Woman Police Constable among 4 shot dead in Morvant

4 shot dead in Morvant

By Nalinee Seelal, newsday.co.tt
January 23 2007

JailA 47-year-old Woman Police Constable attached to the Morvant Police Station, her 48-year-old husband, 20-year-old daughter and a man said to be in his ’40s were gunned down by four masked gunmen, who stormed into the Pelican Extension, Morvant home of the officer around 8.30 pm last night.

The gunmen shot dead WPC Elizabeth Sutherland, her husband Ivan, their daughter Anika, and Kevan Serrette. Newsday also learned that a grandchild was present at the time of the shooting, but up to 10.30 pm last night could not be accounted for. Police helicopters were hovering over the scene and police officers were combing the area looking for the child.

The gunmen fled the scene in a waiting car. Neighbours of the policewoman alerted the Morvant Police, and a large contingent of officers went to the scene and cordoned off the area.

No one except police officers was allowed inside Pelican Extension as the officers carried out their investigations. Up to 10.45 pm the bodies had not yet been viewed by a District Medical Officer, but scores of officers from the Crime Scenes Unit were seen heading towards the house where the four killings took place.

Police Commissioner Trevor Paul and other senior officers arrived on the scene in heavily tinted vehicles and were led to the house where the bodies were being viewed by the large contingent of officers.

Officers described the killings as one of the most atrocious and brazen acts of violence committed against a police officer and members of her family.

Several police buses arrived on the scene with heavily armed officers and the area was being thoroughly searched for the perpetrators of this violent act.


4 thoughts on “Woman Police Constable among 4 shot dead in Morvant”

  1. Martin Joseph should resign. How can you appoint your party chairman to be you NATL. Sec. Min. He obviously has a conflict. PNM or UNC damn sure not getting my vote. Total incompetence and a lack of will. What do we have a defense force for? Deploy them. If a cop isn’t safe, is anyone?

  2. Police Commissioner declared war on Criminals. How many times now has he and the Minister of Natl. Security declared war on crime and to what avail? For him to be serious about crime he should declare war on the corrupt and idle police under his watch.

  3. No doubt, this is a terrible thing to have happened.Sounds like Columbia of a few years ago, when judges were running for their lives. Yet, there is hope. Recent trinicenter.com news include a couple somewhere in Europe who invited a neighbour over for drinks, killed him and ate parts of him. Police found arm human flesh in a saucepan on the stove. Then too, their is the Israeli President charged with rape. Israel? That holier than thou nation? Its ceremonial president? Could you imagine President Max in such a scrape? Now its other ministers are in the same pot that some of ours from both parties are in, corruptly acquiring money, but when we have sunk to shooting somebody and cooking him for dinner, or the President being charged with raping a few of the young women in his office, then, and only then, will I give up on Trinidad and Tobago.

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