The “Indians” Are At It Again!

By Linda E. Edwards
November 14, 2006

Indians in Trinidad and TobagoAccording to headlines in the major dailies, and substantiated in the accompanying articles of Nov.12, 2006; people of Indo-Trinidadian descent are besieging the visiting Vice-president of India for relief from the discrimination suffered daily in Trinidad and Tobago at the hands of the Afro-Caribbean and other people. This letter is in response to those pleas.

To: Her Excellency Bhairoon Singh Shekhawat
Vice President of India
Government of India:


On your return to India, please request of your Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, that he dispatch Indian passenger ships, (with Indian Navy escorts to prevent piracy in the Indian Ocean) to Trinidad and Tobago to offer immediate repatriation to all “Indians” who are not Trinidadians, and who have suffered in this country as a beleaguered minority for more than one hundred and fifty years. It would of course be necessary for the Navy ships to wait outside the territorial limits of Trinidad and Tobago’s waters (12 miles) which means they cannot come into the Gulf of Paria, but could wait off the North Coast. It would also be necessary to seek the permission of the Colossus to the North, who calls itself the world’s greatest democracy, never mind that more Indians vote freely in elections than their entire population. This colossus regards the Caribbean Sea as its private lake, so if permission is not sought for the Navy Escorts, their being in the Caribbean could be seen as a hostile act, with bad consequences, if shooting starts, for all the innocent people who have never done India or that other Big Power any harm.

It will not be necessary to evacuate every Indo-Trinidadian. Some have integrated into the society. We had one who recently passed on, The late Excellency Noor Hassanali who was the president of the republic for five years. His wife will most likely stay, but you should ask her. All the others who claim to be “Indian” and not Trinidadian or Tobagonian, should be evacuated to their original villages, if they have a record of where they came from. Many could be settled in Kerala which is still mostly agricultural, and which has had a long contact with Christianity, but those who are most hostile to faiths other than Hindutva should be settled, at the pleasure of the government in those underpopulated central parts of the Deccan. The major cities of Mumbai and others may be too crowded already, and immigrants do not usually do well in big cities. They are likelier, from my studies, to do better in small towns and rural areas.

For more than one hundred and fifty years, these people have lived in Trinidad and Tobago, and reached the highest level of achievement that any can reach- in the Arts- the Nobel Prize For Literature, 2001; in the judiciary- Chief Justice of the High Court, in Business – now beleaguered criminals some of them, and politics- leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister. Despite this, they are a discontented people, forever trying to invite foreign governments- like yours, to interfere in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago, and have harmed the country internationally.

Specifics: About twenty years ago, Trinidad and Tobago enjoyed great relations with Canada. Trinbagonians could migrate there easily, and prosper. That was until a few Indo-Trinis went there on visitors’ visas and claimed to be refugees fleeing persecution.

At first, the Government of Canada “rescued” them, gave then the statutory allowance for refugees and helped them resettle When word got back to TnT that they were given living allowances and housing, a flood of “Indians” from TnT besieged Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, as well as Vancouver. This forced the Government of Canada to revise its policy of immigration from Trinidad. Now the line waiting for visas to visit relatives in Canada is almost as long as the one outside the American Embassy- where they stand in the sun for hours like cattle waiting to be herded somewhere, in a line reaching around the block. Trinidadians of other descents went to Canada and integrated into the society, becoming educators at all three level, engineers, businessmen, actors. Some “Indians” from Trinidad and Tobago did not integrate but kept their wife murdering and drug dealing ways, increasing the crime rate exponentially in Canada’s major cities. Although the Government of Canada does not generally keep statistics based on race or country of origin, it should be easy for your computer whiz kids to gather the information to back what I say.

Recently, some Indian businessmen were treated badly on an international flight, for being loud and drunk. Dutch officials explained that they thought they were from Trinidad. That says it all!

Every time an Indian official visits Trinidad and Tobago, The “Indians” in Trinidad redefine themselves as a separate people from the “others”. I first saw this phenomenon in the 1960’s when your late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited Trinidad. While no one faulted the waving of Indian flags, we had waved enough British flags when out colonial masters came visiting, including on honeymoon trips, many “other” Trinidadians were disturbed at the attitude of separateness that the “Indians” of Trinidad showed. This has been repeated with each visit of an Indian dignitary, including various swamis and religious teachers. Afro-Trinidadiand do not do this when presidents of African republics come visiting. News coverage of the visits of Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Olusegun Abasanjo of Nigeria could prove this. Racial slurs and ridicule were offered to the Most Rev. Desmond Tutu of South Africa, when he came visiting in 1987. His name was compared to an Indian word for shit, by some amused “Indians”. No radio report can claim that any swami or guru was offered such insults by “other” Trinbagonians.

