PM at Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day Celebrations

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrations at the Maloney Empowerment Hall, Churchill-Roosevelt Highway
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissesar joined the Baptist community to celebrate Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day at the Empowerment Hall in Maloney.

Archbishop Barbara Gray-Burke led the audience in song before reminding them of the history of the Baptist struggles in Trinidad. Also in attendance was National Security Minister Carl Alfonso, Minister of Gender Youth and Child Development Clifton De Coteau, Minister of Multiculturalism Rodger Samuel and Labour Minister Errol McLeod.


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Politics, religion in celebrations
Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day

Kamla promises secondary school to Baptists
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday promised the Baptist community a secondary school if they help her return to Government.

Kamla: I am a woman of my word
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has offered to build a secondary school for the Spiritual Shouter Baptist community but in the same breath she said this cannot not be achieved without their “help” in securing her a second term in office.

Baptist lash FOR PNM
Comparing the People’s National Movement (PNM) to an abusive husband, Archbishop Barbara Gray-Burke yesterday urged members of the Spiritual Baptist faith to vote for the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led People’s Partnership and embrace the love shown to them by the Prime Minister.

Laventille MP at Baptist celebrations: Be wary of those bearing gifts

8 thoughts on “PM at Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day Celebrations”


    Yeah Kamla ,we know how much your words carry weight,for the tribe,verses ordinary blokes,that comprise Afro Kinky Head Nation. Build a rickety school for dem gullible Baptist,but hand over 1 million acres of state prime lands ,to ex Caroni workers-all de while showing de middle finger ,to Africans stuck in Brazilian like Favallas from Lavantille, to Beetham , Caranege, to Mt Dor.
    We understand, ‘you allze,’ concerns about -self induced -Gerrymandering.
    We get it,for you can indulge in systematic purges of the Public Service, while handing out statecentric goodies ,for the tribe-even the unqualified.
    You can ensure the UNC fat cat financial cronies ,enjoy huge contracts, while the bums that make up the rest of T&T,eat peanuts ,laced with gramazone for all you care.
    You ,and others of the tribe,can continue to humiliate/ denigrate African heroes/cultural icons,not too subtly, blame their people, for the pathetic state many are still stuck in,while doing all in your power, to rectify alleged wrongs,of your own-since obviously, you, and kind, possess a twisted sense of what ‘equal playing field justice, ‘entails.
    Sorry Kamla, but it ain’t so politics work.
    No,Non ,Neyet,Nunca!!!You aren’t no magician, and so ‘can’t have your cake, and eat it too ,’as we like to say on de streets.
    Can’t simply trot out a few Afro Trini-eat ah food idiots,when it suits you,have dem tout your virtues, or have a self hating few like Errol anti Trade Union Mc Cloud, Fake speaker Wade-un earned- MBA Mark ,Sex starved -Tobago East Vanella ,UWI lifetime Professor, Selwyn Ryan, or Mayaro -gerry curl-Culture Vulture Minister Gypsey ,to do your party dirty work,while you ,with your angel smile, and devil heart, come out smelling like a Rose,growing in de Beetham La Basse.,209049.html

    Tell you what Kamla, you can divorce your non existent husband in de morning, marry dat treacherous, NJAC ,African people sellout ,in Makandal Dagger, de next day,and wear these stupid African prison gabs,until de next elections, and it won’t mean a thing, or work in your favor.

    Decent Trinis, have had enough of you,and your 12th century, neo feudal politics.
    It’s time for you and de UNC dominant PP goons, to head back to the political wilderness.
    T&T is starving of authentic, sustainable/ good governance.
    Ain’t sure if de Mason Hall kid, Dr Keith Rottweiler Rowley is de solution , but it’s worth a try.
    Voters gave a female ,Siparia,Hindustani, political neophyte ,name Kamla, a chance,and sadly you ….,well,even former Journalist ,Andy Johnson, your government’s ,Public relations chief spokesman,would be hard pressed to still speak kindly of your
    stewardship, hmmmmm?
    Stay vigilant people!
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

  2. The Prime Minister demonstrated that she is a woman of action, in one year the Baptist got a school and childhood learning center. With the promise of a secondary school. But what is the significance of this. Thousands of children will go through those schools and get an education that will allow them to lead a better life. Poverty is hell and without an education the children will grow up as the future criminals.

    The early childhood center will be able to shape the minds of young children and take them into the discipline of learning. When children develop a love for learning at an early age they will escape the gangs and other nefarious elements.

    The Prime Minister demonstrates her compassion for all citizens of the nation. Tribalist will get angry at her because she is speaking to the issue of liberating a people. A people held in the prison of mental slavery by the new Massa the PNM will be freed, finally.

  3. Mamoo, you speak like a little child. Your words are the equivalent of a neighbor talking to a nine or ten year old telling them, if they behave themselves he will bring them candy and sugar cake. When are you going to learn that those who participate in these discussions/conversations are not high school dropouts? You might mean your prime minister well, but we live in a multi-cultural democracy and giving me a loaf of bread and giving you 100 acres of land is NOT, I repeat NOT an equitable distribution of resources. By the way, the word equitable MEANS equality of opportunities NOT equal in numbers.

