Newsday – August 30 2015

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarThe latest North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) tracking poll finds the 2015 General Election still to be going down to the wire with the outcome in a few marginal seats determining who will be the prime minister.

The poll also found that Kamla Persad-Bissessar has been consistently leading her main challenger, Dr Keith Rowley, in voters’ choice for Prime Minister as well as in approval and favourability (likeability) ratings.

With just one week to go before the September 7 general election, the poll found that the United National Congress (UNC) leads 21-20 but several of these seats are within the margin of error in terms of how voters say they plan to vote. Thus, the projected outcome could vary, the poll said.

In terms of national support, the PP leads PNM 45 percent to 40 percent with ILP four percent, the poll said.

The poll has a margin of error of four percent, meaning support for either Persad-Bissessar or Rowley could vary by four percent in either direction.

In terms of likeability, 46 per cent of the persons interviewed felt Persad-Bissessar was the preferred choice for PM while 41 percent felt that Rowley should be given a shot. Asked whether they approve or disapprove of Persad-Bissessar’s performance as PM, 54 per cent of those polled said they approve as compared with 37 per cent who disapprove. Rowley’s job approval rating currently stands at 49 percent with a disapproval rating of 40 per cent.

On whether they have a positive or negative view (favorability) of the prime minister, 57 per cent said they have a positive view with 37 percent holding a negative view, giving her a net likeability rating of 20 percent.

Rowley’s positive (likeability) rating stands at 52 per cent with a negative of 39 per cent giving him a net likeability rating of 13 per cent.

Meanwhile, the poll found no significant loss or gain for either PNM or UNC from Winston “Gypsy” Peters’ resignation from the UNC, early last week.


24 thoughts on “NACTA: PP leads PNM”

  1. Word is that Rowley is planning to bring in Barrack Obama to help him with his campaign. All the other 2 crooked Americans did was show his desperation.

    1. Mamoo, there are people who write because they have something to say, then there are those who have to say something. You fall in the latter category. It is downright insulting for anyone with an iota of sense to even make such a suggestion.

  2. This election can go either way. The good thing is that the population is ready to accept either verdict and welcome whoever the PM turns out to be.
    The anti-Indian scare tactics campaign in Tobago is being highly successful. Without the two Tobago seats, the PP could be in trouble.

  3. Oh Mamoo
    Don’t get too excited at the NACTA poll. Truth be told the Peter Wickham poll out of Barbados is a far more credible and reliable Caribbean Poll than NACTA.
    NACTA predicted that the PP of Guyana would win, and of course that was not the case.

    I think the rumour about Barrack coming to campaign in Trinidad is more likely to be a desperate PPP ploy.
    We really need to get over ourselves in Trinidad. The President of the United States does not have time to waste campaigning for either party in Trinidad.

    1. O Sally u turning the ole Mamoo on girl.
      Here is the legacy of the great PNM. I deal in facts this sourced information from the media.

      Polls don’t mean anything. But this is what Kian, Sally, Neal believe is good governance by the PNM and are prepared to vote for it..

      • Chaguanas Corporation administrative complex—over budget by $10 million—24-month delay.

      .world GTL $2.7 billion 33 cost over run. Nothing came out of this project. Money wasted.
      • Chancery Lane complex—$300 million over budget—24-month delay.
      • Government campus and Legal Affairs tower—$300 million over budget—18-month delay.
      • Waterfront project—$1.3 billion over budget—six-month delay.
      • Education Ministry tower—$300 million over budget—20-month delay.
      • Performing Arts Centre—$234 million over budget—one-year delay.
      • South PRC—$238 million over budget—13 months overdue.
      • Beverly Hills Housing—$106 million cost overrun—65-month delay.
      • Lara Stadium—$800 million cost overrun—41-months delay. remains unused.
      • Diplomatic Centre—$200 million cost overrun—five-month delay.

      Cost Over run by the PNM most favored contractor ….
      the mighty PNM Rahael clan (almost a billion)
      —Trinity Housing owned by the Rahael group constructed 138 units at Orchard Gardens, incurring cost overruns of $50 million.
      —Corinth Hills was done by the same company, incurring cost overruns of $128 million. —-Trinity Housing projects with cost overruns including East Grove in Curepe ($64 million),
      ——Bon Air (an original $13 million contract with $19 million in cost overruns) and ——Greenvale Park ($156 million in cost overruns.)
      —-Couva Junior Secondary ($172 millions cost over run)
      —-, Barataria Junior Secondary ($149 million cost over run),
      —- Pleasantville Junior Secondary ($150 million cost over run) He said Osha laws virtually closed down the contract for the Pleasantville project due to safety concerns.

