Karen’s dilemma

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, March 15th 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Karen Nunez-TesheiraWhen she entered the political arena and accepted the Cabinet position of Minister of Finance, Karen Nunez-Tesheira must have been familiar with the adage, “In politics, perception is reality.” She would also have been aware that politics exposes office holders to intense scrutiny, and more than that, all politicians are presumed to be corrupt and liars unless or until they prove otherwise. In other words, politics is downright dirty business.

She chose to leave the safe haven of academia where she is said to have been doing well. Had she remained an obscure professional, it would not have mattered if she’d had $20 million in Clico or $100 million with CIB. But as Minister of Finance, she’s in a different mud-fight, one in which there are no rules. Like Caesar’s wife, she must be above suspicion. It matters not that many among her accusers are guilty of sins or crimes worse than what they allege she has committed.

In the wake of the CL Financial debacle, her integrity and character are being questioned, if not already destroyed. Of course she helped when, unwittingly or otherwise, she spun a web of contradictions that only fuelled the fire and brimstone directed at her.

First, she claimed to have forgotten about the shares bequeathed her by her late husband, Russel. Maybe, for someone who has multiple investments, 10,000-odd shares in a company like Clico could be easily forgotten. Basdeo Panday forgot a minor million-dollar joint-account he held with his wife in some bank in the UK. It’s a problem the wealthy face. You and I, the average pauper with one account, we know exactly how many pennies are held in it. The bank takes four dollars for an ATM transaction, you pick that up.

Minister Tesheira fell flat on her face was when she withdrew some petty sums she had invested in CIB, that on the eve of Lawrence Duprey’s appeal to Government for a “bailout” of CL Financial. She claimed to have known nothing of CL’s precarious position when she made the withdrawal. Maybe she didn’t. That would be strange, though, since, for some years now people-in-the-know have been whispering about Duprey’s dilemma.

Ramesh Maharaj claims he reported Clico’s delinquency in meeting its statutory requirements before the UNC Cabinet well before the year 2000. The ex-AG said his concerns were dismissed by his colleagues, who would have included at the time Kamla, Mark, Partap and Gopeesingh, to name a few.

Why did the UNC Government not act on the information and save Duprey and Clico from themselves? Of course, when you talk Clico, you are also talking billions in workers’ pension funds. Surely that should have alarmed a Cabinet that came from the bowels of the labour movement. Clearly it did not. If Ramesh is telling the truth, then this sorry mess that sees billions-of-taxpayers’-dollars being ploughed into CL might have been averted. But they failed to act, leaving a small wound to fester until gangrene set in. So the putrid mess was left for Karen to clean up, and based on documented reports in the media, she made sure she secured her “kakada” before CL caved in.

If her flight from CIB is found to be based on “insider information”, then the Minister may well come under investigation by the Integrity Commission and the Fraud Squad. To put it brutally, Karen can be hauled before the courts the same way Brian Kuei Tung, Finbar Gangar and Carlos John have been. She could be handcuffed, frog-marched through the city streets and held in the “pen” with dangerous criminals before being brought before a magistrate. I don’t want to frighten the lady, but it is a grim prospect that she faces.

Whatever their political differences, she’d probably want to chat with Oma to prepare for such experience. Of course if she has connections, she could well get heavyweights like Duprey testify in court that she did nothing wrong. He has already said as much in a newspaper interview. But would he defend Karen in court the way he defended Panday and Oma? Then, the CL boss swore that Oma went to him seeking a petty $1 million to pay for her children’s education in England, and he obliged. Nothing sinister in that.

Should Karen find herself in a fix, Duprey would rush to her rescue. Bear in mind the Minister’s late husband, Russel Tesheira, a decent man by any standard, was a senior manager with Clico until his untimely passing. It was he who left her the shares she forgot she owned, and more than likely she would have chosen to invest in CIB because of that connection. So should the baying hounds nipping at Karen’s heels get their wish-to see her arrested and hauled before the courts-she may have a “get out of jail” card in the person of Duprey.

What this situation exposes is that irregularities, if not outright corruption, are par for the course in politics, matters not which party is in power. Yesterday, Duprey defended Oma and ex-UNC-PM Panday. Tomorrow he would easily do the same for the PNM’s Nunez-Tesheira. The poor? They are shafted from all directions.

