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What’s the fuss about North Korean missiles?

Mr. Editor:

This “third world native” would like to know what all the fuss is about concening the North Korean missiles.

The “family of Western European nations” has them. India, Pakistan, and China has them. Even little Israel with its 3 million population has them.
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War on Drugs is a critical component of institutional racism

By Chris Herz,

We read in the pages of that Venezuela and the USA are close to agreement on a new treaty for mutual cooperation in the so-called war on drugs.

The US embassy in Caracas confirms this news … I confirm my disappointment.
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Football exposes inequities

By Linda Edwards

As an enthusiastic fan of the World Cup, I couldn’t help but notice the inequities of the world as reflected on the soccer field.

Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Angola, Togo, France, Equador, Brazil and England fielded teams that were heavily populated with African looking people. For Equador, this was a surprise to me.
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