By Jada Loutoo
May 13 2017 –

PROPERTY TAX IN COURTAN ALL out attack has been launched against Government on the implementation of the property tax. In separate strikes, legal letters were fired off yesterday by a battery of lawyers representing three landowners threatening to take Government to court for what has been described as an “ambush” on citizens.

Two of the actions seek to have the courts review the implementation process of the controversial tax while the third is a constitutional challenge to the property tax. In the judicial review and constitutional claims former transport minister Devant Maharaj, United National Congress activist Ravi Balgobin Maharaj and Chaguanas resident Lutchmidat Ramcallie, are asking the Government to hold its hand on the implementation of the Property Tax until it amends the legislative provisions and before the court determines the actions.

Government has been given until next week to respond otherwise the three will approach the courts with their legal challenges.

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  1. The Rowley administration need to show true mettle and not cave in to the legal action being contemplated by owners of sprawled establishments,who are acting contemptuously against the taxes owed to the state, no stone should be left unturned, mind you, the wider populace are not dumb in recognizing the ones making a deal of what should be done willingly.The nation should know that most of the litigants, own foreign properties in the USA, Canada,England and the caribbean islands. The litigation war has started,don’t back down DR Rowley, the people and i mean both ethnic groups will will stand with you on this one, stand firm.

  2. We want no property tax or please lessen down the percentage on the tax Thank you

    1. Apply a 50% discount on the Rentable Value and then 3% of thaTt Annual Rateable to arrive at the Property Tax

  3. This tax is clearly an ambush to the ambitious citizens of this country that worked diligently for generations to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families while the “others fetted and fed on KFC. Its obvious that it’s the pockets of this group (we know who the targeted sector is here…don’t deny)will be taking the biggest payload. It should be boycotted.

  4. What are these Silly/ stupid Folks, Complaining about. Its a TAX PEOPLE PAY ALL OVER THE word. lawyers, LOOKING FOR MORE money. government, government.——-do YOUR job. serve THE tax Papers. Everyone whir Property have to pay

    1. I am in total agreement of a property tax to ensure the safety of the community and the people delegating this portion I sure as the community they have a Watch the people of Trinidad and Tobago with all these properties and not paying a single amount of tax is out rages all of the world people have an obligation and commitment to pay for what they old me

    2. I am in total agreement of a property tax to ensure the safety of the community and the people delegating this portion I sure as the community they have a Watch the people of Trinidad and Tobago with all these properties and not paying a single amount of tax is out rages all of the world people have an obligation and commitment to pay for what they have as assets whether that be residential primarily or rental units for too long the people of Trinidad and Tobago has been taking out of the government but not giving back a penny

  5. It has always been the primordial desire of the Afro base PNM to take TNT back to Africana way of life. Listed in the ten worst place to live are 10 Africana nations. Why? This sudden digression and descent into the abyss? The nation has been overloaded with taxes, crime and general laziness followed by nepotism and the PNM party hacks who are raiding the treasury and blaming the Opposition. Everytime the British would mention to Idi Amin his failures he would fire back with some of theirs. It is like a tennis match going back and forth.

    The PNM does not have the intellectual capacity to lead this nation. They are making laws that form the general slippery slope into dictatorship. Faris Alwari is making laws that disembowel the opposition and allows for an autocratic leadership. He is working to remove the 3/5ths majority needed to pass certain bills.

    Against this background the imposition of property tax a draconian measure where a significant amount of the population live just above the poverty line.

    The civil engineer aka minister of finance should be immediately fired. He has not implemented one measure in 20 months to stimulate the economy. Instead he has bragged about saving jobs whilst not renewing the contracts of thousands. Over 4,000 jobs was liquidated in his first year, he raided the HSF and racked up debt of over $20 billion. Much of which will cost a fortune to repay. International rating agencies black listed TNT as not an investor destination this year. In all he boasted about saving the treasury $10 billion.

    The purpose of governance is to bring the good life to the citizenry. Whilst the Rowley lead administration descend into the abyss. President Donald Trump has cut taxes left right and center. He has impose tariffs on imports and said he is going to make America energy independent. He just signed a deal with China regarding LNG. What does an energy independent America mean? Oil prices may never rise again as America becomes a net exporter of oil and one day they may impose huge tariffs on our oil and LNG exports.

