PNM: Vernella’s “rape” claim against Rowley vile and repulsive

PNMTHE WOMEN’S League of the Peoples National Movement has mounted a strong defence of party political Leader Dr Keith Rowley, describing the claims made against him in the Parliament by Government Minister Vernella Allene-Toppin as vile and repulsive. It a statement issued on Thursday, the Women’s League called on citizens to express disgust over the statements made by Alleyne-Toppin. The following is the full statement.

It is with a sense of deep disgust and abhorrence that the Women’s League of the People’s National Movement(PNM), condemns the unfortunate contribution in the House of Representatives on March 25th of the Member for Tobago East, Mrs Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.

Mrs Alleyne-Toppin in a debasing attack on Dr Keith Rowley Leader of the Opposition, placed on the Hansard Record an unadulterated and outrageous fabrication, stating,among other gross inaccuracies, that Dr Rowley’s conception was as a result of a rape, thereby accusing Dr Rowley’s deceased father of being a rapist! For Mrs Alleyne-Toppin however that was not enough, she went on to label Dr Rowley a kidnapper, paedophile and gang rapist, all fabrications given life under the cover of Parliamentary privilege.

The Women’s League expresses it’s gross disappointment that this slander was allowed without let or hindrance in the Parliament resulting in a debasing of the Parliament itself.

Mrs Alleyne-Toppin’s utterances in the Parliament prove that she is a complete embarrassment to the Parliament, the people of Tobago East, the people of Tobago and the people of Trinidad.

The Women’s League is firm in it’s view that in the desperate UNC’s unrelenting attempt to demonise Dr Rowley they will descend to any depths as evidenced by the numerous banners which hung over the streets of Debe on Monday night with the words “Hide your Children from Rowley”, the Tobago Organisation of the People’s Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s scurrilous attack on Dr Rowley feeds off this banner and she behaved in the Parliament like a a willing recruit in this UNC plot. Vernella Alleyne-Toppin has disgraced herself.

Mrs Alleyne-Toppin, by claiming that Dr Rowley was the product of a rape and is himself a gang rapist, has perpetrated one of the worst and most disgraceful acts of slander under the guise of Parliamentary privilege and has crossed all boundaries of propriety.

Dr Rowley, as the Newsday article that Mrs Alleyne-Toppin quoted, has a son, the product of a legitimate relationship. Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s claims that Dr Rowley kidnapped and gang raped his son’s mother and that she was underage are completely untrue and the hallucinations of a fertile and dangerous imagination.

The Women’s League recalls that Dr Rowley entered public life in 1981 when he ran for Tobago West as a Candidate for the PNM his son was twelve years old at the time and no such outrageous claims were ever made by anyone.

The Women’s League calls on all Tobagonians and indeed all right thinking citizens to express their disgust at the repugnant and repulsive behaviour of the Member of Parliament for Tobago East especially in the light of the fact that her claims made against Dr Keith Rowley the Leader of the Opposition, his deceased mother and deceased father are vengeful without any basis in fact, loathsome, outrageous, scandalous, vile and defamatory.

We therefore call on the members of the TOP and the UNC to condemn Mrs Alleyne-Toppin and disassociate themselves from her statements. The Women’s League is disturbed this latest assault on the character of Dr Rowley could have taken place with impunity within the walls of the Parliament.

Chairman of the Women’s League
Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate

…Alleyne-Toppin’s ‘rape’ jibe saddens Warner

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  1. I am repeating what I posted on another thread today:

    The majority of UNC’s Indian politicians, activist and supports are in favour of this egregious conduct. Is Vernella Alleyne-Toppin the type of person Jaishima Laladharsingh spoke about that strikes at the heart of how many UNC activists and Indian politicians view their African ‘supporters’? She allowed herself to be used to deliver what other UNC politicians felt they may not have been able to get away with. Anyhow you look at it, UNC’s campaign is extremely racist.

    Is MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin and this UNC government suggesting the offspring of rape are prone to being aggressive, arrogant and are of ill-repute? Where is the outrage from activists in this country to this blatant assault? This is no longer politicking but an attack and negative stigmatization of people.

    1. Please stop your diatribe. Rowley need to “man up” or get out of way. Politics is a blood sport and Vernella was just exposing the true character of the leader of the PNM.
      This is not the first time Rowley’s character has come up for interrogation. It was the former PNM leader Patrick Manning who made the most insipid attack calling Rowley a wajang, raging bull and someone if opposed gets very very angry.

      1. Mamoo why yuh doh leave dis blog alone. yuh always posting some asinine statements here. Ah tell yuh already i is yuh fadder ah goh cut yuh arse.

  2. Moore: Nothing good can come of this

    FORMER Justice Minister in the Peoples Partnership government, attorney Christlyn Moore on Thursday posted a commentary on social media, condemning the statements made in Parliament yesterday by MP for Tobago East Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, regarding Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. This is Moore’s view on the issue –

    It is a bleak day when a woman rises in the National parliament to shame another woman and her family, but it borders on psychotic when that woman and her family are the alleged victims and product of sexual abuse. Nothing good can come of this.

