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  1. “A Haitian woman who came to Trinidad 20 years ago t escape political and economic upheaval, is asking Government to allow her daughters who survived last week’s earthquake, to come here on humanitarian grounds Marie Helen Bruce said her family survived the quake in the town of Carrefour, where half the buildings collapsed, including theirs The family, living on the streets since, also survived Wednesday’s 5.9 magnitude aftershock.”


    It’s shameful that Ms. Bruce have to take to the news media to get some action.
    Maybe it is time for our historians to tell why we speak a little French without even knowing it… YEAH WE!

    1. I think Haitians that have family in any other country should be permitted to temporarily stay with their family in those other nations. That would actually help with the recovery and reconstruction effort.
      As far as historians are concerned, I don’t see the parallels in once being a French Colony before becoming English has to do with this. I say that with all due respect. TNT was also a Spanish colony. What was the point of that? Again, I’m just trying to understand your point.

  2. There was once a time in Trinidad and Tobago when some children couldn’t speak to other children whose parents spoke like gangster rappers. I was told that the other day by a relative and although at first astonished, I could see why. We are interesting people.
    There was a shame that fell upon that relative in those days that may have cost that relative a significant amount of land because of the almost 70 year social exodus that followed. In many sectors of society, the shame that I speak of is not that uncommon. Many people would consider teenage pregnancy of an unwed mother unfortunate at worst these days.
    Then again, if you come from a family that doesn’t allow you to speak to the children of another family if their Parents use profanity, then it makes sense that you would be socially exiled for any improper behavior.
    What other sorts of behaviors did people have in the good old days that we in today’s society would find extreme?

  3. I believe when that ‘Odeah Man’ Toussaint L’Ouverture started his revolution, many slaves were brought to Trinidad… This history should of been posted in our media by our ‘well educated’ historians already.
    In other words, the Haitian Revolution had a direct impact on the peopling of Trinbago…

  4. Has anyone seen the sories on Haitian Children being, in my view, hustled out of Haiti. I use the words Hustled intentionally, because I am sure that there were many orphan children in Haiti before this earthquake. I am concerned that this situation is being used to facilitate persons who would have not been previously qualified to adopt. I don’t know but I thaught I would put this out there for discussion

  5. T&T should welcome with open arms any Haitians who are seeking reunification with their families especially at this time.

    1. Every country in the world that has Haitians living their should allow their family member sto sponsor them immediately.

  6. No T-Man we leave that for your loving and caring progressive Canada that pretends to be so welcoming of all global peoples ,to help boost its industrialized economy, and small population- even as they continue to ignore the historical needs of native indian Canadians that they had exploited initially to get their lands.
    I want them to take at least 2 million or more French speaking Haitians and disperse them equally across Canada, including your Toronto neighborhood, then quickly hold another of those stupid, useless, nationalist , so called democratic referendums ,so that the Francophones could finally become victorious ,and send the Queens and her petticoat bandwagon packing back to Buckingham where they belong.
    You phonies should put your liberal money where your mouth is, While they are at it , I want the 200,000 or more students that invades your daughter high end college, to demand via the Student Union ,that voodoo be introduced forthwith on the curriculum in an effort to improve multicultural diversity.
    Shows how much you jokers care about your own country to wish this malady on them.
    Cosmopolitan Trinidad and Tobago has enough problems on it’s own trying to deal with greedy children of African exslaves, those of Indian indentured laborers , Jews that escaped suicide bombing Muslim Arab Middle Eastern neighborhoods , Chinese who could give a darm about Asia’s alleged capitalist successes, Syrians, Lebanese ,and Iranians fed up with Hezbollah terrorism,and sadistic Mullahs , neo colonial elite French , Spanish, English mullato/ mestizo by products, every grateful African from the mismanaged continent ,and recently arrived invading ,desperate ,Europeans immigrants that wants to share a piece of the oil and gas wealth bonanza that real Trinis could only dream about ,because incompetent, tribal politics remains the norm in this land of the Hummingbird and Cocrico since 1962 when we got rid of the destructive ,conniving, Brits .
    I wish you well in your daughter’s upcoming cross country marathon, and hope our government does not confiscate your 100 acres of abandoned Sou Sou lands in Erin to put the families of the dreaded Haitian Ton Ton Macoute police that along with the CIA, a host of sadistic generals , and greedy neo fascist ,Yankee adoring capitalist business class, helped rape Haiti.
    “Mouth open …story jump o.!”

