Daily Archive for July 6th, 2010

WASA’s New Low

WASATHE EDITOR: Last week, I called WASA to complain that Noel Trace, St. Augustine (Gordon St. booster) had had no water for four days. I was duly informed that such was not possible since Noel Trace was on a schedule.
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PNM faces new day

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley

On Sunday, Opposition Leader Keith Rowley delivered his first major philosophical statement at the special convention of the People’s National Movement at the Chagua- ramas Convention Centre. In the speech, in which he quoted extensively from PNM founder Eric Williams, Rowley reflected on the party’s history from its establishment in 1956 to the May 24 defeat at the hands of the People’s Partnership. Following is an excerpt of Rowley’s statement:
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