    What is worse for me – and it can hardly get worse, is that the thoughtless dribbler of this venom is a Tobagonian woman, carelessly destroying another Tobagonian woman, her child and grandchildren, all in an effort to destroy a Tobagonian man. I weep. I hold no brief for this particular man, but I weep.

    Mind you this is being done in the name of truth, the standard that we all aspire to. And who doesn’t want truth. If our leaders or aspirants to leadership are criminally flawed the public deserves the truth of that information. But truth is a slippery thing, easily transformed and shaped by ugly hands. Truth is often by itself insufficient and needs to be seasoned with other ingredients to meet the circumstances. In this instance what was needed as well was a healthy dose of tact, ladles of sensitivity, pounds of dignity, and a portion each of common sense, self respect and courtesy.

    For my own part, some truths don’t need to be told, as they serve no wider good, reveal no crime or sin and are simply vainglorious rants of a empty and seething mind.

    Whether Vernella’s truth is a truth at all, or a truth that needed to be told the public will judge but I fear that with regard to her the jury has already returned a round and robust cry of absolute condemnation. More that that, she by her own public admissions, a victim of various insults and abuses, both politically and personally, should know how abhorrent it is to shame the victim.

  3. Arima Mayor: Alleyne-Toppin must go
    The Mayor and members of the Arima Borough Council are demanding the immediate resignation of Vernella Alleye-Toppin as a minister and Member of Parliament for Tobago East, following her disgraceful contribution in the House of Representatives on Wednesday which brought the entire Parliament into disrepute.

  4. It seems as though the PNM have developed very thin skin and are now content to play the victim. Dr. Rowley is the leader of the Opposition and will be subjected to public scrutiny, if he cannot stand it then he should do the right thing and step down.

    This is the same PNM who accused the current Prime Minister of being a drunkard and still continues to hold those beliefs despite not having any evidence to support their self righteous indignation. The attack by the PNM on the current Prime Minister did not stop there. They accused her of poor clothing choice, shoes etc.

    Dr. Rowley must stop acting as a coward and using the PNM Women’s League as a front for his attack on Vernella. Instead he must be a man and talk to the nation about the issues raise, that is what leadership is all about confronting the most difficult issues which will arise. Personally, if someone said those things about me I would be the one facing the camera and talking about it.

    What the nation learned about Dr.Rowley yesterday is that he has some skeletons in his closet and he needs to clear the air on an illegitimate son and those rape allegations. Character matters, the sum total of a man is his lifelong experiences good or bad. Children need good role models and if he does not like the heat, he can always step down and let Colm or Rawi take the reigns. But please stop the whining, victimology and disrespect for the voting public immediately.

    1. Mamoo, this is an attack on all decent people. You use the word “PNM” but we know better that. Anyone supporting such language and behavior are in fact animal in human form. There is nothing worthy of praise in the woman from Tobago’s speech, the crassness of her venom and vile behavior has taken away from her any remaining decency she claims to have.

      1. People speak out of their experiences. Vernella herself may have been a victim, we don’t know. She spoke with compassion… I listen to her relate a narrative but I ask myself why did the Opposition leave? They should have remain and defended their leader.

        Kian Dr. Rowley brought 6 no confidence motion on the current PM. Two fell through. Why does he hate women? It is unprecedented and obsessive behaviour that have us all concern. Vernella exposed some of the reasons for such hate. Everytime his mom looked at him it reminded her of that moment when she lost her virginity and shame of hiding her pregnancy. She obviously resented him. Vernella was subjected to that hate hence her moment to share the narrative.

        What is even more disturbing is Rowley narcissistic behaviour, he presented to Parliament a set of emails that we all knew were wrong. Such a person is not fit to lead a nation,burst of anger when he kick the secretary down the stairs.
        If it is too hot maybe he needs to step down…we agree to disagree on this on Kian.

  5. The PM has an obligation to condemn this speech made by Toppin. The Speaker is also negligent in allowing this sort of venom in the parliament. This no confidence motion is going to backfire.

