No Confidence Motion Against Rowley: “Waste of time”

UNC ‘Supporters’ Outside Parliament
They turned out to picket the parliament in support of the prime minister, but many didn’t know why or what was taking place in the House.


With diverse ethnicities supporting the two main political parties, one wonders how many politicians and activists view their supporters in similar ways as Jaishima Laladharsingh?

According to an Express report, back in September 2013, in what was described as a “closed UNC group”, he [Jaishima Laladharsingh] advised his “apan jhat” brethren to summon groups of “niggers” to attend a protest at City Hall that was being staged by the Partnership Government. “…My pick would be for the niggers…they pushy enough and gullible…it would not take much to sway them…it would also enhance the look of the PPG having the African members protesting…”
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CEPEP boss: Nobody sent them
Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) chairman, Adesh Deonarine, yesterday denied that CEPEP workers were instructed to wear yellow jerseys

Imbert: Waste of time
“Foolishness and a waste of time.” That was how People’s National Movement MP Colm Imbert dismissed government’s no-confidence motion against Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley during yesterday’s debate on the motion. Imbert was replying to People’s Partnership (PP) House Leader Dr Roodal Moonilal’s piloting of the motion in Parliament. Imbert later had to withdraw the word “foolish” on House Speaker Wade Mark’s request because it was deemed unparliamentary language.

Imbert on no confidence motion: Empty and absurd

Accusing Government of committing a crime against the House of Representatives, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley and his People’s National Movement MPs walked out of the Parliament Chamber during yesterday’s no-confidence motion against Rowley.

PNM MPs walk out on Govt’s no confidence motion on Rowley

Rowley accused of mauvais langue and mischief

PNM walkout ‘doused Govt’s fire’
THE walkout by the Opposition bench yesterday was a “strategic move” that effectively doused the fire the Government intended to bring to the House of Representatives with respect to Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, political analyst Dr Winford James said yesterday. A motion of no confidence against Rowley was moved by Dr Roodal Moonilal around 2 p.m. yesterday.

…Debate suspended: adjourned to April 8

Dangerous attack on media
The most worrying aspect of the recent cyberbullying against our journalists is the complete silence by the Persad-Bissessar administration which has shown no interest in dissuading its supporters from such obnoxious behaviour or in denouncing their activity. While it is convenient for the Government to distance itself from these bloggers now that the issue has exploded publicly, it is worth noting that several of these persons seem to enjoy the Government’s favour, either through employment and contracts or by association.

Jack walks out too
CHAGUANAS West MP Jack Warner stayed in the Lower House after the Opposition’s walkout from yesterday’s no-confidence debate in Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, but later himself walked out in apparent protest at the limits of the subject matter allowed in the debate.

‘Rowley a child of rape’
TOBAGO East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin yesterday suggested Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was born as a result of rape and that these circumstances have made him “aggressive” and “arrogant”. Any members of the public gallery who might have started to doze off yesterday afternoon at Parliament at the International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, were shocked into alertness when Alleyne-Toppin told the house of a story, related to her by “an old man in Mason Hall”, Tobago, which spoke of the rape of a young girl and the resultant offspring, who was now an aspiring leader.

Vernella: Men mind your children

…Alleyne-Toppin’s ‘rape’ jibe saddens Warner

25 thoughts on “No Confidence Motion Against Rowley: “Waste of time””

  1. Dear Media:
    What we saw today was a PNM party on the run, they had a glorious opportunity to defend their leader. Instead Colm Imbert made a dash for the door and the others quickly follow. Now isn’t it the job of the Opposition chief whip to lead any walkout? Where was Marlene? It appears as though the PNM is a mix up party. A day ago everyone was waiting for Al Rawi as though he is the “de facto” leader of the PNM. What happen to their party? They gone bazoodee.

    Rowley said of the no confidence motion “bring it on” and when it came he ran. We don’t expect you to report on what was said about your “dear leader” from Ms Toppin. As the Internet, direct streaming and other sources of information means people are no longer depending on the regular suspects for information.

