Politics Takes Precedence Over Constitutionality

By Stephen Kangal
February 14, 2010

Basdeo PandayIt is pathetic to see an ageing captain who publicly boasted about his immortal invincibility to navigate the turbulent waters of the legitimacy of politics for forty years now seeking refuge by invoking the illegitimacy of constitutionality to shore up and salvage his all but sunken and ship-wrecked political career. He confessed that politicians have a limited shelf-life before becoming damaged/expired goods.

This erstwhile high priest of the Central heartland is insensitive to his perverted political morals and deception-based legacy that he is inflicting on the young and upcoming new breed of political “successionists”.

Clutching to the post of Leader of the Opposition in the face of the political meltdown that was inflicted on him and his cabal by Kamlamania, on the basis of its “alleged constitutionality” is to ignore conveniently the political legitimacy of the claim of the victorious to assume the spoils of the vanquished. This is first and foremost a flagrant violation of the will of all the people- not exclusively the UNC membership. It constitutes also a continuing total embarrassment, shame and scandal to the Indians of this country who virtually worshipped this neemakharam. He previously got away unscathed with this incivility in 2005.

Can the dissident MP’s who are propping up this relic of our political past not appreciate the bigger picture? Don’t they see that they are endangering their own selfish future political careers? Must they go down with Jim Jones as a legacy of their karma?

I disagree with former Senator Lyndira Oudit in readily agreeing to her senatorial dismissal by Panday. She defeated Senator Wade Mark for the post of Deputy Political Leader. She has galvanised more political legitimacy than any of the current UNC senators. Lyndira, a rising bright star in the political firmament should have been untouched above comic Adesh Nanan, “writing for his supper” Rahaman and grasshopper Sharon McNichols. Which elections did they win Mr. Panday?

7 Responses to “Politics Takes Precedence Over Constitutionality”

  • Mr. K, don’t you think that the best way to ensure that Basdeo Panday is no longer a national political force ,as some foolishly think he still is , would be to stop writing or commenting about him in any form or fashion.
    Since we are both aware that this is the best approach to finally silence , and send this political dinosauric has been to his retirement rocking chair ,the cynic in me therefore force me to conclude that this reasons why we are constantly bombarded with Panday this, Parmela that, Dukeran the other , every day ,by you and other selectively outraged ,is simply a way to dominate the discussion about lightweight fringed parties ,that just like 1985 ,will never individually be able to amass the required, necessary broad based support by the majority of the electorate so as to curb PNM’s continued dominance . Now mind you, I could be wrong , but is very doubtful.
    It is very unfortunate , but I just don’t think that for all the intelligence, financial firepower, and suaveness of UNC/COP disgruntled power brokers, and advisors , most seem to lack a basic understanding of politics – at least as represented in a democracy by successful players. This is as follows:- “your business is mine , and my business is yours,” Uncle K.Think on these things our wise ,learned, and politically sophisticated friend.
    Regards .

    • Neal
      I wish what you say were true but Panday is still Leader of Opposition and capable of doing untold damage to the forces of cohesion. I write not to praise Panday but to bury him politically because of my anxiety for a return to intelligent governance-not the current nonesence that comes from the pronouncements of Manning escpecially from his recent driveaway in Laventille. Panday has more political lives than a cat and more tricks up his sleeve. I must unload this weight from the backs of the people. This is my karmic prescription. I cannot leave anything to chance.

  • Continue Mr. Kangal, to write whatever you wish and about whoever you wish to wrtie about. Some people surf the cyber space looking for victims to unleash an unslaught of abuse as if their opinion alone is worth shit. They accuse people of hiding behind a computer, but always seem to be on the ball to do the very same thing. To hell with these idiots and continue to write and write some more and then some.

  • Thanks for your response Mr.K, as much as I disagree as to his relevance , I still respect your strategic decisions. You are absolutely correct however about the lack of “intelligent governance,” as recently portrayed by Mr. arrogant himself uncle Manning ,”escpecially from his recent driveaway in Laventille.”Well , as they say , “in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king.”
    Therefore you are well advised to not “leave anything to chance,” and continue to plug away with your “kamic prescription,” so as to keep the people from falling into ‘samsara,’ under the force of the tricky cat Mr Panday,with the nine lives.
    On another note, I was on the verge of responding to mramps last commentary, but upon closer observation recognized that I would be out of place , as he could not be referring to yours truly.
    I surely do not suffer from ‘verbal diarrhea,’ but that sounds more like Madame Linda , T-Man , or cousin Curtis ,if you ask me.
    I subscribe to an old African saying Mr.K that states, “when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” As a precaution , wise mice-like peons like myself , are well prepared to step out of the fray, hmmmmm?
    Stay safe during this Carnival.

    • I was in fact reffering to you Neal, you seem to be fast to lash out at every post with very potent venom. Again I would point out that your comments, whilst good most of the time is often watered down with the insults, which could be left out. Points can be challenged but not in the manner which you seem to prefer. But then again thats just my humble suggestion. Not necessarilly advice.

  • I knew fully well that you were referring to me mmramps. Listen buddy, it’s part of a deliberate stick I am trying to develop ,as I get ready to soon launch a blog and a wider media entity of my own.
    Got a get a feel as to what works and what don’t. At times ,I enjoy getting under the skin of fellow bloggers . Sometimes I am having fun, other times I am serious . If you notice mramps ,there are issues I am extremely passionate about, while others I’ll let slide.
    I do try to give due respect to fellow bloggers once it is deserved , and likewise , I too expect the same in return.
    After all is said and done, I am here to educate , and learn , while trying to make my society and by extension, the world a better place. Lets enjoy the ride shall we .
    Imagine this mramps ,twenty years ago , you or I would write a letter to the editor , but would never get it publish because you hurt the sensibilities of some editor , publisher , corporate sponsor, or fragment of the reading public.
    I am simply ecstatic about this new found freedom, but can see your point that at times I can come across as about as an arrogant ,obnoxious, irritating , know it all. I crave your indulgence my friend, and also extend my apologies where necessary to all.
    A quick question in parting mramps , do you know how to play chess? If not, it is a game worth taking some time to learn. Take care.

    • did you agree that you are a bit ridiculous at times? anyways, I hear you and I understand but hope you do too. No I dont play chess, but from the little I know it has to do with having a brain right, so is your advice implying that we get a brain, or is it that you genuinly wish that we get to know the game so as to gain an advantage on life, I think chess has to do with knowing the oponent’s next move so your next move would be to your advantage. My question to you is, why do you wish that we learn chess, because by you simple stating what you did at the end of what seem to be an apology could be taken as another of your insults.

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