    With a global economy and a shifting paradigm TNT must reconstitute its ideology and return to what is good for the nation mindset. Property tax is simply wrong as a fund raising measure. Nuff said.

  6. The most viable approach to the current tax debacle and one that will be affordable and equitable is to reduce the Annual Rentable Value of properties by 50% instead of 10% and then use the various percentages to arrive at the Annual Taxable Value and then apply the various percentages relating to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural once the Act No 18 is proven to be in accordance with the Constitution which I doubt it is and must be scrapped as an inditement on the PNM.
    For me the Act No.18 is not the law of the land having lapseed since 2011 and must be amended. In fact it is a disaster of seismic proportions that will wipe out the PNM from the political landscape for its incompetence. They cannot survive this doomsday scenario and firstly arrogant Colm must now resign for misleading his Government and creating kuchoor and hardam in Chinidad.

  7. It is common knowledge that there are associated financial responsibilities to individuals(globally..not just here in TNT) who actually owns or maintains any property, businesses or invests in real estate…..especially those who wants to upgrade the standards for human interaction or occupancy. This 10% “cushion” won’t cut it…this 5 and 6 percent on the ones providing employment for this already depressed economy is a recipe for disaster. This ambush is going to cripple the ambitious and those who already have all their finances “tied up” with investments (this is relative since the ignoranuses supporting the ridiculous criterion used in the valuation of properties (I get screwed for having the discipline save my earnings to buy quality materials for building my castle? …while my equally paid neighbor lives blowing his money on fet, KFC and whores?) These imbeciles don’t have grounds for comparison because of their ingrained fet and destroy culture and lack of ambition and furthermore is totally brainwashed into thinking that having a “Hyatt” building in the capital and an occasional free fete is true freedom and democracy) They have no idea what a disastrous impact this is going to have on the ones that are actually holding up the core infrastructure of this country and the repercussions on the on long run..but make sure to say good morning and god bless at the end of every sentence ok and pretend to work on the job…gip gip gip…laugh!..more layoffs, crime etc…again fooled and subliminally still in chains by closet supremacists like “the man” in charge of all this. Life is not only about fetting and KFC everyday you ignoranuses (you know who you are) be red and ready to swallow your leaders comings.(“the man’ still controlling allyuh but allyuh too dotish to process such information cuz of the devolved mental capacity you possess)…and enjoy the taste….think burning tires will fix everything eh? Be red and ready for what’s ahead by messing with our core infrastructure of the industrious sector that will buy a nip of flour to feed their families for a week instead of a box of KFC for one meal…at the same cost…Ignoranuses!

    1. Some valid points my friend, however the fact is its you are in denial cuz of the brainwashing..Stay all over the drawing board..the topic is about what’s happening HERE in TNT.and the history HERE in TNT. Stay focused my mislead hormone fed autustic friend…sometimes the facts are hard to digest..i understand..end of file.

  8. Mammoo,your writing come across as being very bitter,misconstrued, mis-informed and a very high level of bigotry,if Africa is such a digressed place to live , why so many Indians living there for centuries? we have millions of Indians in Kenya,South Africa and i can go on and on. why do you continue to mislead Africans and Indians domicile on the former Slave/Indentured island with your lies,hypocrisy and deceit?have you been to any of the African states?where are you getting your information, i will not get into the PNM discourse, because the twin island state,and the entire caribbean know otherwise.Mamoo.have you ever been to India?if yes,i would like to get your analysis, on the adverse poverty,corruption and bigotry that is a way of living and doing business in India.Indians living in South Africa don’t want to be called indians but Africans, while you continue to stereotype,sometimes we are to blind to see, though having sight. there must be common ground in any discourse, do you have any solutions? heres’ my solution,rewrite the constitution, do away with all ethnic base political parties,and have a national government where every citizen will benefit, in the new constitution, you will keep your religion and culture but bigotry must go.One more thing,A state without a spiritual purpose uniting all people,is of no value,it is like a beautiful shell devoid of life. Don’t be clouded Mamoo.Hotep.

    1. In order for this lazy, uncaring, lacking in human compassion and visionless government to make it to the end of 5 years, it will require strong, stiff and a very vigilante Opposition.

