Roselyn Alleyne: I was offered $25,000
ROSELYN Alleyne, the mother of the son of People’s National Movement political leader Dr Keith Rowley, said she was offered $25,000 to sign an affidavit against him.


Son of Opposition Leader, mom: Our family was offered $25,000 to induce us to sign affidavit on ‘rape’

By Ria Taitt Political Editor
March 27, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

Roselyn Alleyne has said she would have been paid handsomely if she had signed a prepared affidavit stating that Keith Rowley had raped her.

“I would have been happy with millions,” she said, speaking on a video which had been taped in 2014. However she didn’t sign “anything and would not be signing anything” because “I was never raped or ever forced”.

“To tell you the truth, I always liked him since I going at school, but it used to be a secret something,” she said with a smile, referring to Rowley. She said she had Garth, “just a shy away from 18 (years)”.

The Express obtained a copy of Roselyn’s computer-generated birth certificate showing she was born on September 11, 1952 as well as well as Garth’s computer-generated birth certificate and Trinidad and Tobago ID card, both of which showed he was born in June 23, 1970.
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Martin Daly: How on earth could Vernella still be in office?
Martin DalyDaly called on all “right thinking persons” to condemn Alleyne-Toppin’s statements. “As a commentator I may have more to say on this matter, but I call on all right thinking persons, particularly those who purport to claim the high ground in this society, swiftly to disown and condemn this form of attack perpetrated by the offending member,” Daly said. “How on earth has the Prime Minister left her in office?” he said.

Alleyne-Toppin, the Member of Parliament for Tobago East, made the statement in the House of Representatives during her contribution to a motion of no confidence against Rowley.
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Mother of Rowley’s child on Vernella’s rape claim: IT’S ALL LIES

By Ria Taitt Political Editor
March 26, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Vernella Alleyne-ToppinRoselyn Alleyne, the woman who Vernella Alleyne-Toppin alleged was raped 46 years ago by Oppo­sition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, is “disgusted” and horrified by Alleyne-Toppin’s assertion. And she cannot understand why people would “fab­ri­cate such lies”.

In an exclusive interview with the Express yesterday, Roselyn Alleyne, who is the mother of Garth Alleyne, the 45-year-old son of Rowley, also stated Vernella Alleyne-Toppin is not a relative of hers. “She does not know me. If she sees me anywhere she would not know me. And that should sum up everything,” she said.

Roselyn said she heard about Alleyne-Toppin’s contribution at Wednesday’s debate in the House of Representatives, on the no-confidence motion brought by the Government against Rowley. She said she received texts from Trinidad and Tobago, sta­ting “me and my child were talked about” in Parliament.

“And I asked why? We are happy people. I am here (in Canada) working hard in the cold,” she said. Both Roselyn and her son live in Canada. She has lived there for the past 30 years.

“All of what she is saying on the news, take it from me, it’s all a lie,” Roselyn stated.
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22 thoughts on “‘GET ROWLEY’ BRIBES”

  1. A contempt for Parliament

    Express Editorial
    March 27, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

    Speaking in Parliament last Wednesday, Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin noted that she is “not a psychologist”. But, given her scurrilous statement about Opposition Leader Keith Rowley, Ms Alleyne-Toppin may well be in need of one.

    This is the kindest interpretation of the Tobago MP’s assertion that Dr Rowley was conceived when his mother was raped as a teenager and this is why Dr Rowley is, according to Alleyne-Toppin, “arrogant, aggressive, bombastic and spiteful”. A likelier interpretation is that Alleyne-Toppin was projecting her own traits on to her political opponent, as displayed by her lack of class or character in making such abhorrent allegations.

    It matters not one whit if the story is true or not. The fact is, Alleyne-Toppin stooped so low as to use an act of alleged rape for political gain. And she went even further, implying that children who are born out of such a heinous act are invariably worthless and of bad character.

    In the entire Hansard record of Trinidad and Tobago, no parliamentarian has ever made such a vile and vindictive contribution on any issue. Indeed, we would venture to say that, even on the political platform, no politician has ever gone so deep into the gutter as to malign anyone’s mother in this way. As an MP, her rape statement is now the only thing Alleyne-Toppin will be remembered for, if she is remembered at all.