    As for this closed UNC group again this reeks of mischief, the UNC/PP is the most diversified party in TnT today. The UNC/PP has intentionally built across ethno centric dividers which is the campaign theme of the PNM. Remember the secret $50 million scholarship fund… Please we all know the PNM is boss when it comes to propaganda but garbage at performance.

  2. This video and accompanying quote from no other person than Jaishima Laladharsingh, exposing the use of gullible “niggers” to support the PPG point of view in having African members protesting in support for the UNC, is evidence of the callous nature of discourse offered by this government that it deems parliamentary and democratic. By any standard of rudimentary display of support for it’s motion of no confidence in the opposition leader, this is foolishness in the extreme. The display of stupidity, lies, innuendos, implications, vexations, improper use of power and so many other ill-use of parliamentary usage is vexatious and puerile on the part of the Prime Minister and her cohorts in parliament. Parliament should be used for serious business not for an ill-fated use of the people’s time. To divert intent to impune the good name of David West, using the leader of the opposition as reason to do so, cannot be considered an act of parliamentary jusrispudence. It should be called what it is – stupidity. Colm Imbert, had to go back all the way to 1912, where a parliament in Australia held such a gathering to conduct an inquiry or vote of no confidence in the leader of the opposition. Needless to say, that the Speaker of the House then was uncomplimentary of the actions taken by the then government to bring such an action against the opposition leader. The motion was treated with abomination by the Speaker who thought such trivial matter should not be the business of the people in the sacred house. The UNC protestors, when questioned as to why they were there were so ignorant about their presence that I ashamed that videos like that will be viewed all over the world to show how shallow and foolish the politicians make donkeys of their supporters. It was very clear that in Parliament, Kamla was uncomfortable with the contributions of Colm Imbert, whose presentation was masterful. It also shows that this woman would go to any length to defend a disgraced Attorney General who she, herself had to fire. When history is written, it would show what indelible mark the prosecution of Ish and Steve has had on our politics, judiciary, parliamentary sittings, foreign relations, issuing of contracts, passing of laws like section 34 and a culture of deceit, bribery and miscalculations. The hundreds of millions were spent NOT for the good of the people BUT in defense of the contributions these two men made for their support of the UNC. It was sickening to watch men like Prakash Ramadhar get up and use noble words to describe a foolish act. The movers of this motion was unable to find any justification that was worthy of Parliament’s time. Our bumbling Speaker of the House was hard pressed to explain, with good reason why this motion was necessary. It is high time the media use it’s editorial and knowledgeable skills in providing the history and outcomes of such a wanton use of parliamentary time.

    1. The media is trying to make Jaishima a man who was fired by the partnership for his comments the distraction that Dr. Rowley talked about. Lol.
      Yes it was 1912 when the Aussies set the example for us to follow. It is this precedent the PP follows. It is amazing that Dr Rowley made 6 no confidence motion against the honorable Prime Minister, 2 fell through but no one in the PNM thought it was a waste of time. Certainly those no confidence motions could not succeed as everyone knew however that did not stop him. In a desperate attempt to discredit the PM emailgate emerged. In time it will be shown to be a bag of falsehood.

      The 7th no confidence motion came from the Prime Minister and it exposed Dr. Rowley as (1) a teacher who raped a 14 year old girl got her pregnant and denies he is the father (very serious allegations). History repeated itself through the son, (2) that he has an obsession with female body parts, n*pples,kyat, and said he would slap….(3) that he lied when he said he did not know West was his witness…(4)he stole for Landate…of course there will be other damning things revealed as time goes by…

      These things will be covered up by the media however no one depends on the media as the only source of information…

  3. One question Mamoo, where is the authority that rests with the Opposition Leader, to tell the Prime Minister about David West being a witness in the frivolous Anand Ramlogan law suit?

    1. The Opposition Leader holds discussion with the Prime Minister to determine suitability of the Candidate. The PCA position has to be independent of government and opposition influence in the discharge of duty. It is a strong independent office.

      With Rowley knowing that West is his witness in a case against the AG he had a right to declare such thing when he discussed the issue with the Prime Minister because there is a conflict of interest with the person recommended.

