Daily Archive for February 17th, 2010

Panday to form his own party

By Kimberly Mackhan
February 17, 2010 – guardian.co.tt

Basdeo PandayAttorney Ricky Harnanan has been mandated to pinpoint the requirements that Basdeo Panday would need to form another political party, and maintain his position as Leader of the Opposition, according to a well-placed informant.

“Ricky has been asked to prepare a constitution (for Panday’s proposed party) for consideration, in consultation with Ramesh Maharaj, and the discussions with Ramesh have been spearheaded by Kelvin (Ramnath),” said the informant, who was close to Panday. “It includes Ramesh being made chief whip and deputy political leader and political leader-in-waiting (of Panday’s new party).”
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