  6. It is shameful that we have gotten so far down the totem pole of respect and dignity that the woman that all women should look up to has failed them in respecting women. In her quest to paste Dr. Rowley in the most disgusting form of character asassination, she has allowed one of her ministers to attack the deceased mother of the Opposition Leader. Nothing can be more dishonorable than that. If we are to believe Toppin-Alleyne’s story, the 14 year old mother of the Opposition Leader was raped in horror by a bad and insensitive older man (the supposed father of the Leader of the Opposition), together they produced a son (Dr Rowley) whose character is so degrading that, even with all of his achievements (much better than the accuser – Toppin-Alleyne) of educational, social, political and a stellar clean political life void of corruption, we are asked by this vile woman (Alleyne) to believe that he is not good enough to hold the post of prime minister. This is wild and savage behavior coming from the government of Trinidad and Tobago. The savagery is NOT the one Alleyne described about Dr. Rowley, it is the one emanating from her own mouth. How could she go back to Tobago, look the people in the eye and say to them that “I am your representative”? What is she representing? Who is she representing? What kind of moral standard do you live by Ms Alleyne? Are you human at all? Do you have any sense of dignity? If, as she describes, Dr. Rowley is a product of rape, then, as a christian she has a moral responsibility to be sensitive to Dr. Rowley’s mother, if not Dr Rowley. Has christianity gone pagan now? What kind of disrepute have these people brought to the house of representative? We cannot get any lower than this. The only cleansing factor is an impending election to rid ourselves of that immoral cabinet that now occupies the corridor of power. We need to bring back sensitivity and common sense to our government and rid ourselves of the satanic forces of evil that occupies the seat of government.

    1. We are all products of something nothing to be ashamed of…Dr. Rowley was the product of a rape,so what.He went on to rape also. He never acknowledge his 45 year old son always denied him the blessing of fatherhood. History repeating itself. Such a man is not fit to lead the Opposition. Very very poor example.

      There is a lot more surrounding Dr. Rowley and it would not surprise me if several women come forward and declared that he used his office when in government to exploit their vulnerabilities. Are we going to continue to excuse such Behaviour? Where does it end Kian?

      In the United States election campaigns, men such as Clinton was subjected to public ridicule and made fun of on late night talk shows. Others were disposed off like toilet paper once it became clear that they were involve in affairs or had certain character flaws. Donna Rice/Gary Hart matter came up with Hart having to stop his campaign.
      We must not lower the standard for public office.

      Demands that the Prime Minister should appologise for Toppin contribution is silly. She can appologise for herself if need be, something Dr. Rowley could not do when he offended women across the world recently.

  7. I am no fan of Jack Warner, but regardless of how I feel about him, the UNC is missing him or other influential Africans in the upper ranks of the party who are not simply motivated by the payday of office. Jack was the man in the party that held those crude and vulgar UNC politicians and activists in check. He is a savvier political speaker than any of them. When the UNC/PP won the election, one Indian spokesman stood on the platform and stated “Is we turn now!” It was Jack Warner who ‘chided’ him for that remark and spoke about being magnanimous in victory. He kept the extreme racists in the UNC in check for as long as he was in the party, but without him, we are seeing the belly of the beast of the UNC machinery.

    1. Jack Warner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man off integrity???????? This man himself the HNIC in parliament. No! No!

  8. Was this speech approved by Cabinet?
    Was the PM aware of the contents of Vernella’s speech?
    This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with common decency and personal character destruction. If Rowley was the product of rape, then I congratulate him for doing so well and rising to the top.
    If this speech was vetted by Cabinet and approved, then this is a reflection of the desperation of a sitting government.I am no fan of Rowley and a supporter of the government, but this type of politics is deplorable.

  9. “Don’t use rape for political gain”

    Statement- The Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women remains shocked at the suggestion of Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin that the Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley was born as a result of rape and that these circumstances have made him “aggressive” and “arrogant”.

    The Network was completely taken aback especially as we celebrated International Women’s day less than two weeks ago where our female leaders concentrated on the Beijing+20 Platform for Women’s Rights and the elimination of forms of Violence to Women. This country is affected by issues of rape, incest and domestic violence and we want all victims, men and women, to come forward. This is not an issue to be used for political gain, more so by a Minister whose Ministry is responsible for people and social development.

    Ms. Alleyne-Toppin was insensitive and not trauma-informed, to trivialize any issue surrounding rape or sexual assault and we implore her to take this issue off the political platform which reaches into our homes and our schools.

    In any progressive nation rape cannot be spoken about flippantly and children born of rape cannot be stereotyped. In addition, calling on the opposition leader to “man-up” pushes back our campaign to get men and boys to report these crimes when they are victims. Being masculine does not mean you cannot and would not be a victim. We want to create an enabling environment for all victims not to set-up more barriers for dealing with these important issues.

    We understand the current election climate is going to be full of the usual “picong” and inappropriate banter that has marred our culture over the last few decades but we ask both sides to work with us and think. As a mother, wife and daughter and fellow women in service we expected more from Mrs. Alleyne-Toppin. We call on all our female hopefuls to take responsibility for their individual standards, set them high.

  10. This hopefully answers my question.The government should waste no time in condemning this speech by Topin.
    We need to hear the PM condemn this speech. We need to hear an apology from key members of Cabinet. We need Topin’s resignation.

    Communications Minister Vasant Bharath said members of Cabinet met on Monday to discuss the debate on the motion of no confidence in Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

    The context of members’ contribution, however, were not vetted by the caucus.

    Bharath said, “The caucus was held to give a general direction of the debate. So the general direction of the debate was discussed. We do not dicuss the content that is left up to the individual,” he said.
    He said Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and other members of Cabinet were not aware of the contents of the contribution made by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s speech before Wednesday.