Whenever someone in Trinidad and Tobago of Indian ancestry commits a crime, the race card is raised to try to affect the course of justice. This is true even in cases of wife murder, which is prevalent in that community. You may be aware since your government doubtless monitors such things, that the former Chief Justice is accused of trying to pervert the course of justice by interfering in matters that were to appear before magistrates and junior judges who report to him. That matter has now reached the Privy Council of England, where these former colonials believe they could get justice, above the justice of Trinidad and Tobago. India is a republic within the British Commonwealth. Do all of your big cases go to the British Privy Council also, or is it that the “Indians” in Trinidad and Tobago cannot bear to be adjudged by someone who is not Indian unless that person is a White Massa from our colonial past? Had these been citizens of India, would not your government regard them as being disloyal to the state and thus guilty of possibly traitorous conduct?

You may well ask, Madame, what the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago done to ameliorate the conditions of the former indentures?

I invite you to look at our calendar of national holidays. You would see three devoted to Indian celebrations, Divali, Eid Ul Fitr and Indian Arrival Day. I invite you to examine our schools that are not “Indian” schools, and you would see Indian children integrated into all of them. The reverse is not true of other children attending “Indian” schools. There are a few. You should interview some of them before sending those ships.

A sports team is appointed: The Soca Warriors- no “Indian” complains, soccer is not their thing, cricket is. The team goes to the world cup, and without winning a single goal distinguishes itself for our country and are given a monetary reward. Immediately the complaining starts that there are no Indians on the team. Immediately questions are asked why not give it to cricketers too? Our internationally recognized white artistes and sportsmen, also begin questioning and agitating, where once there was peace.

Our highest national award was removed from consideration this year, based on a lawsuit filed by “Indians” that it was a Christian award designed to promote the Christian religion. The award was instituted at Independence based on the name of the country. This year, we gave no awards.

Serious minded and concerned Trinidad and Tobago Citizens are coming to the conclusion that there is no abiding these people. They will not be satisfied, no matter what. Many have never integrated into the society, and never will and apparently are proud of that.

Now we are all a nation of immigrants, all brought there under inhumane conditions by the former British Raj, but some wear they complaints on their sleeves, as the beggars at the temple doors who hold up their scars for the world to see.

It is time Trinidad and Tobago forges ahead building one society on the prosperity of our oil and gas finds, the education of our people and our respect for international law. It is time we build one society that lives up to our national anthem- “Every Creed and Race Finds an Equal Place; and May God Bless Our Nation” and to our motto: Discipline, Production and Tolerance. This tolerance should not be extended to those who make traitorous statements to foreign governments and so damage our democracy.

So Madame, I plead with you, send ships to reverse the journey across the Kali Pani. Take the Indians home to their ancestral villages, and leave the Trinbagonians to enjoy a multi-racial society in the Southern Caribbean that we boast of as being a model of all people dwelling together in unity. They could be asked to draw up their own list. Remember Uganda and Kenya? Nothing was learned apparently, by the “Indians” who were living there either.

This letter has been years in the making, and I do not ask this of you lightly. I do not represent any government office, nor party. I am simply an educated Trinbagonian who has come to the sad realization that in some societies, divorce papers for ethnic groups are a necessity. Years ago, I came to the same realization in my personal life, and took the necessary steps.

Please launch Operation Rescue for all the “Indians” in Trinidad and Tobago at once. They are not going to Canada, the US or Britain, they are to be repatriated “Home” to India. All Trinbagonians will thank you. I thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Linda E. Edwards
Nov. 12, 2006

19 Responses to “The “Indians” Are At It Again!”

  • TMan you guys are priceless. The most outlandish and inflammatory attitudes from some Indians do not trigger your moral compass. No, that is reserved for the Ruel Daniels and Linda Edwards who respond to them Give me a break. Do you think we are stupid?

