Marlene fired again

By Gail Alexander
July 02, 2017 –

Marlene McDonaldIn what’s probably the shortest-lived Government appointment in recent memory, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday fired Marlene McDonald from his Cabinet (again) after he had re-appointed her to office just three days ago. In fact, McDonald didn’t even have time to move into the Public Utilities Ministry for which she had been announced last Thursday and for which she’d taken the oath of office at President’s House, St Ann’s, last Friday.

And her Port-of-Spain South constituents – like Kenroy Dopwell – are now hurt and angry enough to urge her to challenge Rowley for the leadership in next year’s People’s National Movement (PNM) election.

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  1. Prime Minister Keith Rowley this is one instance in which I cannot support your move. Marlene McDonald may be the victim of your firing but I believe that you have just lost a lot of respect for the way you acted in this matter. Several arguments can be made against this act but you, of all people should be smarter than this, because you have been on the firing end of this kind of action. This is very very very disappointing and you have certainly lost a lot of respect for your action.

  2. At least Rowley have a “lil” bit of shame left. This woman was benched, stole state funds, given a wonderful opportunity to redeem herself and failed before the first day of her job. Now she sit there draw a salary and laugh at her constituents. Nenenehnene.

  3. Mr. Burke’s presence at the ceremony reminds me of a saying we used as children to describe persons who were not invited to an event–dey ent wash dey foot but dey jump in the dance. It also reminds me of a time when one of my neighbours had a party in Central Trinidad, and some folks came form the north. A gentleman who was an acquaintance of the north folks, ent know nobody in central, jump in the people car and end up in central. One of the guys from north was the DJ, and his brother would send the latest records from the States. The stranger from north ended up tiefing the records and throwing it in the bush nearby. When he was discovered they put ah fleet ah licks on he, the man calmly walkover a fence to get away.

    The staff at President’s House was also slack according to my father, and Ms. McDonald in the euphoria was not careful enough to shield herself from her ‘constituent.’ The Prime Minister was right–you have to shun the appearance of evil. I could have told you verbatim what Kamla an dem would say. They always call for Rowley’s resignation and a fresh mandate, but they have a short memory–they went for the full five years and the some three months. Kamla allyuh–hush!

    1. Wow, Herbert… You comment is frightening. It show how firm the Class System holds T&T society.. Imagine being judged by a jury there?
      What crime/s have Mr. Burke committed?
      Anyway, I think Dr. Rowley is playing us fuh doltish with his ‘news conference’. Wasn’t Ishwar Galbaransingh first in line to have his charges squashed in the Sec 34 debacle? Yet he was a guest at Rohan Sinanan birthday party… along with our dear PM Rowley…. shush..

      *Rohan’s ‘big people party’ *

      Rowley, Jack, Ish among those in attendance…
      Published on Dec 12, 2015, 7:49 pm AST
      By Asha Javeed and Denyse Renne

      PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he did nothing wrong by attending a party hosted by his deputy political leader in which corruption-accused Jack Warner and businessman Ishwar Galbaransingh were in attendance. …

      1. You are right on point RamK! Dr. Rowley has betrayed our trust. The black man seems always to be living up to somebody else’s standard. While no one is saying that Marlene was right, the incident does not reach the staandard for dismissal. He could have taken her into his office and give her a good tongue lashing. He could have admonished her and asked her to refrain from characters that do not meet public approval, but Dr. Rowley had to show Kamla that he is clean and no-nonsense when treating ‘a sister’.

  4. History is what propels a people, the last two prime ministers of T&T have been UWI grads, and what have come across of their political leadership, is their lack of vision. The Indian and African ms Kamla B and mr Rowley, through their post colonial education, have shown that they have not been taught how to articulate politically, and an antagonistic nature of leadership is their forte.It doesn’t look like Mr Rowley, as a UWI trained geologist, knows anything about history, he don’t come across as being well read,so his political decisions in most cases will tend to be nily willy. Unlike Mr Manning who had Dr williams as a mentor,Kamla and Rowley go with the flow. Those of us who grew up in the mid 60’/70′ knew of Dr RAT of South Port of spain and how he being a RUDE BWOY, was used by Dr Williams and the early PNM to rehabilitate South Port of Spain of nefarious activities.Are you telling me Dr Rowley, that Ms Mcdonald should turn her back on someone that can be an asset to her constituency? being a trained geologist, what is your knowledge of SOCIAL Science?, its like hell and the deep blue sea to you it seems.You tend to jump to the oppositions music, because you can’t stand the mauvais lang while pushing a SOFT SKIN, which long term is not conducive to being an astute political leader.In Trinidad the black man is made the face of crime while the true criminals are the 5000+ ethnic group, certain policemen in high and low positions plus ranking individuals in both African and Indian communities.Dr Rowley, you have shown that you have “NO BALLS” to fire your minister in that short time span, YOU SETTING YOURSELF UP.