    Alleyne-Toppin will today make a statement regarding her controversial contribution.

    In her address, Alleyne-Toppin suggested that Rowley was born as a result of rape that these circumstances have made him “aggressive” and “arrogant”.

    Speaking at the post-Cabinet media briefing this afternoon, Finance Minister Larry Howai, said his colleague’s statements were discussed and Alleyne-Toppin was expected to make a statement “at the end of business today”.

    Howai said: “Some discussion was held on that and Ms Alleyne-Toppin will make a statement. She is expected to make a statement before the end of business today.”

    Howai said he was “a little concerned” about part of Alleyne-Toppin’s contribution in Parliament.

    “Part deals with questions which need to be answered. But I am concerned about the first part. If it so did occur one can
    only have sympathy for the persons involved in a situation like that” he said.

  11. I am expecting key members of this UNC government to now distance themselves from Minister Vernella Allene-Toppin’s vile contribution AFTER they have accessed the negative responses to it from all quarters of society.

    As usual, they will claim to have been taken by surprise by Vernella’s statement and sacrifice her. They will expect her to respond and claim that the government was unaware of her presentation before she delivered it. But any thinking person should know that the assault on Rowley was planned and key players of this government, including the Prime Minister, would have been aware of how this attack was to play out. They would not have trusted Vernella to deliver without vetting her contribution. All UNC members in parliament showed their approval for what was said by desk thumping at the end of her presentation.

    I pity Vernella who may be suffering from her own history of abuses, coupled with low self-esteem, and thus was willing to do anything to maintain her stay in such a cushy job of influence. Of course, the strategists of the UNC would have been aware of that; their activist and CDA board member spoke of using ‘these types of people’ for their ends. But why not? They also used their Indian supporters and left them to be humiliated in their show of support for the PM yesterday. How do they view those Indians who were totally unaware of what they were supporting?

    …but insists Rowley still has questions to answer

    By the Multimedia Desk
    March 26, 2015

    IN response to widespread condemnation over her contribution in Parliament on Wednesday in which she decried Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley as a child of rape, Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin today issued a release in which she apologised for some of the things she said. However, she insisted that Dr Rowley still had questions to answer.

    Following is the statement issued by the Ministry:

    Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin is today apologising to the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago for parts of her statements made in Parliament on Wednesday. During her contribution on the motion of no confidence on the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Keith Rowley, Toppin related a story of a young girl who was sexually assaulted many years ago in Tobago.

    In a statement issued today, Toppin said: “I unreservedly apologise to everyone who felt uncomfortable or outraged because of parts of the statement I made in Parliament. At no time was I intending to cause pain or suffering, or to cause people to reopen old wounds of trauma they may have at some time experienced.”

    Toppin stated: “I do, however, hold firmly to the view that incidents such as these, happening in our own country, must never be swept under the carpet. As difficult as it is, these are conversations we must be having as a people, if we are to protect young girls from experiencing this kind of horrific violation.”

    The Minister also stated: “And while I apologise from the heart to anyone who felt hurt by my statements, I intend to stand my ground and will insist that questions that have been asked of the Leader of the Opposition must be answered. Anyone who seeks to hold the top office of Prime Minister must not have such questions that are unanswered, as it questions the depth of character and the emotional intelligence that will influence this person’s decisions that will impact on 1.3 million people.”

    Minister Toppin reminded: “Questions that Dr Rowley must answer include the paternity of a young man who was the product of a relationship out of wedlock. Questions include whether Dr Rowley is the grandfather of one, or in fact two young children.”

    “Questions include whether Dr Rowley knows of any school teacher who was a tenant in Charlotteville? Was he a tenant? Was he boarding (getting meals) by Ms Gray? Was Ms Gray sending her niece to drop meals?” “I will not allow Dr Rowley to use public outrage to hide from the duty he has to answer these questions and put deep and frightening suspicions to rest once and for all,” Toppin said.

  13. Working Women: Stop the nasty attacks now

    The Women Working for Social Progress (WWSP) non-governmental organisation wants the politicians to stop what it considers “nastiness unprecedented in the history of our Parliament”, where women are both victims and perpetrators of the attacks. The WWSP issued a statement on Thursday, in response to the widely condemned statements made by MP for Tobago East Vernella Alleyne-Toppin about matters involving Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley. the following is the statement –

    The tenor of our country’s political discourse has sunk to an all-time low. Our much-acclaimed first female Prime Minister is currently presiding over a season of nastiness unprecedented in the history of our Parliament and of election campaigning in our country. What a let-down for women.

    Recent remarks coming from members of the country’s political directorate have seriously offended decent citizens – remarks that are so raw and crude that there can be no two ways about how to interpret them.

    Where in the civilized world can a politician stand in the full glare of national television cameras and describe anybody, let alone a fellow-parliamentarian, as having “the stinkest mouth” in the region? What do our children take from this? How do we get them to respect other people when they are exposed to this kind of model?

