The Catholic Church and the Underdevelopment of Africa

By Michael De Gale
March 19, 2009

The Christian BibleIn light of the devastating effect that AIDS is having on the continent of Africa, it is unconscionable that Pope Benedict XVI should condemn the use of condoms as a way to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. In a recent visit to the continent where 22 million people are living with the disease, Pope Benedict XVI stated that, “condoms are not the answer to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and can make the problem worse”. This begs the question, “How many more of Africa’s sons and daughters must suffer and die before this hood wearing demon places human life ahead of religious dogma?” Indeed, contraception is not the panacea that would put an end to this scourge, but it will do much to curb the alarming rate of infection.

More than the obvious effect of illness and death is the impact that this epidemic is having on every facet of African life, particularly in the Sub-Sahara region. Education, industry, agriculture, transport, human resources and economies in general are reeling under this epidemic. According to a 2007 conservative estimate, 17 million have died and another 25 million is expected to follow. In the past year, it is estimated that more than 15 million children under 18 have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. Many of these emaciated children are caring for younger family members still in diapers, when they can barely care for themselves. Like the billions of dollars in bailout money we are hearing so much about these days, the number of deaths and infection from AIDS and HIV in Africa is staggering. It is increasingly evident that HIV and AIDS continue to devastate Africa much like the trade in black flesh from which Africa and her children throughout the Diaspora have not yet recovered. With the ongoing loss of such valuable human resources, it will be a long time before Africa can emerge from this crisis, if ever. It was European greed that precipitated the underdevelopment of Africa; now religious zealousness continues the onslaught.

For hundreds of years the Catholic Church has played a leading role in softening up Africans for European exploitation. Stripped of their ancestral beliefs and convinced that they were the children of a lesser God; they embraced a European version of Christianity and worshipped an alien God much to their detriment. In 2000 it was reported that there were over 360 million Christians in Africa with Pope Benedict XVI as their supreme leader. In the capital of Cameroon it was reported that thousands of flag-waving faithful stood shoulder-to-shoulder in red dirt fields and jammed downtown streets for a glimpse of the pontiff’s motorcade. Given the history of the Catholic Church in Africa, one can only pity the poor bastards who fail to take lessons from history, whether past or contemporary.

Although the faithful may argue otherwise, African Christians were always the bastard children of a European God, Pope Benedict makes that clear in more ways than one. Evidently, God’s favoured children are of a lighter hue living in the lap of luxury throughout Europe, North America and in Africa itself. They know neither pain nor hunger. In fact, suffering of any kind is alien to their nature. While the bible tells us that the meek will inherit the earth, the Catholic church will see to it that blacks are left with nothing to inherit, when it is done under developing Africa.

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  1. The Pope is echoing the teaching of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, whose own advocacy of abstinence was also fiercely criticised, and led to accusations even that he was responsible for the spread of disease.

    The Church’s case has not been helped in the past when senior figures – including the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo – have insisted that HIV inevitably passes through holes in the latex from which condoms are made, a claim dismissed by the World Health Organization.

    However, the Church’s concern about condoms is only part of wider teaching aimed at allowing people to live better, more fulfilled lives.

    It believes that encouraging people to use condoms to minimise the worst effects of behaviour that in itself impoverishes their lives is to fail them.

    Pope Benedict put it this way not long after he took office in 2005. He told African bishops that contraception was among trends leading to a breakdown in sexual morality.

    “It is of great concern that the fabric of African life, its very source of hope and stability, is threatened by divorce, abortion, prostitution, human trafficking and a contraception mentality.”

    In other words, there is something at stake that is greater even than the fight against Aids – particularly as, in the Church’s view, condoms are not as effective as abstinence in combating this deadly infection.
    It is not as though Pope Benedict underestimates HIV, acknowledging that “the virus seriously threatens the economic and social stability of the [African] continent”.
    However, Catholics point out that if a couple, one of whom had the virus, consistently used a condom they would reduce the yearly risk of passing it on to the uninfected partner by about 87% – which they say falls well short of an adequate means of disease prevention

