Cellphone porn for schoolboys

Teenager faces charges

An 18-year-old man is to be charged with exposing lewd material to minors, after he reportedly sent several video clips of pornography to a cell phone belonging to an 11-year-old student of a Belmont primary school.

Investigators have expressed concern as they believe the man may have sent the explicit material to several other children with cell phones, unknown to their parents.

A teacher at the school reportedly made the discovery after the 11-year-old boy’s cell phone rang in class last Monday.

The boy’s teacher examined his cell phone and found several video clips with explicit pornography on it. The matter was reported to the Belmont police, and then to the Maraval police who serve the district where the child is from.
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Hotep’s Radio Comment: Audio

Cell PhonesThe issue with the child’s cell phone having sexually explicit material on it raises several issues that should be debated.

Did the child have a right to privacy? Did the teacher have the right to search the child’s cell phone? I am not judging here, just putting out questions.

Sexually explicit material always makes its way into the hands of adolescents. When I was young, boys were sneaking around Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines. Today it is more graphic and passed via computers and cell phones.

If the sexually explicit material was unsolicited, then the issue is also about dealing with spam, like on computers.

Parents can buy basic phones for their children that do not have all those features, but the children could still find other ways to satisfy their sexual curiosities.

There is no easy way around this but to allow youths to learn about, and safely explore, their sexual curiosities thus neutralizing any extreme negative effect that some sexually explicit material can have on them.

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11 thoughts on “Cellphone porn for schoolboys”

  1. In my opinion, the schools and too many of the homes are not properly equipped to handle this aspect of a child’s development.

  2. If parents are going to give youths a cell phone, they have a responsibilty to also make sure that the cell phone is being used for the purpose it was intended as well as knowing how and what the cell phone can do up front. If it is intended for knowing the childs whereabouts, why all the bells and whistles that can be used as a distraction? Ultimately I feel the parents have to take a more active role in their childrens education about sex also, so they are not looking outside to get the bulk of that information and exposure.

  3. I think that as a young girl myself, pornography is despicable and that no one should have it. But on the other hand, people do whatever floats their boat, so to speak. The man who sent these filthy pictures and/or videos is totally and utterly disgusting. He should have known better than to send all kinds of things like that to a child. I feel that the man should be punished for lewd and crude behavior towards a young child.

  4. People ask does the teacher have the right to look at a child cell phone, but the question is? Does the child have the right to have a cell phone turn on in his or her classroom while class is going on?
    Years ago how did anyone reach us without cell phone not even years, but months ago?

  5. BAN them, ban all! Emergency? in case of emergencies students should be allowed to use the pay phones situated in the staff room! That will cut out all of this non-sense!

  6. First of all,what is a child doing with a cell phone in class during class time? The answer that we get to that is that when they go to school and if something happens to them, we the parents, can be able to contact them. But tell me something, before cell phones were ever introduced or should i say affordable so that everyone can have one, what did we the parents used to do? How were we able to get in touch with our kids at school? Answer that question!! Cell phones shoud be banned asap at schools nationwide now. Not just ban them during class time,because what about when they, the students, go on break and lunch? Can’t they film the same sexual acts then? Come on trinidad and Tobago, let’s get serious. This is the future of our country that we are dealing with. Something has to be done soon. Act now!!!!!!!

  7. I strongly agree with you.
    I believe all parents should check their childrens mobile phones every day the come back from school.
    Before mobiel phones were ever affordable, Parents relied on schools to provide their children’s safety.
    All of a sudden, there is a cellphone, and then there is a need to worry.
    I feel for the children too, with cellphones getting prettier and more tempting with all sorts of gadgets and tricks no wonder they are tempted to use their phones for all sorts.
    There was an incident over the Xmas period, A 14 year old boy bough a phone from a website worth $960US. As the phone was about to be deilvered, the credit card company called to verify the card details and the Boy’s father said he knew nothing of it.
    Can you imagine.

  8. As a shcoolchild, i really see no need for the phones to be banned,and i understand why you say this but you all focus on the negative side of everything first[i dont know why].It is true that before cell phones there was no need to worry,but times have changed,and no one can disagree.It is unsafe to be alone (without contact to anyone) and why must we all have a phone that Beeps? Why shouldn’t our phones play a song,or be able to record a football match,or even send email? of the Thousands of schoolchildren with cellphones why should the few hundred bad ones cause us all to not have our phones in school? (i understand why not On at classtime). of the million or so citizens of T and T should the Few Hundred that kill let us all go to Jail?

    Attempt to focus on the Positive people…you heard this from a 15 year old boy with a sony ericsson K550i and no pornography on it.
    We aren’t all Silly.

  9. Being a school student myself, an being in the environment of immature little minds is quite confusing, most of these students are on a experimenting basis’s, growing up you would want to try new things, but that does not give them the right to be indulging themselves in adult stuff. It’s a i see i do thing in schools these days. Parents need to pay particular attention an discipline their children when they reach the tender age of being a teenager.
    I fully disagree wit studentss having cellphone in school, school time should be well productive. If the students need to call their parents for any given reason they should use the office phone.
    Rules should be implemented, for young people if not they would just get carried away, an trust me it’s very easy to do just that.
    Being this young distractions are every where, goals should be set, once you aim for the moon atleast you would land by the stars.
    It is not pleasant to hear that your school is being held against, for one rotten egg.
    We need to take action, an reinforce some rules.i love my country, an this is where i live, i want to be proud, not disappointed.
    Thank you for reading this, i hope u take it into consideration.
    i am a proud 17 year old.

  10. Don’t these kids see enough half naked adults during Carnival, music videos or on television shows? When is enough enough?

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