      That my brother is the fundamentals of a strong democracy. It cannot be propt up by media incompetence and a docile, submissive population. Already we have seen where that leads to, great excesses of unfettered imposition of endless taxes and a lack of economic stimulation.

      Now we can say everything is okay but look at the situation on the sea bridge to Tobago, millions more has been poured into this problem and it has only gotten worst. It is a comedy of errors with the PM launching an investigation and not just an investigation into the contract but a “criminal investigation”. Any foreign company will think twice about doing business here. Just today two trips to Tobago was cancelled. You can run a country that way you will instead ruin a country that way. I want the Prime Minister to succeed. But he needs to take charge and get rid of those bad advisers.

  9. Isn’t the property tax the same as land tax? If so, why is this news? that has been around since rock of ages was a pebble. Why are people up in arms over this now?

  10. In developed countries your property tax is paid to the city or municipality in which you live. The tax is used for the specific services provided in neighbourhoods with taxpayers having direct input into the process. The benefits are observable,experienced and utilized with great satisfaction.
    The pride of ownership and payment is tangible and rewarding.
    In Trinidad and Tobago the tax is devoured into a hole in the Treasury and rationed out in a political partisan basis to influence elections.
    I am positive that there will be corruption in the assessment process and political interference also

  11. I am always happy and excited to engage in conversations of national interest and the issue of property taxes is one of them.
    I can’t say that I am disappointed by the poisonous nature of the contributions by the likes of Mamoo and Steven Kangal. They yearn to invoke their tribal and racial invectives to prove that they are superior thinkers and doers but by so doing they always escape the reality of objectivity. It is often said that to keep a man in the gutter you have to reside there with them and so I will resist the temptation to engage in the futility of the inescapable race baiting. In order to rile up their base, Indian politicians have always used race (when all else failed) to motivate their supporters. In all seriousness, the issue of property taxes is a healthy one that tax payers should be willing to have their say on. But such conversations should be confined to the communal, social, financial, developmental and potential of the neighborhoods that are expected to benefit by the tax.
    The injection of race is not just divisive but a means to deviate from what we all should be discussing – how our taxes should be used to develop our neighborhoods.

    The case of non-compliant with paying property taxes is really a non issue. We have been paying property taxes since time immemorial. It may have been called by other names such as Lands and Buildings or municipality taxes but it is the same. The government (not PNM or UNC or COP or Whatever), government with a small ‘g’, provides roads, transportation, utilities, electricity, water, electronic, security, policing and fire services. These services cost a large infusion of capital to administer and maintain. The government also deliver health, education and social services to maintain civility some degree of civility to maintain our democratic way of life. Property taxes is a way of asking owners of property to pay their fair share of taxes to help maintain these services. For me it is also a way to be reminded by the state that I still own my property, because in these days of cunning, we are not sure who occupy the citadels of power will ensure fairness and fair play with regards to property ownership. We must also ensure that the government have at its disposal a large amount of state lands to be used in a way that is useful for essential and emergency uses. To think otherwise is to be non-patriotic.

    1. “Property taxes is a way of asking owners of property to pay their fair share of taxes to help maintain these services.”
      Kian that is the tribalist line they have cleverly imputed into you subliminal Africana mindset. Nobody opposes a fair tax that can be seen locally. But the Minister of Finance has bought into the lie that there is fair distribution of wealth nationally. That is very far from the truth even by their own admission. Rowley and Franklyn boasted that local government reform was their top priority but to date nothing has happen. Their idea was to keep the money where it was collected but the money hungry minister of finance have other ideas.

      It is a known fact that HDC owners owe over a $104 million in arrears. They are given homes, don’t pay the rent, the homes are maintained with tax payers dollars, and they will not be subjected to the property tax laws. Those people form the core of PNM voter base. It is also a fact that people in Beetham and Laventille are less likely to pay this tax. So who is going to fund this government banditry? It will be the man who has raked and scraped over the years to build his house, eating 1/2 a roti so he can live comfortably. He will be penalized for his ambition, whilst party mama will continue to live in her shack and pay nuttin.

      What services government provide that justify this tax? Water? people already pay for that, they ain’t getting much lately. Electricity? The people pay for that already. Roads drainage, schools, police patrol it could go to that but it will not be used as Such. Instead it will go to full government party hacks pockets!