    Then there is the self-righteous hullabaloo about supposed “disrespect for women” on the part of the Opposition Leader. What hypocrisy, given all the instances of real and fully intended abuse, verbal and physical, directed at women by members of the People’s Partnership government.

    During the St. Joseph by-election campaign, one of the most senior members of Government stood up in the Parliament and crudely suggested that a young veterinary doctor, a woman, whom he called by name, was having an illicit affair with the PNM candidate for St. Joseph. He spoke of the candidate, then an Opposition Senator, as “servicing” this young lady, as though she were a head of livestock. That verbal attack was dismissed as just political picong.

    Today, the Government orator of “stink-mouth” fame attacks Opposition member Mr. Faris Al-Rawi because he holds his mother’s hand; and the orator by implication attacks Mr. Al-Rawi’s mother because “you can’t see the father nowhere”. Meanwhile another Minister, a woman (who confesses “I’m not a psychologist, although I’ve taught psychology”), regales the whole country with her story of How Keith Rowley Mother Make Him and what psychological effect this will have had on him.

    And these outrageous intrusions into people’s familial space are passed off as “harmless political strategy” by yet another woman – a lecturer in Political Science and foremost apologist of the PP government.

    So, the “disrespect for women” card is played when it is convenient for campaigning purposes, but the most glaring attacks on women, when they come from the PP, are acceptable electioneering behaviour. How sad. How obscene.

    We call upon Kamla Persad Bissessar to get the government back on track with its job of running the country’s affairs, and to stop using our resources, including parliamentary time, for organizing side-shows to distract the population.–297714001.html

    1. PNM propaganda machine on over drive, they can’t take the “body blows” being meted out to dear leader.

      1. Mamoo, it is only a fool who takes pleasure in enjoying such wanton acts of stupidity. This is not about party, race, class or ability. It is the total disregard for a persons method of conception and a total dis-respect to women of all shades, color, class and origin. I find it disgusting that you participate in such pleasure.

        1. Truth is I did not agree with the expose on Rowley conception. Rape is a terrible crime and the child born from such is an innocent victim of circumstances. But I maintain that if one PNM MP had stayed but objects could have been raised.

        2. Yeah,and let dem pray to all their flags ,or worst yet, make all their well documented ,human sacrifices, to their opaque /pagan ,15 handed gods they wish,for unlike 2010,it ain’t going to work ,in their favor,this time.
          Tell you what folks,somewhere out there, in lala land, Tobago’s own, in Papa Niza, is having a good laugh, as his plans for his favorite, yet much maligned godson, Dr.Keith Rowley, aka de Mason Hall kid, ‘is rounding into perfection,’ as we like to say on de streets.
          These UNC dominant PP – political- reelection ,strategists ,and handlers,that are being utilized by ‘Her Madjesstrick Queen Kamla,’ must be some of the dumbest in the entire planet.
          Even a pimple face UWI,COSTAT,UTT,or Cipriani Labor College, 1st year Pol Sci student ,would have done a better job,as de PP goons ,and Andy Johnson led ,Media gangs ,with their misguided ,over de top damblays ,have turned ‘The PM in waiting,’ from a ‘cat chasing Rotwiller,’into a more humane ,(almost victimized ) Statesman.
          They lost the last three by elections, using the same idiot ploys,and yet continue to go down that defeatist partway.
          Go into a community-be it St Joseph,Chagurnas, and Tpbago- demonize a popular candidate ,by foolishly attempting to tarnish his image, all across the nation,then still expect the savvy progressive T&T voters ,would lend support to them at the polls.
          Ain’t happening,unless 90% or more of the voters belong to de gullible tribe!!
          This is certainly a great week ,for The Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin, just for good measure. These political clowns ,attempted to label him,a woman hating ,pedophile, for gyrating on a non ID card carrying, 35 year old looking, 17 year old ,masquerading in what they stupidly called an Indian Carnival band,and dat backfired.
          Even non voting homeless bums ,or mental case St Anns patients, are asking the poignant question -just who exactly are these racist cretins,and who are they trying to impress, come next elections?
          Not satisfied, they decided to use their last trump card -de much envied ,over analyzed ,African male sexual organs,as a tool for their power forays.
          His papa,allegedly raped his Tobago mama ,to make him.
          He in turn ,could not extricate de demon ,and so has an insatiable sex drive ,even as a young kid,and so unlike Tomcat ,Pundit MP Shama ,had an outside ,bastard kid ,that he refused to support.
          First,was the man head -Arima Afro Carib Penelope, and now this equally delusional, Alleyn Toppin Tobago East woman,with her fangs attached to Kamla’s rear end-even as she too got repeatedly kicked in her own behind.
          Yet we think , barbarian -divide and rule -evil -conniving- pro slavery -White christian -Euro Massa ,was bad?
          Pay attention to de self hating mimics , for no other ,conquered tribe, has emulated their much adored colonial Lords ,as well as our ungrateful Brown ,neo triumphalist, T&T citizens.
          Stay vigilant people!
          Remember, my ardent war cry to you my dear citizens :- De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place aqui!
          It’s one term, and back to the political wilderness, where these ungrateful bastards belong.
          I luv dis land, Y tu?
          Your influence counts, use it!
          Long live the Republic of T&T!

