‘Roadmap to Recovery’ team invites public to make submissions

Dr Keith RowleyThe 22-member team of government members, businessmen, economists and activists is chaired by Prime Minister Keith Rowley. It is tasked with the responsibility of creating a COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery for Trinidad and Tobago.

The team has issued a call to all citizens to let their voices be heard by submitting their views on the way forward for T&T.

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Submissions Invited For Roadmap To Recovery Plan:

Posted by TTT Live Online on Monday, May 4, 2020

2 thoughts on “‘Roadmap to Recovery’ team invites public to make submissions”

  1. Having started the “Road Map to Recovery Plan” with a team that left out key interest groups and individuals, the public is now being called upon to make submissions. The signal is clear: the established business elite is still valued the most. It is this group that has been nominated to decide on matters that affect the population at large whom they never really cared about. The elite would not prioritise people’s interest above their own. There is much I would have liked to contribute to this process as I am aware that the government is lacking in people who can view things outside of their own narrow political and economic interests, but the stench of the disrespect keeps me away.

  2. Government has been quite proactive to get the spread of the coronavirus under control. However, there now needs to be a proactive approach about the way forward:
    1) Since this is a first time situation for all of us, communication is key. Discussions must happen now on what procedures/strategies are being put in place for a staged opening up of the economy. well in advance of the May 15th, 2020 date. That said, a logical approach to starting up the economy would be to simply state what procedures are being adopted for the staged opening up the economy, but to also state that the approach is entirely dependent on a “specific” statistic being flattened and/or improved. However, if we were to look at any/all of our statistics, we would immediately realize that most, if not all of our country’s statistics are already moving significantly in the right direction, thereby mandating that the said procedures be implemented ASAP.
    2) As an island, and a country that is almost entirely dependent on import activities, we must now focus our efforts on implementing tough restrictions and very strong methods for controlling and managing the coronavirus, through safe and effective management of our borders. In this way, we can effectively control the virus from entering our country. Even further, we can limit imports to essential items only, for example, we need not import vehicles during the coronavirus pandemic.
    3) Based on the above, and from a population control perspective, we can safely open back up our country in a staged way and in a controlled manner. To minimize the amount of people on the roads each day, for example, we can limit the vehicles that are on our country’s roads and by extension the number of people on our country’s roads, by using some creative strategies. For example, we can allow odd number vehicles on our roads on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and even number vehicles on the roads on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Even further, and when we are in public, we all must wear masks, practice social distancing, and limit social activities to a maximum of five (5) persons
    4) Businesses can be restarted but social activities limited. For example, restaurants and fast food outlets can be limited to take away or drive through. Repair and maintenance businesses can also be restarted as long as masks, social distancing and social activities are minimized. Even regular businesses that facilitate sales etc., should be restarted using the same strategies, once we wear masks at all times, practice social distancing, and limit our social activities
    5) Businesses that are unable to observe/implement social distancing should not be allowed to reopen
    6) Businesses that use air-conditioning systems should have filtration systems checked/repaired/installed as required
    Frankly, it is not that challenging, but the procedures for opening back the economy need to be a topic of discussion now.

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