  2. This Nazi sympathizing German, out of touch Pope might do well to clean up his own act ,as well as that of his backward thinking Church before delving into issues that obviously beyond his purview , especially as it relates to globally neglected and exploited African people and their quest for survival and elevation from dung heap many have been relegated due to the stewardship of lunatic, thieving ,neo- colonial leaders .
    I am sure cousin Roger Smith could remember the time when a parent could send his or her male child to catechism in full knowledge that they were safe- a situation that no longer is the case as Pope Benedict , his women hating Archbishops, and million of homosexual Priests and Bishops sees no problem in preying daily between sessions of confessions.
    I personally wish to see the day when a serious collection of Human Rights lawyers across the globe would file an authentic class action suit at the ICC or some other court that would sue the thieving Vatican for every cent that they’ve stolen through the years from Africa , Latin America and Latin America -where this foolish religious dogma have thrived so well and contributed to the run over overpopulation amongst the poor due to his and other anachronistic views on contraceptives.
    Let’s begin to give any commentary of Roger Smith the Catholic Church PR Spokesman the serious attention it deserves when he can answer us a serious question on the abortion issue with a straight face. If an Aids victim , and sadistic criminal raped your 15 year old daughter and impregnate her , are you prepared to conduct an abortion to save her such prolonged trauma , or are you the forgiving type that would encourage your daughter to follow the dictate of this Pope and deliver the child and care for it like gullible whisky loving Irish folks might do in their quest to enter the pearly gates of heaven ?

  3. Neal,
    I am not sure if there ever was a time when parents could send their male or female child to catechism “in full knowledge that they were safe”. I have heard numerous horrendous stories from various people who were just children when they experienced sexual and other abuses at the hands of priests and nuns. These people claimed that they were afraid to report these incidences for fear of being further victimized. I am certain that similar stories can be heard around the world where many of these parasites found their unsuspecting victims, particularly in poor countries. A case involving Aboriginal children who were taken away from their parents and sent to residential schools was recently settled in Canada. These people, who are now seniors, spoke of sexual, physical and psychological abuse and possibly murder at the hands of priests and nuns. In The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) spoke of sexual and economic exploitation by the clergy. Their consumption of alcoholic beverages; especially whisky is well known by many.

    The Catholic Church has done much in terms of education for which they should be justly acknowledged, however, they also have a history of abuse and exploitation that goes contrary to the moral values they propagate. Refusing to allow the faithful to use condoms to curtail the spread of HIV/ AIDS is morally reprehensible, especially when so many of the victims are children. That to my mind is a sin against humanity and the very God whom they claim to serve. I look forward to the day when that entire hypocritical institution will be made to account for their sins. After paying reparations for the pain they caused so many – beginning with the pope, they should all be thrown into a lake of fire right here on earth.

  4. I am reading you loud and clear cousin Michael de gale , and your excellent cautionary point is also noted. The Church has indeed played a significant role not only in education , but immigration that proved to be beneficial for many across the globe through the centuries- depending of course on the sociological perspective that one favors. Their rigid stance on liberation theology in the global south , as opposed to Italy and other European states is also open to question.
    In addition, the Pope as symbolic head of his church is a leader in this imbecilic detrimental policy , but not the only one that sees merit in it. Remember the former Harvard and Yale educated MBA US President that single handedly ran through the Clinton economic suplus upon assuming office , then along with his crooked cronies led by D Cheney ,left the country in one of the worst recessions since FDR was having lap dance on his wheelchair in the Whitehouse depression era, under the watchful angry eyes of Elenor R our progressive darling?
    Uganda was sometime ago touted as a huge social success story in terms of curbing Aids due to its prudent condoms usage and sexual education amongst it’s population. What did this fool do upon assuming power? He threatened to curb financial aid to any African fiefdom if monies were used to push any policy but abstinence.
    Now ,here is a man with all the top security in the world that could not control the sexual urges of his two headstrong , alcohol slugging daughters, but wanted to tell Africans to keep on their chastity belts to appease the religious far right racist nuts that he sold his soul to for eight years of power.
    I could be mistaken ,but it appears that unlike their numerous drunken Australian cousins, as well as Yankee neighbors , Canadian leadership generally seems to get it, and are often prepared to do what is right in terms of justice and reparations for historical wrongs such as these , and should be commended. Keep them honest , my friend.

  5. “The missionaries came and we had the land and they had the bible. They told us to close our eyes and pray. When we opened them they had the land and we had the bible.”
    Julius Nyerere

  6. Yes, it is true that the white’s have done the african’s wrong!
    And still are!
    But the article started with the pope saying that condoms are no
    good according to whatever wisdom that he thinks he has!
    What i would say is we all know how HIV AIDS spreads!
    So why do the people of africa continue is their ways?
    Is being promiscuous part of being african?
    All i am saying is settle with one partner, that is all!!!
    The pope’s view is somewhat similar, but he is saying something very idiotic, because condoms help prevent pregnancy.
    And should not be considered as a form of protection from any STD’s!
    The solution as always is in the people themselves to fight against Aids simply by not being unfaithful.
    And may i add, although it might make the writer very angry
    Is that the whites traded slaves of all kinds
    shipped them off to other countries to work hard! without pay.
    Why is it that it seems to me all other countries that were former slave colonies are prospering?
    The writer left out one key element in his article!!!
    The fact that african’s murder each other because they are in a diferent tribes or political affiliation!
    They are all the same race, same black people!
    History has shown that the country that has peace will always
    prosper and that war creats turmoil and distruction.
    My friend you need to look at the bigger picture and stop playing
    the blame game!