      2. Mamoo, you make good contributions, but you responds to this episode is clear assinine

  14. As a rival to many on this board, there is always the urge to say the most damnest things to convey dislike or even hate in response to what they are saying, but that feeling of contempt will always be tempered by my ability to listen to my inner sense of reason, justice and FairPlay before deciding on the outcome. There is a creed that says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That saying is not just for your friends, it is also for your enemies as well because regardless of how much contempt you feel for the other person, we are still pro-created in the exact same manner. The feeling of inferiority and superiority comes from the nurturing that we get from our belief system and parental tutoring. So, having said this, does Vernna Toppin-Alleyne feel that by the description she labelled on Dr. Rowley feel that she is better because of the way their conceptions were initiated? The truth is, don’t think that even she believes that! So, she has a job as some kind of minister that goes dime a dozen with this government. So, as a minister she enjoys some privileges. In the end, does it make her better than Dr Rowley? Is she less susceptible to death than Dr. Rowley? The answer to all these questions are obvious and therein lies the problem. Because Dr Rowley’s mother was raped (according to her), does that make her birth more acceptable than his? This woman is dumb and stupid. Because it only takes stupidity to utter the kind of words she used to assent the character of Dr. Rowley. I am absolutely convinced that the people of Tobago feel nothing but contempt for her after giving that speech in parliament. Is this what the Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar wanted to hear? Does this fulfil her desire to listen and condone such ridiculous behavior?
    If the answer is yes, then she is just as bad or even worse than Toppin-Alleyne. If she feels the same way then hell is too cold a place for her. It is one thing to have power and another how to use it. But this too shall come to pass and I am sure that Dr Rowley will be a better man for it too!

  15. What a sad day for T&T! How can Mrs. Alleyne-Topping stoop so low to make the comments reported in the news? What is worse is that at no point did the speaker caution her or stop her. Her foul comments had no relevance to the issue being considered. I wonder if he was asleep, deaf or absent? Maybe it was another faux pas like the one her made with the letter.
    Politics in T&T has gone to the dogs. I remember the days of Sukeran, Facquar, et al. Those were days that one could listen to debates of a high standard. I hope and pray that after the next election that the new members can raise the standard to a higher level.

    1. Next to Eric Williams, when it came to politics Lionel F. Suekaran was the most popular politician in Trinidad and Tobago. The thing was, that he did not belong to the PNM government nor was he aligned to the PNM, he was a DLP but boy was he popular and loved by all. With the skewed mentality of those who hold the reins of power now, I doubt that cleanliness in politics will be coming anytime soon.

    2. I agree with the quality of debates from some former lucid speakers/personalities of the past. I find it very reprehensible to the extent some politicians of today would denigrate and vilify people regardless of their political alignment. If our country is over 50 years old, would we not think that the maturity of Trinboganians be reflective of leadership qualities over this period of time? Platforms of bilateral (PNM/PP) party discourse need to be established once more whereby respect can be accorded to one another despite disagreements.

  16. Kian and Loyal Trini, I am thankful that both of you agree with my comments. My question to all our people is: what can we do to effect a change in our society? I propose that prayer is one answer. What do you suggest?

    1. Chong Sing, in answer to your question about ‘change’, your proposal is a noble and worthy one but in order for ‘change’ to occur, the ingredients MUST be something that all participants must be in agreement with. Judging by the current political climate, the ground work being undertaken by the political directorate is not one germinated to foster social development on a national scale. Sectarian yes, national – no. As a dinosauric thinking individual (as TMan would label me), I am of the firm belief that “what you sow, is what you reap”. If the intention is good, nothing but good would emanate, conversely, if as we currently have, a system designed to offer hope to one and despair to another, the resulting reality would certainly be chaos. The word ‘infrastructure’ is not even mentioned at an official level to use a a basis for proper management of the national resources. Without the use of that division and narcissism could be the ONLY outcome. Prayer can be a good tool but they way things are going, prayer can only buy us patience and virtue, not a national conscience of goodwill towards all. I am sorry if my answer does not offer hope but we must call it as we see it.

  17. Politics as practiced in T&T really come under the umbrella of bacchanal, sometimes many politicians getaway with slanderous statements made in parliament under the umbrella of parliamentary privilege. Sometimes it is worst in S.Korea, Japan for example where the members get up and start exchanging blows in the parliament chamber itself. Are we going to get at that stage? Who knows? We already have the incident of a teacup throwing in the backroom. My argument has always been that lack of decorum infused with ‘hot temper’ brings out the best for the Media. There have to be reasons for Rowley to be referred to as a raging bull by his leader at that time and as a consequence we have to be careful with what we are fed by the media at times. It is a fact that the media preempts certain actions and form newton’s third law that would provoke a reaction. What I can say emphatically is, gone are the days when we had quality debates to gutter politics as practiced today. What we sow today is what we would reap tomorrow and my that my friend is where the prayer comes in by reacting rather than be proactive now i.e., do we change the politics or do we change the people?

