Sean Luke, 6, buggered with canestalk, killed

Wednesday, March 29th 2006

Domestic ViolenceBuggered until dead, the body of little Sean Luke was found in a canefield near his home at Orange Valley, Couva, yesterday.

The six-year-old, a United States citizen, would have felt no fear, smiling and laughing with the predator until he was stripped of his clothing and killed in a most agonising way.

Pathologist Dr Eastlyn Mc Donald Burris found during a preliminary examination yesterday that the killer inserted a sugarcane stalk into the boy’s rectum, and pushed it until it reached the child’s throat.

His intestines were ruptured and other organs damaged.

He died from internal bleeding.
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  1. Teenagers charged for murder of 6-year-old Sean Luke

    Monday, April 3, 2006

    After three days of questioning, police in Trinidad have formally charged two teenagers for rape and murder of 6-year-old US national, Sean Luke, whose badly decomposed body was found last Monday morning in a canefield near his home in Couva, Trinidad.

    Sean Luke, who moved to Trinidad from the US just over four months ago, was found dead and buried in a shallow grave with a canestalk inserted into his body after reportedly having been raped.

    Charges against the two teenagers were laid early on Saturday morning by police from the San Fernando Homicide Bureau. The incident produced shock waves throughout the national community as it is the first time such a horrendous crime had been committed by two teenagers aged 13 and 16. The 16-year-old was a neighbor of Luke’s, while the 13-year-old is a friend from Laventille, just west of the capital Port of Spain.

    Sean was said to be playing with a group of friends near his home in Orange Valley Couva when he disappeared. Eye witnesses reportedly told police they saw when Luke was being dragged into a nearby canefield by the suspects.

    Investigators said one of the two suspects, the 16-year-old, confessed to the brutal murder telling police it was planned.

    Both teenagers will appear before a Couva magistrate on Monday to face charges relating to kidnapping, rape and murder.
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  2. Magistrate orders probe

    Tuesday, May 9 2006

    Sean Luke murder accused on internet

    MAGISTRATE Marcia Ayers-Caesar yesterday called for an investigation into how a photo of one of the teenagers charged with murdering six-year-old Sean Luke, was posted onto the internet.
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  3. When a child dies under such gruesome circumstances, it brings forth an outpour of pain and anguish…WHY? That is the question which continuously gnaws away at our insides. We cannot see the actual condition of anothor person’s heart and mind so we will never actually know what the intentions are…what we need to bear in mind as parents, guardians, is being meticulous when it comes to our children is actually a good thing. Sean Luke’s mother from what I read was asleep at the time of his absence. I have two kids of my own, a six year old and an eleven year old and I will say this much, I am very guarded and meticulous IN THESES TIMES NOW when it comes to my children. My Mother and my only sister carry out the same role and function about these two kids in the same manner in which I do. No one and I mean NO ONE can come to us and say to us be it good friends, other family and relatives, that they would like to take my kids out with them or their kids, it wont happen and if it does, one of us three mentioned here will accompany. I am sorry, but a child would not remain a child forever… we as parents need to be over-protective if I have to use this word, until that child becomes an independent adult.We need to let teachers know how guarded and particular we are about our children and not appear casual about dropping them off to school and thats it…NO..we need to project the I-DON’T-MESS-AROUND-WHEN-IT-COMES-TO-MY-KIDS ATTITUDE and try to make frequent visits to the school and yes, that is the sacrifice we need to make for our kids. Do not get me wrong…our kids are not immune to tragedy or mishaps but we as parents need to OVER DO IT in our viligance when it comes to our kids. We need to do our part to our best ability. It takes one slip and one careless moment for something to happen. Sean Luke’s death is painful and it reminds me of Jamie Bulger from Liverpool, England who was lead away by two teenage boys in a Liverpool mall when his mother turned her back to purchase meat at a butcher. She told him to stand and wait at the shop’s entrance until she was finished. He was murdered eventually by these two wicked boys and his small lifeless body placed on a train track…he was barely three years old. The younger your child, the more susceptible that child is to being lured away.Its an entrapment of an innocent mind. Thats what I call it and I believe once the control is there for us to look after and guard our kids to our best ability, we need to do just that, and we need to constantly ask Almighty God to protect them when they are out of our sight, school for example.I will say to All Parents/Guardians, seeking justice for the death of a child might be one thing but it can never replace your childs life and presence…Keep vigilant, its your duty!

  4. the people of tinidad doesn’t care for oneanother that much anymore to keep vigilant.When a murder like this takes place citizens of this country just hold thier hands close to thier hearts and say ” thank god it wasn’t one of mine.”

