, who lived down the street.

    De Freitas, Kadir and the Source met in Georgetown, Guyana two days later, on February 22, 2007.

    They walked together to a mall in downtown Georgetown. After arriving at the mall, Kadir informed the Source that the reason they had walked there was so that the people in Georgetown would see De Freitas and the Source with Kadir.

    Kadir explained that if anyone had ideas of causing De Freitas and the Source harm, they would now “think twice.” With respect to the JFK plot, Kadir informed De Freitas and the Source that his associates had their own rules of engagement and wanted to minimise the killing of innocents, such as women and children.

    Kadir proposed conducting the operation in the early morning hours, to minimise the killing of innocent people. He said that the damage should be economic in nature. Kadir also said that the JFK video was not sufficiently detailed for operational purposes, and told them to use Google Earth software to get more detailed pictures of JFK after they returned to New York. Kadir offered to help finance their return trip and to send someone to meet them in New York. Kadir also told De Freitas to download the JFK video onto a thumb drive or DVD and hide it.

    De Freitas’ phone book seized

    De Freitas then told Kadir about their desire to travel to Trinidad to present the plan to the JAM leader.

    De Freitas said the defendant Abdel Nur would travel with them and make the introduction. Kadir said that he (Kadir) had introduced Nur to the JAM leader and that Nur was the right person to make the introduction.

    De Freitas and the Source returned to New York on or about February 28, 2007.

    The flight landed at JFK. United States Customs and Border Patrol (“CBP”) officers conducted a border search of De Freitas and his belongings. The officers found and copied, among other items, De Freitas’ phone book containing the names and telephone number of Kadir, Individual F, Individual E and Individual A.

    In a consensually recorded conversation later that day, De Freitas told the Source that customs officers at JFK had questioned and harassed him (De Freitas), searched his belongings and made copies of several documents, including papers with Kadir’s contact information. De Freitas told the Source that he was extremely suspicious that the United States government knew about their plans. The Source told De Freitas that he (Source) had been questioned by Guyanese officers at the airport in Guyana.

    On or about March 1, 2007, in a consensually recorded conversation, De Freitas told the Source that he had called Kadir to inform him about the incident at the airport, including the fact that the officers copied documents with Kadir’s contact information. According to De Freitas, Kadir said he would get back in touch with them after conferring with his associates.

    On March 5, in a consensually recorded conversation, De Freitas again told the Source that he had contacted Kadir to tell him what had happened at the airport.

    Later that evening, De Freitas and the Source placed a consensually recorded telephone call to Kadir. The Source told Kadir that he had used the software Google Earth and had found the “chicken farm,” the code name for the JFK plot.

    Plot too sensitive

    On or about March 7, 2007, in a consensually recorded telephone call, Kadir advised the Source that “the folks don’t want to deal with that hatchery” because “right now it is too sensitive,” an apparent reference to the CBP’s search and questioning of De Freitas.

    In early April 2007, in consensually recorded conversations, De Freitas and the Source discussed obtaining airline tickets to travel to Trinidad to meet with the JAM leader about the JFK plot.

    The Source arranged to get three tickets from a purported business associate. While the Source suggested that Abdel Nur accompany them to Trinidad to make the introduction to the JAM leader, De Freitas told the Source that they should instead give the third ticket to Kadir, and have Kadir make the introduction to the JAM leader. On or about April 11, 2007, De Freitas and the Source placed a consensually recorded telephone call to Kadir. De Freitas informed Kadir that they had an extra ticket for their trip to Trinidad and asked whether he would travel with them. Kadir agreed.

    On or about April 14, 2007, De Freitas and the Source placed another consensually recorded telephone call to Kadir. Using the coded language devised by Kadir, the Source reminded Kadir that he had previously told them that Abdel Nur would be able to contact “the gentleman” in Trinidad about “the chicken farm,” a coded reference to the JAM leader and the JFK plot.

    The Source stated that they had doubts about Nur’s character and reputation, and asked Kadir whether he (Kadir) would make the introduction to the “gentleman.” Kadir responded: “Yeah, sure, Inshallah (God willing). We can do that when you come down and we go there.” The trip to Trinidad was scheduled for May 20 to May 24, 2007.