  7. My concern here is that the Pope chose to go to two “OIL PRODUCING STATES”. Whats up with that. Now,I am still trying to figure this out.

    To me this is nothing more than a trip to secure the resources of a gullible African people. The game has not changed.


  8. Michael –

    Condoms and the use or non-use will not solve AIDS in Africa. Family values will. You want to have sex – have one partner and prevent the reception and the spread of the disease. Africa’s AID epidemic is not some disease that just ‘jumps’ around and randomly infects people.

  9. I find it very offensive that you had to insult a person in order to pass your message! the pope refused to allow the use of condoms, this is not a dogma, it is open for debate!! you are saying that many Africans get AIDS because the church does not allow them to use condoms. if you think they follow the teachings of the church so faithfully, why then don’t they follow the teaching of abstinence or faithfulness?? this would have reduced the rates of infection surely!! I am an African in Africa and I know that people do not use condoms not because the church says so, but because they do not want, because it gives less pleasure. the other reason is because some do not get access to this condoms or have not been taught how to use them but primarily, they do not want to use them. now, you are appealing to “if my daughter was raped and got pregant,” what would i do? i shall pause this question to you again in another form, “you are as result of a rape, would you like to be killed in order to save your mother from trauma?” if you are honest enough, you will say no. i am sure that you have a friend and if he or she really matters to you,you will still stick to him or her despite opinion from outside and also from within you. the pope has to uphold the principle to the very end and true catholics like me back him because his message is objectively true. just because woman and man has let her or his animal inclinations take the better of them does not mean the church shall follow suit. the church has recently asked for forgiveness for the mistakes of the past and mind you, we do not have a million priests in the world please, and so, knowing very well they they too are human beings, i do forgive beacuse i know that Jesus remained with his disciples yet Peter denied him and Judas betrayed him, was Jesus a failure then????

  10. There are those who believe that the Catholic Church ceased being a Christian organization when it married the Roman Empire, under Constantine, and became the Holy Roman Empire. Its conquering ways ceased to be quiet conversion through preaching, example and teaching, and became conversion by the sword.The Americas are replete with examples of this, so is the Spanish Inquisition.

    The church also changed the dates of festivals to suit its convenience. Christmas was celebrated on Dec. 25, to help eradicate the pagan winter festival tied to the Winter solstice-Dec. 21. The Birth of Christ was closer to April 14th- shepherds were in their fields watching for ewes in distress, because it was lambing time. Lambs are born in Spring, as was the Lamb of God. Now Easter was a festival of fertility tied to the goddess Ostre, pagan rites of spring fling with bacchanal for so- wine drinking , multiple sex partners and so on. By tying Ostre to the resurrection of Christ, we got the Easter of flowers, hope, renewal and the Easter Bunny and easter eggs. babies born in spring, as a result of bacchanal.
    Now the church has much to its credit- many learned scholars came out of it, and Jesuit scholarship is renowned worldwide, but the Church is Africa is a perpetuator of backwardness. MArried to the governments of some states, we find that the church sometimes is a parallel government, and sometimes it is in league with the government, depending on whether the country is mostly Catholic or Muslim. In any case, the church allows the wealth of Africa to flow towards Rome, in a continuing stream that began before Christ was born, and although there have been many African popes, today’s papacy is restricted by the College of Cardinals, to Europeans who are strict interpreters of doctrinal matters. The last reformer was John XX111. A visit to the Vatical fills a non-Catholic , not with holiness, but with the accumulated wealth drawn from poor countries to Rome. One also wonders about the many(12?) statues of Pius X11. It is as if he was all the apostles.
    The Church needs Africa backwards for two reasons, to keep sending their wealth to Rome through offerings(sometimes the order of St. Gregory is conferred on the richest Africans) and to keep producing babies. In this case, Benedict XV1 does not care about the lives of African women, but in the non-use of condoms which could kill women. I waited to see what he would say about Nadia Sulieman’s decison in California, not to abort any of the 8 babies she was carrying. He and the right to lifers were silent. Sulieman is not a Catholic name but has Muslim connotations.
    Only by educating African women out of poverty, can Africa free itself. My questions about the million attendees are: Who counted them? What transport did they use to go hear a foreign white man, when they do not have any to get to work, and would not so rally for a political movement to free their countries from corruption and colonial residues? Brainwashing is major business in Africa,in that, the Pope and present political leaders are blood brothers.