      1. Also Kian, master ImbecilEmbert keeps publicly quoting numbers on a 3% for small putrid residential property to keep the brainwashing ongoing to Ignoranuses like you to make it appear as a small petty tax when the fact is his main targets are the commercial and industrial patriots in this nation that offers your autistic, ADD, ADHD kinds employment (the man still brainwashing allyuh…wake up you buttwipes!)..mammy will lose her job when the employers with properties are screwed you retard!!….cause and effect…its a law of nature…but I understand it’s the resultant effect of the growth hormones in the KFC speaking that messed up your neurons..not entirely your King Sparrow sang a long…”there’s no place in this world for an uneducated little boy or girl”… it still applies you idiot!!….yeah “it’s you am talking to”…as Marley said..look em up and listen the music a thousand times before responding. All you diving in without caution…fools leap in where wise men fear to thread…

      2. ““Property taxes is a way of asking owners of property to pay their fair share of taxes to help maintain these services.”
        Kian that is the tribalist line they have cleverly imputed into you subliminal Africana mindset. Nobody opposes a fair tax that can be seen locally. But the Minister of Finance has bought into the lie that there is fair distribution of wealth nationally. That is very far from the truth even by their own admission. Rowley and Franklyn boasted that local government reform was their top priority but to date nothing has happen. Their idea was to keep the money where it was collected but the money hungry minister of finance have other ideas.””….Mamoo

        Folks! judging from the quoted statement above, it is exactly why I stated that I avoid the poisonous mindset of the racial mind. For the sake of argument let us examine the statement made by Mamoo to derive what he is talking about:

        1. He says that I have a subliminal tribalist Africana mindset (and imputed); I am brainwashed to believe what Rowley, whom he hates, says about his reforms about local government reforms and the new property tax.

        2. He went on to agree that “Nobody opposes a fair tax that can be seen locally.”

        3. Raising his opinionated doubts as fact, he went on to state emphatically “the Minister of Finance has bought into the lie that there is fair distribution of wealth nationally”.

        4. He went on to build on his opinion that, even though the Minister believes that; the minister contradicts his own beliefs of fairness.

        5. He stated correctly that Franklyn Khan and Rowley boasted that they will give local government reform top priority. But to date nothing has been done about it.

        6. He opined that their idea was to keep the money collected.

        Any sane person equipped with some degree of common sense will view this clown’s train of thought as paradoxical.
        To answer all six of his claims I will like to inform Mamoo that my intelligence has nothing to do with the color of my skin nor the texture of my hair. In statement number 2, he consciously agrees that both he and I will not oppose a fair tax. But stupidity steps in on 3, when he states emphatically that the minister is lying about the governments proposal for a new dispensation of aligning local government and the new property tax proposals. Here he is not even willing to give them a chance to prove that the reforms that they are speaking about will encourage some degree of fairness. This is the recalcitrance that Indians willingly exhibit but detest being called on to admit.

        In 4. The minister is speaking about the new dispensation of marrying the new property tax to local government reforms. But Mamoo will have none of that. He knows better than the minister (because it is not an Indian Government), there is no way they can do that. They must be lying.

        IN 5. Of course nothing is done yet because the property tax is not yet tied in to the local government reform. But Mamoo wants to exploit the Africana mentality (according to his limited intellect), that Africana people can’t be that smart. What? African people executing a government that can fairly tax on the basis of evaluation, earning and income? Mamoo’s limited mindset is telling him that Africana people are not that smart. Of course he is blaming me for that mindset because his hindu mindset is superior and he knows that such accomplishment cannot be achieved.

        IN 6. How many times have we seen political minds accuse their opposition of doing something wrong and when they attain power they come back and do the same thing they accuse you of? In 6, Mamoo is telling us that Rowley, Imbert and company will collect the money and keep it for themselves. Well we just defeated a government that did just that and God knows that if Rowley and Imbert were to achieve the reforms they speak about, Mamoo’s preferred government will come and do just what he is accusing the PNM of doing. He knows it so well!

        This my friends is what I speak about when I speak about the poisonous mind. Mamoo is the epitome of that poisonous hindustani mindset because nothing can be achieved unless it is done and achieved by Indians.
        In his reply to me that is what he is reminding me of.
        And that is why I would rather stick to objective conversations rather than the stupidity that passes for Indian intellect when it is presented in ways set forth by people like Mamoo.