    Print of JFK from the air.

    On or about May 7, 2007, De Freitas and the Source discussed the trip to Guyana and Trinidad and the JFK plot, including the Google Earth images of JFK.

    The discussion was consensually recorded. De Freitas also talked about asking Kadir to meet them at the airport in Guyana so that they would not encounter problems with airport security. De Freitas and the Source then placed a consensually recorded telephone call to Kadir. The Source told Kadir: “On the (UI) chicken farm, I downloaded the Google Earth and we’ve got the print of the chicken farm from the air.

    “But the sheikh (De Freitas) would like to know if it is needed—if anything else—or if you are satisfied with that.”

    Kadir responded, “No, I think that should be good.”

    De Freitas reminded Kadir that they had been harassed at the airport by Guyanese officials who had questioned why they were travelling back and forth to Guyana so often.

    De Freitas asked Kadir whether he could help them get past security at the airport. Kadir replied that he would personally meet them at the airport, adding, “We will take care of that.”

    De Freitas and the Source travelled to Guyana on or about May 10, 2007. Kadir met them at the airport. De Freitas stayed in Georgetown, and the Source travelled with Kadir to Linden.

    The Source stayed with Kadir’s son, who lives down the street from Kadir. On or about May 11, 2007, the Source met an associate of Kadir (“Individual G”).

    Meeting with the JAM leader

    De Freitas arrived later on May 11, 2007. Kadir told De Freitas and the Source that he was going to take them to meet with the JAM leader in Trinidad, and confirmed their travel dates.

    Kadir said that he was sending Individual G to Trinidad on May 13 to arrange the meeting with the JAM leader. He said that Individual G did not know the purpose of the meeting.

    Later in the day, De Freitas and the Source showed Kadir the JFK video and Google Earth maps of JFK.

    De Freitas identified, among other things, the fuel tank locations and air traffic control tower. De Freitas explained that because JFK security monitored the fuel tank locations from the tower, disabling the control tower was a key to the operation.

    Kadir asked many questions about the maps, including the distance between the street and the fuel tanks.

    De Freitas asked Kadir who is an engineer by education and training, about the composition of the tanks. Kadir explained, in sum and substance, that they were probably double tanks, ie, a tank within the tank.

    Kadir said two explosions would be necessary to ignite the fuel inside the inner tank, and explained that fuel needed oxygen to explode.

    On or about May 14, 2007, De Freitas and the Source met with Nur in Georgetown.

    De Freitas informed Nur that Kadir would be travelling with them to Trinidad to make the introduction to the JAM leader. De Freitas said that they would still purchase a ticket for Nur to travel to Trinidad, but that he would take a different flight scheduled to depart a few hours after their flight. Nur agreed.

    On or about May 19, 2007, Kadir met with the Source. The meeting was consensually recorded.

    Kadir explained that he would be unable to travel to Trinidad because of a “project” that required his presence in Guyana on May 21 and 22.

    Kadir explained, however, that he had “called the brothers in Trinidad” and arranged for them to meet De Freitas and the Source at the airport, give them a place to stay and ensure their security.

    Kadir said he would talk to the “brothers” about the meeting with the JAM leader. Later in the conversation, Kadir took a telephone call outside of the Source’s presence, returned and informed the Source that, “The folks called from Trinidad. They said they’ve arranged meetings for when you go there.”

    Kadir also advised the Source how they

    should handle themselves in Trinidad, including during the meeting with the JAM leader. The following conversation took place:

    Kadir: Right now in Trinidad, with (the JAM leader). Is hot, with respect to national security, and the international security. Because I think there was some problem. Some problem with the government and what not. The JAM leader has been acting up as late. And they have him under serious surveillance. Very, very strong surveillance.

    Even to the point of the international, because they see he has links with Muammar Gaddafi And so the international people and the local police—everybody is zooming in on him. So I don’t know if he’ll be available, because of that. But the brothers are going to try to see what can happen—if they can hook you up to meet him.

