Why the PNM Will Win the Election

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
September 01, 2015

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeOn March 3, 2014, I predicted “Keith Rowley will emerge victorious during the PNM’s party elections and go on to become the next prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago” (Express). Everything that has transpired since (including his winning PNM party’s election) has persuaded me of the certainty of my prediction. One week before Trinidadians and Tobagonians go to the polls I can confidently assert the PNM will win at least 26 of the 41 constituencies it is contesting.

I predict such a victory in light of the fact that UNC has disintegrated completely as a party. It has betrayed the trust of its constituents and degenerated into a shameless one-womanism that has no place in our democracy. It has insulted the intelligence of our people and demonstrated an ignorance of the inner logic of the mindset of its citizens who are amongst the most intellectually sophisticated people in the world.

Although the People’s Partnership (PP) started out in a democratic direction (the prime minister did not retreat into a room to select her ministers after the PP won the election), its actions quickly contradicted its rhetoric. From the inception it placed unqualified people into important positions (remember Bodyguard’s “False Paper”) and made racial preference, to the detriment of African people, its modus operandi. Finally, it began to treat all of us as though we are fools.

Then there were the numerous scandals. One only has to cite Section 34, $30 million dollars given for work not performed, the wholesale arrest of black men on the pretense they had broken state of emergency laws, an obscene amount of money paid to lawyers by the former attorney general, and so on. Nothing, however, seemed as horrendous as the prime minister hiring a junior officer (a telephone operator) to head the Special Intelligence Agency.

As the party degenerated, the prime minister continued to take her trips abroad. She chartered a 154-seat aircraft at a cost of $500,000 to visit Brazil. In January 2012, she took a 100-person delegation to India that cost taxpayers approximately $733,000 in spite of assurances the trip was paid for by the Indian government. She never seemed to be at home.

The coalition that emerged in 2010 could not stand her constant absences, her protocol blunders and her disorganization. It quickly dissolved into a one-woman directorate that transformed into Ma Kamla and evolved into KAMLA 2015. The disarray got so bad that in 2015 the party could not even select its candidates in an orderly fashion, several of whom were named and re-named on the same day. This disarray is revealed in the feeble crowds that attend UNC public meetings when they can mount one. How they miss Jack!

Such a downward spiral returns the party to where it was in 1956 when the core of the Democratic Labor Party, the predecessor of the UNC, consisted mainly of Hindu activists. Although Basdeo Panday expanded UNC to include labor and other progressive forces, under Kamla a small group of Hindu extremists, taking its inspiration from the Bharatiya Janata Party in India, captured the party. Hindutva seems to be its rallying cry.

Anyone hearing the cries of Gypsy, Dave Persad, Inshan Ishmael, or the dissident members of COP can only conclude UNC has lost its way and ended up in the clutches of a narrow, partisan minority. Such a shameful internal coup d’état pushed Muslims and other dissenting elements of the party into closer political association with the PNM, a formula that ensured PNM’s victory in 1956 and 1961.

There is no doubt the hostile, recalcitrant minority within the UNC has pushed the party to an extremism that is inconsistent with the progressive democratic tradition of Trinidadians and Tobagonians. In one of his blogs, Eugene Reynald captured the essence of this tendency when he said: “The party has moved from the PP to the UNC to a cult around Kamla.”

Trinidadians and Tobagonians, in their wisdom, have repudiated all forms of cultism, egocentrism, and racial dogmatism. Our society moves forward when politicians transcend racial and religious boundaries and appeal to our better nature. We are a peace-loving, fun-seeking, and democratic-oriented people. This is why, on September 7, the people will reject Kamla Persad Bissessar and her party as they proclaim joyfully, “Bye, bye, Kamla, bye, bye.”

On September 8, we will welcome our new prime minister: Keith Christopher Rowley.

50 thoughts on “Why the PNM Will Win the Election”

  1. I can see the PNM winning 2 seats in Tobago bringing them up to 14. But where are they going to win an additional 12 seats to bring home the 26??? Surely the goodly professor must have been dreaming when he made such a bold prediction. But this is what happens when you are a part time Trini.
    The PNM may secure another 4 seats in Trinidad bringing them up to 18 but I can’t see them passing beyond that under Keith Christopher Rowley. The man who wants to be Anika’s bareback body guard. Who used words like cyat, suck on her nipples, Le Courteau, Payton place etc. Such vulgarity may appeal to the die hards in the PNM but is frown upon by others.

    As for Inshan Ishmael he speaks for no one but himself. The Partnership have the support of the Muslim community. Just going by name recognition there is Fazal, Raziah, Newallo-Hosein, Faud,
    Khadijah Amin…. All hard working people. Inshan has declared himself as a “jihadist” and as such he has adopted the India/Pakistan model, meaning he hate anyone resembling a Hindu. That world view was lost to the 6% Muslims living in TNT a long time ago. But with PNM hate funding he is trying to revive it. As for the chief UNC rejects Dave Persad and Winston Gypsy Peters, they were never really UNC. Even toilet mouth Dave Persad admitted as much.

    Unlike the prof diatribe article filled with misinformation, Manning holds the record for frequent flyer even having a jet to travel all over, one year alone he travelled 19 times. The prof choose to ignore polls that show that Kamla is a unifier par excellence. People don’t see Rowley as PM because he has no vision no plan for the future, the PNM is a tribal party never going beyond the 285,000 votes and have only won when the other party has been divided. Today serious inroads are being made in their territory.

    And it remains to be seen but I disagree with the prof on the final result, Kamla has beaten Panday, Manning, got rid of Warner and now licks for Rowley.

    1. Mamoo, I will hold you accountable for this remark come September 8, 2015 and I do hope you have a good answer…… “People don’t see Rowley as PM because he has no vision no plan for the future, the PNM is a tribal party never going beyond the 285,000 votes “. You are not the only one who have made that statement, so next week we will see how informed you are on important facts.

      1. Reginald, a wish is described as a “feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable”. If my statement to which you replied, was a statement of a ‘wish’, then my comprehension is totally misunderstood by you. My statement was simply holding Mamoo to his statement – no more, no less. While I invite criticism, it is more important to be understood.