      This what the PP had to service debt wise, left behind by the mighty balisier brigade.
      Here are some examples:
      Ministry of Housing $8 BILLION
      Outstanding VAT $2 BILLION
      Owed Contractors $2 BILLION
      Loan for Waterfront $2.7 BILLION
      Outstanding Fuel Subsidy $6 BILLION
      Loan for Tarouba Stadium $500 MILLION
      Loan for RACKET RAIL $500 MILLION
      Outstanding Wage Negotiations $9 BILLION
      Udecott debt 7.7 BILLION

      WASA was the worst to this day no accounting was done during the Manning years
      11th July 2006

      A massive shake-up is coming at the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), as Government moves to deal with its $27-billion debt, which is proving to be a major headache for the State, according to Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

      “WASA is a big challenge. It is a $27-billion headache. WASA, like almost all countries in the Caribbean, have the same problem.

      Yes today you can see where the money is being spend, I always maintain that the richest people in Trinidad are PNM supporters…and you can see way. The losers on this board will vote for this…

      1. Mamoo, no one knows better than you that I can speak for myself. In your thirst to speak ill of the PNM and condone evil committed by the clients you represent, namely the UNC you undoubtedly have to tell lies. And that is exactly what we shall receive on September 8, IF YOUR PARTY WINS THE ELECTION.

  4. One thing I cannot understand as a propective voter.
    The elections of 2010 was fought on the record of the incumbent government and the proposals of the opposition.
    How come in the elections of 2015 we are again trying to make the elections about 2010?
    The government of the day paid a price and was rejected based on its rrecord of governance for the previous 5 (or less) years; Doesn’t the current government have a record it can run on, and not look to prosecute issues that were spoken to and acted on by the electorate five years ago?

  5. One thing I cannot understand as a prospective voter.
    The elections of 2010 was fought on the record of the incumbent government and the proposals of the opposition.
    How come in the elections of 2015 we are again trying to make the elections about 2010?
    The government of the day paid a price and was rejected based on its record of governance for the previous 5 (or less) years; Doesn’t the current government have a record it can run on, and not look to prosecute issues that were spoken to and acted on by the electorate five years ago?

    1. No other government has ever worked as hard for the country than this government.
      This is the track record and note it is the East West Corridor only.

      East west Corridor.
      The following major projects have been done under the PP Government in The East West Corridor:

      1. UWI Costatt Campus – SANGRE GRANDE
      2. New Arima Hospital (under construction) – ARIMA
      3. Completed the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension – ARIMA
      4. New Arima Police Station – ARIMA
      5. Valencia bypass Road VALENCIA
      6. New Walkover – OROPUNE
      7. New Walkover – MALONEY
      8. St. Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist Primary School – MALABAR
      9. Nursing Academy – EL DORADO
      10. Tunapuna Promenade – TUNAPUNA
      11. Upgraded Tunapuna Market – TUNAPUNA
      12. National Tennis Complex (under construction) – TACARIGUA
      13. Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange – GRAND BAZAAR
      14. Completion of the Aranguez Overpass – ARANGUEZ
      15. National Oncology Centre (under construction) – MT. HOPE
      16. Mango Rose Homework Centre – EAST PORT OF SPAIN
      17. Nelson Street Police Post – PORT OF SPAIN
      18. Diego Martin Highway Extension – DIEGO MARTIN
      19. Diego Martin Technology Centre – DIEGO MARTIN
      20. Chaguaramas Boardwalk and Recreation Facility – CHAGUARAMAS
      21. New D’Abadie Bridge (B1/23) – D’ABADIE
      22. New bridge B1/14 Churchill Roosevelt Highway – TRINCITY
      23. Creation of three lanes out of Port of Spain by building a third lane on Bridge at Sea Lots
      24. Creation of Roundabout at Lok Jack School of Business
      25. Repairs to the Blanchicheuese Road improving connection to Asa Wright Nature Center
      26. St Joseph River Bridge being reconstructed
      27. Valencia Stretch repaved along with several sections of Eastern Main Road as well as widening of CR HIghway into three lanes going East
      28. Upgrades to Hollis Main for an improved water supply along corridor
      29. Water projects to expand pipe borne supply 24/7 for all.
      30. Wastewater treatment plants in Matura, Arima, POS
      31. The reconstructed bridge 2/10 Toco Main Road


    2. What an intelligent statement of fact! That is the same question that I have been asking, because the media is behaving as though the Opposition is the government and the Government is in opposition. The government of the day has to answer to the population about their record of governance. The media is trying hard to inform us otherwise and that is dishonest. Let the government speak for itself. Based on the commercials in TV, print and billboards, it would appear that the government is KAMLA. WELL IF THAT IS SO, then why hasn’t she made herself available to face the nation in debates? That is what good leaders do. They make themselves available to any form of questioning to prove their worth. Is Kamla alone going to operate the next government?