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26 thoughts on “Karen’s dilemma”

  1. Karen and the CL Financial affair
    This week calls for the resignation of Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira were made in the wake of a series of conflicting statements she has made about her interests in the CL Financial bail-out.

    New Questions for Karen
    Did Minister breach Financial Institutions Act?

    New questions are emerging about the legality of the transaction involving Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira’s two US-dollar fixed deposits at Clico Investment Bank (CIB).

    ‘Everybody knew CIB was in trouble’
    By comparison, four members of Parliament made voluntary public disclosures of their interests with CL Financial during the debate on the bailout bills (the Central Bank Amendment and the Insurance Amendment bills) in the House of Representatives and the Senate last month.

  2. Excellent points for discussion here,including the comparisson Vs the UNC members.In this case ,Karen failed to declare what is actually hers, directly or indirectly Vs the UNC ministers having to account as to how they earned theirs.Mr.Duprey’s view,might very well be correct, since Karen’s position is no where close in comparisson to the London bank account of the Pandays that he defended so well.

  3. It would be very difficult for Minister Tesheira to maintain credibility after this affair, were it some other country. However, Trinis are famous for short memory spans and when the next big scandal arrives this will be all but forgotten.

    She must be praying for some other bachanal to happen, but if she does have the best interest of the country at heart, she should do the proper thing….at least step down, while an investigation occurs. There is not much precedence for Ministers doing the proper thing though…Khan, Eric …certainly not Panday. Does anyone know if the Gov’t intends to look into this?

  4. i think she should resign because she along with many others should be setting examples rather than pursue such lawlessness. in other words if she gets away with this easily then it clearly states that a normal citizen can do any crime or criminal act and gets away easily all because the leaders does such indency and get of easily

  5. It seems that Kamla’s behaviour is designed to distract from what is
    now taking place among her party members.She is looking to preserve her own political survival,as the UNCA is on the down trend and heading for a crash.Who will emerge the leader after all of this?
    You have made you point Kamla,why not leave it for the appropiate
    authority to deal with now.
    When worst allegations than this were made of the Past UNC Govt.
    members,why did you not rise to the ocassion in support of Ramesh,Ralph and Trevor?No ,instead you turned against them..so what now..

  6. The CLICO issue: PM Backs Karen

    PM backs Finance Minister
    PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday defended his embattled Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira by affirming his confidence in her, as he urged the nation to wait for her to tell her side of the story in relation to her interests in CL Financial in Parliament tomorrow.

    Hear the other side–Manning
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday reaffirmed confidence in his Finance Minister Karen Tesheira despite calls from the Opposition and other quarters for her to resign over the Clico shareholding.

  7. Mr. Manning made the predictable move of putting his support behind Tesheira. There’s nothing like being wrong and strong in T&T. Now no answers will ever be forthcoming on this issue. It will be ignored swept under the carpet and life goes on…what’s the point in dmanding ethics from politicians?

  8. NEAL = WHERE Does your patriotism stand on this issue!! How come you didnt have anything to say about this? Look – A Harry Ramnarine wannbe?

  9. Frankly I find the issue to be quite boring and merely a straw grasping spectacle by a few on what appears to be a slow news month, before the Freeport rape/ murder of a 14 year old by her 27 year old lover and driver. In addition , I only speak on affairs I consider myself an authority on. Unlike you , I have deep faith in our Judicial system, and as a proud national of a country that prides itself in democracy feels quite confident that the people would do the right thing where warranted come election time.
    You however , and other misguided masterminds might well be advised to inform the Opposition to get their acts together if greater political fortunes are to accrue to them any time soon.
    A famous quote I came across once read that “ if you’ve always done , what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get , what you’ve always got.”
    To foolishly compare the greedy HCU escapades of Harry Ramnarine and his close pal Sat Maharaj against mainly gullible, poor, lower working class Caroni pensioners with this obvious distractive nonsense against our austere Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira , is like comparing the Chris Brown / Rhiani domestic violence shenanigans, with the present ongoing barbarous Iraqi war between the Yankees and Middle East Muslims. How preposterous of you!

  10. Its interesting that just last week in Sweden there was a scandal involving one of Sweden’s largest pension fund, AMF Pension, where millions of Swedes invest their savings for the retirement. The director of this fund moved his own investments from the fund before the share prices dropped.
    The scandal was short lived as the director was asked to leave his post on moral grounds not legal ones. The debate lasted about two days, not several weeks as in sunny Trinidad. AMF pension is not even a state own company and this man was not even a minister. Just an example of the words we use so much in the press these days: accountability and transparency.