    2. Mambo how can PNM be a tribal political party when many of their voters shifted on many occasions remember 33-3 even 2010 supported the PP ,your projections are false inaccurate and outright racist what makes the PNM Great their ability to regenerate while others political party died?to your amazement UNC is a Hindu base party as they trying for years to diverse but to no success has form political parthers,is not 2010 UNC can’t roll back the clock vast majority of the population waited to get rid of this corrupt government,trying to manipulate the facts in UNC favor can only fool the political delinquents.Dr Cudjoe is right with his predictions.

      1. PP List of Candidates.
        23 Non Indians.
        14 Sure to Win their seats.

        1. Arima – Mr Rodger Samuel (COP)

        2. Arouca/Maloney – Mr Wendell Eversley (COP)

        3. Barataria/San Juan – Mr Fuad Khan (UNC)

        4. Caroni Central – Mr Bhoendradatt Tewari (UNC)

        5. Caroni East – Mr Tim Gopeesingh (UNC)

        6. Chaguanas East – Mr Fazal Karim (UNC)

        7. Chaguanas West – Mr Ganga Singh (UNC)

        8. Couva North – Ms Ramona Ramdial (UNC)

        9. Couva South – Mr Rudranath Indarsingh (UNC)

        10. Cumuto/Manzanilla – Ms Christine Newallo Hosein (UNC)

        11. D’Abadie/O’Meara – Ms Patricia Cedeno-Metivier (COP)

        12. Diego Martin Central – Mr Embau Moheni (NJAC)

        13. Diego Martin North/East – Mr Garvin Nicholas (UNC)

        14. Diego Martin West – Ms Avonelle Hector (COP)

        15. Fyzabad – Mr Lakram Bodoe (UNC)

        16. La Brea – Mr Ramesh Ramnanan (UNC)

        17. La Horquetta/Talparo – Mr Jairam Seemungal (UNC)

        18. Laventille East/Morvant – Ms Cathy Ann Francis (NJAC)

        19. Laventille West – Mr Malcolm Kernahan (NJAC)

        20. Lopinot/Bon Air West – Mr Lincoln Douglas (COP)

        21. Mayaro – Mr Rushton Paray (UNC)

        22. Moruga/Tableland – Mr Clifton De Coteau (UNC)

        23. Naparima – Mr Rodney Charles (UNC)

        24. Oropouche East – Mr Roodal Moonilal (UNC)

        25. Oropouche West – Ms Vidya Guyadeen-Gopeesingh (UNC)

        26. Pt Fortin – Mr Ravi Ratirram (UNC)

        27. Pointe-à-Pierre – Mr David Lee (UNC)

        28. Port-of-Spain North/St Ann’s West – Mr Eli Zakour (UNC)

        29. Port-of-Spain South – Mr Cleveland Garcia (COP)

        30. Princes Town – Mr Barry Padarath

        31. San Fernando East – Ms Ashaki Scott (COP)

        32. San Fernando West – Ms Raziah Ahmed (UNC)

        33. Siparia – Ms Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNC)

        34. St Ann’s East – Mr Don Sylvester (UNC)

        35. St Augustine – Mr Prakash Ramadhar (COP)

        36. St Joseph – Mr Vasant Bharath (UNC)

        37. Tabaquite – Mr Suruj Rambachan (UNC)

        38. Tobago East – Mr Joseph Frederick (TOP)

        39. Tobago West – Ms Natasha Second (TOP)

        40. Toco/Sangre Grande – Mr Brent Sancho (UNC)

        41. Tunapuna – Mr Wayne Munroe (UNC)

        How is the PP a Hindu based Party? You pnmites are a piece of work!


        2. 23 Non Indians.
          14 Sure to Win their seats.

          1. Arima – Mr Rodger Samuel (COP)LOSS

          2. Arouca/Maloney – Mr Wendell Eversley (COP)LOSS

          3. Barataria/San Juan – Mr Fuad Khan (UNC)WIN INDO

          4. Caroni Central – Mr Bhoendradatt Tewari (UNC)WIN INDO

          5. Caroni East – Mr Tim Gopeesingh (UNC)WIN INDO

          6. Chaguanas East – Mr Fazal Karim (UNC)WIN INDO

          7. Chaguanas West – Mr Ganga Singh (UNC)WIN INDO

          8. Couva North – Ms Ramona Ramdial (UNC)WIN INDO

          9. Couva South – Mr Rudranath Indarsingh (UNC)WIN INDO

          10. Cumuto/Manzanilla – Ms Christine Newallo Hosein (UNC)WIN INDO MIXED

          11. D’Abadie/O’Meara – Ms Patricia Cedeno-Metivier (COP)LOSS

          12. Diego Martin Central – Mr Embau Moheni (NJAC)LOSS

          13. Diego Martin North/East – Mr Garvin Nicholas (UNC)LOSS

          14. Diego Martin West – Ms Avonelle Hector (COP)LOSS

          15. Fyzabad – Mr Lakram Bodoe (UNC) WIN INDO

          16. La Brea – Mr Ramesh Ramnanan (UNC)LOSS

          17. La Horquetta/Talparo – Mr Jairam Seemungal (UNC)LOSS

          18. Laventille East/Morvant – Ms Cathy Ann Francis (NJAC)LOSS

          19. Laventille West – Mr Malcolm Kernahan (NJAC)LOSS

          20. Lopinot/Bon Air West – Mr Lincoln Douglas (COP)LOSS

          21. Mayaro – Mr Rushton Paray (UNC)WIN INDO

          22. Moruga/Tableland – Mr Clifton De Coteau (UNC)LOSS

          23. Naparima – Mr Rodney Charles (UNC)WIN INDO HEAD

          24. Oropouche East – Mr Roodal Moonilal (UNC)WIN INDO

          25. Oropouche West – Ms Vidya Guyadeen-Gopeesingh (UNC) WIN INDO

          26. Pt Fortin – Mr Ravi Ratirram (UNC) LOSS

          27. Pointe-à-Pierre – Mr David Lee (UNC) WIN MIXED

          28. Port-of-Spain North/St Ann’s West – Mr Eli Zakour (UNC)LOSS

          29. Port-of-Spain South – Mr Cleveland Garcia (COP)LOSS

          30. Princes Town – Mr Barry Padarath WIN INDO

          31. San Fernando East – Ms Ashaki Scott (COP)LOSS

          32. San Fernando West – Ms Raziah Ahmed (UNC) LOSS

          33. Siparia – Ms Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNC) WIN INDO

          34. St Ann’s East – Mr Don Sylvester (UNC)LOSS

          35. St Augustine – Mr Prakash Ramadhar (COP)WIN INDO

          36. St Joseph – Mr Vasant Bharath (UNC)LOSS

          37. Tabaquite – Mr Suruj Rambachan (UNC)WIN INDO

          38. Tobago East – Mr Joseph Frederick (TOP)LOSS

          39. Tobago West – Ms Natasha Second (TOP)LOSS

          40. Toco/Sangre Grande – Mr Brent Sancho (UNC)LOSS

          41. Tunapuna – Mr Wayne Munroe (UNC)LOSS


      2. Part time Trini or not his predictions are based on fact in a few hours we will all be enlightened by what the voters have to say #bostoncarnivalvillage