  7. Yes neal Canadians are concerned!

    $16M raised in total in Canada’s Haiti telethons

    Canadians dug deep into their wallets Friday night, raising more than $16 million — not counting federal matching funds — for victims of the Haitian earthquake at the Canada for Haiti telethon and its French counterpart, Ensemble Pour Haiti.

    Callers flooded phone lines moments after the start of the Canada For Haiti telethon, designed to raise money for a group of Canadian charities working in Haiti, and created jointly by CBC, CTV and Global. That benefit raised about $9.4 million.

    In Montreal, Ensemble Pour Haiti, also aired on Friday night on several French-language networks including TVA Network, Societé Radio-Canada and MusiquePlus. That telethon raised an estimated $6.65 million and was graced for a brief time by the appearance of Canada’s Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, who was born in Haiti.

    Artists appearing at the event inlcuded Bruno Pelletier, Daniel Boucher, Diane Dufresne, Groupe H’sao, Gregory Charles, Marie-Jo Theriault, Nomadic Massive, Pierre Lapointe, Roberto Lopez, Sylvain Cossette and la Troupe Mapou Ginen.

    Canadians have already been giving generously, but “now is the time for Canada to take the next step,” co-host George Stroumboulopoulos said opening the Canada For Haiti evening.

    As images of the earthquake that struck the island nation Jan. 12 flashed on the screen, Canadian celebrities lined up to ask people to give.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave the first plea for donations, promising federal cash to match contributions from individuals up to a maximum of $50 million.

    “Our humanitarian workers are already on the ground and Canadians, renowned for their generosity, have already given, ” Harper said. “Together we can make a difference so the hope can return to Haiti.”

    About 200,000 people are estimated to have died in the 7.0-magnitude quake and about two million Haitians were left homeless.

    It is also believed that 250,000 are in need of urgent aid, including food, water and shelter. In the longer term, help will be needed to rebuild the shattered country.

    Canada plans to erect a military hospital to help some of the hundreds of people injured and getting care in makeshift outdoor hospitals.

    Reports from CTV’s Paul Workman and CBC’s Susan Ormiston focused on the children being tended in these hospitals, including those suffering with infection or who had lost limbs.

    Jean gave an emotional appeal, speaking from a vigil in Montreal.

    “It’s very important to take this time to put our hearts together and put our heads together and see what we can do to support Haiti in this ordeal,” she said.

    Jean said she had received messages from as far away as the Arctic from Canadians wondering what they could do to help.

    “We are in an era where civil society is big and international and what Haiti has experienced has touched everyone on this planet,” she said. “Breaking down solitudes is my motto and that is what I hope to do here.”

    Several Canadian celebrities made cameos appealing for aid, among them Avatar director James Cameron and fellow director Jason Reitman, TV star Alex Trebek and actors Rachel Lefevre, Joshua Jackson, Sandra Oh, Eugene Levy and William Shatner.

    Céline Dion and Michael J. Fox made longer appeals by video feed, speaking of Canadians’ reputation for generosity in the face of tragedy.

    Actor Rachel McAdams, singer Geddy Lee and artists such as Measha Brueggergosman made personal appearances at the Toronto-based benefit.

    Live musical highlights included:

    – Nelly Furtado performing Try.

    – K’naan performing Wavin’ Flag.

    – Metric performing Help, I’m Alive.

    – Tragically Hip performing Fiddler’s Green.

    Toronto Argonaut linebacker Ray Fontaine, whose family also comes from Haiti, said several members of his family are still missing after the quake, including his grandmother and uncle on his mother’s side and his father’s brother.

    “It’s very tough but immediately I heard about it, I wanted to go home,” he said, adding he has been comforted by Canada’s quick response to the disaster.

    “Doctors who are certified, please go,” he said.

    In the longer term, Haiti will need rebuilding, and Mike Holmes, the building and TV personality, believes he’s just the man to do it.

    “I’m looking for the chance to get to Haiti,” Holmes said, saying Canadians don’t need to be concerned about whether the money will go to the right place.

    “They need water, they need food, they need a place to stay, that money is going to go in the right direction.”

    Holmes, who helped build in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, said he can provide the engineering to keep things standing in the quake-prone country.

    The money raised during the telethon will be distributed equally among a coalition of nine large Canadian non-governmental organizations — including World Vision Canada, Canadian Red Cross Society, UNICEF Canada, Oxfam Canada and Save the Children Canada — with the funds exclusively earmarked for Haiti.