  11. Darren Maharaj, laments about the lack of what he describes as “accountability and transparency,” in ‘sunny Trinidad,’ as he should of course. Guess why however well intentioned folks like himself shall continue to remain like that- empty voice in the wilderness that forever cries for attention, but to no avail , as no one takes them seriously in terms of meaningful reform , and astute political and economic stewardship, and the raggedy ship led by Captain M rolls on un- impeded?
    They are extremely tribal , partisan , and becomes selectively outraged on the pertinent issues of the day. With few exception it is really difficult to find an authentic and objective voice via this medium or any other across the nation for that matter. Indo Trinis criminals are raping, murdering and creating havoc within there communities especially against their defenseless young children, and you won’t get a sound condemning comment by the Criminal Justice and law upholding advocates like Darren. His former PM was charged with committing wanton acts of corruptions while in power , but is still trying to dodge the bullet with his British Law Lord pals help, while fighting to hold on to power in his party and Parliament. Don’t expect to hear much from the white color criminal apologist like Darren anytime soon however. Now as for this crazy Minister of Finance . I know absolutely nothing about her neither do I care if she got her job because the PM likes how she looks from behind when she walks, or her competence to hold such a post, as I did not vote for this party. If she is a crook like cousin Panday obviously is ,and his pal CJ Shama was , hopefully justice would take its course, and she would be eating food in one of prisons soon surrounded by sex starved lesbian prisoners that murdered their abusive husbands, and sent aways for stealing.
    It is because of such unwarranted stupidity , that Guyana the comical model has evolved to what it is today. They were able to eradicate the ugly scrooge of pseudo African Marxist leaders such as Forbes Burnham, Green ,and Hoyte ,to replaced them by similar tribal racist incompetents like Chedi, his CIA Yankee wife, and the young stooge they have unfortunately been saddled with call Bharrat Jagdeo , disguised as a political leader .
    The thousand of barefoot Charlotte and George street crooks and bandits disguised as business people are manifestations of good governance , one would be led to think by Guyana closet Marxist Jag- the Kremlin educated . It ‘ain’t me’ ,but some are tempted to characterize the folks from the predominantly English speaking Guyana as not been too smart , and so they can be forgiven for the folly of still considering themselves South Americans , – as if that is a step up somewhat- but what are our excuses in sweet T&T aka Rainbow country/ the most educationally and industrial island in the Caribbean, perhaps baring Brazil ?
    Wake up Darren and other socially progressives that are beneficiary of modern educations , as well as global exposures beyond the cultural foolishness and garbage that has relegated the Asian and African continents to the cesspool of slow and almost non- existent development – unless you naively think that Bollywood actors and actresses , elite high cast Mumbai technological yuppies, micky mouse cricketers , and a few war mongering military Hindus that dominate the military and Parliament are examples of progress.
    Using data from non compromised/ pandering economist to combine the poverty rates in Asia with nuclear savvy India , Pakistan and China in the lead , verses the backward continent of Africa , and the latter begins to look like the EU and Canada in comparison. Take a look at the commentary of mine over the past year that I have stumbled across this forum, and you’ll observe one common thread. I have no friends or enemies , when it comes to calling it as it is. Your race, age, gender, ethnicity , powerful position, education, region, political party , tribe, history means absolutely nothing. I am only concern with what is necessary to advance all the people of my beloved Trinidad and Tobago, and hopefully the region eventually, and the wider global community – but only after our task of sustainable developed T&T is completed .
    Your country needs you my friend ,but your race or ethnic clan will survive irrespective of who foolishly tries to impede them , and that’s a fact that is bore out by history.

  12. What I can gather from your keyboard ramblings are:
    Yes Neal my country may need my as you say. But living abroad, growing in experience, education and being APPRECIATED for the job I am doing why should I return? Who would listen to “de bouy who leave we and com bak and tink he know evereyting!” The Crab in a Bucket Syndrome still exists.
    As for being a white collar criminal or defender of such, I am not sure I quite grasp the accusation/compliment/insult.

    “His former PM” meaning whom?

    All I can say is that the “Nunez-Tesheira Affair” is just one small ugly worm wiggling its way out of an open can of many such ugly worms, bearing its underbelly to the hot Trini sun.

    Revolution is required Neil, not change, Revolution.