  2. “Moonilal who is Housing Minister and the UNC’s candidate for Oropouche East told Newsday yesterday that Taylor, a former PNM MP for Moruga/Tableland is an attorney by training and had made very serious allegations regarding misconduct in public office against Rowley, in a letter Taylor sent to the Opposition leader. In addition, Moonilal also called for an immediate police investigation into Taylor’s claims. The Sunday Newsday reported exclusively on Taylor’s letter, in which he accused Rowley of making advances to his (Taylor) close female friend and meddling in his relationship with her.” Newsday.

    People within the PM exposing the fraud Rowley. Voting for this womanizer will be a huge mistake. He is the sort of fellow who don’t take no for an answer.

  3. Even the pollsters have not been brave enough to make such a prediction. I believe that Cudjoe has attained his primary objectives here and that is to motivate the PNM voters to turn out, to separate the Muslims from the Hindus by instigating a conflict, to summon up and revive the racial conflict and to appeal to the Indian Christians to abandon Kamla.
    These strategies have worked many times before for the PNM and it is possible they can work again, because the people of T&T are not as intellectually savvy as Cudjoe gives them credit for.
    And yes, it is possible for the PNM to win with approx 285,000 votes. They have done it before when those opposed to the PNM were not disgruntled enough to go to the polls. The success of the PP depends on making sure that their supporters go to the polls. The big question is: are they motivated enough to re-elect Kamls?
    Victory for the PP will be a struggle, especially without the support of Tobago. The anti-Hindu cabal campaign and argument as presented by Cudjoe and others has been so strong that many of us non-Hindus have reflected on our allegiance to the PP.
    The over powering fact in all of this is that Rowley is not prime ministerial material, a sober discovery revealed and proven numerous times by Manning himself and the questionable conduct and lack of abilities by Rowley himself. If we have to accept him as PM, we will give him a fair chance.

  4. “Trinadians and Tobagonians, in their wisdom, have repudiated all forms of cultism, egocentrism, and racial dogmatism. Our society moves forward when politicians transcend racial and religious boundaries”.(CUDJOE)

    The problem with view as presented by Cudjoe is that the PNM is running a campaign of a return to control of government, culture and institutions by pushing a pro- African agenda.
    Once again, the population distribution of T&T cannot be denied. The presence of Indians as the highest minority group is a reality, which is not disappearing anytime soon.

    1. “The problem with view as presented by Cudjoe is that the PNM is running a campaign of a return to control of government, culture and institutions by pushing a pro- African agenda.”

      Which part of the PNM campaign hints towards what you have alleged? What on earth is a “pro-African agenda”? In fact in my entire life in Trinidad and Tobago, I have never viewed evidence of any such thing when the PNM held on to the reins of power. In fact, EVERYONE, who wanted to succeed in this country, did so. The Indo-Trinbagonian community in our country has been in a position of economic dominance for quite a long time. The majorty of doctors, lawyers and engineers are of East Indian descent and Indo-Trinbagonian doctors make up the majority of the staff at our medical institutions.

      Hence, there is nothing in PNM’s past to suggest that they will pursue a “pro-African agenda” in the present. What I will put to you is that if YOU want to promote a racially divisive agenda, please stop projecting your racial biases onto the PNM and at least have the courage to do so.

      At least I can respect Mr. Sat Maharaj. He has made no apologies about being pro-Indian in his philosophical bent, as repugnant and distasteful as his politics may seem.

      I strongly doubt that you truly believe what you are saying about the PNM and a pro-African agenda. Please stop with the semantic misdirection and projections of anti-social behaviour onto the People’s National Movement.

      Your arguments are completely without merit, fallacious, mischievous and dishonest.

      1. Are you commenting from the USA or from the streets of Port Of Spain?
        The pro-African agenda is alive and well.It is a reaction to the belief, as emphasized by Cudjoe, that the PP
        “made racial preference, to the detriment of African people, its modus operandi. Finally, it began to treat all of us as though we are fools”.
        What we are witnessing is a direct reaction to this belief among the African population. The jury is out on whether this reaction is justified or not.
        Even those of African descent, who did not support the PP in 2010 are claiming that they did in order to persuade others and justify their criticisms and accusations of discrimination against Africans.

        1. I have long left the USA and have travelled extensively throughout T&T. Dr Cudjoe is most likely reacting to what he believes is ethnic biases in hiring practices by the present government.

          It does not necessarily follow that Dr Cudjoe is promoting a “pro-African agenda”; rather a more logical conclusion from the statement that you quoted is that Dr Cudjoe is expressing a desire for more equity in hiring practices by the government.

          Again,I have observed intellectually dishonest reasoning from you.

          Please stop hiding behind fears of ethnic victimisation by the PNM

          1. I do not think that a PNM government will victimize anyone. They will simply do exactly what the PP has done, replace political appointees with their own supporters, who happen to be mostly African and fill positions with their own members who also happen to be African.
            Then the cries of discrimination will begin from the opposing camp, just as loudly as the present PNM howls of discrimination…..and then carnival will come.

          2. 14 Indians and not one of them in a sure seat.

