Narace Pathetic Display of Spin

By Stephen Kangal
Devember 02, 2006

IndiansThe PNM’s damage control machinery went into overdrive to mitigate the adverse political fall out arising from the instantly minted, state-sponsored “mixed communities” philosophy and policy as divulged at Waterloo High by PM Manning. In all my 66 years in T&T since the advent of the PNM in 1956 I have never heard nor read of the “mixed communities” policy. That is another ploy for creating a vote bank in Central. The nearest they came to this policy is their policy of ethno-nationalism that is based on a process of cultural assimilation and the sharing of rewards exclusively amongst its followers.
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Lady Hochoy Centres 2006 Christmas Concert Staff Article
December 02, 2006

Lady Hochoy Centres Christmas ConcertThe Lady Hochoy Centres presented their Christmas Concert 2006 entitled “Our Gifts to Share” on Thursday 30th November, 2006, at the St. James Amphitheatre.

The venue was filled with parents, friends and relatives of the children who have varying levels of mental, learning and sometimes physical disabilities.
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Black Women and HIV/AIDS

By Ayanna Gillian

HIV VirusWomen are at the highest risk for contraction of the HIV virus. Current statistics for Trinidad and Tobago state that the number of female HIV positive cases in the age group of 15–29, make up 65% of the total cases for the same age group. These statistics lead us to many questions and inevitably should draw greater attention to issues of gender discrimination, racism and poverty. With millions of dollars being pumped into HIV research internationally and great media exposure in Trinidad and Tobago, it is equally important to examine the values that exist and fuel the spread of the disease in its most vulnerable group, African women.
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