    I reject any harmonious relationship with those whose perspective is so skewed that it is a wonder they can even stand upright. What is more designed to stoke the fires of racial discontent than persons from one group making petitions that by implication nasties the entirety of another group. I examined all the vituperative comments in response to Edwards letter charging her with blaming an entire race for the actions of some. The irony is that these same convenient moralists are so damn prejudiced that the fact that the petition for India to intervene in the business of T&T nasties the entire African descendent population of T&T and South America never triggers a blip on their moral radar. The hypocrisy that emanates from you guys is nauseating.

    I limit my time in this forum because I hold the conviction that people in whom prejudice is so endemic that they classify objection to it as racist behaviour, are not the sort of folks I want to have much association with. This forum came about because of these same kind of circumstances. An unwillingness for the African view to be aired, and a macabre predisposition to let negative stereotypes be the standard description of black life in T&T. About the only time we are supposed to move forward as a nation is when black people are responding to aversive comments or conduct insulting to them as a people. These facetious cliches are tired conveniences whose only utility for some, is to maintain a paradigm that prejudice only flows in one direction. Again, give me a break man!

  • Tman it is imperative that we have this open discussion on matters relating to race , class, ethnicity , governmental stewardship , business opportunities ,and what is perceived as un-equitable distribution of natural resources at this stage of development in our country. To characterize Linda or Raul’s views as racist is comical and counterproductive. They are simply shining a light in a dark corner to reflect the garbage and poison that is festering , and threaten to destroy us all.
    To listen to Felix and others idle boast about the stalwart achievements of Indo – Trinidadians in our country in terms of business , education and low crime indulgence is a very important case in point that makes one wonder if some of these ungrateful and disingenuous folks benefited from one of our primary school education at all -in like manner to super ingrate -Naipaul.
    Guys , these are the facts . Indians in this country successes did not occur in a vacuum. Firstly , they came to this country as well as Guyana as indentured laborers in similar fashion to South Africa , Fuji, Kenya, Uganda- we can throw in Sri Lanka (where coincidentally suicide bombing really began & and the Middle East as some revisionists historians would erroneously like us to believe ) just for good measure.
    They came with all their cultures , and some have tried to maintain it and should not be chastised for that . They were rewarded by the colonial masters for their efforts and it’s not their fault that it was at the expense of others.
    The neglected indigenous in Sri Lanka , Fiji or most of Africa , and in our case former slaves ,were left to grapple with rudimentary skills and resources . Many used the only way feasible for upward mobility they could find- public service and government . The fact that more of them have not failed and become hard core criminals , is a testament of their resiliency and the good stock that many came from – as quite a few had African Royal blood running through their veins
    I would dare Dr. Deosaran or any of our esteemed Social Scientist to do a survey from 1956 to resent time to indicate how Indians have fared in terms of governmental jobs and other rewards when compared to others during so called Afro Trinidadian governmental domination.
    The average dunce on the streets of Chickland , Bara pore ,Cunupia ,or El Socorro would not know that Indo Trinidadian business successes could not have occurred if the political climate was not conducive to making it thrive, but you’ll expect that Felix and others – DA Destabilization Agents -of his similar tribal ilk would recognize that fact.
    They have a choice – greedily hold on to their largesse , continue to feed at the proverbial trough like hungry piglets as they try to confuse us by screaming like hungry neglected babies about so called lack of power , and prosecutorial or criminal victimization, or get with the program by mainly encouraging their own leaders to advocate comprehensive change -and it begins with land reform now that sugar and rice farming is dead and most of the former workers took their pensions and ran to North America England ,or Australia where many are mealy tolerated but not seriously wanted.
    It is pointless for us to be wasting time with this debate about a few idiotic/ ignorant folks that are desirous in running back to so called Democratic India , where many it is known would eventually have to work for 10 rupees a year due to the fact that many returnees emanated from tribal low cast status to begin with .Long live the Republic of T&T ,and to hell with all non patriots . What a stupid paradox , here we have a country of some 1.3 million people ,the majority of which are made up of Indians and Africans. Perhaps the fastest rising ethnic group in the nation presently I am positive is Douglas-the interracial mix between the two noble peoples- a clear indication that our people are building more than bridges together. Here we are nestled in our fiefdom in Boston, Miami, Ottawa and Bristol lamenting about such nonsense as Indian returnees the result of the corrupting influences of privileged hate mongers.