            1. Anthony Garcia-Arima-Councillor/Deputy Mayor

            2. Camille Robinson Regis-Arouca/Maloney-Attorney-at-Law
            3. Hafeez Ali-Barataria/San Juan-Commercial Pilot
            4. Sara Budhu-Caroni East-Purchasing Manager/School Teacher
            5. Avinash Singh-Caroni Central-Former Senator/Farmer
            6. Parbatee Helen Maharaj-Chaguanas East-Guidance Officer 1
            7. Abbegail Nandalal-Chaguanas West-Microbiologist
            8. Richard Ragoonanan-CouvaNorth-Teacher
            9. Alif Mohammed-Couva South-Councillor/Barber
            10. Bharath Barry Lochan-Cumuto/Manzanilla-Councillor/Retired Police Officer
            11. Ancil Antoine-D’Abadie/O’Meara-Retired Military Officer
            12. Darryl Smith-Diego Martin Central-Businessman/Chairman Diego Martin Regional Corporation
            13. Colm Imbert-Diego Martin North/East-Engineer/Politician
            14. Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley-Diego Martin West-Geologist/Leader of the Opposition/Political Leader
            15. Marsha Bailey-Fyzabad-Part-Time Lecturer
            16. Nicole Olivierre-La Brea-Assistant Manager
            17. Maxie Cuffie-La Horquetta/Talparo-Media Consultant
            18. Adrian Leonce-Laventille East/Morvant-Engineer
            19. Fitzgerald Hinds-Laventille West-Attorney-at-Law/Senator
            20. Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn-Lopinot Bon Air West-Human Resource Executive
            21. Clarence Rambharat-Mayaro-Lawyer/University Lecturer/Writer
            22. Dr. Lovell Francis-Moruga/Tableland-Lecturer
            23. Dons Waithe-Naparima-Attorney-at-Law
            24. Terry Jadoonanan-Oropouche East-Chief Executive Officer
            25. Clifford Rambharose-Oropouche West-Managing Director
            26. Edmund Dillon-Point Fortin-Retired Major General
            27. Neil Mohammed-Pointe-a-Pierre-Business Executive
            28. Stuart Young-POS North/St Ann’s West-Barrister-at- Law/Temporary Senator
            29. Marlene Mc Donald-Port of Spain South-Attorney-at-Law/Former Member of Parliament
            30. Nikoleiskai Ali-Princes Town-Strategic & Project Manager
            31. Randall Mitchell-San Fernando East-Attorney-at-Law/Company Director
            32. Faris Al-Rawi-San Fernando West-Attorney-at-Law/ Former Senator
            33. Vidya Deokiesingh-Siparia-Hospitality Officer
            34. Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly-St. Ann’s East-Senior Lecturer
            35. Alisha Romano-St Augustine-Director and Operations Manager
            36. Terrence Deyalsingh-St Joseph-Attorney-at-Law/Former Member of Parliament/Senator
            37. Kevin Chan-Tabaquite-Field Operations Supervisor
            38. Ayanna Webster-Roy-Tobago East-Community Development Coordinator
            39. Shamfa Cudjoe-Tobago West-Assistant Director /Senator
            40. Glenda Jennings-Smith-Toco/Sangre Grande-Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police
            41. Esmond Forde-Tunapuna-Councillor
            people’s national movement
            general elections

  5. “Such a downward spiral returns the party to where it was in 1956 when the core of the Democratic Labor Party, the predecessor of the UNC, consisted mainly of Hindu activists. Although Basdeo Panday expanded UNC to include labor and other progressive forces, under Kamla a small group of Hindu extremists, taking its inspiration from the Bharatiya Janata Party in India, captured the party. Hindutva seems to be its rallying cry.”Cudjoe

    What a load bull p**.
    —“Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar made the announcement at a media appreciation function at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s on Thursday night.
    “I want to share with you that…, the Cabinet approved a sum of $55 million to be distributed to the churches in Trinidad and Tobago for the benefit of the Christian community and indeed for all those of our land as we celebrate a most generous giving and holy time,” Persad-Bissessar said. “Newsday.
    –Sept.3rd 2012
    AFTER more than a decade of waiting the Spiritual Shouter Baptist community yesterday celebrated the opening of their very first school—the St Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist.
    —The UNC is the party for labour over 120 collective bargaining agreement settled. The PNM don’t give a damn about labour.
    —it is disingenuous to suggest that Hinduvta is here. Look at work done in Rowley constituency alone. The PNM never gave rural areas anything. They were the ones practicing racism.
    This is Rowley Constituency alone. Does this look like a party that discriminated?
    Carenage Health Centre
    Bagatelle – Blue Basin Police Youth Club
    St Peter’s RC Primary, former the Pt Cumana Primary,
    Alickson Gardens Petit Valley
    Church Street, Petit Valley
    Cunin Terrace, Petit Valley
    Dhalia Walk, Dorrington Gardens
    Dorrington Gardens
    Du Bois Terrace, Petit Valley
    Rockdale Road
    School Street, Petit Valley
    Solomon Terrace, Beau Pres Road
    Spring Walk, Dorrington Gardens
    Superville Quarry Road
    Team Drive, Petit Valley
    Telokee Drive
    Unity Street Beau Pres Road
    Diego Martin Highway
    Rehabilitated road La Puerta, Diego Martin
    Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin-West Moorings
    Road Rehabilitation Imbert Circular, Diego Martin
    Diego Martin Lay By and the La Puerta Roadworks Project
    Cacao Road Extension Paramin
    Fatima Road, Paramin
    Morne Roche Road, Paramin, Drainage

    I want to believe this part time Trini prof has not been following the news. In India no extremist will give the churches a penny. They would rather kill Christians. Kamla has given and supported the churches MORE than any previous Prime Minister. This article receives a –F.

