Akon will not be charged for Zen dancing


Danah and Akon at ZenTonight TV6 News reported that police investigators have closed the books on investigations into the Danah Alleyne/Akon raunchy dancing incident at Zen nightclub.

The TV6 News report said, “According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Winston Cooper, the investigations have reached a stalemate as witnesses aren’t coming forward to support the police.”

It’s been three weeks since police officers launched an investigation into the lewd dancing incident involving the fifteen year old pastor’s daughter, Danah Alleyne, and the hip-hop singer, Akon at the Zen nightclub. A video clip of the act was posted on the internet and this sparked a national debate about such conduct and who is to blame.

Comment by L. Paul

Police investigations have closed on the Danah/Akon affair and it is now clear to those who were in disbelief that there was nothing illegal about their dancing as shown in the videoclip. Indeed, as part of police investigations, police would have been looking to determine if the dance was in fact lewd or if it was a prelude to a sexual act. The fact that investigations are at a halt, proves what some of this blog have been saying all along: there is nothing illegal about Danah’s dancing, Akon’s dancing, or any other similar dancing that take place in Trinidad and Tobago.

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 9th 2007

Police: Investigations into Alleyne/Akon matter closed
Police have closed the book on investigations into the Danah Alleyne/Akon matter, Deputy Commissioner of Police Winston Cooper says.

“The matter seems to be a stalemate, as the people who are responsible have not come forward to support the police in any way. I would say it is completed,” Cooper said during a weekly press conference at Police Headquarters in Port of Spain on Monday.

Below is a clip of Danah Alleyne on the party circuit.

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22 thoughts on “Akon will not be charged for Zen dancing”

  1. Could never understand all the hype regarding the Akon affir. Akon is not responsible for anything he does in a club. He is an entertainer who is entertaining adults who, rightfully should be able to make their own decisions. It is not his position to enquire as to who is of legal age and who is not. The responsibility here lies on the parents of the young girl. For Christ sake, don’t they accept the fact that they were grossly irresponsible as parents for allowing a minor out of the house to attend a club. This young lady has been living it up in highly provocative videos which involved the seedy world, far from the church — surely not a saint. Her behavior was indeed condoned by her so-called religious father who it seems cannot harness his own home brood. What is baffling about this all, is the fact that a church minister cannot control his 14 year old uncontrollable behavior, but is out there preaching, and of course, trying to change the ways of adults. He needs to repair his home at first before trying to repair others. And, of course, did the mother give up her parental right? Let’s face it, her unruly behaviour exposed the so-called righteous family, so how can it be the entertainer’s fault for being in an adult environment? As an entertainer, he entertains adults. It’s not his responibility to check any ID or his responsibility to make certain that underage kids are at home. How hypocritical the Trinidad government can be!!

  2. I’ve seen the still pictures of Danah & Akon also pictures of Danah by herself. This individual seems to want to break into the porn industry. She is not innocent as her relatives try to may her out to be.

    Lets face it. I think her preacher dad is in the wrong business. This girl wants to be an exotic dancer or something along that line. I think she is sexually surpressed by her preacher dad. She wants to let go. Not that this is a right thing to do. Danah and all her friends on hollywoodgrind look like prosti-tots (LOL).

    I believe that her family knows exactly who she is. And why the farce with the T & T gov’t almost wanting to call a paliamentary hearing for this crap. This little rat is out-of-control. Danah has been caught, weighed, measured and came up wanting.

    Do we really believe that this was the first time Danah did something like this. We cannot be serious. This girl got the fame she always wanted whether positive or negative there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    I think that the PM should really concentrate on the kidnapping in T & T than the Danah incident. And Danah needs to stop acting naive that “she didn’t know this was hip-hop and it is a guise…..” Danah you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. Dressing scantly was your first mistake. You need to come clean with yourself.

    As for Akon that was not dancing. Dry humping is not whining. He did that to compensate for his lack of ability.

  3. I don’t care about Akon,people are looking at the wrong thing.What need to be done is that Club Zen should be fined for taking minors in.That is the problem…

  4. Well Akon is already paying for that entertaining interlude. Verizon has dropped him.

  5. This type of display is nothing new to T&T. We have long seen women objectified in countless fetes by our own entertainers. Where were the public outcries then? Who was calling for a check of identification at those jam sessions. How many times have we seen females scamper to the stage to try and “out wine” Trinidadian male entertainers, and the men have responded in kind. More times than not you can actually see the youth on many of these female faces.
    So someone please explain to me what is the difference? Why be upset now? Why Akon? Why Zen?

  6. I think some readers/responders go too far. How does anyone know Akon’s ability or lack thereof unless he took her to bed and failed her there? Imprecations hurled at someone in a case like this does not add to the meaningful discussion that is possible.

  7. Is that girl really 14? – why is she dressed like that? A preacher’s daughter – ok- that explains it. Wow.

  8. Shelley

    As for Akon that was not dancing. Dry humping is not whining. He did that to compensate for his lack of ability.

    I am amused by the cognitive acrobatics of trying to make a distinction between Akon’s performance and all other like suggestive forms of dancing. Regardless of where it occurs, the forum or the occasion, when people lock and gyrate their lower bodies together they are engaging in the sensual activity we refer to as “wining”.