    1. Given a chance of having a ‘no nonsense’ prime minister who is serious about the development of his country and one who smiles a lot, pretend to be everybody’s friend and emptying the treasury, I will definitely opted for the serious minded candidate.

  18. Loyal Trini, in answer to your question: ” Do we change the politics or do we change the people?” I say if the people change the politics will change. The next question is how do we change the people. The Code of Ethics that the parties signed recently might be another way to effect change.

    1. Too late, chong sing! Too late shall be the cry!
      The very nature of the Trinboganian has been so seriously and sadly altered that it will take a miracle to undo the damage. The culture is so steeped in undesirable traits which I don’t have to mention that the change which you seek is impossible.The politicians are a reflection of the people.The people deserve the politics they get.

  19. The issue of Rowley’s paternity of an outside child has struck a conscious and guilty chord in T&T. It’s a case of let he who is without sin caste the first stone.The phenomenon of hidden children is a culturally acceptable practice in T&T.The people of T&T are so vocal in their condemnation of Toppin and her exposure of Rowley because so many of them have their own maternity and paternity secrets.Rape is also taboo in T&T. Numerous incidents of rape are never reported. Rape is never discussed or acknowledged.Families protect these secrets for posterity.When a Member of Parliament openly discusses rape and paternity, even though Toppin’s narrative is questionable,the nation cringes with embarrassment.There is a massive outrage as the closet door is opened, exposing an entire and its cultural shortcomings.

    1. If any political side has evidence that someone did something illegal then fine … come with it.

      The nation is outraged because Vernella implied that Rowley was the offspring of rape while also implying that his father was a rapist. Even if this is true, this is despicable as it uses rape as a political weapon against a victim of rape. It also, without proof, defames his deceased parents for political gain.

      To add gross insult to injury, the theory about resulting character flaws manifesting because one is a child of rape thereby making him unfit for leadership is morally repugnant on many fronts. If some of UNC supporters do not get this point, then they may also be morally repugnant. For some people, this type of thinking can be a product of the Hindu caste system teaching where the sum total of a person and their potential is governed by their caste birth.

    2. “Rape is taboo in T&T,”and so is suicide,especially by members of de tribe,so tell us something we ain’t aware of already, TMAN?

      Thanks Dr Vama Deyalsing!
      More young Indo Trini kids have been forced into suicide-often at the hands of their own parents-than there are still excited T&T kids,whose rickety ,PP obtained laptops, that might still be functioning.
      Ain’t it about darn time Tman,dat you ,your PM,and fellow disingenuous/fellow outraged ,UNC dominant- PP ,minions, ‘quit beating this dead horse to death, ‘ we like to say on de streets?’
      Your self serving, elitist, 1st female Hindustani -T&T PM,had 5 years to address,debilitating, social maladies ,that negatively impacted her society, and what exactly did she do-outside of firing lifetime Social advocate, turned PP,vote getting-showcase -PP -gender minister,in Mama Verna St Rose, and for what again?
      Yep, for having de audacity ,to tell her, to put de squeeze on dem phony spiritualist Hindu High priest Gurus,and fellow closet ISIS Islamist Imams.You know ,de ones I am referring to? Yep,they tend to sign off on the tribe ,as they still allow girls 11,to 16 years old, to marry guys 2 ,3 and six times their age -in breach of our national laws.
      Make me PM in de morning, and the 1st law ,I’ll put in place ,is to make hypocrisy, a capital offence,punishable, by bullets in de back of the head ,of a firing squad.
      I just hope dat you ,Mamboo, and that self loathing fraud,Trini Rawoils,made your will on the 40 aches ,and de 20 water buffalos,you allze, acquire from de state,when Caroni limited died.
      Just kidding,mi amigos.
      Personally, I have no problem, with Tobago East Vanella,her self aggrandizing PM -benefactor,or any civic leaders ,across our country ,doing what they believe is the right thing, when it comes to exposing a Dr Keith Rowley type,who perhaps abandoned a bastard kid, they produced decades ago,under questionable circumstances.
      If America,led by Billionaire Donald Trump, can take pot shot at Barrack Hussain Obama birth,so can T&T,about Dr Rowley, if evidence showed, he is a product of a rapist. Why you ask? All’s fair ,in war and politics!
      What they won’t be allowed to do however, is use African folks, as some ‘poster child,’ of all that is evil,while leaving their own tribe-be they CJ Shama,Tomcat Hindu priest MP Shama,or Dr Goopiesing ,and criminal son, to do as they please, without paying a price.
      Mike Tyson,OJ Simpson,and Chris Brown, did not start domestic abuse ,and or rape of females in America. White,numerically dominant Americans did -starting with dem Red Indians, then on to African slaves,and finally ,their own women.
      In T&T,numerous Afro Trini women cannot spell birth control, much less use same ,and so ,they continue to make too many unwanted kids,with too many males ,but so do Indo Trini females.
      African men might be prone to domestic violence, sexual abuses,a myriad of blue color crimes ,and possess a long list of diabolical, self serving elites,who breaks rules,socially accepted norms,and laws ,with impunity-that their folks ,in the lower echelons, won’t get away with,(since they lack the financial means ,and or clout)but so does Indo Trini males.
      Where you at T&T? Selective outrages, or equal playing field justice? If a blue color thug robs someone of 20 dollars ,should he do 20 years in prison,while a white color bandit, who stole 200 million from say, the HCU,or CLICO, walk free,or serve tea in some half way house ,while allowed to lecture ,business etiquette, at UWI Look Jackalantan ,Post Grad school- or worst yet,become our country’s Finance Minister?
      No se,so it’s your call!
      Long live the Republic of T&T!