  6. To deny that this UNC government under the leadership of Kamla Persad Bissessar has been and continues to be Hindutva based is
    denial in its ultimate form. For those unfamiliar with the term hindutva, it means “an ideology seeking to establish the hegemony of Hindus and the Hindu way of life”. Chief amongst its protagonist is no other than Sat Maharaj. He has also been Kamla’s guru and chief pundit and religious advisor. He has never been shy in promoting Kamla’s leadership from a hindu standpoint and damned anyone who crosses her path. The so-called cabal consists of hindustani stalwarts like Rambachan, Anand Ramlogan, Gopeesingh, Sharma, Bhoe Tewarie, Vasant Bharath and many deeply associated with the hindu religion in Trinidad. ninety percent of their appointments have been and continues to be hindu. To deny the premise of hindutva is to lie in the face of reality. This is not to be confused with the advocation of practicing the hindu religion and it is NOT an assault on the hindu. What is being addressed here is the advocacy of hindu hegemony which is vastly different from the religious practice of hinduism. As Prime Minister there are serious questions for her to answer personally. The marijuana found on her premises is a serious case of lawlessness. The issue of bribery of $8.3M taken from Ish and Steve is also serious. Her private lifestyle is in question. As everyone knows, there are different accounts of her lifestyle, questioning her sexuality and morality of purpose. Names have been called and are well known in respect of
    her behaviour in private and public life. The truth is that Trinidad and Tobago have not advanced internationally since she took the reins of leadership of this country. As a matter of fact, the most highly promoted knowledgeable members of her administration for international postings are Winston Dookeran, Bhoe Tewarie, Hamid Ghany and most recently Rodney Charles, have been failures outside of this country, save for Winston Dookeran. He is a decent man and deserves better than serving this corrupt and deceitful government. The international community has rejected Hamid Ghany to serve as general secretary of the African Caribbean community of nations. Bhoe Tewarie was likewise rejected by the regional nations to serve as secretary of the OAS. Rodney Charles, whilst representing this country at the United Nations have been condemned by every country for being in the company and have dinner with the outlawed faction of the racist party of France. Kamla herself, as leader of Caricom has been ineffective and condemned because she possess no real leadership qualities outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Her most famous faux pas being her warning to Caricom members “Trinidad is not an ATM”. A leader is a leader wherever he or she goes. If she has shown weak and ineffective leadership outside of Trinidad, there is nothing to prove that she has in fact shown leadership in Trinidad either. As a matter of fact most believe that it is the hindutva cabal that are really running the government, not her. Those are the facts as we know them to be.

  7. Not sure if Cudjoe is right. But for the sake of T&T, I pray that he is.
    Elections and their Results being inanimate, this sort of an autopsy should be compulsory on the part of the so many Political Pundits in that Island.

  8. Cudjoe PNM newst sniper.
    The fact that Dr. Cudjoe has to pen an article like this is directly related to the meeting of the PNM top brass last weekend where they discussed the party’s decling support as reflected from their internal polls.
    Note the chords that Dr Cudjoe strikes to rally the PNM base:
    1.Racist comments re: trips to India , Cabal etc meant to stir the PNM Afro base.
    2. Comments on the Hindus in the UNC and Hindutva cabal , plus comments on Muslims to stir Muslims to vote or return to the PNM fold.
    3. Feeble crowds, an attempt to motivate the base, and lend some credibilty to his comments and have the UNC base in the marginals rethink their vote.
    4. A rehasing of JAck Wrner’s accusations to permeate the Afro Trini base to revert to their tribal roots the PNM.
    Conclusion: the timing of the article is really a good sign to the UNC and the PP. It confirms that the PNM is under pressure and it has to bring out its tribal and racist rants to stimulate its base.
    Unfortunately, the elctorate has risen above such base strategy and look at performance, the provision of goods and services, and Leadership styles. Dr. Rowley has displayed poor judgement, his latest gaffes, the cost of the Admin Bldgs plus the disgusting rape by umbrella commnent. His actions are uncouth and unbecoming of one seeking to represent our republic. But then I repeat what Dr. Cudjo already knows, however he has to rally the base, and push for the cause. I am sure after the election he would sing a different song, when the PNM fails to wrest power.

    1. Your analysis is right on target, TriniCan.
      This strategy has worked many times before for the PNM and Cudjoe knows that.
      Is it going to work this time?

    2. The meeting that the UNC claims the PNM had via Trinileaks but never had?
      As we speak, Kamla is holding her only political meeting for the campaign in Tobago – at Rovanel’s Resort. It’s at the ballroom. Free food. And there are only 31 people present.

    3. 68 Reasons why not vote for the PNM:Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010
      1. Nepotism, Patrick Manning making his wife Hazel Manning a Minister
      2. Planting Missiles and Cocaine in MP Sadiq Baksh Water Tank
      3. Granting Brian Manning a Gun License in 24 hours and disregarding all rules and procedures
      4. Giving Brian Manning $9 million for a basketball competition ……(Has it start yet?)
      5. The scandal and embarrassment of the $2 million legacy flag
      6. $50 million dollars Boat that never Float
      7. $45 million secret skullarship fund
      8. John Rahael as Minister of Agriculture lease a house and parcel of land belonging to Caroni 1975 Ltd. To his sister
      9. John Rahael as Minister of Health give his sons the contract to provide drugs for the CDAP programme
      10. Penelope Beckles father got CEPEP contracts while she was an MP
      68 Reasons why not vote for the PNM:
      Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010
      11. Barry Sinanan law firm get government briefs while he was speaker of the house
      12. Patrick Manning rented a house from Lenny Saith brother for $38,000 per month while the Palace was building
      13. Jerry Narace Company got the contract to provide insurance for T&TEC
      14. Kerwyn Garcia, husband of Christine Kangaloo, gets $530,000.brief from government
      15. PNM Chairman Franklyn Khan wife get a $60 million contract days before the 2010 election
      16. $5 million worth of materials from the Tobago Hospital went to develop Dr. Keith Rowley wife private project
      17. Robinson-Regis husband $50,000 per month job at WASA
      18. Tobago Hospital going from $136 million to over $800 million in overrun
      19. Tarouba Stadium going from $275 million to over $1 billion in overrun
      20. Patrick Manning call to the Marabella Police Station demanding his driver be released
      …Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010
      21. Cocaine found in diplomatic pouch
      22. Patrick Manning $240 million Palace with $3 million drapes
      23. Calder Hart$368 million contract to his brother-in-law
      24. $2 billion summit of no return
      25. Camille Robinson-Regis credit card scandal
      26. Maco Manning SIA spying on law abiding citizen
      27. $650 million incomplete Legal Affairs Tower
      28. $700 million incomplete Chancery Lane Complex
      29. $500 million incomplete South Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)
      30. $576Million Rapid Rail feasibility study scandal
      Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010
      31. Dustbin Terrorist a.k.a Mr. Big still at large
      32. Bombardier jet joyride
      33. A condo for the Profitess/Prophetess at UTT
      34. $30 million mystery Guanapo church
      35. $30 Million Bamboo Networks Scandal
      36. EMBD Chairman Uthara Rao using $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for sexual harassment claims
      37. Manning/Bakr Land Deal for Election support
      38. Manning giving CJ Sat Sharma an ultimatum to “resign or else”
      39. Former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil Scandalous $110 million HMB Shares
      40. T&TEC Street Lighting Scandal
      …Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010
      41. $1.8 billion overrun on Waterfront Project
      42. John Rahael connected to the Monos Island drug bust
      43. Karen Nunez-Tesheira conflict of interest when she withdrew her monies from CLICO
      44. Udecott Calder Hart scandal
      45. Patrick Manning bolting into a Radio Station demanding 2 announcers be fired
      46. Petrotrin $12 billion world GTL, Scandal
      47. Making former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project
      48. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP
      49. $50 Million Blimp that always Limp
      50. $500,000 Skullarship grant to Louis Lee Sing daughter-in-law, Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing
      Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-20
      51. Radio License for Louis Lee Sing in 24 hours
      52. $55,000 bribery to the former occupants of the Guanapo Church Land
      53. Cleaver Heights $10 million attempted fraud
      54. Patrick Manning calling Tobago Police Station and ordering 4 Bajan fishermen be released
      55. Discrimination against Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon and Harridath Mahara
      56. Discrimination against the Maha Saba Radio License
      57. Rushed to bailout their financier CLICO with billions of taxpayers money
      58. “Female” Minister calling the Point Fortin Police Station demanding her son be released after he was caught in a drug bust with 2 Venezuelans
      59. Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit
      60. $126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal..68 Reasons why not vote for the PNM:Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-20