    To get the matching donation, and a Canadian tax receipt, people had to give through the Canadian telethon, rather than the U.S. benefit Hope for Haiti Now, which followed it.

    The Canadian telethon number is 1-877-51HAITI (42484) or you can give online at canadaforhaiti.com.

    With files from The Canadian Press

    External Links

    Canada for Haiti

  8. My comment regarding family reunification of Haitians living in T&T was simply a reaction to the difficulty being faced by a Haitian woman who has been living LEGALLY in T&T for over twenty years.She had to recruit the assistance of the Media to make her case to bring her two daughters to T&T because of the difficulties she was having with Immigration.I repeat, at times like this, the T&T government should be more understanding, show compassion , and allow the small Haitian community in T&T to reunite with their relatives.I am sure the Minister would eventually do the right thing.

  9. You see how folks like yourself expose yourselves cousin T-man? Let me get itT-Man as I try to decipher your assumed gesture of love and concern for the our kinky head ,doll piercing 100% Mandingo cousins.
    The PNM tribe must expose themselves with this empty unilateral gestures, while the ‘Opposition Big Chiefs,’ and possible government in waiting , religious -com -political backers , and vast economic supporters / advisors remain silent on the issue ,as if ‘cat cut their tongues,’ correct?
    Come on T-Man , do you think that Dr. William’s successor and number one student, was able to successfully carry out the winning PNM election formula , and navigate tribal T&T gutter politics ,all these years because they were ‘duncy heads booboolees?’
    You and your buddies might have garnered every scholarship for foreign elite Yankee, Canadian, and British Universities because , and Uncle Manning might just be a mere local UWI geologist engineer ,but he is just as sharp and listens well to his global savvy advisors – especially an astute female , unmentionable ,one time IR Professor of mine.
    Take a look at how your much adored big boys do it T-Man. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are spearheading efforts to help Haitians in a Barrack Obama non partisan effort, so that no one can accuse the Hawaiian Harvard brat with the elite South Side Chicago area yuppi wife ,of narrow Pro Black people agenda.
    We in sweet T&T cannot even agree if to put replace the Cock with a bunch of Cascado fishes on the roof of the Red House Parliament building, or have a Caribbean Court of Appeal , as opposed to having to continually kiss the butts of half senile , crooked , 90 year old London Law Lords , and you want us to jump into this brew where ‘angels fear to thread?’
    Get real my friend, as we let the Haitian global charade continue unabated ,by the usual greedy great Northern corporate entities cloaked in the clothes of phony multilateral humanitarianism , and the smoke finally clear before the Yankee soldiers start shooting, and drowning the soon fleeing Haitian Boat people en route to more favored Miami spots – non of which Canada is prepared to take in Quebecois ,Maple leaf land , eehhhh! Tell me folks , how can you hate a Trini , especially a disingenuous one like cousin T-Man.
    While he was still learning to play this political game after touching down 20 years ago in Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport ,upon leaving our country in 86, folks like my self were writing the play books and preparing to be unpaid political advisors for the interested ,today.


  10. Neal I am clearly getting the impression that the Zoo York air is affecting your brain.I do not profess to love or hate anyone, including the Haitians.The acceptance of Haitians with relatives in T&T would not be “an empty unilateral gesture” by the PNM and you might be surprised to discover that the good people of T&T are already in support of this reunification. I just returned from there. The silence of the Opposition or those affiliated to the present leadership fiasco of the UNC does not concern me. As a matter of fact, trying to politicise this issue is disingenuous. When are people going to see beyond politics?Your cynicism and negativism are affecting your ability to consider your world without suspicion, forcing you to jump to conclusions which are unfair,prejudicial and downright ignorant.
    Your rantings on Quebec are ill-informed and your dismissal of Canada’s multiculturalism seems laced with jealousy, when compared to the racist USA.
    You are correct about one thing and that is the questionable motives of the government of the United States and their history of the exploitation of Haiti.You show your lack of knowledge when it comes to Canada, a country with a track record of accepting refugees and disadvantaged peoples from all over the world.For your information, the Quebec Immigration Minister is of Haitian descent and is already advocating for the acceptance of Haitians in French speaking Quebec.
    You should abstain from attributing improper motives to people you really do not know and you should also discontinue formulating your convenient, but improper theories regarding contributors to this site because in my case you are totally off base.
    Have a nice day, my friend.

  11. “T-Man. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are spearheading efforts to help Haitians in a Barrack Obama non partisan effort, so that no one can accuse the Hawaiian Harvard brat with the elite South Side Chicago area yuppi wife ,of narrow Pro Black people agenda.”