    That the Tobago MP was allowed to make this crass contribution reflects badly on the UNC caucus, as well as Speaker Wade Mark. The Speaker should have stopped Alleyne-Toppin as soon as he heard the slimy trail she was sliding down. But, according to UNC senator Vasant Bharath, the party’s strategists were unaware of the exact content of Alleyne-Toppin’s intended statement. In that context, Mr Mark failed in his responsibilities by letting Alleyne-Toppin flout the Standing Orders in such a disgraceful manner, while the UNC leaders failed to direct their MPs properly.

    Whatever the background, the UNC must now scramble to do damage control. Ms Alleyne-Toppin yesterday issued an unconvincing apology in which she claims she did not mean to cause offence and, even more speciously, tries to argue that she was only highlighting the issue of rape. But Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar clearly needs to fire Alleyne-Toppin at once, having already lost marks by not immediately condemning her statement in Parliament.

    Given the widespread public condemnation, the UNC’s strategists are now well aware that this one statement could be the tipping point that ensures their losing the upcoming general election. It remains to be seen if the UNC will now clean up its act or continue wallowing in its muck.

    Parliamentarians should be responsible

    Guardian Editorial
    March 27, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

    The parliamentary privilege enjoyed by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin and others in this country’s legislatures provides protection from civil or criminal liability for actions or statements made in the course of their duties there. Unfortunately, as Mrs Alleyne-Toppin so shamefully demonstrated on Wednesday, it can be flagrantly abused in pursuit of narrow, self serving political agendas and objectives.
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  2. Rowley hurt claims used to slander dead parents
    A tissue of horrendous lies! This is how Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday dis­missed Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s claim he was the product of a rape. “My father raping my mother in Mason Hall. Jesus Christ! Call anybody in Mason Hall and ask them if they have ever heard such a thing,” Rowley said.

    ‘She has disgraced Tobago’
    Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Orville London has labelled the statements made in Parliament by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin as disgusting and disrespectful to Tobago women. London said the behaviour of Alleyne-Toppin, who is also Tobagonian, is not one of true representation to the people of Tobago and Tobago women.

    Abusing Parliament with weapon of rape


    ‘She should be ashamed’

    By Anna Ramdass
    March 26, 2015

    Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin should be psychoanalysed to find out why she is so bitter and keep repeating the same accusations against Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, says former government minister Verna St Rose-Greaves.

    St Rose-Greaves was a former Minister of Gender Youth and Child Development in the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led Government before she was axed in the Cabinet reshuffle of 2012.

    Commenting on Alleyne-Toppin’s controversial statements in the Parliament last Wednesday, St Rose-Greaves said: “There is something that is driving her that she keeps pushing at Dr Rowley on this particular issue, let her give us all the story, let her give us the facts. She cannot continue to speculate about somebody and continue to have so many people being hurt because it is not just about Dr Rowley, she talking about a family, all these accusations about a child, we cannot continue about this, there are no means anybody can justify what has happened”.

    Noting that Alleyne-Toppin tried to do a psychoanalytical assessment of Rowley in her presentation, St Rose-Greaves said: “It would be interesting if we could find out where all that pain and anger and bitterness that she has coming from and whether somebody could perhaps psychoanalyse her because in this country hurt people hurt people you know.”

    She further noted that Trade and Communications Minister Vasant Bharath said on a morning show yesterday that Alleyne-Toppin had put before Cabinet what she intended to say in the Parliament.

    “I am suggesting that the Cabinet, the Prime Minister and other members of Minister Toppin’s team must take responsibility, they must be made to answer and the public must demand some kind of accountability,” she said.

    “It was wrong, it was a terrible thing for her to do but it speaks so much about all of us in the society. Because the whole question of rape and the way we treat with it, we need to examine that,” she added.

    The following are responses with respect to Alleyne-Toppin’s comments:

    Brenda Gopeesingh – member of the Hindu Women’s Organisation: “I think it is appalling, it is preposterous and very tragic that this lady can do such a thing.”

    Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde – former PNM Housing Minister: “It was outrageous and should not be tolerated. The MPs in Parliament male and female sat and soaked it up without uttering anything. It took me a few seconds to realise what she said and I am still in shock that she was so cool making such a horrendous presentation.”

    Opposition Senator Faris Al Rawi: “It is very disturbing when a woman stands in the national Parliament to shame another woman and her family. It is depressing, disconcerting, offensive and despairing! That charade yesterday was a blatant abuse of Parliamentary privileges. The people of Trinidad and Tobago will judge you!”

    St Joseph MP – Terrence Deyalsingh: “I wish to condemn the contribution by Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. Is she articulating the views of her constituency or are these the views of the Honourable Prime Minister? Remember she was appointed as an acting PM at one point. This has caused tremendous psychological damage to victims of rape who need our love and compassion. As a parliamentary representative one should never use the privilege of Parliament to spew that kind of ignorance. No election victory is worth that price.”

    Diego Martin Central MP – Dr Amery Browne: “The United Nations has reported that in many Caribbean islands almost 50 per cent of adolescent girls experience their sexual initiation under conditions that were ‘forced’ or ‘somewhat forced’.

    “Rape is a barbaric crime that has always carried tremendous stigma in our circumstances.

    “It is therefore reprehensible for any Member of Parliament to use the alleged rape of any politician’s mother as ammunition in a political assault.

    “It is even worse when that Member is a Minister of State in the Ministry of the People and Social Development which has the specified mission of: ‘Helping, Empowering and Transforming Lives’.

    “Toppin’s macabre display, fully supported by the Prime Minister, was a clear violation of her oath of office, a clear violation of the code of ethics that her party signed, an abysmal shame on every social worker and staff member of the ministry, a total disgrace to our women and an insult to every decent citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

    “Toppin, your ambush attempt to shame one Tobago family was like a boomerang…instead you have completely disgraced your very own.”

    Nalini Dial – former Congress of the People (COP) member: “Vernella you need more than blue soap. You need disinfectant.”



    Vernella is our ugly

    By Sheila Rampersad
    March 27, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

    Today, there is no hope in this hellhole that senior Cabinet member, Vasant Bharath, could convince me that he, his colleagues and his Prime Minister did not know and endorse the words of Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. The no-confidence motion against the Opposition Leader was intended to be political theatre—scripted, choreographed and rehearsed. The Opposition Leader was to be quartered; each speaker on the Government side was to rip apart the pound of flesh assigned to him/her. The Tobago East MP was either handed or chose her piece, and she licked her lips.
    Ms Alleyne-Toppin spoke what she wanted as she wanted while House Speaker Wade Mark, usually swift to impose himself, rocked back and allowed the dignity of the House over which he presides to slide on slime. No one passed a note to Alleyne-Toppin. The Leader of Government Business did not interrupt neither did he apologise during his wrap-up.
    The Prime Minister, demonstrating her usual boutique multiculturalism, listened to it all, agreed with and continues to protect her ventriloquists.
    Yesterday, Labour Minister Errol McLeod said he endorsed “some” of Alleyne-Toppin’s comments but on Wednesday he said in Parliament, “I wish to lend support to a whole lot that has been submitted here by the decent, responsible and honourable MP for Tobago East.” Loud desk thumping followed.
    Ms Alleyne-Toppin delivered the Government’s trump card in the no-confidence debate which is why, even after unanimous condemnation, she, Finance Minister Larry Howai and MP Jairam Seemungal were singing the same tune—we’re sorry but…
    A circle of dysfunction is protecting one of its own. They all ganged up to violate an opponent. In so doing, they violated a whole country but such is the depth of their illness that they did not and perhaps still do not know the measure of their violation.
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  3. One cannot be certain about Roselyn age unless documents supporting such is produced. Calculations show she would have been 17 years old and still a minor. Sometimes people move on and accept the past for what it is….

    1. Mamoo, since you appear to be taking pleasure of this unfortunate circumstance regarding the depiction of Dr. Rowley in Parliament, I feel compelled to ask you one question. I must preface my question by saying that my intent is not to disrespect you personally or demean your culture or religion. The question is: Based on your cultural upbringing, how confident are you that your father is not your father and not your uncle?. Again, I am sorry to ask it that way but your persistence raises many questions.