  11. “The church has recently asked for forgiveness for the mistakes of the past.” Good for this German Nazi sympathizing Pope for asking for such forgiveness, as it is very unlikely that he’ll be able to shake St Peter’s hands after all the evil that he has condoned, including silence on the actions of his other Nazi loving brethrens, failure to return some of the billions of stolen loot to flocks in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. His staunch refusal to support any initiative that would allow married men into the priesthood has obviously encouraged the Church to be an excellent haven for women hating homosexuals disguised as priest who in the end posses the audacity to want to council married couples on sexual and other personal intimate family activities, when they possess nothing but theoretical guesswork to rely on as experience.
    The rigid posture on condoms and other forms of contraceptive use is nothing short of a chauvinistic ploy aimed at controlling and subjugating lower class, illiterate women, as well as a foolish, unnecessary, interjection into the personal lives of families with gutless heads like you George incapable of handling your own everyday affairs.
    I never thought I would see the day when I’ll commend the evil British for anything worthwhile, but I guess Henry the V111 was not too bad for standing up to the crooks from the Vatican during his time so as to marry ten women, after murdering nine, and any Pope loving fool like Sir Thomas More, that dared to stand in his way en route to creating his own church.
    There is absolutely nothing worst than an individual that chooses to hide behind dishonesty while attempting to employ rotten logic. I would not doubt that you George went to the same legal school as some of our numerous incompetent lawyers and present day backward thinking political luminaries. For some reason in your scenario you conveniently omitted the portion where I mentioned that the rapist of your 15 year old daughter was a ‘criminal with the Aids virus.’ My action would be the same to save someone incapable of making a legal decision of her own, ‘death of a non -human -fetus.’
    Purist guys like you I find quite scary George. You love the death penalty for even suspects deemed as murderers by racist and prejudiced cops , DA’s and Jurors , enjoys wars immensely especially when committed in the Global South by the Industrially developed , supports evil draconian economic policies irrespective of its consequences, would close your phony eyes to atrocious business practices that devastate the environment , cultivate cancer forming Genetically Engineered foods and by products, but get all out of shape morally about the sexual mistakes of people that sometimes results in unwanted pregnancies. You also won’t beg the greedy Mafioso dominate Vatican to use some of their loots to fund a few orphanages globally in poor backward regions.
    When you have upgraded yourself from being a sperm bank to a female with the ability to get pregnant and deliver a baby, then we can again have this discussion on what is morally correct. In the mean time, please go and get a copy of the 1985 John Irvin novel “The Cider House Rules,” or later movie adaptation. It might be edifying for your closed mind. Let’s hope.
    Your voice of reason.

  12. Why Africans would put their faith in the hands of imperfect Europeans after every atrocity that has been committed in the name of Christianity vexes me. Have they no pride than to welcome the source of their demise to their continent? What is wrong with them? The Pope got of the plane to go tell his sad and helpless children how best to live their lives because the lot of them is incapable of participating in the world with the intent to create prosperity, health, wealth and decent living environments for their own people. How far from spear chucking have they come? It was sickening to see them cower behind this man as if he were God himself.
    Perhaps it’s better to keep them ignorant then to educate them and allow them to know that they who have placed their faith in the European version of that religion have been hoodwinked and bamboozled. As the Spanish say,” Que Idiota”!

  13. John 16:12
    “ I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.”
    John 1:11
    “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”
    Are you surprise that the Jewish people that comprise Africans are so scattered and lost across the globe ? Perhaps you believe that it is a mere coincident that they have suffered so much especially at the hands of evil , deceptive others . The task ahead may now appear daunting, but progress can be made if more authentic and honest dialog evolve .
    Let the politically and socially conscious continue to remain focus on the pertinent issues of the day. It is time to get that Think tank going that can serve as a guide for our idea -barren ,neo colonial , power brokers and leaders.
    It is debatable as to which ideology has created more havoc across the globe- especially in Africa to date- religious, or political.