      61. Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex—$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay;
      62. Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers—$300 million over-budget
      63. Ministry of Education Towers—$300 million over budget
      64. NAPA (PoS)—$234 million over-budget
      65. NAPA (San Fernando)—$238 million over-budget
      66. Beverly Hills Housing—$106 million over-budget
      67. Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)
      68. Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal

  9. PNM will win the election by at least 26 seats. COP can only win 2, NJAC and TOP will be winless. UNC will only win 14 or less. And this depends on ILP splitting the vote in the safe seat UNC areas like COP did in the run up to the 2007 election where UNC lost in these same areas. UNC will loss on bad governance, money grabbing interlectuals in the party caucus who has absolutely little experience even in their own core professions far more to be in a position to run a country’s affairs. Everyone is well aware the country is most divided due to race; thanks to the UNC 2010-2015 policies in government since 2010 (WE TIME COME). And then what followed was a grab for the treasury with all the drunkeness they could muster. POWER DOES CORRUPT. NOW WE MUST BE ON THE RIGHT END OF OUR LEARNING CURVE WHEN WE GO TO STAIN OUR FINGERS ON THE 7th SEPTEMBER 2015. YES T&T SAY YES TO A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT. LETS PUT THE UNC like THE ULF and THE DLP in the political cemetery.

  10. Those who say the partnership has governed badly surely biased or blind. Such folks delude themselves into thinking they speak for intelligent people. I am confident PNM will lose cause it is they who divide this multi cultural society with race, intimidation and lies. Hopefully, there are enough intelligent (I am not saying educated cause plenty of them who say they are educated are just regurgitators) to move past race, lies, propaganda and stupidity and vote this government back in power to continue moving this nation forward.


  11. Friend,

    Election day is Monday.
    We need every supporter to get to the polls to help re-elect Kamla, so Trinidad and Tobago can continue moving forward to a better future.
    Find your polling station, and then send this email to your family and friends.

    This election is crucial. Kamla has a plan for a better future that will deliver a strong economy: more jobs, safer streets, and better homes, schools, healthcare and roads.
    Please ensure her re-election as Prime Minister by making sure you vote on Monday:
    Thank you for your support,
    Team Kamla

  12. Dear Readers,

    I do agree with everything that Mr. Cudjoe say’s, however I do not agree on the election results, I am predicting 31 for the PNM and 10 for the UNC.




  15. Never in the history of an independent T&T have I ever called a election result wrong. So, having looked astutely at some key issues such as leadership, economy, crime, road congestion issues, corruption, waste, arrogance, ideas, plans or lack thereof, I have come to an informed conclusion that Rowley is indeed the PM in waiting, but he’ll be waiting for a very long time. He is not resistant to stress, blows hot air more fiercely than a steam engine, and lacks the tensile strength of tough metal. He is not Prime Minister material and close though the race will be, Kamla will retain power.

    1. Hahahahah. One thing is certain. We need to wipe racism and racial selection off the face of a dougla tnt

  16. Mamoo assertion that the PNM is a tribal party is akin to David Duke claiming that the Democratic party is tribal party. These cultural racist always attempt to pawn their nasty traits off on others. But since he brought this up, let us explore the probability of which party, the UNC or the PNM, based on the cultural history of their base constituents, are more liable to be tribal.

    The UNC is mostly supported by Indians, whose religion and culture is historically linked with beliefs in the superiority and inferiority of human groups. The PNM is mostly supported by Africans, who come from a history with absolutely no such religious or cultural beliefs. In fact they are predominantly in a religion which preaches peace and love for humanity. More importantly, their character and behavior all across the globe and in history, has been one where they chose forgiveness over revenge for the most awful ordeals they have experienced because
    of their race.

    So based on the cultural history of these two constituent groups, which party is more likely to be tribal. Let us see. The majority population in the Commonwealth Caribbean is African. It they were tribal Indians would not have been able to enjoy the wealth they have, obviously. Go anywhere, and compare how black are treated under majority Indian populations and government, and vice versa. Go to the US, and examine how black people fought and died for rights that are enjoyed lavishly by dark skinned and light skinned Indians today, and note how despite the fact that they had no significant contribute to this struggle, they still exhibit the most odious form of racism against African Americans.

    So Mamoo is like all of those narrow assed racist who seek to project their inherent cultural traits off on black people. Tribalism in the context of Politics in this modern world is based in racial or ethnic location. And racism located among those with cultural and religious beliefs that they are superior to others. That has no connection with black people, it is connected to Mamoo and his tribe. So he can yelp all he wants, the fact is, history and cultural practices proves him wrong, and in fact indicts him with same brush he uses to paint Africans.

