Ministerial inexactitudes

By Reginald Dumas
December 10, 2009

Kennedy SwaratsinghThere has been a recent rash of quite extraordinary ministerial utterances. First, the scholarship issue. You already know the basic facts. What astounded me among other things were the various government attempts to gloss over the matter with comments that defy my powers of comprehension. Thus the Minister of Public Administration, Kennedy Swaratsingh, could wearily say-‘for the umpteenth time’, he complained, as if speaking to a bunch of not very intelligent first-former-that the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs (MCDCGA) awarded bursaries whereas his ministry awarded scholarships.

I am no longer a first-former, but I suspect I might be one of Swaratsingh’s dunces. So I did what I often do when a new phase of interpretational or etymological darkness looms: I consulted my dictionary. What did it say? That a bursary is ‘a grant, especially one awarded to someone to enable them to study at university or college’. And a scholarship? ‘A grant or payment made to support a student’s education.’ Tell me if you see any essential difference between those two definitions and, if so, what. Careful now, because you may end up like me, at the bottom of Swaratsingh’s class.
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3 thoughts on “Ministerial inexactitudes”

  1. How insulting Mr.Manning can get.. Going Cuba for medical attention… and hear him, “he doh want T&T to erupt if he die under the care of Indian doctors”. So try and understand, he going Cuba for the love of country…
    Meanwhile, people like Reggie cyah stand in front of the nation and tell Sat and Ramlogan to go to hell.. With 85% Indian doctors in T&T, ah know they go kill my black arse if I end up in dem hospital…..
    TJ, rest in peace.

  2. For an untruth to survive, it must be propped up by an army of further untruths. It would seem as though these spin doctors can’t decide on a name for this expenditure, hold the procurement process I would offer one at no charge, “PNM loyalty bonuses”. It would be defined as a form of dividend for the yeoman service to party, rather than to country. The and his colleagues would continue to treat with the probing ones amongst us in this disdain manner because they never thought that in their lifetime, they would have to answer to persons who don’t take their propaganda as facts. They assumed that the potency of brain washing would have been strong enough to outlast generations. Therefore when they are asked to explain and justify their actions, with their backs are against the wall, the only way out is to burst out kicking and screaming and this is when we hear the “for the umpteenth time” nonsense.
    Like Mr. Dumas I too, eh able!!!

    Check Paolo’s coloumn here

  3. I am really a bit tired of Uncle Demas for all his pompous posturing , as I still cannot figure out what he has done to still be able to get any semblance of political attention within this blessed country. These are the characters that help plant the seed to sell out our country to greedy, selfish Caribbean leaches , and corporate bums of the great Northern hegemonic rivals . As such, they have in essence , impeded/ stifled our national interest across the globe through their complicit actions as enablers of imbecilic foreign and domestic policies for lame brain political leaders.
    This is simply a final manifestation of what I am talking about.
    Our own former BWIA, now Caribbean Airline and domestic carrier ,is virtually in the dungheap in terms of efficiency, and profitability, while Tobagonians and Trinis without the means ,have to spend half their life savings to fly inter island. Here we are prepared to do what for our ego inflated , uncouth , and ungrateful Yardee neighbors , who think they are culturally , and even economically superior , because they outspend us on athletics ,while their coke sniffing , and weed smoking entertainers produced more misogynistic , and homophobic music than us? Time to take stock , and get back in the game of putting self first , as charity begins at home Mr. Divider! What you say Black Stalin?
    “In the abundance of water , the fool is thirsty.” So said one of the few sensible characters to ever emerge from that island. 400 plus murders and global Trini, country hating bashers, are willing to throw in the flags, while these savage clowns have over 5,000 murders two years in succession ,and are still viewed as a tourist paradise. What a tragic , comedy indeed? Which fool can make me despise my country ? They ain’t born yet , Uncle Demas .

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