      1. I resemble my father. My father passed away and as I visited my family, my elder brother stood there staring at me, at that moment he was seeing our father in me. I knew it, it is just something you know. I am the splitting image of my father.

  4. Nalini Dial – former Congress of the People (COP) member: “Vernella you need more than blue soap. You need disinfectant.”
    While Vernella deserved all the embarrassment that can be mustered against her, enough has not been said about the Speaker and Prime Minister. They were in fact the enablers of Vernella and her sordid account of how Dr. Rowley came into being. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to express the disgust and shame she brought on the country’s parliament and people, with equal shame on the Speaker, who controls parliament especially when the PNM is speaking. He allowed that charade to continue because he enjoyed it. When Colm Imbert delivered his speech, every verb and adjective were examined and corrected by the Speaker, yet under his watch he allowed all that garbage by a foul mouth nasty thinking woman to flourish without ever being stopped. As Imbert implied, were he to be a ‘real’ Speaker, that never would have been allowed to happen. We understand that with an upcoming election, politicians are hot under the collar, but to go so deep into the gutter is not politics anymore. It is downright dirtimindedness and filth.
    The Pri,me Minister cannot say a dirty word with linking the name of the Opposition to it. She encouraged the nastiness and by not even attempting to make an apology for the conduct of one of her ministers, she is in effect saying that she condones the unparliamentary behavior. Shame on you Vernella! Shame on you Wade Mark! Shame on you Kamla!. May God cleanse your minds and your souls so that you can return to humanity from the wild and savage jungle of ideas that you all displayed on Wednesday. May God have mercy on Trinidad and Tobago.

    1. Strange how you believe this reporter. It is amazing how quickly she got all the information. Do we know for certain that the woman spoken to is actually the woman Rowley fathered a child with? I have my doubts…. Time will tell.

  5. Disgraceful

    Newsday Editorial
    March 27 2015 – newsday.co.tt

    THE DISPLAY by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin in Parliament on Wednesday was, at the least, vulgar, but more than that, an abuse of the House and the privileges accorded to those who reside therein. That Mrs Alleyne-Toppin could have been allowed to descend to the depths she explored raises very serious questions, not only about the character of the entire membership that was present during the sitting, but also about the office charged with presiding over it: that of Speaker of the House of Representatives Wade Mark.

    During the debate of the motion of no confidence against Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, Mrs Alleyne-Toppin directed a series of questions at Dr Rowley — including the kidnapping and abuse of an unsuspecting female student of the Scarborough Secondary School by a former teacher, and an inappropriate and evil encounter resulting in the conception of a boy child, and who is the father of that child.

    But the offence came in the complementary remarks: “Mr Speaker, the child is father of the man… What makes the man are the circumstances of one’s birth: the nature of nurture; the sum of all experiences.” The MP continued, “Mr Speaker, let me tell you a story that was given to me by an old man of Mason Hall. One day in Mason Hall, Tobago, a young girl went to take lunch for her father in a coalpit. When she got there her father had gone to church. It’s a true story. She, however, met her father’s best friend and co-worker, alone in the coalpit. This young girl was then raped by her father’s best friend. The product today is the aspirant to lofty office.”

    The Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development — a post which no doubt now seems ironic — continued, “Mr Speaker, can you imagine that the mother carried this pain for nine months and the impact it had on this unborn child. A child was born and grew to become aggressive, arrogant, bombastic, spiteful. I am not a psychologist — though I have taught psychology — but now we get a glimpse of why a man could be today the sum of his experiences.”

    As much as Mrs Alleyne-Toppin may have felt she was being skillful in not directly identifying the target of her barbs, when her contribution is viewed holistically, the bull’s-eye is clear.

    Whether factual or not, however, her comments do a tremendous injustice to rape victims and their lineage all over the country. They were crass and insensitive and bore no relevance to the subject matter of the Government’s own motion. Rape is not an issue which is to be played with lightly or used for political gain. Neither is child abuse.