    1. Matthew 18:3 (KJV)
      3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

      Seeing it is Easter I will exegete this Scripture for your edification. Kian nobody grows up being racist. Look at a playing field children play together, until someone like you enters the scene and begin to point out differences. To enter the kingdom of God requires childlike attributes. The innocence of a child must not be looked upon with scorn but with great value.

  4. Mamoo..teach those pnm neal & kian nincompoops! they are racists who should never return to T&T…stay in exile as illegals in the Ghettos of the Bronx!Notice how they get personal when they cannot respond!! Neal & Kian must advise Rowlie to speak the truth about the Statutory Rape issue11it’s not going to be shoved under the carpet!

    1. When you guys stop marrying 11 and 12 year old hindu girls I will refrain but until then you will definitely feel the wrath of my pen.

  5. Well said Cuz Kian,but pray don’t forget dem Trini Islamist , Brodaz,Y hermanas,we have here ,for they too-like close Hindustani cousins -also have a hard on ,for lil girls, as well,si?

    Speaking of which Kian,aren’t you like yours truly, excited about de fact that this topic is out in open, and de PM in waiting, The Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley,is undergoing this baptism ,by political goons, and rabid fans?
    That way, he ,his AG,DPP,and Commissioner of Police, can attack with full force, when de time is right/he assumes office?
    Ummmm, ‘without fear, or affection, malice or ill will-unlikeEducation Ministry head honcho, Dr Goopiesing, his boss Kamla .’
    I see de clueless braying donkeys, led by the likes of TMan,are all euphoric over some tribally skewed /,idiot polls,that claimed ,their leader is ahead-even if no one ,including,Kamla image Chief- former journalist – Andy Johnson, hand picked media agents,cannot point to a single political initiative, that she, and party has implemented, that elevated T&T.
    Unless you are a PP financial supporting crony/white color bandit,a family member,or self hating Afro Trini sell out ,can you ,or any person,claim that their lives improved ,in La Trinity, over the past 5 years ,of de Siparia Queen, failed governmental administration?
    Wait a cotton picking moment -as we like to say on de streets, folks. Did this intricate fella,just claim that ‘dem Yankee Ghetto exiled blokes, Neal /Kian,’frequently tend to ” get personal when they cannot respond?”
    Hey intricate, to quote my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny ,”catch your falling feathers !”
    In my most outraged John Agitation voice, ‘but aye ,aye Papi, ‘and who de hell ,do you and kind,think you are intricate ,to tell authentic patriots such as Cuz Kian,and myself, where to live, when to come home, and how we should exercise our democratic rights, as citizens?’
    For de record intricate, when your historically docile ,White-Euro -wannabe,ancestors ,were running around naked,on the South Asian plains,and jungles of Mumbai India, eating each other,raping your under-aged daughters, burning /stoning your desperate women,while kissing White ,conniving Massa ,scaly rumps,mine were instead ,already burning down plantations, and pushing back, in true Mandingo fashion.
    From 1956,to 62,it was our Founding Faddahs,led by Papa Deffy Eric Williams, who said, yes to independence, while other unmentionables,attempted to keep de dehumanizing status quo .
    Fast forward to 2015, and we ain’t about to allow,no self serving, diabolical ,divisive -agenda driven ,barbarians,to run roughshod over us,in the name of peaceful co-existence,or phony nationhood. No sariiiii!!!

    You ,and fellow, cyber yapping ,kamla led ,UNC dominant,PP fanatics ,can talk until all dem South ah de Caroni- Water Buffalos come home .
    You can jump high,or jump low,as we like to say on de streets,but you aren’t stopping what is to be:-The PM in waiting, in The Right Honorable -Dr.Keith Rowley,MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin, just for good measure-from sitting in de big Prime Ministerial chair,and why so you ask?
    I’ll tell you intricate.
    It’s one term, and back to the political wilderness, where ‘you allze’ belong,for ‘de Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!’
    I luv dis land, Y tu?
    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. Hey brother Neal, the message is now loud and clear that Kian and Neal are to be stopped by any means necessary. That is because we are the only voices of reason that speaks to issues with validity and decorum. The pagan sees things only his way and will be intent on seeking good only for his fellow pagans. Remember, what we are operating on now is the system called “is we time now”. That means people like you and me are to be excluded, not even given the consideration of having a brain to think for ourselves. We must not for the advice of Bhoe Tewarie’s apprentice, one Jaishima LeLadharsingh niggers have to depend on him. So, whether we have issues with Keith Rowley or not we have to break the neck of this apartheid like system being created by this PP oriented government and replace it with one that cares about Trinidad and Tobago. Intricate is a fellow pagan, so why should we expect anything different from him. They want us to be like fellow Judas (Vanilla Alleyne-Toppin), take our pieces of silver and walk away. But that they shall NEVER see. We need to persevere and build strength to fight that evil that has taken hold since 2010. With the Lord’s help, it will be done soon!

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