The delusions of a Prime Minister

Posted by: Errol F. Hosein

The ongoing behaviour of Prime Minister Patrick Manning suggests that he is driven by the ghost of Dr. Eric Williams. One must note that earlier in his career as Prime Minister, Mr. Manning referred to himself as the “Father” of the Nation. I suspect that he has not fully recovered as a result of what appeared to be a political “faux Pas” to the casual observer.

The truth of the matter from my perspective is that Mr. Manning wants to be remembered, and he will be. However, he has to remember that only one person can be the “first” and that belongs to Dr. Eric Williams.

In his continuing attempt to replace Dr. Williams as a household name he has embarked on an ill-advised journey bordering on questionable notoriety. In trying to leave a lasting impression on the Nation, he has more or less hung his hat on the premonition that by 2020 we will be transformed into a model society and realizing the short attention span of the masses he believes that irresponsible fiscal behaviour will do the trick.

To cover his rump he contemplates becoming a Religious Minister when he is no longer in office, realizing that Religious Ministers are seldom, if ever, criticized for their past sins.

Be it blimps that cannot fly, cementing the next generation of the nations poor into continuing abject poverty, and little or no regard for the ecological health of the Nation, while not discounting the embarrassing verbage not befitting the office of Prime Minister among a litany of massive financial waste in a time of plenty, only adds to the legacy for which he will be remembered.

Mr. Manning. There is much that I can reflect on and you would be accurate in suggesting that they are merely my opinions. Undeniably, I would suggest that you are not the “Father” of our Nation.

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  • The opinion of a uwi student

    Captain this ship is sinking Captain the seas are rough….i was a mere thought when this song was sung BUT i am here now and to me we will be fully submerged by 2020. I am not trying to be negative but WE have alot of problems and the way to fix them is not by putting a bandage on the wound ,it is simply getting ppl to do their jobs and stop sitting around.Crime is on the rise and everyone is resting the blame on the police as if they had to train themselves.The Gov is responsible for training them , as a matter of fact they are responsible, evry thing becuz there is a ministry for everything.So here we are in 2006 where criminals are skilled in their field , wouldn’t it have made sense to be continually training the the force? so that they would have been fully equipped and able to deal with the problems we now face. I THINK THAT THESE PPL IN GOVT FOR PERSONAL GAIN…its either that ot they not to sure about what they are doing e.g. we have a trasnsport system that is not any where close to being close too perfect….maxi drivers drive like fools…roads in a mess e.c.t ….but ppl see it fint to build rapid rail …..FIX THE SYSTEM U HAVE NOW….o, i am sorry it seems perfect to them becuz they drive around with a motocade defensive drivers and police escort

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