        1. You made some sense as far as either parties in charge have been failing us in different ways that led us to where we are(we need new blood out there I think) but your generalization about the Hindustani mindset is way off…in order to harvest we must first plant and nurture to grow…then harvest… of nature.. Indians have mastered this principle with their agricultural heritage in TNT.. it’s in their blood to have a growth mindset. The resultant effect of this mindset for generations amidst the storm that was controlled by the PNM MOST of the time, is evident by the fact that they (the Indians) currently owns the vast majority of businesses and quality properties..not via HDC or Comfort deeds mind you.(Don’t you dare pretend this is not so and switch to denial mode). Therefore this approach to the Property tax is an attempt to undermine and harvest the crops that these people planted and nurtured just to sustain the weeds and THORNS amidst their roses. Now continue to address the property tax in your next blog like you said! Peace. Be still

  12. I hope the court matters bring out the following:
    PNM has failed us for over 50 years as the Property Tax (PT)or Land and Building Tax as it was called was enforced in 1948 and its implementation now is unnecessary. Instead both the PNM and UNC high fliers should put the endless billions they stole back in our treasury NOW. The horses have long fled the barn ….like Prevatt in Wesmoorings and others who coined in many real state items over the years carrying old houses of less than $100,000 then to now $2.2 million without paying much property tax is a great sin to our country’s demise today. A million dollar price inflated house today in T&T is not worth $250000 as their lousy people, the PNM and friends ruled the country like the former slave owners who forced the squatters into our hills. They build all kinds of HDC houses controlling the house market for years with our tax monies. Now the grass roots supporters of their party are busy cleaning car windows to buy a meal. PNM have no heart. Both the PNM and UNC and their high flying friends are the filthy rich and wants badly a military state in fear like North Korea here in T&T. Of all the things they should have dealt with in the 70s when they were busy getting filthy rich off their seated arse should have been developing a suitable PT like the Canadian one they now want copied here. Well we do not enjoy the earning power of Canadians and their rants go up just a few dollars per year. However they were busy like Manning building their real state capital and bank accounts. But God doh sleep. Like Manning they will die rather dreadful deaths and all they had will go to pit. PNM by keeping our salaries less than 50% below par and taxing us grossly in other areas and removing subsidies have absolutely no right in this recessionary season with the oil and gas systems near dead to now bring in this draconion tax. Manning tried and was dead in less than 5 years. God doh like ugly. I want both short arse men failing to rule us to declare their tax returns for the last 20 years just like Trump. And they should be man enough to tell both the World Bank and the IMF to go take their business elsewhere as they are farts.

  13. Yesterday I witnessed a hard working couple I personally know from childhood with humble beginnings…that went ahead and got “FOR SALE” signs to sell their recently completed empty buildings that was meant to rent as an investment of their hard-earned savings of the last 30 years or so…and little cash left saved…its called an investment for you Ignoranuses that are envious of ambitious people. This move is a result of fear of the potential expenses that they won’t be able to handle. The banks will now profit from the money people like them make if the properties are sold..little or no interest…is that what we want for the common man trying to improve his standard of living and trying a lil something? The criterion used to valuate properties for using quality materials to build and finish properties is just ridiculous.. of course the ones living in their putrid shanty towns won’t have this fear to deal a matter of fact they are happy to see this happening due to envy, etc..cuz somebody have to provide funding for Mehmeh and baby Irontehteh’s food stamps cuz chile father eh around to mine de lil thief they produced…what a mess! This is only the beginning of the crumbling for thousands like my friends….punished for being ambitious.
    TMAN made some comments that nicely summarizes it in his last sentence…We all can’t escape taxes and death however the funds need to be fairly calculated, distributed and used…and that’s not happening based on the track record…Diego Martin and Imbecilbert’s constituencies will surely be taken care of with most of the funds from this tax you Ignoranuses are supporting without thinking it the KFC hormones long term side effect mess yuh brain up ok!!..take ah next bite yuh piece ah….
    Yes to paying taxes by the way but it’s the whole approach that targets raping the productive sector of society to sustain the lazy, unproductive, parasites out there…you know who you are…

  14. Some times to much explaining is wasted on the Brainless. Most folks in Trinidad and Tobago, get so use to things that is So call FREE, That they are blinded by reality .Kian, points are well taken. Long winded Langues/comments, is only trying to elevate one self, and NOT REALLY speaking to the subject matter, but exposing who these brain damage folks are. Again property TAXES are paid all over the World. to assists your Governments, to help YOU. what IS THE fuss. Is it because of VOTES,? Is it because of RACE.? OR IS IT BECAUSE OF FREENESS.? Everything FREE—COST.