    Forget the Opposition walkout, which was a predictable reaction, it was a member of the Government in the form of Mrs Alleyne-Toppin who seriously undermined the day’s proceedings. In fact, it is a shame no Opposition members were present in the Parliament chamber to stop Mrs Alleyne-Toppin in her tracks and to prevent her comments from being preserved in the Hansard. On that note, we feel Speaker Wade Mark was too lax in his regulation of the Tobago East MP’s contribution. Her behaviour seemed more to be that of an MP acting in pique, wanting to hit back at a counterpart who years ago brought questionable usage of her official credit card to the attention of the nation via Parliament. It matters not the circumstances of one’s birth, all are entitled to the same freedoms afforded all citizens under the Constitution. All are entitled, should they so desire, to seek political office.

    Mrs Alleyne-Toppin tarnished herself and perpetuates the stigma, discrimination and poor attitudes towards the victims of both child and sex abuse, by suggesting that such circumstances make a person less than worthy to access what, in truth, we are all entitled to. We welcome her apology yesterday afternoon but note that apology also came with the series of unrelated questions which we do not feel served to recompense for the offence caused.

    It is hoped that this issue reminds all politicians of the need to be far more careful in their attempts to attack their opponents.


  6. Citizen protest today
    A citizen-led demonstration has been set for the Port of Spain Waterfront Complex today, as the fall out continues from statements Wednesday by Tobago East MP, Vernella Alleyene-Toppin, that Opposition leader Dr Keith Rowley is “aggressive” in personality as a result of being a child of rape.


    Jack: Alleyne-Toppin must be fired now

    By the Multimedia Desk
    March 27, 2015

    Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner on Friday called for the immediate revocation of the ministerial post of Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. Warner also called on Alleyne-Toppin to resign from her Tobago East parliamentary seat. Warner made the call, in response to an article carried in the Friday edition of the Express, in which the claims made by Alleyne-Toppin in Parliament on Wednesday, were refuted.

    The following is Warner’s position –

    In the light of the publication of a report in today’s Daily Express newspaper in which Rosalyn Alleyne, mother of Garth Alleyne, has comprehensively refuted the allegations made by Minister in the Ministry of the People and Community Development Vernella Alleyne-Toppin in the Parliament on Wednesday, the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) calls on Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to immediately revoke the ministerial appointment of Alleyne-Toppin and for the Tobago East MP to resign her parliamentary seat.

    Speaking on the Motion of No Confidence in Leader of the Opposition Keith Rowley, Alleyne-Toppin alleged that Rowley had participated in the kidnapping of a minor-aged student of the Roxborough High School when he was a teacher there, imprisoned the teen in a house for four hours and had a role in the gang-rape of the girl who later bore him a son. Alleyne-Toppin also claimed to be a relative of the rape victim.

    It is pertinent to note Rosalyn Alleyne’s statements in the Express that:
    • She is just two years younger than Rowley. She is 63 and Rowley is 65, and therefore he could not have been her teacher in secondary school.
    • The Roxborough school was not yet built when she passed the Common Entrance Examination.
    • She was never kidnapped and held in a house for four hours.
    • She was neither raped by Rowley nor gang raped by anyone.
    • She had her son after she left high school as evidenced by the fact that Garth is 45 and therefore she would have had him when she was about 20 years old.
    • Her son Garth is not the product of a rape incident.
    • Alleyne-Toppin has no family relation to her.
    • Alleyne-Toppin’s story is a complete lie and fabrication.
    • In 2013 persons visited her relatives in Tobago and trying to influence her into signing false documents.

    It is clear now that Alleyne-Toppin has slandered the reputation of an innocent woman and her son and caused grave injury to them and their family. Alleyne-Toppin’s conduct has drawn widespread condemnation from across the country including individual victims of sexual assault who have been traumatized and offended upon hearing her speech, and by NGOs and commentators at all levels in society.

    We note that Alleyne-Toppin’s statement was deliberate and calculated since she referred to hand-held noted throughout her speech in the Parliament. The attack was malicious, reckless, lacking in compassion and tasteless. That it was done under the cover of Parliamentary privilege constitutes an abuse of the Parliament, and for it to be done under the ever “close watch” of Speaker Wade Mark raises even more questions about Mark’s fitness to continue sitting in the Chair.

