America is a Big FATCA Liar

By Ted Baumann
March 4, 2015 –

FATCAWhen I was a kid I once got the better of a bully in a schoolyard scuffle that he had started. With workmen on the school roof cheering me on, I chased the guy halfway across the playground before he turned around and raised his hands in surrender. Needless to say, with the whole class watching, he was terribly embarrassed.

That weekend the bully showed up at my dock — we kids all travelled by boat on Maryland’s Eastern Shore — wanting a rematch. I pointed out to him that there was nobody else to see the outcome. He thought for a moment, then asked me just to tell our friends that he had won. We didn’t actually need to fight again. I agreed. After all, he was a lot bigger than me and I was unlikely to repeat my schoolyard triumph.

Back at school, I reneged on my promise, telling everyone the bully had chickened out. Enraged, he jumped me on the playground and held me down until I admitted that he had “won.”

And that, folks, is where I learned the importance of honoring your deals, unsavory as they may be … double-crossing someone has a way of bouncing back on you.

And I think Uncle Sam is about to learn the same lesson…
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3 thoughts on “America is a Big FATCA Liar”

  1. Warner is still hiding out in TnT and that bill aint going to be signed. Not necessary Estrada will not extend.

  2. The author of this piece is not being honest. Non Americans earning in the US has always been taxed at 30% on those earnings. If a country/financial institution is not forthcoming on the information that will lower that 30% rate why wouldn’t they provide the information.

  3. Yeah ,yeah , we get dat too Mamboo, you ungrateful bastards,and thank you very much for nada, says de former deputy PM , local millionaire, turned politician.
    Now dat he ain’t financing your tribe in their power grabs, or aiding congested Chagurnas, in their idiotic quest ,to become the next capital of T&T, it’s darn time to throw his butt under de bus, correct?
    Yep,your Jack FIFA – Warner, is still hiding in bright daylight, and you want the Trini -Yankee Ambassador ,to personally arrest him, and hand him over to de Feds. A word of caution is in order though, to which I’ll simply add-be careful of what you wish for.
    There is nothing worst, than an old, rich, Afro hombre , being forced to become de Prison wife , of a 7ft , by 12 inches , savage , Islamic convert,Afro – Kinky – Mandigo, while in one of Uncle Sam’s numerous , overcrowded Federal Prisons.
    Trust me when I say , guys like your former UNC big dog/ Queen Maker Jack- FIFA-Warner, will of necessity, be forced ,to sing like a constipated Canary ,in efforts to make some plea deal ,to Criminal Law Enforcement authorities, and you know what that translates to , don’t you- deficient as you obviously are , in de smarts department?
    That ‘s right. Your Kamla ,her UNC – TRIBALLY DOMINANT -PP goons, cronies, and many of her greedy Business benefactors, will go down in flames, for their roles – due to corruption- in almost destroying this country.
    Better yet , this obviously ,will set in motion a move for Princess Maleka Panday , to step to de fore ,and take over her Nepotistic Papa’s, almost dead , VISIONLESS , Political Party.
    Now if ‘you alze ‘came to despise , globally respected statesman , in Ahhh weee Bouy ,ANR Robinson, because of his seemingly revengeful ,(Machiavellian )Presidential -political act , against Basdeo,for THE LATTER ,previous NAR / pro Refugee-destructructive escapades, just imagine what Maleka Panday , would do, to all you haters, who has systematically tried to halt her Coronation, as the Nation’s 2nd Female , Hindustani PM.,151142.html

    Let’s just say ,dat in her naive efforts to halt overpopulation, India’s neo Imperial Queen ,Inderia Ghandi ,introduced forced sterilization , on poor Indian females,all across her country.
    It won’t surprise me one bit , if as PM ,Maleka Panday , force through a law , that will ensure the castration of all abusive males, who impregnate a chile 9, 10 . 12, 14 or 16- weather – such a guy is married to the (Statutory Raped )victim ,or not. I can see myself casting a vote in support of ‘Siztaz’ Maleka , re that stance.

    However I digress, and back to Jack Warner , Ish,& Steve defying the extradition law- due to their long financial pockets. . The big question for you Mamboo is :- Would Kamla and her pals , whose heads would be handed on a platter to Yankee law enforcement blokes, by Jack , be able to play de well documented Victim games , that were skillfully practiced ,by those 2 morally repugnant guys , in Father of your nation Basdeo Panday, and his CJ pal , Justice Sharma,who in their efforts to roam free/save their hides from persecution, was willing to do ,and say anything to create tribal empathy?
    Oh, and by the way folks , notice how dis selectively outraged weasel Mamboo, has de hard on for ultra corrupt Jack to get Jail time in Pax Americana , but his loud silence , re de 2 tribal UNC high end financiers , Ish,& Steve?
    Tell you what Mamboo,and let me state for the record the following:-I Personally don’t give a hoot ,if Jack Warner , or his 2 equally crooked sons ,get 100 years in Jail, for their criminal misdeeds,as long as these two cuddled , White color bandits- who almost got a blanket pardon, by de Kamla led PP regime, as a new law was almost created for their sole benefit, receive similar treatment. Why so , some ask? Well…, dis is how I roll.
    What is good for de South of de Caroni , by way of Lange Park Goose , is likewise good for de NNW of de East Dry River, by way of Beetham smelly Mang ,enclave, si?
    Seriously though folks, and even if I don’t wish to beat a dead horse too much , but aren’t we happy ,that former AG Anan -de over zealous -Ram goat lover, of Range Rover / Prison Grate fame , and his glorified , ex Justice Minister- in Trini country hating – simi Carib foreigner -Volney- were two of the most incompetent legal( so called )luminaries , this country has ever seen?
    Had it not been for their -for want of a better word – ‘stupidity,’ this ill-advised , Sec 34 Bill,would be on our Statutory books, si?
    Sorry Volney , we know the source of your deep hatred. You felt deep in your twisted , delusional Soul, that you were 10 times smarter than the Tobago Kid, in CJ Archie, and so should be de one sitting in the big chair.

    Lo Siento Dana , we know why de real bandits, had to seek your demise, and why this case won’t ever get solved.
    Can’t expose the not too subtle , machinations, of these neo tribal ,country haters , for all to see, hmmmmmm?
    Nah, for you still cannot hold the fallen jock strap of our present , much maligned , yet fearless, Independent , politically Savvy ,progressive minded CJ.
    Even though he never sat on de bench to adjudicate a case,my former schoolmate , in nationally famous ,Queens Council, Gilbert Peterson, would have been a much better choice ,than you, for that your much coveted,high end job.
    Oh , and by the way ,thank you very much Israel Khan ,for throwing a bone to the then Young Gilbert back in de day , when he was just a young whipper snapper , fresh out of Hugh Wooden. You are alright, and the main reason why your Hijo David Khan , is still holding his Prison Inspector job , even if he is … well…stinking up de joint – yet shifting the blame , left , right ,and center.
    However another story , for another occasion, eeeehhhh Canadian David?
    May equal playing Justice , soon prevail in La Trinity!
    Time to eradicate the anachronistic Privy Council, and in the process ,elevate our CCJ to respectability- in efforts to get poor , desperate T&T citizens – not named Jack Warner, Ish/ Steve , Basdeo Panday/pal ex CJ Sharma,or Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Baker- can also get affordable Justice.

    Stay Vigilant T&T!
    Let’s together , do whatever we can , to keep dem unpatriotic leeches , and self aggrandizing barbarians , from over running de La Trinity Pearly Gates, si?
    Lluv dis land , Y tu?

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