  5. trinidad was once a paradise now it’s like hell. my brother sean maharaj died tuesday 31st march they stab him to death and shot him after. i swear to god if i ever see those men imma make them die slow real painfully

  6. Don’t feel too sad wonderful T& T aka Rainbow country / Baby America. We feel your pain Madame sindy maharaj but don’t let emotions get the better of you so that you become willing to distort the image of your country . When was Trinidad a paradise , and are you saying that big brother America is a paradise because you are willing to ignore its decadence , mayhem ,and growing
    Effective from today I intend to begin my civic duty and provide info to counteract the NUMEROUS disinformation that ‘DISINGENEOUS’ fellow citizens often spew to our many naive natives, and gullible international audiance ,about the state of crime,as well as economic and political decay in the global village ,as characterized by the North / South divide.

  7. neal i like what u are doing because trinidians think that crime only happens in our country not in the states, canada or europe look jus last week from the east to west coast in the states 31 ppl dead by mass killings but if that did only happen in trinidad hmmmmmm.

  8. Thanks shelly for the complementary remarks. As a matter of fact I was on the verge of highlighting a couple alleged murder suicides that took place across the USA , but somehow our blog kept refusing the links by describing them as mere spam .
    It is imperative that the honest amongst try to give a more authentic portrayal of global realities. It is important to note that no one , particularly myself is saying that all is fine in Sweet T&T aka Rain Bow country, or that there are no more room for improvements , as nothing can be further from the truth.
    Does it mean that those of us with the means , or ability to venture abroad with intentions of improving the lot of our respective families should not do so? Far from it!
    Should the many fortunate that achieved a successful life abroad be forced to make radical moves and return home by ‘selling all they have and give to the poor,’ like some nut -case idealist? Heavens forbid!
    Let’s continue however to faith in our wonderful people in this blessed land, and never fail to poke holds into the over inflated lofty images of our country’s real enemies where ever they exist. Sing fellow patriots ,this wonderful catchy ditty -from is it Carl & Carl Jacob , or Shandillear?:-
    “ Sweet , Sweet, T&T , how I love this country bad ! Oh oooooh!
    From Sando to Charlottville! Ohhhhho !
    From Toco to Maraval Ohhhhho!

    Coming to think of it, not a single Jamaican dares to return home to his or her country of birth , unless they first pack a bullet proof vest in their suitcase , but never , ever , would one hear a Yardee ill speak that country whether from Gloucester England, all the way across to Halifax Canada ,or South Queen New York/ USA . That’s it, daily Ram goat liver ,and imported Yardee Ackee for every Trini primary school child from now on ,as it surely can make every one into a world class sprinter, slow dance hall music gyrators , and a patriot simultaneously, Ent?

  9. Trinidad is a country with so many beautiful sights and natural resources. It’s education sysytem nevertheless is decent in comparison to other countris but still so many youths choose to do such obscenity.
    the leaders have to understand fighting against each other wont help people they have to focus on the important, the human resource in trinidad and tobago the future.they have recently stopped the book lending programme and also the GATE programme. Stop spending money on the unnecessary..please.
    and people can’t allow themselves to get numb to when people die, we as a country must also do our part and we must be compassionate towards others. Keep and eye open look for you and the person standing newxt to you. We can’t only wait for those in authority to do their part we must realise we have a greater say its more of us to a minority of leaders. though it may not appear so we are still a democratic country.

  10. We are certainly getting up there, and finally excelled against Jamaica – a country that is perhaps the poorest in the English speaking Caribbean besides Guyana. It is a tragedy that requires more than the occasional politically narrow, knee jerk reactions.
    As preposterous as this may appear , I can live with some of the problems re crime in my country , since most of my fellow citizens possess an excellent tolerance level – unless someone dares to touch their precious carnival, or numerous rum drinking festivities.
    What I find most reprehensible however, is the blatant acts of violence that are daily committed towards our innocent kids across the nation often from predators within the homes , or knowledge from relatives , teachers ,and similar responsible authority figures.
    Unfortunately the meter won’t shift too much in terms of positive changes in this malady , as the age of voting I believe in my progressive country is still eighteen or perhaps 21 years if they are lucky to live that long.

  11. for all the people that is killing in the world i hope you have something to tell the Lord when you have to.
    I hope the parents for those you killed can forgive you,and i hope you all can change for the better in the world,find our Lord in yourself and ask his forgiveness.

  12. Perhaps that’s the problem laura, too much postrations, praying and begging for forgiveness from desperated , overwhelmed victims ,and the obviously non existent ‘revengeful, jealouse, blue eyed , blond hair ,spirit God.
    Let’s instead place less emphasis on pointless theological dogma , and instead display more love for our respective neighbors, as well as make greater effort to closely observe the golden rule for a start. What do you think?

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