Probe ex-AG’s spending

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March 30, 2015 –

Anand RamloganWe join the call for a full investigation into the payment of legal fees by the Office of the Attorney General during the tenure of Anand Ramlogan. A thorough forensic audit would be the best way to explain the phenomenal 300 per cent-plus increase in payments to private attorneys hired by the State during Ramlogan’s tenure. It would also serve to deal with the many questions and complaints that have been raised by some of the private attorneys involved since the payment figures were released. If there are discrepancies between the figures supplied to Parliament and the actual figures, these would need to be identified and resolved.

Ultimately, what the public interest demands is a clear and accurate report of expenditure under Mr Ramlogan.
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  1. AG starts probe into inflated lawyers’ fees
    Attorney General Garvin Nicholas expects to receive a report from his division’s Permanent Secretary by tomorrow or Wednesday on the issue concerning lawyers’ fees accrued during the reign of his predecessor Anand Ramlogan. Nicholas briefly confirmed this yesterday…

    Lawyers: AG’s office inflated our bills
    A legal battle is brewing over the financial information provided to Parliament last week about payment made to attorneys by the Ministry of the Attorney General for legal and other technical/professional services between 2010 and 2014. This is as attorneys, some of whom have been paid millions by the State, signalled their intention to take legal action against the AG’s ministry over alleged discrepancies and duplication of payments listed in a document provided to Parliament outlining fees paid to them by former AG Anand Ramlogan.

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