  14. As long as individuals and orgninzations keep holding to “men” as their passage to heaven and believe that two hail mary’s will obsolve them of their wrong doings; and make sure that even if “we go hungry” we MUST pass the tithe, war, hunger and strife will continue to dominate the lives. Most people (religious) don’t know the definition of “church.” Call me a hooligan, pagan, nonbeliever, heathen or what have you, the day I have to ask another man to talk to god on my behalf is the day I will stop breathing.

  15. Be careful Randy , you do not want to get ‘too high on our horses,’ and try to score too many points at the expense of the wonderful Catholic religion. Let’s keep it real now, without this Church with all it obvious problems many leaders and people across the globe would not get a basic or decent education . We should not tell a serving Catholic they cannot worship idols , say hail Mary ,or go to confession , if unprepared to speak out against borderline power hungry , greedy , criminal Imams that teach suicide bombing is fine to poverty stricken little Madras educated boys ,or treat women like sexual slaves and footcloth from Saudi Arabia to Sudan. If we choose to remain silent on the Hindu socially elite caste system that forces millions of worldwide believers to remain in perpetual poverty because of Karma , its our right, just as Jews can forgiven if they forever hide behind ancient persecution , and a billion dollar military American supported industry to keep its constantly humiliated Arab , Persian ,or Turkish neighbors at bay and unnecessarily feared perpetual enemies.
    Ahhh the pros and cons of religion! I prefer not to cast too many stones Randy, as I belong to a people that embraced every conceivable religion known to mankind due to the fact that they never seem to have one of their own, and look at the mess that resulted? Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe , Angola , Haiti, Forbes Burnham Jonestown Guyana , Ethiopia ,Charles Taylor Serria Leone and the list goes on. You know what , perhaps religion is getting too much of a bad rap, and it’s political ideology is the culprit. Now are am more confused , any thoughts Randy?

  16. It was the politics of religion that robbed man of his own spirituality. Christianity as the belief that Christ existed and died on the cross for all of our sins is fine by me. After he died and his words were interpreted by imperfect men often portrayed as European is something else. If your praying to a blonde hair blue eyed Jesus, then you are just as much an idol worshipper as those who started to form the gold bull impatiently waiting for Moses. God is a Jealous God and thy shall serve no other! What many Africans of the Diaspora and at home serve is a perverse incorrect misleading portrayal of primitive thinkers from a time when Muslims were the innovators of technology, civilization, and humanity. Take a class or study (His story) history and you will be able to see for yourself.

    Organized Eurocentric Religion was the tool that politicized Africa and then mentally enslaved it’s inhabitants. It’s gone global as those who dominate the world have placed these Eurocentric values into every region and nation of the world. The places where there is resistance are the places that have to be “liberated” where “democracy” and “capitalism” can illuminate the lives of local inhabitants.

    China recently asked the world to consider backing a currency separate from the luminous dollar and everyone chuckled. Well, not everyone. It’s clearer now than ever that Africans aren’t the only ones with some sort of identity problem, but that the majority of the “free” world suffers from the same ailment. Africans are the only ones that seem to rely on faith for emancipation of the plagues set upon them instead of fighting their way out of it by uniting against the very principles that created the Diaspora and fueled the growth of the western world.
    Plain and simple, The POPE Is Just another Man from Europe Who Especially Africans Should Not Hold in High Regard!

  17. You won’t hear any arguments from me on the role of the Church in thwarting Africa’s people efforts for development led by the second non Italian Pope perhaps for close to five hundred years or put differently, St Peter’s Earth Resident Representative. Are you however saying that Queen Elizabeth11 grandfather’s Anglican church did a better job? Where do you put our more civilize Muslim faith that was brought to the region by greedy, demonic Arabs? One thing you can be assured of is that World War 111 won’t begin anytime soon in Africa. Look at the countries with the Muslim and Hindu bombs and almost half a billion starving underclass citizens that fervently believe in the righteousness/ superiority of their religion.
    Keep an eye on the Middle East at the hate /love dance between Jews and Arabs , where both camps foolishly believes that viciousness and hatred for each other is somehow justified because God gave them both a useless piece of real estate for their sole purpose at the exclusion of the other.
    Do not worry about these crazy Chinese leaders, some day their people would awake and get rid of that Simi socialist experiment disguise, and charade that purports to be some form of capitalism . The dinosaur leaders in charge would finally learn what Gobachave was made to appreciate some 20 years ago- “ it is impossible to be half pregnant.” I hope that soon resource laden states like Sudan and Muslim Nigerian henchmen would recognize that the Chinese that sell them cheap guns, substandard trinkets ,and sub par constructed bridges, are no friend of theirs- irrespective of the protectionist Security Council tomfooleries . Ask them how many Africans are getting scholarships to China like the Soviet crooks did , and if any can date some of the beautiful flowers that roam Tiananmen square daily without police harassments.
    Would you agree with me when I say that political ideology coupled with cultish supports of some leaders are the new religion today and for a long time in the past? Instead of the religious robes , we now have the military uniform. If anyone can show me a military person that became a half credible political leader then I’ll change my name immediately to Napoleon, Ike, Dada Amin, Fidel ,or Saddam Hussein.
    Let’s heed the fine admonitions, and well intentioned reprimands of Ms. L , and continue to move the discourse and cause for “humanity forward” beyond “ silly verbal fisticuffs masturbations.” Our country , region, and world , deserves no less.