    So I guess the people of Massachusetts are helping Obama’s with his non partisan agenda? No, they just don’t like national healthcare… only Massachusetts healthcare.
    Or maybe it’s payback for his beer summit with his fren, the professor of black studies…who doh like black nationalist….
    I think this ‘educational industry’ is to blame.. I guess Bill Gates and his many IT innovators did the right thing by dropping out. Had they completed, they would of been programmed to find their place in the job market.
    So leh Mr. Manning keep his British Educated Female Professor to advise him…
    I could hear her now, “let dem eat cake”. They so out of touch.

    1. Or perhaps the healthcare reform bill was a mere skeleton of what it once was. If the original bill was on the table, then the democrats would have won.

      What you need to understand about America and Americans is that most of them believe that they are helping even when in reality they are hurting another country or a people. The machine that is the United States is set up that way so that its people can survive and prosper and remain ignorant to worldly facts.
      The average American does not know about the WTO, IMF, and for that matter where Haiti was located before the earthquake and constant reminders by the press. Ignorance is bliss. Yankees didn’t patent that, but they have perfected it. Systematically Yankees are the way that they are just as systematically Jamaicans, Hondurans, Greeks, Romanians, Chinese, etc…are the way that they are.

  12. That’s the fall out of the drunken , racist ,once potato farming, now Yankee elite suburban Irish mob at work Roger. Once upon a time they along with their Sicilian southern European friends were relegated to the slums of Zoo York where they could only find jobs as crooked cops, and bootleg alcohol vendors. Oh how times have changed , as the face of New York has evolved ,and the influx of Asian, Africans, and a myriad of brown, black , yellow folks have invaded the country with absolutely little concern for St Patrick Day Parade ,the German Catholic Pope , catechism with pedophile priests, and the once mighty royal Kennedy family.
    Look what these jokers are trying to do with our first Black NY Governor because he had the temerity to tell a Kennedy princess to go and learn to speak the Queen’s English and earn a real living for once in your life .
    But no the real tragedy is to see how Obama treated this blind Statesman that tried to bring back respectability to the State when the arrogant Spitzer decided to jeopardize state’s security ,as he sneaked out on his wife and paid $10,000 a pop to sleep with call girls , under the watchful eyes of his troopers.
    The same Obama that remained in the political race against Hilary when his polling figures were below double digsit , is now demanding that Patterson make way for the other sector of elite tribe whoae father is responsible for putting more NYC Blacks, and sim iler minorities in the Prison Industrial Complex than there are grains in the sand. Black Middle Class Guys like Condi Rice, Clarence Tomas , Tiger Woods ,OJ , Professor Gates , Colin Powell,and similar others, sometimes must learn lessons the hard lessons of life way. One is that you cannot be police and thief simultaneously. Secondly, it is to fully understanding the art of knowing who their real enemies are.

  13. http://www.latimes.com/news/nation-and-world/la-fg-venezuela-media26-2010jan26,0,4128892.story

    If these Venezuelans were smart , more would jump on dem maraciabo boats to come and live in sweet , sweet, T&TT, as here one can say what the hell one like about the Government, Ceremonial President ,Prime Minister , and any of the 100 leaders that make up the ‘government in waiting,’ and don’t give a hoot about what anybody think , or fear retributions, for we are the real ‘land of the free.’
    Here is a quick test for all you so called pro democratic advocates. Where would Imam Abu Bakr along with his numerous slick closet supporters -that for obvious reasons , presently hates the thought of a serious Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 destabilization attacks on our country -be if they were Venezuelans, Chinese , or Cubans , and had the misfortune to reside in any of these unfortunate countries ?
    You bet, six feet under with several bullets in the back of the heads, while blindfolded , for their efforts to halt progress.
    Still hate your country, fellow nationals?

  14. Would you support another U.S. installation in TNT to aid in removing your buddy Chavez from power Neal?

  15. If you live by the sword Curtis , end the quote for me will you , O learned on? When I was a kid , there was a cartoon in one of our two major dailies that I enjoyed reading. It was called Mutt & Jeff. I was drawn to a conversational interplay that I find quite useful and appropriate in response to you today Curtis, and this utterly baseless insinuations.
    “If you asked me foolish question , you’ll get foolish answers,”was what Mutt, told Jeff in attempts to deflect some equally stupid question.
    If the Yankees cannot deal with Afghanistan stuck in the stone age due to decades of poverty , neglect , destabilization, stupid outside interference , and tribalism , as well as control the Iraqi backward divided Arabs , what can they do ‘biting off more problem than they can chew,’via this nut call Chavez ?
    The only person that we might need the Yankees to remove is Bas and his 14 th century feudal divisive and destructive ideas. Perhaps Kamela can use your new found influence , and adopted change mantle to get Obama to accommodate, what do you think? This is what I believe is a more relevant concern , not the outcome of some bombastic insecure military thug, masquerading as a relevant political statesman.