    The problem with have is that we tend to be reticient in our response to people like mamoo and TMAN. David Duke did not find affinity with black people, he found affinity with the racist system in India. When we allow people like Mamoo to pawn his history and cultural negativities off upon us we do a disservice to our ancestors, and I will never do that. In fact I will use the sword of historical facts to skewer him to the bone.

    Nazism and India India has had a long association, so wnyone with roots there pointing others and yelling tribal need to look in the mirror. Here is why.

    Among the most interesting and perplexing aspects of the Nazi regime was its connection to India and Hinduism. Indeed, Hitler took the most prominent symbol of ancient India — the swastika — as his own.

    The link between Nazi Germany and ancient India, however, goes deeper than the swastika symbol. The Nazis venerated the notion of a “pure, noble Aryan race,” who are believed to have invaded India thousands of years ago and established a society based on a rigid social structure, or castes.

    While scholars in India and Europe have rejected the notion of an “Aryan race, the myths and legends of ancient Vedic-Hindu India have imparted a tremendous influence on Germany.

    Perhaps the most fervent Nazi adherent to Indian Hindu traditions was Heinrich Himmler, one of the most brutal members of the senior command.

    Himmler, responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews as architect of the Holocaust, was a highly complex and fascinating man. He was also obsessed with India and Hinduism.

    International Business Times spoke with an expert on German history to explore Himmler and Hinduism.

    The sons and daughters of Africa are the least likely to be host of racial antipathy. Perhaps that is one of our weaknesses, and why it has become so easy for others to oppress us. Because if we were like them, they would have the same experience in regions where we are predominant, that we have in regions where they are predominant.

    1. The alleged oppression of Blacks in regions in which they live worldwide has very little to do with Indians. Indians ,in fact, are the least of your worries, Rodwell. There are many more detrimental internal and external forces which affect the progress and development of Black populations.
      You should do a complete examination of the reasons why Blacks have not taken advantage of the rights which “black people fought and died for” that are “enjoyed lavishly by dark skinned and light skinned Indians today” despite the fact that they had no significant contribution to this struggle. A complete and objective analysis pertaining to African populations might yield many reasons other than the convenience of Indian tribalism. And while you’re at it, recognize the tremendous contributions made by Black people.

  17. To answer the above blogger,

    Sir, you must understand first of all, did you personally ever had any personal dealings with the goodly doctor in order to determine how hot is his steam engine or is it that you are mistaking the heat for the sweat rice that delyla fed you all.


  18. On Monday, in spite of all that has been said and what has been written, the people will head to the polls to cast their votes for the candidates of their choice. My only hope is that there will be no cheating and no conniving to interfere with that freedom. It is the only freedom to speak our mind that we have in a democracy and I hope it goes through without friction. As we ponder our next move into government, there is a lot to think about. Regardless of who said what during the course of the campaign, there are some realities that we must face and ascent to if we are to progress as a country. Our main products emanate from the energy sector and the prices that we are getting for those products are lowering because of world economic conditions. Our economy is boosted when the world economic order demand more of our products and the supply is short. When the market is flooded (as it is now) there is competition by the mega suppliers who can manipulate prices to their leisure and we can do nothing about it. So, when the politician comes and says he or she can do this or do that regardless of the state of our economy, we know that they are not honest. Our health system is in disarray, it has been like that for a long time. In order to fix it, there need to be serious about staffing, institutional facilities, standards, maintenance and amend things with a healthy view to improving our conditions. Education is not just about passing tests and achieving high marks. Education is as much about contents as it is about context. We must have a salient understanding of our history and our students are prepared to be functional human beings by way of how they are taught. The politics of today have erased the views of how government ought to operate. There should be delineation lines between the public service that runs government and the politicians who make policies to effectuate or facilitate the efficient running of government. We need to reinvigorate the functioning of the security services, namely, the police, prison, fire service, military and correctional facilities. We need to streamline government in a way that services are made easier and more accessible to the common man. We need to take a very serious look at land distribution. There must be available lands for government to use in the interest of the people for the seeable future. Land should NOT be given away just because we have the power to so do. Respectability must be returned in human discourse, we are in a state where we have lost respect for those who came before us. We have no respect for the structures that provided services for our forefathers and are of historical significance that we today treat as forgotten past. In particular, look at the RED HOUSE! It is a shame that a building that was so important to our development remains in disrepair for so long without someone having the decency to realize that it was used in the past to store all our historical information. It is important how we treat older people. A good portion of these people made contributions to life the way we met it. We must pay tribute to their honor and sacrifices they made to make our lives better today than they were yesterday. Then there is our children. We must have plans, REAL PLANS, to create a future that give the youth a chance to success. We have social problems of race, affinity, outlook, class and success. One of our main problems is our inability to be honest with ourselves and have honest discussions on how we truly feel towards each other. There must be avenues to allow us to speak honestly about what trouble us and what lies in the way of our advancement. We are very hypocritical about the feelings that reside in us. We are a society with a false vision that ‘making it’, is what we see feel that we have made it when we have a house with three cars parked in our garage, our children go to private school and we can call Domino pizza to deliver to our homes. Then there is our traffic congestion, plenty cars, few roadways, going to work at the same time and coming from work at the same time everyday. Needless to say there is road rage.
    We open everything and close everything at the same time every single day. Then there is delivery of services. We are very poor at that. Every effort should be made by responsible administrators to ensure that the services we deliver are poor, very poor. One of such services is they way garbage is picked up. Not far from my house, there is a chinese restaurant on my street. All the food waste is put on the side walk for pick up and it is filthy, very filthy. There are times when we see huge rodents eating the garbage. Incidentally, next door to that restaurant is a building owned by the minister of health. Why can’t places that serve food not required to put their garbage in bins for pickup? The ills of our society are many and it will take responsible and serious people to fix them. The ads and electioneering are there for those who want to be elected. The promises are made because they think that that is what we want to hear. But we have to sift through the promises and ads and look seriously at who are being offered to us and then, in the comfort of our privacy ask our selves who is really best for us, for Trinidad and Tobago and for our children? We should act on the answers that come from our privacy. When all is said and done we want to save our democracy.

  19. Indians like you have a lot to do with what is happening to blacks in this region TMAN. Indians you bring a prejudice to social interaction that is even worse with what blacks experienced immediately after emancipation. Even further, the most ominous indication of the imminent danger blacks are liable to face, is the well structured strategy they saw employed by the right wing in the US, where they ignore their history, ignore that they come to the table with racial prejudices that is cemented in their history and culture, and label any refusal by blacks to accommodate their supremacist belief system as the new definition of racism.