  18. In his book The Mis-Education of the Negro (1933), Dr. Carter G. Woodson wrote:

    “When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.”

    History has validated this profound statement, making it clear that it will take more than armed struggle to free Africa from the clutches of its oppressors. That includes the church; corporations with unprecedented power; whose interest in Africa is plunder not partnerships, and the African heads of Government, whose skin colour is all that distinguishes them from their colonial masters. Africans will never find salvation in the church, NGOs or any foreign government that proposes to help. They are reaping the benefits of a broken continent where war, poverty, disease and death are routine occurrences. It is in their interest to keep Africa that way. The prolonged presence of foreigners in leadership positions serves only to reinforce false notions of Africans inferiority and incompetence. A friend once told me that he took a delegation of North Americans to a refugee camp in Africa. He was the leader of the delegation and the only person of colour in the group. On arriving at the camp, the refugees surrounded his white counterparts with outstretched hands, while he stood there bewildered and apparently invisible. It is a telling story.

    Many Africans have come to expect salvation from the very people who perpetrated their exploitation. That and God’s face they will never see. They embrace a religion that enfeebles rather than empowers them. While millions live in poverty, it does not even strike them as strange that they occupy the bottom rung of the social and economic ladders in their ancestral homeland. More than that, they find it totally acceptable that the leader of their religion lives like a God; far removed from their wretchedness but continues to promise them salvation in the hereafter. The fact that so many millions of Africans have embraced Catholicism and accept the Pope as the head of their church, speaks volumes about Africans Mis-education and ignorance of their own history. Africa’s greatest hope lies in education that empowers and informs. The sooner Africans free their minds from religion and their dependence on foreigners; who are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing, the sooner Africa would stand on its own two feet.

  19. I wrote this early in the morning but due to computer problems am now just posting. I hope thisdoesen’t repeat anything that has been previously posted.

    I wouldn’t dismiss your (Neal) view on political ideology and religion, but I will have to reflect a little more before I can agree.
    How can any group take another group seriously when they celebrate things so primitive such as Obaluwaye Festival? That may not be fair, but it’s true.
    There is a new movement (perhaps not so new) that looks at organized western religion in the same way. By all accounts the tradition of Christianity as most in the west know it is primitive. I cannot take it serious. To me only those who have not ascended would consider a White Jesus a savior of their souls. That very same “whiteness” portrayed in the image of their version of the lord would be part of the lie in the “greatest story ever told” aka his-story that (by the way) has so many of non European ancestry speaking European languages as their first language. Racial identity of a Jewish man aside, the evolution of Christianity in Europe through their political ventures destroyed the natural world creating mass genocide on this planet. Later a new name was placed on this machine with many aliases such as capitalism, democracy, colonialism, and globalization in order to manipulate the will of non-Eurocentric thought.
    It is my opinion that what we are showed through our news media and politicians is a reactionary Muslim world. History/ His Story informs us about Muslim control over most of Europe. His story does not speak of unfair rule. However it does speak of rational thought, superior technology, education, business, and all things worthy of value for a strong society under what we may consider Western standards.
    History tells us that a xenophobic Europe began to push back and used the potency of ignorance to fuel the machine that is driving the world today and we are still fueling it today. Xenophobia, hate, and racism could all be considered the modern day fossil fuels that keep this machine effective.
    Your question/ statement about Arabs is one of perspective. I realize that no man is perfect besides the Supreme Being. Some call him Allah and some call him God. Arabs are one type of Muslim and they are no more demonic than any other group of people who have not aspired to be as perfect in spirit as God.
    However, I would say that the violence submitted by Arab Muslims is nothing compared to the amount of violence perpetrated by those who fought in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

    Was Saddam Hussein any worse than Christopher Columbus or Cortez? Is Osama Bin Laden more evil than George Washington?