  16. Neal- It was just a question. I do think that the U.S. has a decent record of removing third world leaders from power. The U.S. has never been good at ending gangs. The Italian Mafia, Various Biker gangs, Nazi Skinheads, MS-13, Mexican Mafia, Black Gorilla family, and Ku Klux Klan are some of the gangs that have had confrontations with the U.S. government and are still terrorizing cities today. The international terrorists are nothing more than a gang when you really examine them. The U.S. cannot police the world, but they can remove a leader from his country. They cannot even police themselves. How does a soldier fight in Iraq and Afghanistan only to come back to the states and get murdered by local gang members?
    I asked the question only because you have some animosity towards Chavez.
    You suggest that Venezuelans should come to TNT because they are repressed. The reason is that real change may come about in Venezuela when the people protest. We can say what we want as long as we didn’t say it in close proximity to the Summit of the Americas. The sad reality of it is that there is an open checkbook with our leaders to do and spend as they wish because there aren’t any political protests. The leadership has become spoiled and in my opinion has a narrow vision and agenda for the country.

  17. You are correct Curtis ,I despise all military leaders be it Napoleon, Hitler ,Saddam, Noreiaga, Musharaf , Sharon ,Rawlings, Pinochet, Castro, John Mc Cain, Amin, Quadaffi , Perez , and the 1020 Nigerian Pro islamic Hussars . I also have a problem with selfish theocrats , and secular politicians that hides behind religion because it offers them some sort of undue advantage .You then would have to throw in all those corrupt Popes, Hindu elites that raped and mismanage India since their beloved English departed,G.W. Bush , and his sadistic , greedy uncaring Saudi economic pals.
    Unfortunately, I have absolutely no control about how other people run their countries, nor seriously care anymore about if the victims of any such terrible leaders wish for changes.
    There is however a wonderful group of resource laden, underachieving , fun loving , interesting ,Calaloo people, that make up a Twin Island Republic in the Caribbean, that I could risk death for if need be , and give my right arm any day for .
    These are the folks that I am interested in seeing reach their full potential , and must play my part to see the country emerge as that rare jewel, as they learn from past failures, emulate successes wheresoever it exist, and avoid the practice of holding on to ancient cultural dregs that did little good for their ancestors either domestically, or in the original homeland they came from.
    You’ve should be able by now to be able to recognize the ‘method to my seeming madness,’ and don’t ever take it personal. This is simply a form of convenient chess playing , or in essence a case of – “playing dead to catch cobeuex alive ”
    O mighty wise one , you left this earth too early , good lady. Got to get this down into a book , and imagine the amount of pain , carnage and sufferings I can spare the world , if some form of prudent knowledge could be imparted via the admonitions of Socrates Caribbean Mandingo sister

  18. Why does it seem that he PNM has strayed so far from the intent and base of its founder? Dr. E Williams wanted to “declare maturity and takeover from those at the helm who see none of our national visions and who are unable to plan for the good of a West Indian nationhood”. Doesn’t it just seems like there is no vision and that the PNM is masquerading as doormats for those who were once at the helm of TNT? Is the self perception of the PNM so skewed that they can’t accept that history will repeat itself? What happened to the POPPG can happen to the UNC and the PNM. They can be removed for something new if that is the will of the people. The people are getting fed up for not being represented in the way that they deserve. Everyone can see it besides the PNM.

    What were the facts surrounding the death of Roy Joseph in 1979?

    Did former Prime Minister George M Chambers contribute to the demise of Manzanilla beach water? It’s very slick, brown and has some sort of foam that washes up on the beach. I am told that it is much different than what it was years ago. He was once employed by Dominion Oil Company.

    Oil is Big Business in TNT, but Agri-business is big business in the world. The other day, the Price of Sugar spiked. The U.S. closed its Hawaiian facilities and pays Sugar strapped Brazil not to finish of the rainforest to grow more. I support smart growth that’s good for the people and the environment.

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