    As for incestuous, violent behaviour by indo trinis, this is something abhorring and totally distasteful which can be connected to transparency and accountability is possibly many times harder to uncover, investigate and bring to the public eye in a hard factual manner. I of course will condemn the behaviour in any form, abstract or factual.

  13. You are quite convincing my friend, and I agree that you should not even think about returning to an uncaring, unappreciative nation, where a “Crab in a Bucket Syndrome,” still exists. Guess what, a Guyanese, Nigerian, German, Italian, Venezuelan, or member of the Eastern Caribbean fraternity will eagerly take your place to plant foods, and expand grandiose entrepreneurial enterprises on your dormant inherited 500 acres of land in Caroni defunct sugar estates.
    Educate me if you can, why all this obsessions with the female Minister? I personally have no patience like you to delve into in-depth readings about daily politics in my country. Was she involved in some fashion with the failed HCU?
    Don’t you believe that a more “ugly worm in the underbelly of the hot Trini sun,” occurred in 1990 when a two bit ex cop com Muslim leader attacked and almost destroyed our entire Democracy on a day when selective members of the political fraternities were conveniently away from the House or out of the country, and 19 years after no Commission of Enquiries was requested or conducted by three or more successive governments on each side of the so called ethnic divide?
    So you clamor for revolution and not change eh? Good for you. Don’t expect however that someone else would fight it for you , as the usual puppets and lower class front men and women are catching on after you and many continues to throw the ugly labels at them once the dirty deeds they were contracted to performed are completed.
    I tell you, these ungrateful country haters today; don’t they make you miss all the self loathing vitriolic denunciations of our master novelist ingrate, and respected British co citizen Sir V.S. Naipaul? What European and Yankee “mimic men” we are! Thanks Uncle V.S. England loves and adore you, and so can we still.
    I am ecstatic to know that you feel this strongly about “abhorring and totally distasteful … incestuous, violent behavior” in equal proportion irrespective to which neck of the woods the actions emanated from. There is hope for sweet T&T- aka Rainbow country, Yes?

  14. It’s a shame that Corruption flies in the face of the nation and the “so Esteemed” leader is at the helm of it all; there’s nothing anyone can do! Those in authority who can actually make a move to begin rooting out the evils in our government are in the back pocket of the leader! The notion that government officials are supposed to be ” public servants are proven without a shadow of a doubt, that it is indeed the opposite.

    Anyone with a keen eye for corruption and is insensed with the best interest of the nation will see that the PNM and it’s members have no interest in providing or protecting the nation; but they are all self serving when not serving the “master Manning.”

    To site a few corrupt, bold moves i can begin with:

    These are just the list of the Esteemed Prime MInister Patrick Manning.

    the hiring of Gang leaders to run government agencies
    personal threats against members of the judiciary
    public threats of wire-tapping MP’s phones
    public humiliation of prominent individuals based on lies (keith Rowley)
    Attempting to change the constitution in order to gain ultimate power unto himself.
    Impeding investigations that would highlight the mass corruption withing his administration and clear the names of innocent people accused of wrong doing.

    How dare we think that Karen would ever face disciplinary action or worse yet, step down when she’s got the PM as her knight in shining armour.

    the list goes on.

    These are all halmarks of a communist and socialistic intending individual/orginazation. If people don’t blank the partying, step back and take a hard look ( not that they need to) the nation will end up “in a river full of snakes.”