    In the name of humanity it is necessary to resist forced westernized ideology. It’s one thing if a group of people of sound mind and untainted thought decide that they want to abandon their traditions, values, culture, and or religion, etc…. so be it, but that is not what has happened or is happening under the disguise of Christianity.

  20. It continues to shock me, a child of TnT now grown to old age, to realize that of all the Commonwealth countries that are non-white, only Trinidad and Tobago provides a free education for everyone, up to the PhD level.Many white Commonwealth countries do not do this either. Nigeria, the richest country in Africa, and the most populous, has allowed its education system to collapse. There are many universities and high schools, but if you do not have personal wealth, your child cannot go to school unless some patron sponsors him or her. India too, has no system of free universal education.

    Throwing out the caste systems of both India and Africa would be impossible without universal free public education. The United Nations should make this part of the Rights of a Child, and set up schools so that children could be freed from the domination of either the caste set in place by the church, or that preserved by the bloodlines of heriditary rulers.
    Europe and North America, for all their alleged concern about Africa, still want cheap cocoa and coffee grown by children. The church still wants them in their place, and where Catholicism has lost ground to the Pentecostal movement, they are just as bad. One needs to feed the ignorance of people to keep them backward. We who are Triniborn should praise God, and our other dieties, daily, for the priviledge. between corrupt churches and corrupt politicians, Africa is in a lose-lose situation.

  21. I do not have the exact statistics, but one can be certain there would be almost equal figures for the amount of wars that were fought, and lives lost as results of the pervasive and destructive influences of political and religious ideological dogmatism. Let’s not split hairs on something so inconsequential ,and so leave such for the seminal works of pimple face UWI and prestigious foreign Universities PHd or Masters Thesis students with time to spare, money to spend, and insecure Professors to please, yes?
    Where I differ to some on this blog is that I strive to be an objective ,equal opportunity attack dog, simple because I hold no hidden agenda, or allegiances to any particular culture, race, ethnicity, government, political party ,business conglomerate body, or country. I am a ‘globalist,’ that cares about the prudent stewardship our planet and welfare of all its citizens at the hands of many folks that proport to be leaders.
    I believe in the practice of equal rights and justice for all citizens irrespective of class ,color, or origin. I subscribe to most of the idealist principles that most of the founding members that created the United Nations did, which includes chiefly fostering global peace, justice, security ,and prosperity for all. I am cognizant however that these goals were never fully achieved for several well known reasons- one of which is that it is that the organization was being asked to perform functions today for a world that has changed considerably . The other is the continued imbalance of power in its make up.
    Let’s not hesitate to call out Euro centric religions like Catholicism for many of its failures, flaws, and complicities to atrocities from time immemorial to present.I look forward to the day when historical wrongs would be corrected, as global power mongrels hands are kept close to the fire.
    Yes ,one needs not be a Harvard, Yale, or Oxford PhD student to recognize that Islam became the convenient enemy since the demise of the USSR and Socialism as we know it. Likewise, we are all aware that many Muslims are still paying dearly for Suleiman the Magnificent folly in trying to conquer and convert Europeans. However, to try to somehow justify Islamic leaders barbarism with comments like “the violence submitted by Arab Muslims is nothing compared to the amount of violence perpetrated by those who fought in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit,” is almost too dangerous to be considered comical.
    Islam’s bigger problem and the hidden elephant in the room ,is the schism that always existed within ,between the globally popular Sunni, and the Iranian dominated Persian Shiites.
    This is where progress must be first made before any shifts can be fully and finally made to rectify any perceived tarnished image. The next bold step for them as well as most of backward Africa’s simi failed states is to eradicate greedy, selfish ,and uncaring leaders ,that mistreat ,abuse, and neglect their own citizens ,while continually pointing fingers at western corporate media, and former conniving colonial masters for all their woes even while holding power for decades. What a travesty of the highest order!
    Let’s keep them honest, and in the words of a well intentioned and fine patriotic lady- “move the cause of humanity forward.” Agreed? Perhaps this article is part of the negative propaganda that you are referring to but it’s an interesting read nevertheless.

