NGC pays $700 million to SIS

…for Beetham water recycling plant Only 45 % complete…

By Asha Javeed
March 30, 2015 –

Raffique ShahDespite the project being only 45 per cent complete, National Gas Company (NGC) has already paid Super Industrial Services (SIS) close to $700 million (70 per cent of the cost) for the Design & Build and Operation & Maintenance of the Beetham Water Recycling Plant.

In March 2014, NGC awarded the billion-dollar contract to a consortium led by Super Industrial Services and its two sub-contractors, Foster Wheeler and Hyflux, for US$167 million (about TT$1 billion).

And informed sources at NGC explained to the Express that although the contract was awarded for US$167 million, for now, NGC is working internally with a budget that is US$63 million less, of US$104 million.

At the time of the bidding, SIS’s bid of US$167,755,329 was US$72,530,686 more than competitor Atlatec’s bid of US$95,224,643 and more than NGC’s own estimate of US$149,999,000.

The Express sought answers from NGC and Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine to these questions:
1. Why is NGC working with a US$104 million budget, when the tender was awarded for US$167million. Where is the balance?
2. Why has almost 70 per cent of the total project cost been already paid to SIS from NGC while the project is only about 45 per cent complete?
3. Why has SIS been allowed to lower specifications on the project without a commensurate reduction in cost?
4. Why has Ernst & Young been brought in to do an external audit of the project?

Several employees at NGC have raised concerns about the matter with the Express, but fear victimisation by going public given that SIS’s security firm, Executive Bodyguard Services Ltd (EBSL), is also linked to NGC. The Express had reported that EBSL was bought by a United National Congress financier in August 2012.
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  1. Rapid inaction by Government to answer questions on SIS, NGC
    The Government’s rapid response unit set up to provide answers to questions from the media is not so rapid after all. Eight days after the Express sent questions to the Rapid Response & Current Affairs Unit, led by Andy Johnson, seeking clarification on how and when Super Industrial Services (SIS) was awarded about 75 acres of land, which once belonged to Caroni 1975 Limited, no answers have yet been received.
    The Express had sought to utilise the Unit because of the inability to get a response from Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar or from SIS on the matter. The Express also tried to utilise this facility to get responses from the officials at National Gas Company (NGC), given that they have not responded or acknowledged several queries made by this newspaper.

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    PEOPLE’S NATIONAL MOVEMENT (PNM) political leader Dr Keith Rowley said should he be elected the next prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago in this year’s general election, he will be committed to a review of anti-corruption laws to ensure that those who hold public office and engage in unethical and corrupt behaviour are held accountable to the citizenry.
    Rowley said those in government have a responsibility to take decisive action, demand transparency and hold office-holders publicly accountable to the people they are sworn to protect.


    Why SISL got billion-dollar Beetham project
    A confidential seven-page report, submitted by National Gas Company (NGC) to Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine details eight reasons why Couva-based Super Industrial Services Ltd (SISL) earned the controversial billion-dollar Beetham Water Recycling Plant project. Ramnarine had mandated NGC to provide a report on the tender and award process amid calls from the Opposition that the massive contract was awarded to a company owned by known government financier, Krishna Lalla.

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