    Blacks have not taken advantage of what they fought for because they have been wasting their time seeking some one-ness with people who are incapable of that kind of interaction. They have not taken advantage of that which they fought for because they refuse to put internal unity before any other form in unity, and manifest this in every aspect of their social, cultural and commercial behavior.

    The failures of blacks is a product of something people like you can never understand, because you come from a cultural and religious background where such values have never taken root. Where tribal affinity takes precedence over national affinity. So while blacks in T&T place national affinity over tribal affinity and loose by it, others who do not see that as an important value profit from it.

    I believe in fighting the enemy that is closest rather than looking over their heads to the enemy is that is furthest away. And I am firmly convinced that Indians like you, Mamoo and the UNC assembly are no different than those Tea Party racist who attempt to conceal their racial hostility against Obama with arguments about his policies, and that he does not like white people. Because your understanding of liking means blacks genuflecting and shuffling in your presence in a manner you feel is fitting for your elevated Bramhin status in T&T. So as the young woman asserted, people must fight to stop the social stratifying scourge of the Indian caste system to be imported into T&T and used as the yard stick for evaluating human worth and position.

  20. The word Mamoo in itself means your mother’s brother in hindi and in english it means uncle, so let me say this in plain english, racism in any form whether suggestive or otherwise is a sin, however MAMAMOO THE PNM WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS TODAY JUST BECAUSE THE LEADER IS A SINLESS MAN.

    The book of proverbs say that there are six things the LORD DON’T LIKE, YEA SEVEN IS AN ABOMINATION AND THAT IS KAMLA BABI AND HER FORTY THEIVES.

  21. For the likes of TMAN and Mamoo, victimization by a PNM Government means them not enjoying ethnic supremacy privileges they believe is rightly theirs. When you see the world through a prism where normality is shaped in the contours of ethnic privilege, all social interactions outside of that will be considered victimization. Hitler probably felt he was being victimized because significant portions of the world choose not to accept his crap about Aryan supremacy.

    So it is not if the PMN will win any more. It is that the PNM have won. They have won because people have become conscious of what kind of mindsets produce what they see and hear from these guys. Because what Mamoo and TMAN emit represent the standard emissions of the UNC. So the same understanding and reaction of many of us to their forays into crass and cunningly crafted supremacist arguments, and Freudian displacement of traits that inundate their psyche unto those who challenge their arguments, has been gathering in the minds of the people of T&T over the past five years.

    They came into Government much like the PPP of Guyana behind a facade of unity and inclusion. But anyone who was paying attention could tell by seeing how close some actors with histories of exhibiting the most blatant form of anti black racist arguments and propositions, were to the top. They say that tiger cannot change its straps, and the same goes for those who are cultured deeply into notion that they are superior and thus are more equal than those Afro descendants of the enslaved in T&T. Well, Like I warned, peoples eyes are being opened.

    T&T will get good Governance that benefit all. It will have leaders in Government who, while not perfect, will not be bringing centuries of cultural and religious racist baggage to their policies and decisions. Yeah, they might make errors, because like all humans they are frail and imperfect. But they do not come with the notion that they are superior because of their appearance, their hair texture and skin tone. They do not come with the baggage cultural and religious beliefs that some human groups are superior and inferior, and societies have to be stratified to order privileges to conform with where each individual or group is located. They come from a religious foundation that charges them to love their neighbor, to be righteous, and whether their religious beliefs are based on facts or myths, the principles and values set out in the doctrine are not.

  22. From Mamoo: can see the PNM winning 2 seats in Tobago bringing them up to 14. But where are they going to win an additional 12 seats to bring home the 26??? Surely the goodly professor must have been dreaming when he made such a bold prediction. But this is what happens when you are a part time Trini.

    Doctor Cudjoe know what happenes when PNM woman fight back. Doctor Cudjoe have his hands on the temperamental of PNM woman and he know what will be election results when dem get up and fight back. Doctor Cudjoe Ancestors were on the land in T&T long before Mamoos, so he can never be a part time Trini. PNM woman will always respond to the aspiring slave masters who feel they have his power to determine who is a real Trini, who is a part time Trini, and so on and so forth. And PNM woman will get up and fight back.

    When I reference how Mamoos mind is constructed it probably annoys some, but that is just because we like to be politically correct. The same line he took to challenge the permanence of citizenship for black voices in T&T, the PPP took in Guyana. This is not a coincidence, it happens because of a cultural synchronized pattern in how they think. A pattern that in which they envision themselves in the role of the slave master of yore, and thus possessed of infinite power to regulate the lives and rights of them curly haired Afro People in T&T and Guyana. Well wake because when you do that, dem PNM women will get up and fight back.


  23. I am looking at the results of the elections: PNM 23; UNC 17; COP 1.Both parties–the UNC and the PNM–are almost tied in the popular vote. I may be biased–I support the PNM–but it dos not prevent me from predicting–fairly accurately, the results of the elections. The people have thought it through and found the UNC wanting, the cry all around is: “Bye, bye, KKamla, bye, bye—Hello, Rowley, Hello.”

  24. Well my fellow citizens, it was very interesting to read all of the arguments here, each very articulate and each a strong advocate for their point of view espoused. I believe all were quite honest in their opinion. However, much, or most of what is said by all I agree with, and it is an inescapable fact, that both political parties practiced racist policies at varying degrees.

    But while we are all proud of our heritage, no one seems to be discussing the philosophical differences of the parties and their leaders, but spouting venomous attacks back and forth.

    A few months ago I started following this blog, and though I am not a supporter of either party, my honest opinions were jeered at when not agreed with. I wondered if we did not have differences of opinion, or made mistakes, or we all looked alike, or speak the same language with the same accent, where will learning and diversity come from.

    Anyway, Dr. Cudjoe’s prediction was almost entirely on target.

  25. Dr. Cudjoe and Shah were right. Mamoo, Tman et al now is the time to acknowledge your errors and think objectivly in future.
    Sharon gave a clear discription of you. She wrote that blindness is not only those who cannot see but thoes who refuse to see.I hope that the words of the song: “I Can See Clearly Now” will be a reality in your life.

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