A matter of integrity and law

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March 14th 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Karen Nunez-TesheiraWith the charges and countercharges and demands for resignation, we remind readers that the core of the matter is law and the rule of law. It is quite irrelevant that Ms Nunez-Tesheira may not see a conflict of interest in participating in a decision-making of the Government bailout of CLICO and CL Financial. Nor are the views of Prime Minister Manning and of Mr Duprey that there is no conflict of interest. Nor can we accept Minister Enill’s advice to consider the bigger picture.

With the obvious conflict, Minister Mariano Browne should properly have been point man, and the finance minister should have stood down from the relevant Cabinet discussions. Whatever individual parties may consider of their preferred definition of a conflict of interest, we remind all that there is the Integrity in Public Life Act 2000 which is the law of the land. And there is no ambiguity in the wording of the law and the normal processes to be followed.
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2 thoughts on “A matter of integrity and law”

  1. Karen should do the honorable thing and resign! She must be held to a much greater standard as a government minister. There is no room for her questionable behaviour in her capacity as Minister of Finance!

  2. One wonders how Mr. Morality will view section 29(1)where.. His and
    not Her appears.Not to different from.. Will and Shall.

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