    Additionally, whereas PM Persad-Bissessar and the entire government benches did nothing to restrain Alleyne-Toppin’s callous ranting, but instead even urged and supported her as their hatchet-woman for the day, the People’s Partnership (PP) has lost every single shred of credibility to continue as the government of this country. Mrs Persad-Bissessar should do the right thing and dissolve the Parliament and set the General Election date. But we have come to not expect honourable conduct from this Prime Minister and her government. We observe that already government ministers are trying to distance themselves and the government from Alleyne-Toppin’s disgraceful speech and that the PP spin-doctors are working overtime to clean up her mess.

    To this, we say, the damage has already been done. The scars Alleyne-Toppin has afflicted upon the Alleyne and Rowley families – and indeed upon the people of the close-knit communities of Tobago – by this fabricated story and by her tales that Rowley is the product of his deceased mother’s rape, cannot be erased by insincere, half-baked apologies, especially where Alleyne-Toppin constantly referred to prepared notes during her speech.

    In these circumstances, the ILP reiterates, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin must be fired from her ministerial post and she must resign her Parliamentary seat. She is unfit in the most extreme way to be a parliamentarian and minister.


  7. In view of the continued insistence of that Alleyne woman to ask questions of Dr. Rowley’s sex life, I believe that it is incumbent upon the Prime Minister to request that she be evaluated psychologically to determine her fitness for public office. Her insistence is not normal, nor is she acting anyway close to normal in terms of the office she holds. Again, abuse is not a static word. It is in effect an abuse of power by the Prime Minister to continue to leash the like of a mad woman, holding public office to administer unto the public with such a disdainful act of savagery. She belong to the Zoo. And as long as the Prime Minister insists on allowing her to stay on, there should be a consistent outcry and demand that she be fired. There is no place for her in our system of democracy.

  8. “She had her son after she left high school as evidenced by the fact that Garth is 45 and therefore she would have had him when she was about 20 years old.”

    20+45 = 65 not 63…Just a correction.

  9. Bharath dismisses PNM claims

    CLAIMS that money was offered to anyone to induce them to make allegations against any member of the PNM, or anyone at all, are being categorically dismissed by Communication Minister, Vasant Bharath.

    The statement from the Minister follows a press conference by the Opposition PNM Women’s League Chairman, Camille Robinson-Regis, who played a video of a person alleging that money was offered to make false allegations against the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Keith Rowley.

    However, Minister Bharath dismissed the claims, saying: “The Government will not get caught in the middle of any ‘he said, she said’. But we will categorically dismiss any claim that any member of the People’s Partnership Government would even consider, far less attempt to do something like that.”

    Minister Bharath stated: “For the Opposition to believe that it can use a time when emotions in the population are riding high, to distort public thinking with such an unthinkable allegation is preposterous!”

    “The Opposition party is trying to damage-control very serious rumours that they have a duty to account to the public for.”

    The Minister said if these issues are to move beyond the present and be clarified for the population, “they must NOT be blurred by the Opposition, they must be cleared up immediately.”