  • Each of you can cal it what you want, but facts are facts; as I said before “if walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it’s gotta be a duck.” Now, the last thing I would do on this or any other forum is to “try” and be politically correct. I lived half of my life in TRinidad and Tobago; my education and my youth were developed there. My father worked the canefields and came home everyday with corn and blisters on his hand; so did I for a few years. I have the priviedge of belonging to every different ethnicity as it relates to Trinidad; some would call me “dougla.” I have no prejudices toward any one particular sector in society; but I do tend to call it like I see it.

    I’m sure many of you on this blog who lavish themselves with superb english language both verbally and textually probably have never held a cutlass or carry a bundle of cane on their heads to know how “success’ of the Indians came. Most of the indians today, the older generation, including my own mother, can’t read and write, but by their sacrifice and hard labour, I was given the opportunity to learn. So, for Neil to suggest that because earlier politics was conducive to the Indian success makes for great “Gaffe.” If calling it like it is labels me as a “DA-Destablization Agent,” then that I am.

    I am not merely repeating what I was told or what history has taught me; but I have lived it. The sugar cane plantation at one time brought steady income for those “Duncee indians from Barack Pore, Elsocoro ad SanJuan” that is why the first thing manning did was to close down the Sugar Industry, so the Indian had no where to hide or make a living; other than working the garden. I guess, for the Indian to get a pat on their backs and be called “good people” they have to be treated like the olden days when they first landed on Trinidad soil. Murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping is not enough eh! Neal? What else should they endure before they can throw their hands in the air and complain? Perhaps when the others go house to house with guns and make them sign over their deeds for thier businesses and property? For them to “whine and complain” when their children, brothers and sisters are being raped, murdered, kidnapped is just not enough to show frustration.

    Regardless of what anyone may think or how you may dress it up; the facts are there in black and white and in some cases “colour.”

  • Felix I respect fully your views on this sensitive subject, and recognize that you are not too keen on finding solutions for the problems we face in our country. Let me see if I understand you well: Indians are hard working and law abiding people and Africans are not. After working deligently on the land given to them by the British for years producing sugar cane and rice ,today Africans led by Patrick Manning are trying to take away their land even if these are two thriving industries on the global market. Indians are suffering bout of genocide and terrorism by being raped, murdered,and kidnapped “like they were in the olden days , “primarily at the hands of African savages , and Africans are spared this malady by their own . In like manner 90 % of our prison population are made up of indians arrested and prosecuted by africans while Africans are allowed to roam freely. Indians have strong family values , and gives priority to education, culture are visionaries and have high business acumen hat care about the world , while black folks and Africans lack such noble qualities. You are proud to be a dougla , but is more estatic about your indian as opposed to your African ancestry.
    I sat recently through a recent Security Council debate on terrorism and listened to country after country lament as to the root
    causes . India was also present speaking about global corporation to prevent another Mumbai , so was Afghanistan .Pakistan
    who was absent was soundly condemmed to the hilt.Ironically, these three countries together were involved in more tribal wars than all the world put together, and this is not surprising.They cannot collectively appreciate what is the meaning of the word compromise.Let’s see where your plain talk takes us in the future Felix. I warn you again to ” beware of a man with notting to loose.” Emphaty , my friend, and not arrogance and contempt for the less fortunate should be your mantra!
    It is only a small percentage of Indians and Africans in our country that have benefited fully from the wealth that emanated from our lands . It has notting to do with the PNM or African solely that attempted to run the country since 1956. It is also the a manefestation of the failed leadership of the ULF/ UNC led by Panday, and the several selfish / greedy elite Indo business entities that have contributed to the failures that you lament about .

  • Neal,I couldn’t agree with you more ” It is also the a manefestation of the failed leadership of the ULF/ UNC led by Panday, and the several selfish / greedy elite Indo business entities that have contributed to the failures that you lament about.”

    I’m not a follower of neither parties-UNC, UNC-A, ULF, COP, OR any other party that comes to mind;i’ve always been and will continue to be an INDEPENDENT VOICE. My views are not based on anyone’s theroy or doctrine-but rather my own thoughts, ideas-based on personal experience. I could do like most people “shut my mouth” and continue to live in one of the considered, safest cities in the world, Toronto.