  22. I wouldn’t claim to have any bias myself. I am not promoting any interest of my own per se. We can all recognize that right is right and wrong is wrong.
    Some would state for the record that Islam was the convenient enemy long before the creation of the U.S.S.R… Muslims have been targeted by the west since the Spanish Reconquista.
    There is nothing comical about the hypocrites who perpetrated the expansion of their way of life by any means necessary without any regard for native populations in the name of God. I don’t find it funny at all.
    Islam may have a few differences but you may rest assured knowing that they are united by Arabic and the Quran.
    To whom do they need to rectify any perceived tarnished image? Surely you don’t suggest that they cower to the west? The west should be trying to restore it’s image. What attempt has the west made to repair the damage that it has done to mankind and the planet?
    I cannot dismiss the leaders of 3rd world countries as greedy without acknowledging the greed and corruption of the west. It would be biased at best to do so. Was it less than 90 days ago that well to do western bankers were rescued with borrowed finances from China amongst other in which poor taxpayers have to pay back? The same tax payers that are losing homes and jobs are the same ones who can’t even get loans from the bank to preserve some sort of future for their families. That speaks of neglect, mistreatment of trust and revenue, and abuse. Islam doesn’t have to blame former colonial masters or the media. The same former colonial masters are still at work manipulating their very own populace for the almighty dollar while their infrastructure crumbles and they import labor to replace their “overpaid” but not “overworked” populace.
    If we are going to move the cause of humanity forward, we first need to hold all accountable for their actions. Next we need to stop allowing any country or group from affecting the way of life of people in other countries except to allow any underrepresented group or population a chance to exist somewhere else. The west prides itself on being diverse beacons of democracy then perhaps it should allow more people to become citizens of its nations every year. One thing is for certain and that is that the west is becoming outdated and that is more evident as more and more people realize the corruptness behind a large and significant part of it’s population who are Christians as a whole and Catholics primarily!

  23. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me, as my father used to say. Yes the Pope is working wickedness. He is aware of it and his defenders are aware of it too. To speak of condoms being part of the problem feeds into the psyche of those that don’t want to use them anyway, thus continuing to spread the dis-ease. But, just as we have information about the rate of Hiv/Aids infection in Africa, as we know about the decimation of the people, the Africans know it too.
    Shame on them!

    It is an absolute shame that people in the 21st Century still look at a man as god on Earth and still follow his papal bull ish. We all KNOW the distruction the catholic church has wrought on Africa, including the Africans and yet in the Congo and Sudan, and probably other countries they use rape as a weapon. The African is well aware of the past destruction the catholic church and Jesus the Christ has brought and yet they still continue to practice this “religion” with impunity. The African is working their own distruction. They are not without CNN and all the other noise shows, so we should not pity them as we pity the plight little children suffer when being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous adult. Shame the African. They should know better and if they don’t then shame on them again.

  24. What the Pope said about Condoms may sound good for religious politics and the media but unfortunately has major implications that not even the pope, the catholic church or any of us can fully fathom. The Pope and the Catholic Church have missed a generational opportunity to take leadership in decisively responding to the AIDS Pandemic. In a trip that would have ushered in a new impetus to the HIV/AIDS response, He chose to bow to the powers of religous dogma and personal opinion by making a policy statement that will haunt him to the rest of his papal life.

    We cannot respond positively to HIV/AIDS with a laundry list of dos and don’ts as if we are talking to kids about gang violence. AIDS is a holistic challenge that affects every aspect of human existence. It has social, economic, physical and spiritual dimensions. It involves love, passion, sex-which is the only natural way of procreation, growing up (maturing)- prone to mistakes, need for family, all of which are vital for human survival. This is not a one or two solution problem. Millions of People are dying! we cannot afford to turn the dire situation in Africa into a theological classroom. Let us be serious!

  25. A former T&T A’Levels Sociology Professor I once had would usually say to her class that “there are no truths , only perspective.”
    A very famous , never gainfully employed ,German Jewish bloke called Karl Marx once said that “religion is the opiate of the people.” He might be still correct , but that is always debatable- depending on who is asked.
    Continuing along that thought trend, I would like to view education as the new religion.
    Ironies prevails in Iran today , as it might finally provide some authentic modern data for the interested on the impact of high literacy in terms of resistance – especially amongst women- and hopefully further social revolution.
    Perhaps the reasons many male dominated, backward societies ,keep their women , uneducated , always pregnant, and subjected is becoming clearer.
    More importantly for me however , is what impact can accrue for a society if you have a vibrant , conscious ,educated middle class people , prepared to used their education for a wider good .
    It is my hope that Caribbean educated elites led by Sweet T&T would finally assume the lead in the Global South ,to build bridges across the huge social , political ,and economic void ,that historically existed across numerous segments of their respective societies.
    Selfishly hiding behind secure enclaves, while waving lofty credentials at unfortunate struggling classes at the lower echelons , while still fantasizing and pontificating about political changes, are almost laughable.
    Time to take the stupid monkey of religious obsessions ‘off our backs,’ and roll our sleaves up by dealing with real issues I say.

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