PM visits Dr Kublalsingh at St Clair Medical Centre

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar*STATEMENT BY THE HONOURABLE*

October 12, 2014

I have been informed that Dr Wayne Kublalsingh was admitted to St Clair Medical Centre for observation and medical checks.

I remain deeply concerned as I always have for Wayne’s health and I continue to pray for him. I have sent a message to the family as to whether I would be allowed to visit him on a personal level and respectfully await their answer.

I learnt with deep disappointment and sadness also, that the religious and spiritual leaders of the Inter Religious Organisation who met with me could not have persuaded him to abort his hunger strike.

I am personally grieved by the situation. If there were some way I could end this without compromising the better interests of the nation, I would and God knows we have tried.

It is far easier for someone who isn’t in the position of making decisions that are detrimental to the country to say “stop the section of the highway.” But when faced with the consequences of cost and delay to the highway’s completion to the country, it isn’t that easy and even necessary as advised by our technical experts whose views and reports do not concur with those of the Highway Re-Route Movement.

I have met with Wayne on more than one occasion and the government has also held several discussions with him and the Highway Re=Route Movement. There are those who said if I met with him yet again he would call off his hunger strike. This is not so.

Wayne has consistently said that any action he takes will only cease when he gets his way, that is, work on a section of the Highway be immediately halted. As much as I care for Wayne, I cannot allow the nation to be so held to ransom.

I cannot hold Wayne’s concerns and my own for his health above that of the country I swore to serve. So, if allowed, I will visit him at St Clair. In between now and then I ask God who ultimately guides us all, to bring wisdom and understanding for the greater good of all.

I make no decision and offer no personal judgment without prayerful submission and I do so yet again.

*PS: I was able to visit Wayne at St Clair Medical Centre around seven o’clock this evening. I spent more than half an hour with him during which time I prayed with him.*

2 thoughts on “PM visits Dr Kublalsingh at St Clair Medical Centre”

  1. Kublalsingh fake this near death experience to get the people in the media out along with his supporters.

    Kublalsingh noteriety has achieved global status and one can expect Hollywood to come knocking. This warrants an Oscar. A man 25 days without food and water living on the air that we breathe. And what is his mission? To deny the people of Siparia, Penal and Fyzabad a road that would make their life easier. He claims to be an environmentalist but is blind to the hours spent in traffic each day with cars belching green house gases.

    The proposal of the HRM is comical at best. The roads built in the area was built from mud tracks yes narrow and winding. To widen these roads would mean moving much more people who have built their homes next to the road. But don’t tell that to them.
    As for moving aggregate that is done all over the world from one part of the nation to the next.

    Yes a few people have to move but traffic will be much worst 10 years from now when nothing can be built. As for the area in question it is being built at the edge of the Oropuche Lagoon an area where rice land and sugar cane fields lay abandon, no it is not only flat land but rolling undulating land. As for wild life none exist in the area because since the 70s there is none all hunted into extinction.

  2. http ://www.trinid ade gals-279226 092.html?m=y& smobile=y

    With , elections in de air , everyone want’s to know, what’s the score…..ummmmm…To this one can add…..go get Em Uncle Grif!
    As for de good environmental Doctor? Well, we have a better chance of seeing 100 flying Caroni Water Buffalos, parading across the skies of UNC dominant Central , and de rivaling POS PNM East /West corridor regions simultaneously,than dis simi -Iron Lady broad,Auntie K, allowing him to die on her watch, without acceding to his suspicious request.
    Say yes to prudent advocacy, and no to unprotected borders , as encouraged under the PP regime , since their misguided acclaimed , there were no uses for OVP Ships , that would have provided the Coast Guard , and our protective services ,one effective tool to keep T&T safe.

    Speaking of which , de question for us more socially conscious citizens is:- Ain’t it amazing, the extent to witch, these self serving cronies ,within the corporate media circles , will go out of their way to defend/justify neo tribal,political stupidity, as played out presently,in our once beloved, now economically stagnant, crime riddled, mismanaged country?
    Right up there with “Houses before horses ,”mantra, ennnt?

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