    The thing is, I just can’t; like i’ve said before “my navel string” is buried there, I have my parents, siblings and all my extended relatives still residing there; how then can I rest at night or day, knowing the dangers that lurk. Tackling the “Indian/African” topic is just a drop in the bucket compared to other issues. Perhaps it’s my own lack of information or knowledge- that I fail to see the good that the current and past administration is doing for my fellow men. Thus far, lets say for the last 10yrs, the only improvements made to The Twin Island is all cosmetic. Stadiums, hotels etc, nothing really substantive that enhances the life of the citizens. The only people really benefitting from all the “so called” improvements are the “big wigs” that holds high office such as “Udecott, NHA and Manning-as he turns the PM’s residence into the TajMahal for his own enjoyment.

    The cost of living is rising as fast as a pound of flour with 2 pounds of baking poweder-but income remains the same. Our health care system kills more than it helps but the PM chooses to stop the construction of the south hospital as opposed to stop the building of the hotels and stadiums. These and other things are much more pressing.

    For people to live under such neanderthalarian conditions and still have to walk the streets with fear of anything suspicious is a travesty. Just today, one bandit was shot and killed for robbing an American resident on vacation, can you imagine what this woman will have to say now that she has experienced it first hand?

    Trinidad is quickly becoming like Jamaica “where babies don’t cry and gunshots are music to the ears.” I watch and read the express each and everyday like a prayer hoping to see or hear the PM addressing the nation with a plan to improve the life of it’s citizens only to hang my head in shame only to read another one or two or three gunned down again.

    If I had one wish i know what I would wish for and it’s not for riches. Unless the people of Trinidad and Tobago grow some balls and decide enough is enough and take back their country-the nation will continue to be under siege from criminals and most of all a BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT MINISTERS AND THEIR LEADERS LIKE manning, panday, deosaran, ANR, the CoP, and the list goes on-but i’m sure you get the point.

  • For some it will always be “the blackman did it”. They will try to conceal that syndrome of prejudice with circumlutory and double entendre postulations, but it comes down to the same operant.

    The sugar plantations in Trinidada and Tobago were being cultivated more than a one hundred years before indentured Indians were brought to the Caribbean. The people who were doing the back breaking work were not being paid, were being sold as chattells, and had chains around their necks and ankles. If we are talking about hard work and sacrifice, it is not and has never been a preserve of the Indian culture. The problem with you Felix is that when it comes to analyzing the issues of Trinidad and Tobago your racist instincts positions your logic like the leaning tower of Pizza.

    Your are so like many who walk around in an apparency of nomalcy, but is consumed with innate and irrational antipathy for People of African descent. And your Dougla props are no get out of jail free card either. You identify as Indian, and your prejudice is that of an Indian who do not like blacks.

    Some Indians claim that they are being discriminated against in T&T, and anectdotal facts were presented to show how that is a skewed reasoning. What do you do. You metamorphosed that into a debate on who works hard for what they have and who does not. You jump like a deceitful Kangaroo all over the place in order to get your racist vent in.

    You are what you are and nothing can change that. No amount of cordiality or progress will change someone like you, who is silent when a corrupt Indian leads the Government, but vociferous when his African counterpart does. You musta think that black people are stupid?

  • Felix, we are on the same page- fustrated about the precieved failed social/ economic policies and general weak stewardship by the regimes that have monopolized the political landscape since independence- some longer than others.
    The two or three political parties that you and I have alluded to , are expected to be around for some time even if their respective leaders might not be. Let us remain positive in anticipation that the leaders that might emerge hence would put country over sectarian differences.
    In short, to do a better job.I too tend to get impatient, but restrain myself upon recognition that we are still a politically imature nation of only 46 years. I admonish you to do the same.
    At times I tend to be somewhat hash on our business class, choosing on occasions to ignore the fact that the culture of ‘social entrepenueship’ is not as advanced to any great degree in our good country in any meaningful way as yet.The bottom line of maximum profit is more the norm instead unfortunately.
    Keep doing your part my friend to honestly educate fellow citizens whenever you can. It is a tough journey to reaching the goal of sustainable development, and our wonderful nation and people deserve all the help we can give.

  • Those of you who see racists undertones in Ms. Edwards’s letter, need to open you eyes, and minds much more. She is ridiculing those “indians” who don’t regard themselves as Trinis, and who still look to “Mother India”. And guess what..they deserve all the ridicule the can get!!

