Real Independence: Updated

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
August 26, 2012

Dr. Kwame NantambuThe Euro-American re-colonization of aspects of life in Trinidad and Tobago is further compounded/exacerbated in the overt, wanton adoption of American-NBA names for this country’s men’s and women’s pro-basketball league teams such as Detour Shak Attack, Caledonia Clippers, Trailblazers, CIL Cavaliers, Falcon Crest, BM Spurs, Londdenville Warriors, Valencia Kings, Chaguanas Wizzards, and Cosmic Raptors. Roxborough Lakers.
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Wine and have a good time

By Raffique Shah
August 26, 2012

Raffique ShahI SUPPOSE there are a few achievements that we can celebrate at age 50. Top of my list would be the blessing that as a nation of many ethnicities we have not degenerated into bloody race wars or violent religious conflicts. It’s for want of trying, I should add. Many ethnic, political and religious misleaders, past and present, have worked hard to steer their flocks into confrontation. They could not give a damn about the possible consequences of their manipulation. Luckily for us, as David Rudder sang, most Trinis just “want to wine and have a good time and look for a lime”..
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