    The other thing too, when you’re travelling, do not walk with anything that can implicate you. Remember the copies that you had? It will be advisable not to walk with that, just in case they decide to search you in Trinidad. Because if they search you and they find that, you have to explain to them what you’re doing with that.

    And that can always be picked up from the internet…Just in case they want to search, you don’t want no implications—none, none, none whatsoever. So it’s better to discard that. And anytime you want that, you know the web page, you go to the web page and get it directly. If you get to meet (the JAM leader), be very careful with what you tell him. The reason why is that it’s the first time you’re gonna meet him. And he’s not going to open up to you—anything.

    Source: So what are you suggesting? I’ll allow Mohammed (De Freitas) to speak.

    Kadir: Yes, let Mohammed speak.

    Source: He’s the oldest. And I don’t know if Abdel Nur will be able to…

    Kadir: Dr, Abdel Nur is better, because he knows him. He knows him, the JAM leader. They speak the same language. But for a person who (the JAM leader) is considered a stranger—he’s meeting for the first time—to approach him with something like that, would be… But any introduction of that should be through Abdel Nur. Because Abdel Nur knows him, and he can open up something like that to him.

    JAM leader wants to do some “checks” on De Freitas

    On or about May 20, 2007, De Freitas and the Source travelled to Trinidad. Nur travelled there as well on a different flight.

    As Kadir had arranged, an associate of Kadir picked up De Freitas and the Source at the airport and took them to the residence of the defendant Kareem Ibrahim, also known as “Amir Kareem” (“Kareem”), another associate of Kadir. Kareem is a citizen of Trinidad.

    On or about May 22, 2007, Kareem, De Freitas and the Source travelled to one of the compounds of the JAM leader where they located Nur.

    During a consensually recorded conversation, Nur explained that he had been at the location from the time he arrived in Trinidad on May 20. Nur told the Source and De Freitas that he had met with the JAM leader about the plot.

    According to Nur, the JAM leader suggested that Nur, De Freitas and the Source come back a few days later to discuss the plan in detail. The JAM leader also advised that he wanted to do some “checks” on De Freitas and the Source before any meeting.

    De Freitas, Nur, Kareem and the Source left the compound and, later that evening, returned to Kareem’s residence.

    Nur, De Freitas, Kareem and the Source then called Kadir in Guyana.

    During the telephone call, Nur informed Kadir that he had met with the JAM leader and presented the plan to him, and made arrangements for Nur, De Freitas and the Source to meet with the JAM leader later in the week. Kadir said he was pleased.

    Late in the evening on May 23, 2007, during a consensually recorded conversation, De Freitas advised Kareem about the JFK plot in detail.

    Nur and the Source were also present. De Freitas and the Source then played the JFK video and showed Kareem the Google Earth images.

    As he had with Kadir, De Freitas informed Kareem, in the presence of Nur and the Source, about their specific plan to explode fuel tanks at JFK and destroy the air traffic control tower.

    De Freitas further compared the attack to September 11th, explaining, “even the Twin Towers can’t touch it.” De Freitas added that, “this can destroy the economy of America for some time if it falls into the right hands.”

    During that conversation, which was consensually recorded, De Freitas explained that they intended to present the plan to the JAM leader, but had concerns about their safety. Kareem advised against presenting the plan to the JAM leader, and instead said that he (Kareem) would present the plan to contacts overseas who may be interested in purchasing or funding it.

    Kareem instructed De Freitas, Nur and the Source to leave the JFK video and Google images with him so that, if his contacts overseas were interested, he would have the items available to show them.

    Kareem stated that he would keep them in a safe place in Tobago. De Freitas agreed.

    On or about May 24, 2007, De Freitas, Kareem and the Source called Kadir.

    De Freitas happy to see plan moving forward

    De Freitas advised Kadir that Kareem was aware of the JFK plot and was going to present it to his contacts.

    They asked Kadir whether any money received for the plans could be maintained in Kadir’s foundation in Linden, Guyana.

    Kadir agreed. Kareem, De Freitas, Nur and the Source devised a code system for future communications.