    I have yet to come across an Afro Trini who regards Africa more than T&T, so why are there Indians who still can’t reconcile their existence in sweet T&T? This sound like the basis of an interesting sociological study!

    Oh and Shiva Ramsabugh, Please get real…or better still go back to India!It’s people like you that give the rest of us “indians” a bad name…

  • Let’s keep it real Kerry, there are a few Afro – Trini that also waxed nostalgic/ fantasize about Mother Africa as well. The major difference is that the devided continent of Africa ,unlike the the world largest democracy , possess very little that many of its former exslave children can really be proud of. Congo and Sudan are two of the richest , yet are experiencing two of the longest civil wars in the history of the modern civilization.Genocide , poverty , abuse of power ,female and children neglect are rampant.Aids has caused severe devastations in most of Southern Africa and few cares , no sane global business conglomerate would dare to invest in any tangible way in Africa unless we talk about the conniving / desperate for natrual resources Chinese , or European or American gun manufacturers ever so willing to sell AK47’S and other destructive weapons to ensure that 10 year old colonels and majors can get their respectiv weapons of choices, so as to ensure repressive old clowns liks Mugabe remain in power . Africa has no nuclear weapons, Bollywood , or technological industrial base since every African student who goes abroad to study wants to return home and become a General, President, Prime Minister or some useless government figure.
    The overiding question however is not what the folks on the two continent are doing or have failed to do, but what are our nationals doing to ensure the true development of our country? Why aren’t we replicating many of the successes here in sweet T&T when we lack the deep rooted tribal/ religious scisms and problems? This is what should be the ” basis of an interesting sociological study.”Anything short of that is mere folly and a waste of precious time.
    Dominica last year obtained some EC $160 million from its tourism sector . This industry generated 2,500 direct jobs and the government has now embarked on a Tourism Sector improvement program in collaboration with the EU- go figure.Tobago is locked in some stupid battle with our ideotic elders of government as to how much money should be allocated to the its development, as our leaders wait to open the treasury to other failed national projects like the steel mill , and the Eric Williams Medical Complex.
    Twenty years ago that country refered to as Dominica / land of rivers ,did not have a decent road for its barefoot citizens to swim on, or perhaps clean water to drink , but thanks to Trinidad and Tobago today they do, while we worry about Cocks on the roof of the Red House, Trinity Cross,and whether the Opposition leader should watch MTV on his personal laptop while Parliament is in session. What a tragedy of errors- of the higest magnitude!

  • people of Indian origin and discriminated whereever they goes, eg, guyana, trinidad, fiji, uganda, kenya etc.. eventhough the entire economy is run by people of indian origin. The only country where pers of ind origin is not discriminated is in Mauritious, majorily because almost 70% of people are of indian origin. So its high time to send the racial africans out of trinindad and bring trinidad back to its lost glory which was done by the blood and sweat of people of indian origin

  • I don’t think reiterating the dense social divide existing will do any good for the country. We are all aware of what the facts are and what needs to be done; the thing is whether the People have the gall to do what is needed. It is common knowledge that safety of the public is not on the front burner of the current and past administration. While the current gov’t is turning a blind eye Panday and his bunch is trying to poke out the other eye; while mud is in their’s.

    Doesn’t the people of T&T deserve a government that works for them and not against them? I have pity on those Indians crying out to outside forces for help because they have no one to else to cry out to; at least no one that cares.

    I ask myself on a daily basis “self, had I remained in Trinidad and not migrated to Canada 20yrs ago, could I have made a difference?” and Self says ‘I don’t think so!’ With the theory of “not who you know but who know’s you,” I never would’ve even gotten close. So, am i glad I packed up and ran? No! Would I return and try to make a diffrenence? Maybe! but only one problem! would i have lived long enough? I don’t know! Well, I don’t aim to find out.

    Perhaps when we get someone to hold the reins and start taking care of the people first, perhaps I’ll try that….but for now, i’ll continue to take care of my family in a more safe environment. The odds of being kidnapped, robbed and hit by a stray bullet is too great; may if one of those strays hit Panday, Manning, Ramesh and some others, the sun might come out with a glimmer of hope.