  15. I am never one who believed in nepotism as I find it very revolting especially when it relates to political affairs. It is unfortunately one of the last stupid vestiges that has remained by colonial savages , and it has enabled them to maintain some semblance of control in several political fiefdoms across the globe. Here are a list of the disasters of note: 1. Haiti had the tragic creatures of Papa and Baby Doc . 2. Jamaica had Norman and Michael Manley and we saw what a dung heap that country has evolved to as the senior Bauxite egomaniac king helped destroy the Federation, while his leftist son dragged his country through countless internal turmoil’s and borderline civil wars as Cubans and CIA henchmen repeatedly clashed, and or ran roughshod throughout his weed smoking nation. 3. Little England Barbados had the father and son loyal British subjects of Grantly and Tom Adams , and outside of stealing Tobago flying fish , and repeatedly duping idiotic Trini political leaders , they remain a second rate nation that might be better off becoming a country of Trinidad and Tobago for the amount of aid they got from this gullible Rainbow country , where 90 % of it’s people possess this strange and deep psychological urge to be loved by others . . The elites feudal Lords and European puppets Father and daughter Buttho clan of Pakistan . Well ,the script is still being written on that political charade of this nuclear power ,with its millions of hungry b, angry people as the thieving former 10%present leader, is carrying on a dying wish of his late wife to hold on to power long enough for their first son to finish sow his wild oats in Harvard or is it Oxford then return home to follow her will . 4. India had Nehru and his crazy daughter Inderia , pilot son , and hazel eye Italian grand daughter in law. 5. Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines all have seen the rights of citizens , especially degenerated even as the showpiece , figure heads daughters assumed power.
    Now where does that leave us in sweet T&T? It’s anyone guess. We have party hacks and fanatics like the intellectually dishonest Randy , that cannot have the courage to stand up and tell it like it is as to why the stupid ,idea deficient PNM had ruled for so long, and is destine to do so long into the 21st century with the nepotistic king and growing arrogant cousin Manning still at the helm surrounded by yes men and contemporary versions of the now defunct loud mouth, clueless ,“ fat- ass brigade ” .
    Mr Panday the leader of the Opposition has developed more enemies in his years of political office that Hitler, Lucifer, and Judas all put together. He is close to 90 , and generally has been a fair and solid leader for his constituent and one can honestly say for the nation generally. He however wants to continue this nepotistic tradition favored by South Asians in rushing their incompetent and politically green or inexperienced daughters and wives into power upon their demise.
    I and the nation wish him luck, in his adventures. Let’s however follow the views of a son of the Marxist Dentist with a similar penchant for nepotism. We are referring to Chedi Jagan Jr. He states as follows:-

    “Cheddi Jagan Jr, son of the late President of Guyana Dr Cheddi Jagan, said on Monday that the results of the October 7 general elections meant the end of the line for UNC political leader Basdeo Panday.
    Jagan, known as “Joey”, writing in a letter published in Monday’s Stabroek News in Guyana, said the results were as he had predicted in a recent television interview in Guyana, and he foresaw “no resurrection of Panday’s political fortunes.” He called for Panday, “the veteran politician, to step down as leader of the UNC and let someone more capable have a chance. Jagan slammed Panday stating: “There goes another quasi-communist who like our own Guyanese communists in the Gang of 8, ended up paying lip service to the concepts of private sector growth combined with the decentralised and trimmer government”.
    He said Panday was once a close collaborator of leftist causes in the Caribbean but after coming to power he “like many other communists chose to pretend that the free enterprise system was the path to follow.”
    According to Jagan, “While this pretense was being carried out, the personal life of Mr Panday took a turn in the direction of grandiosity and hobnobbing with the “big shots” while becoming more and more dictatorial in his own party, a common trait of most leftists when in power,” Jagan wrote.
    Jagan said it was Panday’s “arrogance and lack of commitment to real development” that did Panday in and it is time he step down and left.
    He said that Prime Minister Patrick Manning won the elections because “he presented a vision of stability and reliability to the electorate thus receiving crucial cross-over votes from Panday’s party.”
    Jagan said the people of Trinidad and Tobago deserve a better leader than Panday even in the Opposition.
    “I wish the people of Trinidad and Tobago well and I know that with Panday now headed to retirement the country has a chance for real development and responsible leadership. Trinidad can now really exert its true potential to show the way forward,” he concluded.”
    Who should we believe Randy , the bias , non objective , party hack , or Chedi Jagan Jr. who decided to be his own man ,and not kiss the rump of his dad and Mom so as to force himself upon Guyanese all the way into political power?

  16. Quoted from Neal
    “Don’t you believe that a more “ugly worm in the underbelly of the hot Trini sun,” occurred in 1990 when a two bit ex cop com Muslim leader attacked and almost destroyed our entire Democracy”

    Possibly trinbagonians are no longer cognisant of the happenings 19 years ago, a very long time in Trini years. I do recall an attempt in the 70’s as well but I did not posses the insight of recourse then. Maybe they need a wake up call again (violent or not)
    (PS very enjoyable reading Neal)

    Quoted from Randy
    “If people don’t blank the partying, step back and take a hard look ( not that they need to) the nation will end up “in a river full of snakes.”