    So please, abandon this adoloscent tripe of trying to make a distinction between what goes on during carnival and what Akon and Danah was doing. Because you certainly do not have access to the mental perambulations of those involved in the process during carnival, anymore than you do with Akon and Danah at ZEN. And where do you connect this “lack of ability” assertion? Are you basing you conclusions about Akon’s failings on actual previous experience, or is it just an empirical observation? Just asking.

  9. Why would one want to charge Akon??? Why was a pastor’s daughter in a club? Come on now… It will take more than an Akon to hurt a TRINI sister when it comes to wining even if it is a preacher’s daughter… DID HE POP!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shelly said: “As for Akon that was not dancing. Dry humping is not whining. He did that to compensate for his lack of ability.”

    I did not interpret this part of Shelly’s statement the same way some of you did. I think that she was speaking about Akon lacking the ability to wine (not whine), and I agreed with that part of her statement, if I am interpreting it correctly.

    From people who were present at the performance, and were cheering Danah on, they said that she outshone Akon during their raunchy performance, and that coming to the end of their performance Akon tried to get the crowd back on his side by performing the way he did in that clip that was posted online.

  11. Heru

    I think that she was speaking about Akon lacking the ability to wine (not whine),

    Let me pose this question while restraining myself from bursting into fits of uncontrollable myrth. Do you guys read back these things you put out there? You talk as if there is some measuring stick, some gadget that tabulates and grades the circumnavigation of the human pelvis while it is engaged in a dancing expression defined more by its total irregularity and abandonment, than by any orchestrated sequence of moves and steps. Please give up this nonsense. It is a descent into the worse kind of stupidity.

  12. Ruel Daniels,

    You are entitled to find the point stupid.

    However, I understood the point Shelly made, “He did that to compensate for his lack of ability”, different to you. Maybe Shelly would return and clarify.

    There is no definable measuring stick about someone’s ability to wine (gyrating hips in a particular way that is common when many Trinidadians and Tobagonions dance to Soca). As eyewitnesses said, the crowd preferred and rooted for Danah’s performance and Akon, like most superstars in a similar position, tried to outdo her for the crowd’s approval.

    Was the performance immoral? NO! Was the performance abusive? NO! Do I feel Akon is a good dancer? No I don’t.

  13. Again, club Zen should be held responsible for what happened. It is not the artist’s job to find out the ages of the people that attend the event. It is the clubs job to stop EVERYONE at the door and get a legal id. Now that Verizon Wireless has dumped his deal with them, he should sue Club Zen for this millions of dollars he will lose.

  14. hei man akon shudnt go thru dis coz of a stupid girl who DONT HAV A LIFE! the girl looks much older, oviously akon didnt know she was a kid !!!! AKON RULZZZ LOVEE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  15. I believe that the girl is soley responsible for this entire situation. She is no angel and she knew what she was doing and looking at the video tape she look like she knew exactly what she was doing, and i bet it was not the first time she did any of this, and believe me it will not be the last. So pastor be ready and get the condoms and birth control ready.

  16. i’m 15 years of age.I cant leave my mother’s house after 7.She put herself in place 4 all of this 2 happen.i’m not sayin akon should have treated her like that,but he was paid 2 perform an that’s excatly wat he did.yet even if it was A 24 year old woman that’s not the way she should be treated.Dana should have been treated with more respect.Ya can’t blame the parents because they are doing there best trying 2 grow her up in a godly way,an she’s just isn’t ready 2 accept christ as her LORD AN SAVIOUR.

  17. well i think the club shud be partly responsable for letting the kid in, i place no blame on the artist, but on the girl, she knew very well what she was doing, not forgeting that her dad does not allow her to go parties ans she is underage, look at her attire, that slones gives it away, she knew exactly that the dancing wasnt gonna be oh so holy, why did she put herself there. personal i think she just wanted the fame, so she can tell all her friends ” oh i danced with Akon”
    children shud be children
    hope she realizes that now

  18. I think that it is partly the girls fault and partly the clubs fault. The club should not have let her in when they new how old she was and she new exactly what she was doing. It doesn’t look like that was the first time she’s done that either. She has experience with it so she’s going to do it again. I think it’s a little late for the disaplin so grab the condoms. GOOD LUCK!

  19. heru – As eyewitnesses said, the crowd preferred and rooted for Danah’s performance and Akon, like most superstars in a similar position, tried to outdo her for the crowd’s approval.

    This is even more stupid, I’m sorry. For christ sake. We are talking about a club where liquor is being consumed and testosterone is the primary element in emotions. Under these circumstances the gyrations of a well put together female will always elicit greater response than her male counterpart, because every male in there is vicariously emoting the experience of Akon.

    Man you guys seek to analyze this even from a sophomoric premise that she out winded her competition. And behind all of this, i believe, is this, perhaps unconscious, perhaps deliberate, urge to seek elevation for the light skinned portion of the duo, even if it is in the most bizarre of fashions, over her dark skinned counterpart. This is unbelievable!

  20. This is all I’m gone say,

    Rather then pointing blame at Akon for dancing with a minor, The club should be held responsible.

    The girl knew what she was doing and she should also be held responsible, but the primary blame goes to her parents who didnt even know she was at these parties!

    That’s like a 16 year old in the porn industry and got **cked by some guy, because they didn’t check for ID


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