Daily Archive for October 29th, 2006

Labour strife repeats itself

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 29, 2006

Now that the anti-people, anti-labour PNM government has declared “open war” against the labour movement in T’n’T and its attendant workers, albeit the expendable lumpen proletariat, it is apropos to take a look “back in time” at the labour movement’s anti-colonial struggle against the Euro-British colonial government circa 1937-38.
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Living on the edge

By Raffique Shah
October 29, 2006

In debunking UN-fed statistics on poverty in Trinidad and Tobago in my column of last week, I suggested that we may be victims not so much of poverty as of wanton, wasteful consumerism. I pointed out, too, that the poverty line needs to be re-defined. Whereas 30 years ago a salary of $3,000 per month meant affording a middle-class lifestyle, today that means living on the edge. But one wonders if a re-distribution of the nation’s wealth would bring us closer to eradicating poverty or not sink us deeper into debt.
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