    Ahhh.. to sleep to dream … such a utopia. Sadly “rum an roti” politics still exists in this country. I am not trying to be abusive or sarcastic here Randy but your statement has been seen before. how can we get the majority of the electorate to see beyond the racial/ethnic/patriarchy of the two dominant parties. We consider our politics in the same way we consider our mas band: All inclusive or not at all.

    Sadly my only way to contribute to my homeland is through these enjoyable banters on discussions. I weill soon be leaving the sandy shores of my homeland after a three months sojourn. Returning to colder climes (both literally and figuratively). I no longer reside, pay taxes or vote in TnT.
    Sadness and gladness

  17. I feel honored to know that Darren Maharaj has now elevated my blogging attempts from that of mere “keyboard ramblings,” to now “enjoyable readings.” This is why I admonished my kids and other willing youths to persevere, as one never knows where it might just lead.
    In true patriotic Trini fashion Darren proudly reminds us that he “no longer reside, pay taxes or vote in TnT,” and “weill soon end a three months sojourn on the sandy shores of my homeland,” and is filled with “Sadness and gladness,” as he is “leaving and returning to colder climes- both literally and figuratively.”
    Guyanese would never forget Jonestown, or the day Forbes Burnham blew up Dr Walter Rodney, Grenadians, Bernard Coard/ Maurice Bishop love/ war fiesta, or British puppet Eric Gairy and his mongoose gangs, Dominicans, their Iron Lady Eugenia Charles and her upstart military revolutionaries, Jamaicans, CIA orchestrated upheavals between supporters of the half European/Lebanese Edward Seaga , and the mullatto leftist Michael Manley. Surprise! Surprise! Trinidadians like Darren M, along with his numerous fellow trinbagonians -with the propensity for amnesia, with respect to the most devastating, historically shocking, tragic, and embarrassing events that took place 19 years ago in his country- choose to.
    One thing we are not surprise at Darren is the reason why you and fellow Trinis are viewed collectively across the globe as a bunch of stupid, spoiled, confused, country hating, over privileged idiots, which cannot see a country or foreign culture that you find more pleasing than your own, would sell our soul for foreign recognition and a dollar, but fail to lift a finger to advance the land of your birth, or give a single iota of credit to this country for any of your achievements. Fortunately the majority of your fellow citizens unable to escape like you, are not that slow when it comes to learning from recent past history, as such you’ll just have to continue to wander the globe just a bit longer , while trying to convince yourself and gullible listeners that you really hate your country, and not yourself. How pathetic!

  18. Imbert Backs Karen
    …How could the signing of the memorandum of understanding further the private interests of the Minister of Finance or family?

    Karen digs a pit for herself
    If she weren’t so self-righteous, you’d have to feel sorry for her.

    How now, chop logic
    In a remarkable piece of chop logic, the Finance Minister seems to believe that a fixed deposit that she rolled over can nevertheless be described as matured.

  19. Doubles Standard
    THE FRENCH CREOLES say, “Plus ca change” and the Barrackporians, “What is to is, must is” and, between those two picturesque expressions snapped from opposite ends of the social scale, Minister of Finance Karen Nunez-Tesheira now dangles uncertainly. I would have said crapaud smoke she pipe and that it was time to put her out of her misery – except Karen seems happy, yes. She is the poster child for the new PNM: intelligent, hardworking, presentable, polished, dedicated, supremely confident of every action – and, at least in this instance, completely firetrucking wrong.

  20. The comment made by Neal, March 20th 2009, should read Harry Harnarine and not Harry Ramnarine. Correction would be appleciated.Interestingly Chalkdust mentioned my name in his calypso this year.I had a good laugh about it.
    Harry Ramnarine

  21. My deepest apologies Harry Ramnarine. If the well respected , educated Teacher / Kaisonian /Historian can make such a grave mistake , perhaps I too can be forgiven, eh?
    I was not even smart to pass Common Entrance many moons ago, and make more spelling errors on this board than a Nelson Street, or Success Lavantille Pan beating Junior Sec/High School drop out.
    Let’s continue to keep them – our elite leaders- honest, stay true to ourselves , love our country , and strive to ensure that all our people are elevated in accordance with their real potentials.
    Ahhhh, It’s a slow news day in this Sweet T&T aka “Rainbow Country” Paradise!

  22. Alls well that ends well.Thanks for the reply.Apology accepted.

  23. I believe the good Minister simply forgot about her husband’s shares. What harm did she really do when inadvertently cashing in a few of them since they were matured? Let the good lady be?

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