    1. Cooper, why having a UWI degree makes Rowley and Kamla not fit to be PM of TT? Manning was a UWI graduate and did some dumb things. As a matter of fact he was the one who should have started to put a halt to the crime. But he was trying to baby the ‘mammy’s nice child” criminal east of the dry river. Now any PM who comes to power have 2 choices. Continue the same way or come down with the “bootoo”. Them criminal don’t have any remorse unless you hit them over their heads. The Days of Dr. Rat totally different. Dude, you could have reason with Rat and them. The current criminal will shoot you and slit you children without hesitating. This group of black men need an iron fist, not pampering. And I am Black.

  5. My first reaction to this news, was that Dr. Rowley’s action was disappointing to me and many others. My views were strictly on the news emanating from the media. I had the opportunity to listen to his interview on radio and the explanation he gave for his actions and while I still am disappointed, there was something he reiterated in his discourse that have put some doubts on my stance. He hinted, without elaboration, that somehow national security may have been considered in his deliberations and may have weighed heavily on his decision to let her go. If, by his reasoning, Ms McDonald allowed a brea h of security to have occurred while at the President’s House, then I may relent on some of my views.

    At his Press conference, Dr. Rowley seems to confirm that the presence of that gentleman from Beetham with Ms McDonald appear to have been the catalyst in his decision. And it remains a little discomforting that political morality may have convinced him that what he was doing is right. To many of us, Dr. Rowley seems to have betrayed the trust that was placed in him as leader of the PNM. We would like to think that the PNM does not just seek a mandate from us and when they hold on to the corridors of power, we are treated dismissively without regard to our feelings. Ms McDonald may not have exhibited good judgement in whom she invited to her swearing in but that does not mean that it warrants he dismissal. I still think that his decision plays into the hands of an equally distasteful Kamla. He has given her something to brag about and many supporters of the PNM have some doubts it.

  6. If Rowley had done his due diligence he would have known that Marlene was still under investigation by the Police as well as by the Integrity commission.
    It seems that regardless of what explanations were given for revoking her appointment,the underlying explanation for her firing must be Rowley’s incompetence, his failure to properly vet this Minister.
    Rowley’s government is seriously bankrupt of ministerial talent. His choices are severely limited, forcing him to bring back “Marlene.The threat of national security by her “community leaders” seems to be a convenient excuse for reversing an incompetent decision.
    This government has made made recurring incompetent decisions on almost every file.

  7. If these “community leaders” pose such a threat to national security,why did Rowley and his cohorts object so strenuously when they were arrested during Kamla’s state of emergency.

  8. There was a time when the DeFacto leader of the PNM spoke, no Dogs bark.A time when the leader would look out for his sheep , even when they strayed. Those of us doing the common entrance then, remembered how Dr Patrick Solomon went into the police station and practically took his step son out of a cell after being locked up for wrong doing.The past PNM stalwarts should tell Mr Rowley how the issue was delt with then. The history of South Port of Spain is a storied one of depression, post independent Trinidad,saw a squatting community together with the LABASSE, being a national eye sore over looking the Laventille hills.Dr Williams , with his foresight decided to transform the Betham Estate to what we see on the outside, but still depressed internally.Two generations since the transformation, the predominant African residents of the area, continued to be stepped on physically by law enforcement, and politically by the the black DEfacto leader, looking to appease his political backers in the name of national security.The laws enacted during Slavery, Colonialism,Independence and post Independence are all directed into keeping the African captive, where ever one is domicile from the USA, Brazile and the caribbean it is the same.There was also a time when the Women’ arm of the PNM was a force to be reckoned with, today’ we see a lack of solidarity among the women, with most of them having grandiose blind ambition, are willing to do anything personally to better their position.No blame should be showered on Ms McDonald or Mr Burke, in a house, the good child is yours and also the bad one, as we move into the future, that good child can be an embarrassment, while the bad child is the one to step up.Spur of the moment judgement is never right long term, apparently Mr Rowley speaks to himself, history have shown us that without the woman’ input, man’ passing judgement is usually left wanting.Mr Rowley should comprehend that it was anyone but KAMLA, not because he was the most eloquent, but the most affront in the PNM, willing to oppose the UNC then.The black electorate are like Fowls ,easily forgetting, only to be kept falling into the same trap time after time. We hope that Mr Rowley pays a huge political price for his lack of foresight the more politically correct the black man tries to be, the more he makes a fool of himself and his people.