    1. Something hit a nerve eh? THORN!!..sometimes denial is an escape from the truth cuz it”s the easy way out. Typical pathological behavior of the lazy..shortcuts…pretend to work but want a full days pay..blah blah….keep yourself enslaved with the likes of you..only the strong pay attention to details and will be vigilant to protect what they earned thru practicing discipline and and no ole mas like you won’t come steal it without a fight..end of file!!!

      1. Most time a STUPID Comment/reply. reveals SILLY/ BRAINWASH Minds.—-Folks talk so much——Say NOTHING.–sad

  15. The legislation is stale-dated and also unconstitutional. Imbert playing parliament and creating and amending his owb=n law. For a starter the May 22 Deadline is illegal and Cabinet has no say on this matter. The Vatican cannot rescue Rowley from this hole that he dug.

  16. After reading the pros and cons comments plus calling people out of their names, seeing that we love so much the american life styles and way of doing things,i wonder what would be the reaction of a car tax and road tolls? the level of critical give and take on this topic has left a lot to the imagination.As the economy continues to contract, additional ways of funding will be needed by by any government in office to make up the short fall, are you going to pack up and leave? and go where,you make a fuss about paying in T&T , but willing to pay in foreign, ask your friends and family, it shows how much Trini to the bone some of us claim to be.Look around and see the amount of foreign commercial entities nestled in T&T,do we need that type of fast food investments? lots of money leaving ,only to be placed into foreign accounts, the level of discourse needs to be elevated towards true nation building. I was taught growing up on Upper Hillside street in San Fernando never to use racial tones in our discourses, maybe i grew up in a different time in T&T or certain part.That being said, T&T need the taxes you are trying hard to hold on to. Some day, maybe there will be a national government representing true Trinis, until then,keep on stereotyping. Hotep.

    1. “i wonder what would be the reaction of a car tax and road tolls?”… Cooper

      With the pace of copy in our society, I would not bet that such methods of income would not be sought. We develop strange habits as Trinidadians. There is a strong beliefs that everything American is good for us. Just look at our physiques! We consume a lot of American manufactured foods, cannot get enough fast foods, become obese as a result of our new found eating habits; then become sophisticated by joining gyms to exercise and that in our minds make us ‘Middle Class Americans’. So, with all the consumption and fast paced living, we will need more roads to drive our average five cars per family. Road tax and vehicle property tax will be a necessity to uphold that kind of living.

      But seriously! It is the wrong message to send when those who want to build multi-million dollar homes, drive the finest cars, live in the most expensive neighborhoods and enjoy the good life, but still don’t want to pay property taxes. I am at odds with that kind of thinking. Furthermore, for those who enjoyed the last seven years of no taxes, do you know if your property still belong to you?
      Do you really know that someone else may not have usurped your right to your property? I am glad to be reminded every year by the government, that I am still the owner of my property. With hawks holding the reins of government, looking for every un-tended piece of land to claim for themselves, I would rather take my chances with a government that charge me taxes, thereby reminding me that I am still the owner of my property. Not those who want me to not pay any and become careless for ten years then left to wonder if I am still the owner. Being from the southland, I have seen too much of that. That is why I am a proponent of ownership taxation, never mind the small price to pay.

    2. You should look up the meaning of a tax and its purpose before you talk your shit

  17. Property Tax Axed …judge stops Gov’t
    A HIGH COURT judge on Friday granted a stay of implementation and enforcement of the decision by Government that all property owners were required to complete and submit a Valuation Return Form.

    The judgement, handed down by Justice Frank Seepersad, means that the June 5 extension given to citizens to present their documents to the Valuation Division of the Ministry of Finance for the calculation of the property’s Annual Rental Value, has been voided.

    1. Not surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!

      As much as I have said time and again that race is vital component by the opposition to the property tax, it is evident that the Court rulings is significant ninths respect. Read the names.

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