  20. “this type of thinking can be a product of the Hindu caste system “……..JustRight
    I think you got it just right on this one. The narrative and attitude of the supporters of this type of governance is that “we must change the culture to reflect our thinking”. History has no impact on these people. As a matter of fact, they view history as leaving them out of the shaping of culture and forward thinking, so, it is their wish to change, correct and reframe history. In so doing, it may appear to be kinder and more opportunistic to show them in a more involved in the shaping of this country’s development. The historical narrative and concepts of their ‘arrival’ was to rival the progress of the freed slaves in ownership, business, commerce and development. The European masters, while low in population, was very powerful in directing the course of development, so as to ensure that African literacy was never heralded, so as to alert the African masses to it’s potential. To a large extent, this was accomplished not only with the Indian/African rivalry, but also with the help of the freed house slaves, who were given the opportunity to advance themselves culturally, educationally and economically as well. Hindu culture dictates that those belonging to an inferior caste obey the directives of officialdom and those bearing officiality in any form. It is a ‘I speak, you listen” form of command and obey narrative. All one have to do is read the blogs and this kind of behavior can easily be identified. It is as though they want to stuff information, as they see it, down your throat for consumption. That is exactly what is emanating from the bowels of this PP government. Just imagine in the parliament last Wednesday, the Prime Minister was in parliament during the course of the ‘debate’. When Vernella Alleyne got up to speak, she walked out! Ha.ha.ha.ha.ha. Why?
    It is obvious that she knew exactly what that woman was going to say! When called upon to render an opinion, of course she had the perfect excuse – she was not there to hear it. She walked out because she knew it was going to be tasteless! She walked out because she knew that it was going to be morally repugnant.
    She walked out because she knew that not being on the scene it would first appear that, were she to be there and offer no ethical recognition of the garbage spewed by Toppin, it would make her look bad, that is why she walked out. Is that leadership? Is that what we have come down to in the house of laws, the house of repute, the house where the right of every individual should be protected and savored? Is that what the cradle of democracy has come to? Where is the decency? Where is the hope? Where is the comfort in knowing that “your government is working for you”? The whole charade is puerile, stupid, vindictive and worth nothing, only in it’s intended outcome. It is a straight case of electioneering. Nothing more and nothing less. The intent was to paint Dr. Rowley as a rapist. If, I stress if!, as intended, they were successful in shaping opinions, they would have built a case so powerful to show that a case of statutory rape was committed by Dr. Rowley.
    Now, such a case has not statutory limitations, so he could be arrested. This was the intent. Cause and effect was obviously, with public outcry, a member of the house of representatives committing such a heinous act, the people would have to call for his arrest. (The ball falling right into the PP court). The greatest pleasure Kamla and company would have had in such a scenario was to arrest Dr. Rowley for committing rape against a minor. OH! what a scene that would be! That would put the PNM to shame, African people to shame, Tobago to shame and those who believed in Dr. Rowley to shame. The country would be in a state of shock and definitely be calling for Dr. Rowley’s head. SORRY KAMLA, THAT WAS NOT TO BE! THE PLAN BACKFIRED. INSTEAD, YOU ARE THE ONES LEFT WITH ROTTEN EGGS IN YOUR FACES. Is this what parliament was intended for? In any benign democracy, such a people coming up with that kind of intention would be hauled away and be arrested. Why was it necessary to use parliament in that way only to get at your opponent? You are a sorry bunch of losers and certainly one NOT FIT to hold the reins of government. This is not hindustan! We need something better than this. Outside of Trinidad and Tobago we are actually a laughing stock for having people like this running our government. Down with the hinduisation of Trinidad and Tobago. Down with the thinking that to promote people like Hamid Ghany, Bhoe Tiwarie, BRINSLEY SAMAROO and others with that kind of thinking can elevate us to international standards. We need better thinkers. We need people who first think of themselves as Trinbagonians and NOT, I repeat not hindu first, if we are to build a national identity.

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