    3. Dear On Bended Knee
      That is the point exactly. While I generally support the PNM I was not happy with Patrick Manning,I felt he was about to go down a dangerous road, this nonsense about making himself a president. I felt he needed to go, and at the time Kamla promised to do things differently and practice the politics of inclusion…….I believed her. So I voted for her. So I don’t understand why all this review of the period prior to 2010. The population made a clear decision about Patrick Manning’s administration already

      The only reason for looking back that far, is that the current record cannot be defended.

  6. Perhaps the best achievement by the PP government is the San Fernando to Point Fortin Highway, promised by the PNM since 1961, done by the Government of Mrs Kamla Bissessar. It has opened up much of South Trinidad and has connected Cedros with the capital in away that much of the deep South will appreciate as it will save much time and gas.
    Strange Point Fortin and La Brea are PNM strong holds and it took the People’s partnership to do the job in their first term in office.
    It will be interesting to see how these two constituencies will vote in the elections on September 7th. bearing in mind
    ( surprisingly ) both Mr Rowley and Mr Warner have been flirting with those who do not want the planned Highway.

  7. With four more days to go, all that can be said have been said and I am sure all that can be done is not yet done. There are two aspects of the campaign for this election: One is NEGATIVE AND THE OTHER POSITIVE. The negative got ALL the media attention and is run on radio, TV, print media, social media, posters, billboards and any form of exposure it can get. Ninety percent of such negative is run by the UNC. Ninety Nine percent of the negatives is to portray Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley as bad for the country. Every possible negative image has been put towards him from being too black to be prime minister to one of him being an obeah man. The obeah man one is very curious though! The question is, how does Kamla know that Keith Rowley is an obeah man? There is a saying that “it takes one to know one”. With that in mind, one theory is that she went to her high pundit priests for spiritual help to thwart the rise of Rowley and the spirits from the poojas could not over power Dr. Rowley’s faith. It has often been said that that Tobago’s culture is steeped in African tradition, so with that in mind Kamla went with the ad to project Dr. Rowley as an African obeah man and she as the poor Indian victim. Talking about bas taste?
    This one really eat the cake. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that our elections would come down to commercials on obeah! You could not get anymore negative than that. On the other hand the PNM took their campaign directly to the people. Every space in the media (of whatever kind) has been bought by the UNC (some suggest that it is the money from the treasury). So the only FAIR strategy left is for the PNM to go to the people (and that is what they are doing). They have laid out their plans via the PNM manifesto. The have told the people what their plans are and how they intend to return good governance to the people. The UNC have soaked every available space on TV and the stations have committed themselves to airing in support of the UNC. So fairness from the standpoint of TV does not exist.
    If the PNM wins this battle, the credit will have to go to the intelligence and prowess of Dr. Rowley. He has endured the very worst kinds of attacks anyone can dish out and under it all he maintains his cool and composure. He has laid out sensible plans for what a PNM administration will do under a Rowley government and with the history of PNM policies, fairness and sensibilities will return to government once again. Kamla has stooped to the lowest form of negativity to portray DSr. Rowley as being unfit for Prime Minister BUT Dr. has shown every bit of composure and commonsense why he will make a better Prime Minister than Kamla could EVER be. THUMBS DOWN TO THE NEGATIVE AND A HEARTY WELCOME TO THE POSITIVE!

  8. Vote for Rowley if you think that:
    Statutory rape is acceptable
    Disruptive, wajang-type, angry behavior is acceptable
    Uncontrollable, emotional outbursts in Parliament are acceptable
    Making wild, conspiratorial and unproven email accusations are acceptable
    Making corruption accusations without a shred of evidence is acceptable
    Fabricating lies about the government paying to have him murdered is acceptable
    Arranging clandestine meetings with the head of the Integrity commission is acceptable
    Falsely accusing the government of paying women to implicate him in sexual improprieties is acceptable.
    Making inappropriate sexual advances towards a journalist is acceptable
    Attempting to intimidate a former colleague regarding a relationship with the colleague’s companion is acceptable
    Gyrating lasciviously on a teenager with drink in hand is acceptable
    Consorting and conspiring after his corruption allegations with Jack Warner is acceptable
    Failing as a former Housing minister and being accused of theft is acceptable
    Making loud, angry, inappropriate and public responses to a simple routine request to submit information to a government agency is acceptable

    1. “Shalom.