  • The last comment by this clown Ramchaul singh proves without a doubt that this was another useless distracting topic ,that got too much of our attention I believe.
    Again , anyone who wishes to run from this country should be encouraged as it creates more room for those of us that rdecide to remain as well as the thousand of global enthusiasts that are keen to become part of our calaloo experiment . Good riddance to all ‘national closet traitors.’

  • Dear all,

    i’m writing from London, and has travelled widely around the world.

    I respect Indian people, like many people from other cultures, they are hard working and a proud race. They have many reasons why they should be proud, of their culture, expectations and not to forget their hard work and dedication to try to ‘better themselves’ in difficult situations.
    I have been to Trinidad many times, and is shocked at the way Indian people are divided. Those that follow the traditional ways and those that do not.
    Personally, Indians should not feel uncomfortable for their beliefs, customs, traditions, and made to believe they need to adapt to the ‘Trini-way’. What is the Trini-way?? From my impressions, being Trini was to drink rum, take what you want without putting in hard work, live for today, dance and get on bad!! If this is the ‘Trini-way’, well I dont blame the Indian population for sticking to traditions for those that do.
    Traditions are a good thing, and people should use commonsense to change some traditions that do not function in todays world, e.g Sutee’wife burning at funerals’.
    Indians all over the world are successful, similar to the Jews, yet they lack power, because they are united.
    As I said previously, I respect Indians, as they are successful, have the extended family network, less divorce rates, strong family ties that teaches the young people respect, importance of hard work, education and aiming/striving for success. All over the world, they maintain the same ethos, to better themselves.
    Indians, are respected by people in the UK, after they were hated, like the Jews.
    People should admire them, other than hate them, steaming from envious feelings.

    Kenya and Uganda, what had happened to their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per head, after Indian were expelled. What happened to their country?
    The many indians that were displaced, were exciled simply went on the better pastures, because whereever they go, they will strive to do better, and sticking to their traditions help to do so.

    For those people that want Indians to go back to India, think about what would happen to Trinidad. Do you tink it will still be the richest Island in the West Indies.
    Coming back from India, in January, I can tell you, they gladly welcome Indians to come back. And guess what Canada/USA and other fully developed countries will always welcome Indians,and give them a fast track process, not because they feel sorry for them, but because they know their worth. They will help a country develop.

    I do feel sorry for those Indians that have not got their strong identity with traditions, but it is their choice.
    To say that Indians, that stick to their traditions are giving other Indians a bad name is incorrect.

    For black people of Trinidad, it is understandable why there is resentment towards Indians (being the second largest ethnic group), then you may look to the Chinese (although a small minority) who have also maintained a lot of their traditions.
    You have been stripped of your identity, due to slavery, you could not hold on to your traditions, had to adapt to Christian names etc… You need to look at your own people to deal with problems, instead of blaming the Indians.

    Trinidad is a beautiful Island, I am so happy Columbus discovered it in 1498.
    The British took it over in 1802 and changed to demography completely like what they have done in other parts of the world.
    Indians have been arriving to Trinidad since 1838, 1845 is the most common date, but it is amazing how much of their traditions they have maintained, despite the British discouragement of them not to.
    This should be a lesson to Black people, Indians will always be Indians, the British tried to rob them of their traditions, language and culture, yet they did not succeed.
    Trinidad Indians, are Trinidadians as well, just like there are British white, black, people.
    It has made Trinidad a great Island, and has made it stand out from the rest of the other Islands.

    People are not all the same, you can learn many great things from other cultures, so instead of critising Indians, learn from them, as other countries are. E.g Britain conducted a long investigation on why Indians, achieve highest exam results then any other race in the UK.

    Thank you for reading.
    Kindest Regards to you all.
    Have a blessed day.

  • What qualified Mel Parker to open his mouth on this issue? Is he a mixed blood trini who has been rejected by one half of his family? Herad his father called a Nigger by his Indian grandmother? His “get on bad” must refer to the women at Charlie King Junction so many moons ago. These blanket statements are the mouthings of an idiot with a political agenda.

    Did my travels to Bolivia make me an expert on the situation of the indigenous Aymara people? No. Some observations were valid, but I was there for ten days. Did my trip to Saudi Arabia make me an expert on the situation of Saudi women? I talked with many, but did not, cannot walk, in their shoes. I was entertained by princesses of the realm, businesswomen, and educators. I am not an expert on their needs. I have lived in the US for more than half my life, I am not an expert on the situations with which African Americans and Hispanics struggle daily.