    De Freitas and the Source returned to New York on or about May 26, 2007.

    During a consensually recorded phone call among Kareem, De Freitas and the Source on or about May 27, Kareem said that the plan was moving forward, and that he was sending one of his associates as an emissary to present the plan.

    He explained that the individual would travel overseas to present the plan.

    De Freitas stated that he was happy to see that the plan was moving forward. End

    Wherefore, your deponent respectfully requests that an arrest warrant be issued for defendants Russell De Freitas, also known as “Mohammed,” Kareem Ibrahim, also known as “Amir Kareem,” Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur, so that they may be dealt with according to law.

    Because of the nature and content of the charges alleged herein, the government requests that the complaint and arrest warrants be filed under seal until further order of this Court.

    Robert Addonizio


    Joint Terrorism Task Force

    Sworn to before me this 1st day of June, 2007

    United State Magistrate

    Judge Eastern District Of New York


  7. The fact of the matter is that us Americans (USA) are people just like you.We want to feed our family watch our kids grow up and all the same things anyone else wants. We are not the enemy nor the aggressors to blame for everything. We will do what we must to protect ourselves within the law of what is right and just. We are not out to invade Venezuela and the like…..we are simply protecting our interest and the rest of the countries from the spread of communism which lends no voice to the people and gives them no rights….Venezuela and Chavez have their own troubles….if the people there are so happy with their dictator then why are they protesting and fighting against the brutal dictator Chavez. We are not the enemy, we are people just like you who want to live our lives like anyone else which includes protecting ourselves, our family and the people in the world who need it. We are not perfect but no Country or no person in this world is perfect. Do not expect us to idley stand by while others plot to kill our children and families. Long live freedom

  8. Frank, people know “we Americans” are not the enemy. The government under Bush is.From the legitamate government of Haiti, to valerie Plame,Chavez, Castro and Robert Mugabe minions of this government are spreading despair all over and trying to undermine other systems. The world is not made in the image and likeness of Bush, nor was it meant to be. If the government of any other country had as many of its members indicted, convicted and jailed for corrupt practices as this one has, “we Americans” would have concluded that there is a lack of democracy there. That Americans have not done that,is part of the manipulation of the Bush admin. Pull out the spectre of “terrorism” and use it to keep beating a dead horse, while we get our young men and women killed in far
    off places, and poison their genepool with depleted uranium.Remember Bush’s urging to the American people after 9/11? It was “go out and spend”. Well. he found a way to do this at a billion dollars a week, but America gets mad when a Chavez plans to use the vast natural resources of his Afro-Indio country to improve the lot of his people.
    My recommendation to you is that you read news sources other than those emanating from the USA. Boy, it could open you eyes. Don’t whine, be a positive force for change.Some of use use our full names, others hide ebhind one word or a tg. Afraid? Not in a true democracy, are you?

  9. The one thing no one has pointed out yet is what brand of rum these men were drinking during this rum talk session called a JFK Plot. Before you jump all over me and say Muslims do not drink, check Khan’s Liquor Store on the Diego Martin Main Road. He only selling, you say?

    Then it must be the quality of the coffee, or the pipes they were smoking.

  10. dont look at the political leaders of anyway in order to judge a country look at teh people…. if american so bad where is it so popular amount all these haters of america ? simple because their cant go and talk crap in iraq, iran, cuba, haiti etc etc etc they will get shoot lol . so thier take out thier fustration and blame bush lol . i guess we in trinidad suppress the muslims, invade dem for thier oil, raped thier woman and that why thier attepted a coup and killed so may innocent people and still commit crimes agaisnt us each day . but dont blame teh muslims for teh coup blame bush lol. u all insane a religion that propagates so much violent have a fundemental problem insist of trying to find out what wrong with america find out what wrong with islem. and u all know that while babies stave for milk in cuba, the hotels are alway filled with it ….. i wonder why illusions everything perfect in mr castro wonder wonder land just how it honki dory with chavez. america might have thier problems but thier already solved it thier can elect teh same president for more that two terms but wait and see when bush u all will still ahev teh same problems with usa ENVY

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