      “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:43-44)”……this is a quote from one of Yoruba’s blogs. He always makes a relevant quotation from the Bible either in the beginning of sharing his wisdom or on ending it. The relevance of our times is sure indication of the devil being in charge.
      TMan, it takes a disturbed mind and mindset to write those awful description of an important person in a society, knowing that what you are writing is patently FALSE. When Dr. Rowley returns to the Parliament, WHETHER AS Opposition Leader or Prime Minister are you going to hold your breadth
      to the test of claimant to attest to your claim that he is a rapist as you claim; a disruptive person as you claim; uncontrollable with emotional outburst as you claim; making conspirational and unproven accusations as you claim; making charges of corruption with no shred of evidence as you claim; fabricating lies as you claim; arranging clandestine IC meetings as you claim; falsely implicating government pf sexual improprieties as you claim; making inappropriate advances towards women journalists as you claim; attempting to intimidate a former colleague as you claim; gyrating lasciviously on a teenager as you claim etc etc etc. Whether these things emanated from your consciousness or given to you by the narrowly campaign to impugn the character of Dr. Rowley or any other individual is the most dirty minded thought of anyone seeking to control the reins of government. If you can go so low as to impugn the character of your opponent, what else can you do with the powers vested in you as a government? It means that with such powers, no opposition is safe and you are in effect the murderers of DEMOCRACY. Putting the reins of power in there hands of such desperate and lunatic thinkers can ONLY be the work of the devil. IN my blog of September 3rd at 5:33 pm, I stated “With four more days to go, all that can be said have been said and I am sure all that can be done is not yet done.” If there were any doubts of where the devil resides, we know it now when we see his works emanating with the viciousness and evil of words from you and your benefactors to impugn an honorable man. I want to imagine that even with the campaign for election to office some form of decency should prevail, we now know that no such quality exist in the leadership of the UNC. Even Yoruba’s biblical quotations have not reached the fathom of the depth of your disingenuity because EVIL prevails in your quest for power.

      1. Sorry, Kian but these are not my words. I am simply passing on the words of a former PM, the media , some of his colleagues, other parliamentarians. Also, these are real issues. Most have already been proven, while others are to be proven in court cases.

    2. Tman,

      Given the disturbing allegations regarding Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar’s private life, do you really want to tread down this murky path of comparing Dr. Rowley’s personal life with that of Mrs. Persad-Bissessar’s?

      I doubt you really want to go down that path.

      In any case, there are way too many logical inconsistencies in the allegations of sexual impropriety against Dr. Rowley for them to be taken without three pounds of salt. I understand that the People’s Partnership and its supporters are desperate, but please do not eschew logic in the rush for scandalous stories regarding Dr. Rowley.

      As for the accusations against the government in the sexual allegations against him, let’s face it, it is not as outrageous as it may seem. There is a “No Rowley” campaign against the Opposition Leader by a government who endorsed (by desk thumping) Mrs. Vernalla Alleyne-Toppin’s vile and disgraceful assault on Dr. Rowley’s campaign on nothing more than questionable hearsay and rumours. So you cannot get on any moral high horse either.

      As for his “collusion” with Mr. Rowley, please give it a rest. The People’s Partnership (Now the United National Congress) welcomed Mr. Warner into his fold, and it was Dr. Rowley who actually cautioned the government against Mr. Warner in 2012.

      As the Integrity Commission issue, any regime that can suspend a sitting Opposition Leader from Parliament BEFORE an investigation is complete is one that represents a totalitarian threat to the democracy of this country.

      Anyway, if, heaven forbid, this country puts the present government back into power, woe be unto everyone, for this country will slip further and further into a social, political and economic abyss from which it may never escape

  9. “Rowley’s job approval rating currently stands at 49 percent with a disapproval rating of 40 per cent”……….excerpt taken from the NACTA article. Truth is, if this was really a question asked by the pollsters to the public, then we can’t really fault the answers given. Rowley’s job approval as Prime Minister?
    Whom should we really question, the public or the pollster?

    1. Dr.Rowley recently apologized to his constituents that for the last five years he neglected them. Tell me when or if he becomes PM whom shall he then neglect?

  10. Time fo fight back. PNM people, time fo fight back. This is about our life, our freedom, or ability to benefit equally from the resources of our country. Yes, this is time to fight back.

    For five log years we have seen T&T slowly but surely being converted into a Caribbean version of 18th century India where the Lords of the Manor born seek to elevate their status on the backs of the descendants of those who were enslaved in this land. We have seen the manifestations in poignant form, mimicking all of the strategies employed in historical societies with such an agenda. It is time to fight back.

    We come from people who who have always placed themselves in the vanguard of struggles for human and civil rights. Whether it is the United States of America, or these Caribbean Islands, we have never sat in the background and shadows and allowed others to struggle for rights and freedoms that are beneficial to every group. We have never sat in the shadows to await the outcome of the struggles, and to move in to assert our entitlement to rights secured from that struggle. And today it is no different.

    It is time to fight back because for the past five years there has been a deliberate effort by some to shape this twin Island Republic into something that is horrible. It is time to fight back, so wake your neighbor and tell them. Call your sister and tell her. Turn to the people in the pews at church ate tell them. Tell them it is time to fight back, and they must not allow the little eichmen to guilt them into accepting the status of dalits.

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