    When I call the police,I sound British, so they come, I think.

    Point of all this, outside obserations are just that.
    Rachel McNeill one of our local TV people was in Trinidad last week filming for the International festival- she featured Allyson Hennessy and her resturant, Roti makers selling roti and doubles, pottery makers; she even tried to do some, and men making sandals and steel drums. She did not focus on Afro-trini women, but she covered major aspects of the society. Is she an expert on our problems? Hell no. She exposed vignettes of our society for an infomercial. This seems to be more than Parker got. I would suggest he visit Vancouver, some parts of Tornto and India itself, then come back for a TnT visit, before he opens his mouth again.

  • Linda Edwards wrote:

    “I would suggest he visit Vancouver, some parts of Tornto and India itself, then come back for a TnT visit, before he opens his mouth again”.
    Greater Vancouver has on of the most successful East Indian communities in North America. However, with that success comes the social problems which plague many in North America. Over sixty young East Indian males were murdered in the Lower Mainland of vancouver over the last four or five years.Most of these were gang members involved in the drug trade.

  • I support the assimilation of every citizen to one social and cultural norm for every independent former colony.

  • Lord put ah hand , please not another two months of pointless debates on this hear blogersheric information highway,about suffering , terrorized , discriminated , neglected Indians in my loving country . You know what , I am finally convinced that Curtis , T-Man, and other empty yappers and screamers are correct, Hitler black ugly baby brother , also killed 20 million global Indians in the African , Caribbean ,and Pacific Holocaust , so bring out the compensation books , and shed a tear forever as to their degrading plight , especially in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow country and neighboring Guyana, as well as Fuji, and Sri Lanka.
    Listen folks , the interest of the tribe has always dictated mankind actions . For those not interested in winning the revisionist award, let’s see how the world operated before and after America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan ,and interned Asians American citizens in California , while at the very time Germans were free to make amendments to their Constitutions and simultaneously volunteer for Germany’s fighting platoons. Here is the list :-Two European ,world wars, Africans inter genocidal wars from independence to present.Muslims Indians and Christians going at each other’s throats like cats and dogs since white Massa said goodbye, Middle East savagery in the name of God from the creation of Noah’s ark to present. Oh UN where art thou, since African people enslaved themselves for over 400 years , destroyed half of their own race, and still chose to blame other noble , culturally superior races? Who better to explain this White God freaks , or Darwinian evolutionary ,neo racist?

    • “Listen folks , the interest of the tribe has always dictated mankind actions .”- Neal

      I suppose “co Intel pro” members contributed to the systematic dismantling of the BPP for the interest of African Americans?

      Perhaps in Zoo York where diversity is proudly displayed it is normal that people never assimilate to the dominate norm of the country. Perhaps that’s why many Americans feel like they have left the U.S. when they visit Zoo York, Miami, L.A., or any other place that prides itself for recognizing minority cultures over the majority or traditional social norms.

      In sweet TNT, the majority of the population self identifies as Indian.
      I would like to see a Trinidad and Tobago where the majority of the population identifies as Trinibagonian.
      Something that the country (Trinidad and Tobago) hasn’t properly done after independence was to identify and define what it is to be a Trinibagonian. If the majority of the population is willing to not subscribe to racial stereotypes and prejudices, then everyone has a chance to mold the nation into a place that best serves the people.
      Before I am lectured about how it is impossible to separate from the homeland, I think that is important to acknowledge that every civilization including China started from people who came from somewhere else and created something new or different than before. Who didn’t? Brazilians are not Portuguese and Americans aren’t English.

  • Dear all,

    firstly, thank you very much much for reading my comment on this blog.
    I would like to remind readers that these blogs are based on people’s points of view and personal opinions, therefore comments like relating to keeping one’s mouth shut is not freedom of speech, and shows some elements of ignorance, as this, after all is a blog site.

    I have said I have widely travelled, and I have been able to travel to Trinidad, Canada and India.

    I would hope people that visit other countries do take an interest in culture and issues as well get on with their holidays or business trips, it does not mean that they are experts or consider themselves to be.

    Thank you for those readers that have commented on my blog.

    Kindest Regards to the people of T n T.
    It seems who have beat us at cricket again in the 20/20.
    Have a blessed day.

    Mrs Mel Parker

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