How European Writers Created the Racist image of Africa

by Milton Allimadi

American and British media and literature contributed mightily to the defamation of Africans – an historical crime that has conditioned Western audiences to the deaths of millions. Beginning with the Greek, Herodotus, and continuing in the pages of The New York Times, racist propaganda depicted the continent as home to misshapen monsters, savage cannibals, soul-less brutes, and sub-humans in need of white discipline.

Blackness As Bestiality

“Blackness of skin was strongly associated with moral perversity and intellectual and spiritual inferiority by whites.”

By the time American and British newspapers started sending professional journalists to write about Africa during the early part of the 20th Century, the racist image of Africa was solidly ingrained in the Western psyche. This was made possible by the writings of the early Greek historians, especially Herodotus, and later by the popular journals of European “explorers.”
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4 Responses to “How European Writers Created the Racist image of Africa”

  • This is a good article, and I would suggest that part one be read also.

  • What this shows, in the light of geneological evidence tracing the origin of humans back to Africa, is how stupid these people were. And this is the basic problem that surrounds our examination of how they think. We should cease trying to find sources of their stupidity, or bothering to advance complex explanations to account for it and discard it on the basic findings that they were stupid. It is as simple as that.

    Racists are simply stupid people unable to see beyond the prism of concrete constructed by their cultural nuturings. It matters not whether they have a doctorate from a University or whether they cut cane for a living. The fact that they believe or subscribe to ridiculous notions that should have gone the way of the construct that the world was flat and it was possible to fall off the edge, is sufficient reason to pronounce them stupid and leave it at that. We need to debunk theories that while wrong are founded on the misreading of evidence. But stupidity, we need to just nail it for what it is.

  • just thinking….look at the texture of the hair on the heads of whites, chinese, europeans, greek, indian, etc. and those from africa. how come?

  • I have been studying this for a time now… and since my family, coming from trinidad and Tobago are so heavily mixed, I feel in no way extreme when i say that WHITE Europeans and those in the European diaspora, have tried to convince everyone that what THEY do is normal, and what everyone else does is primitive or uncivilized… especially the African race, who started civilization.

    If one was to read from the point of view of any other race or culture, whose history far pre-dates that of the so-called civilized Europeans, one would see that every race had contact with each other, and knew for a fact that their way of life was more in accordance with nature. European history is not that long, and they were the barbaric ones in term of culture in comparison to other cultures. The first ones to come in contact with other cultures must have been amazed at the technological advances of these cultures. This could be the very reason why they constantly seek to destroy African culture. Because they don’t want us to know, this is where they picked up their culture from. how else can you control people, if you can’t tell them who they are- which is of course who you need them to be in order to control them?

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