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Venezuela’s Opposition Is United Against Maduro, But Internally Divided

By Roberto Lovato

March 7th 2014 – Al Jazeera

Flag of VenezuelaCARACAS — His face and muscular arms sweating, hands dirtied from the sand-filled sugar bags he dragged toward the makeshift rampart blocking half of his street, Emilio Palacios’ immediate political struggle was with his mother. “No, Mama, no!” he yelled toward his mother, Maria Bravo, a longtime resident of the Chacaito district of Venezuela’s capital. “No!” he repeated, after hearing her tell Al Jazeera that the purpose of the barricade under construction in front of their apartment was “getting rid of this government.”
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I come not to praise Karl

By Raffique Shah
January 19, 2014

Raffique ShahFriends, Trinis, countrymen, I come not to praise Karl, nor indeed, to bury him. I come instead to tell some truths about Mr Hudson-Phillips, some complimentary, others unsavory, but which, wherever he may be, he would applaud me for having the courage to enunciate, honourable man that he was.
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Comic cops

By Raffique Shah
August 24, 2013

Raffique ShahNot since late Commissioner of Police Jules Bernard publicly declared, “I’m a toothless bulldog!” have I heard so many outlandish statements coming from the mouths of senior officers of the Police Service.

“Criticism hurts,” screams Acting CoP Stephen Williams. Yet, Williams and his most senior officers say and do the most ludicrous things, inviting not just criticism, but oftentimes, bellyfuls of laughter.
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Margaret Thatcher: Sinner or Saint

By Raffique Shah
April 14, 2013

Raffique ShahSPEAK no ill of the dead, they say. It is an Omertá-like Mafiosi code that binds hypocrites international, that global brotherhood sworn to covering up the dastardly sins of leaders like Margaret Thatcher, who are lionised in life and eulogised in death, thus distorting history to the extent that the truth be buried forever.
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Horror in Sea Lots, Protests, Reporter Fired


By Alexander Bruzual and Janelle De Souza
February 25, 2013 –

ProtestIn one horrifying moment yesterday morning, the lives of a 28-year-old mother and her two young daughters were tragically ended when they were hit by a motor vehicle which was reportedly driven by a member of the TT Police Service (TTPS).

At about 9am, Haydee Paul, 28, and her daughters Akasha and Shakira Paul, eight and seven years old respectively, had just left the Central Market in Sea Lots, where they had spent the majority of the morning shopping.
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PNM problem, PNM solution

By Raffique Shah
December 09, 2012

Raffique ShahTHE tragedy of the crime-infested, poverty-stricken, pitiful and problematic ghettos located on the eastern fringes of Port of Spain is that they ought never to have degenerated to the mess they are today. There was a time when they could have been salvaged. Maybe that possibility still exists. But for as long as the politicians see Laventille, Beetham, Sea Lots and surrounding districts as permanent problems deserving only of temporary quick-fix solutions, the festering sores will spread, infecting and affecting the entire society.
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A series of articles by Trevor Sudama on the Debe Mon Desir highway re-route

Trevor SudamaUNC Member of Parliament and cabinet minister, Trevor Sudama. The articles are cut and pasted from a posting by Alyssa Rostant on the FaceBook page UNDERSTAND DR. KUBLALSINGH FIGHTING FOR TRINIDAD TOBAGO PEOPLE. These articles were originally published in the Express newspaper.
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Public Policy versus Adult Chupidness

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
November 25, 2012

Dr. Kwame NantambuThis article seeks to conduct an Afri-centric analysis of the putative imbroglio that has engulfed the nation to the max.

At the outset, it must be stated that the crucial mistake that has been made is that the typical Euro-centric analysis of this issue has become the norm. Indeed, it must be pointed out that the Euro-centric analysis has only focused on the results/effects of this issue/problem, namely, the Re-Route Movement’s tents, clashes with law enforcement officers and government ministers and the life-threatening hunger strike by its leader Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh.
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My way or no way

By Peter O’Connor
November 25, 2012 –

Highway Re-Route Movement leader Dr Wayne Kublalsingh on a gurney after leaving this ambulance where he underwent some medical tests.I have been a supporter of the proposed highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin since it was first announced by Dr Eric Williams in his Budget Speech of January 1981. However, speaking at a forum organised by the Tapia House Movement at the end of March that year, I predicted that the highway would not be built, it would yield to “bng” (although that word was not yet created) projects like the Caroni Race Track. Dr Williams died that very night, and the highway to Point Fortin died with him.
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Trivialising suicide

Newsday Editorial
November 23, 2012 –

TAKE CHARGE OF WAYNE on the front page of NewsdayA letter writer to Newsday yesterday reminded us all of how precious life is. Sometimes we forget, such as when criminals strike down the innocent and the guilty. The writer, who gave her name as Merle Solomon of Santa Rosa, was critical of Dr Wayne Kublalsingh whose so-called martyrdom has now become a public circus. She reminded us just how precious life is and referred to the many terminally ill men, women and children who would willingly grasp the life which Dr Kublalsingh is apparently trying to throw away in the full glare of media attention.
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