    1. “CLAIMS that money was offered to anyone to induce them to make allegations against any member of the PNM, or anyone at all, are being categorically dismissed by Communication Minister, Vasant Bharath.” Psssssssst…. hey Bharat, why was Anand Ramlogan let go? Was he let go for being Mr. Clean or should we ask David West (again), what Anand was seeking from him and what Anand was offering him? Was it marbles? Hmmmmmmm…..lets see………. it was inducement, wqsnt it? Hmmmmmm……….Bharat, lets hear how innocent your government is again? “The Government will not get caught in the middle of any ‘he said, she said’. But we will categorically dismiss any claim that any member of the People’s Partnership Government would even consider, far less attempt to do something like that.”. Hmmmmmmmm, Bharat you just came off a motion where you made up all kind of stories about Keith Rowley. You are the ones who introduced Keith Rowley’s son to us when we did not care whether he had a son or not? You are the ones who told us that Keith Rowley was the son of a rapist and that Keith Rowley himself is a rapist, weren’t you or was it your ghosts in parliament? “For the Opposition to believe that it can use a time when emotions in the population are riding high, to distort public thinking with such an unthinkable allegation is preposterous!”. Hey Bharat did you say that this whole affair was brought about to distort public thinking of your government? Weren’t you the same guys who got up in parliament and claimed to have so much i information on Keith Rowley? Nah…… why would people want to say such preposterous things about such nice guys like you? Why have all these issues about rape, incest, under age sex and wonderment of Keith Rowley’s past come up?
      ….”they must NOT be blurred by the Opposition, they must be cleared up immediately.” Hey Bharat! yeah right! Please do, go ahead and start clearing up all the ambiguities, like why did Wade Mark allow all of those NASTY things to be aired in the parliament? You know what, I think that Wade Mark had a Flip Wilson moment…… the devil made him do it. Minister Bharat, these people live all the way in Canada, why would they be making a video with such allegations of being offered $25,000 to give dirty stories about Keith Rowley? MMMMMmmmmmmm…….MMMMMMMM…MMMMmmmmmm, Minister Bharat? Minister Bharat? Minister Bharat?…..WSould you stay and answer all the questions? A reporter was walking by and said “CLAIMS that money was offered to anyone to induce them to make allegations against any member of the PNM, or anyone at all, are being categorically dismissed by Communication Minister, Vasant Bharath.”. My question to you Bharat is
      convince me? Convince me Bharat? Hmmmmmmmmmm Bharat?Bharat? Where have you gone Bharat?

      1. It took a motion of no confidence against the Opposition Leader for the PNM to declare Garth as Rowley son. Note Rowley did not speak to the issue. In his bio he is the father of 2 daughters no mention of a son.

        For someone aspiring for the high office of Prime Minister such questions should have been settled long ago. It should not have taken this long to get the answers that people are seeking.

        Character matters. Ms Toppin went a bit far with the rape issue. Rather we should feel proud that the son of a rape victim is now Opposition Leader but that was not necessary. The issue of Keith raping a woman in my mind has been laid to rest by that individual coming forward and saying it is not so. Be it is so or not the issue is settled. Now these questions were pertinent because of the 17 year old winer, the nipples comment and the kyat comment.

        Families should not be brought into the narrative, they are not the one who are aspiring to high office. It must be noted the Opposition Leader wife stayed clear of this and that is a good place to be.

  10. The identified intended receivers of said Bribes must now go to the police with that evidence for charges to be laid.Canadian laws prohibit Bribery!Let the gauntlet fall!

  11. Taking sides here is premature. Anytime Trinboganians are involved one should be cautious and not jump to conclusions in support of either party, Rowley’s ex or the government.
    It is a well known fact that the PNM has openly stated that they want to “take back their country”. The PP is determined to get a second term.This is only the beginning. There is more to come.The findings of the fabricated Emailgate is soon to be announced, staring Rowley again. Landate will resurface,Alturas is not going away.
    And yes, I have a crystal ball, the courts will free Ramlogan of all charges, and Ria Taitt, the Express PNM reporter will finally realize that reporters ars supposed to be objective.

  12. The only FACT that is surfacing from all of this is that Rowley fathered a child when he was 19 years old with a woman who was 17 years old.Everything else is pure speculation, with the usual “he said, she said” rhetoric.
    It seems that politicians also have “a morality of their own”. The entire matter should be dropped by all sides.

  13. I am still at a loss. What’s the issue with the man fathering a child at 19? With a 17 year old? Whose business is it that he chose not to reveal that to the world? Have all our male MPs revealed all their children to the world? What’s the serious question that he has to answer? And with repsect to the comment re the Express reporter, I have come to realise that there are some people in this country who wish you to only say what they want to hear. I commend our journalists who for years now, even before this government came to power, have been keeping the public informed of the facts!

    1. JJgirl, you must be out of touch with the state of journalism in T&T. The three daily’s are rags comparable to the National Enquirer.They all have flashes of objectivity and brilliance but not very often.A single story often is interpreted and reported in three different ways with three different set of “facts” in all three papers. Certain reporters lack objectivity because the are aligned to political parties.

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