  9. “Clear my name” – Burke writes Acting CoP
    REPUTED “community leader” Cedric “Burkie” Burke sent a legal letter to acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams yesterday, arising out of the firing of Port of Spain South MP Marlene McDonald from a ministerial post.

    According to a CNC3 News report last night, Burke wants clarification on reports which suggested that he was being monitored by the country’s intelligence services.

    In the letter, Burke’s attorney said that his client maintained a good relationship with the Police Service and that in some cases he has even assisted the police.

  10. Look you can talk all the platitudes about Marlene was dissed by Rowley. The Afro-Trini community is in shambles. There is a self inflicting genocide occuring and allyuh worry about Marlene and she constituency. Most of allyuh would not even invite that guy into your home with his shirt out of his pants, looking like that. Imagine a black man from Sea Lots could be kill just going up on hill the to look for a girlfriend or anyone. And vice versa. 90% of the Hill and Sea Lots are Black. Allyuh don’t see the disconnect. The Iconic Desperados steelband should change their name to Wanderers. They had to leave the Hill and go from panyard to panyard to escape we own Black people.

  11. PM requested ‘official’ info on Burkie
    No information on Cedric Burke has been sent at an official level to the National Security Council headed by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, but reliable sources told the T&T Guardian that Rowley requested and has been provided with enough information about Burke to cause him to be seriously concerned that a member of his team had associated with him.

  12. You have shown yourself “BRILLIANTIDIOT” by the spelling of certain words in your comment, IDIOT is your name. you use social media to attack the African, just so you can be negative without knowing the facts, you have never lived in South Port Of Spain, by your inclined RACISM, your comment puts you out there as having something to say of no value.You have an African holding a some what minuscule position in the UNC, eg HOUSE SPEAKER and now SENATE opposition leader, WADE MARK is his name, most opportunistic of man, a nobody blackman, hiding himself within the HINDU UNC. In the early days of PANDAY’ UNC, he was selected to represent South Port Of Spain, he failed miserably, he never kept a constituency office as an alternate, today he is the UNC pot hound in attack.IDIOT, you take certain Bytes from my comment to come back at me, but the history of my people, i am knowledgeable of, my people played a great part of where your people are today, go asked Mr PANDAY and many more of your kind,i stand by every word posted.A right thinking person, would never term themselves an IDIOT, it shows how ill equipt you are mentally.Being a UWI grad does not make you a better person or a good leader, it affords you the ability to enter the work force, nothing else, life lessons as you grow makes you what you will become as a person.Historically, in South Port of Spain,Sealots 1% of our INDIAN brothers and sisters live together in our PRO African environment, go asked their point of view, i bet they chase you away, IDIOT.Do you know the history of LAVENTILLE? as an Indentured you don’t care to , you see, your agenda in division and innuendos, people like you when in company with Africans, your motto is “ALL AH WE IS WAN” in turning the backs, HATE takes its rightful place.HOTEP.

  13. Govt ‘can’t disregard any ­contract made with Burke’*
    The Government cannot disregard the contractual arrangement made with Sea Lots “commu­nity leader” Cedric Burke. Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was asked yesterday whether Burke would be allowed to keep his Housing Development contract (HDC) which his company—Burke and Compa­ny Ltd.

    When ‘keeping it real’ goes wrong; Marlene fired BEFORE starting job after bizarre swearing-in ceremony
    Move over, Brent Sancho. Marlene McDonald set a new corbeau sweat record in public service after she managed to get fired before her first day on the job—and on the weekend to boot.

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