      Rowley went on political stage and denied he knew West was his witness when his lawyer Al Rawi was asked if Rowley knew his response was yes Rowley knew.

  4. Oh! by the way, Kamla tries to keep her personal business private but lately as Dr Rowley speaks of his experience in Zoology and owning dogs, there appears to be no such concerns about her supporters speaking about her cat. I think that the late Blakey, Sparrow,the late Kitch and others will have a field day with Kamla’s supporters speaking about her cat. I think very few men in the PNM want that.

  5. A good leader has an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honesty and integrity.The revelations in Parliament regarding the Leader of the Opposition not only make this no confidence motion relevant, but act as a warning to the dangers of electing a man like Rowley.

    1. Yeah TMan! especially those who use the peoples’ house for mauve langue like this, “TOBAGO East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin yesterday suggested Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was born as a result of rape and that these circumstances have made him “aggressive” and “arrogant”.” – UNC style.

      1. It is unfortunate that Vernella chose to take this disappointing route with regards to Rowley.There are so many other legitimate issues on which he could have been attacked.Her revelation regarding the circumstances of his birth was cruel and uncalled for.Her presentation of his tenure as a teacher in Charloteville and his indiscretions there with juveniles are not new. For Vernella it was revenge time.

        1. The majority of UNC’s Indian politicians, activist and supports are in favour of this egregious conduct. Is Vernella Alleyne-Toppin the type of person Jaishima Laladharsingh spoke about that strikes at the heart of how many UNC activists and Indian politicians view their African ‘supporters’? She allowed herself to be used to deliver what other UNC politicians felt they may not have been able to get away with. Anyhow you look at it, UNC’s campaign is extremely racist.

  6. “A good leader has an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honesty and integrity.The revelations in Parliament regarding the PM ,not only make this no confidence motion irrelevant , but act as a warning to the dangers of reelecting a woman like Kamla .”
    Excellent job TMan. Maybe there is hope yet, for you country hating, morally depraved souls, hell bent on further embarrassing, and eventually destroying our once adored land.

    As I observed the illiterate, paid, party hacks ,parade around Parliament, in support of their Siparia alcoholic Queen, and her UNC dominant PP goons, I could not help but murmur to myself the following :- White conniving Massa England ,Great grand pickinees,must be having a good laugh, at our expense ,for saddling African folks,with these alien creatures.

    Talk about a female hating savage!
    Hopefully a God exist,and justice would be served ,so that a rope handling 6ft 10″ Mandingo ,criminal monster, is awaiting his arrival ,in a Golden Grove cell.–in-court-on–assault-charge-297606281.html?m=y&smobile=y&clmob=y&c=n

    Oh yeah,and they burn ,and stone their women ,marry off their underage daughters,sometimes to old men, allow their sons ,to sleep with their young sisters-as a masculine rights of passage,engage in some of the most reprehensible acts of corruption, then when caught, shows no contrition whatsoever , will sell their wives to the boss,if it would advance their careers, are some of the most ungrateful, hypocritical,cry babies known to mankind, while their self loathing elites, suffer from ‘delusional of grandeur,’as far as their racial superiority ,over members of Afro Kinky Head Nation. Go figure!
    There are those, who would like to make us believe, that the 25% ,and rising -chiefly Dougla -T&T,mixed tribe population, emanated, principally from Afro Trini males, obsessed, with Indo Trini women, and what folly!
    Go give dat water buffalo crap,to ET,as we the astute know fully well,via observations, the suppressed fantasies of the other,towards…..well..,fill in the blanks.
    If you clowns think ,that with the help of your comatose 4th Estate gang buddies, you can continue to denigrate,resilient African folks, along with their heroes,and present/prospective leaders,then the power Mongrels, that constitute your tribal party, can turn around, and (otra vez ) ride Africans again ,to power-as was done in 2010-think again.
    Here are facts :-The PM in waiting ,in The Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, aka de Tobago Rotwiller,has absolutely no interest in your women -neither does a vast majority of folks that looks like him.
    As my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny, would often say to yours truly, back in de day, ‘You can jump high, jump low. ..’but nada can stop de Mason Hall kid ,from sitting in that PM big chair ,come next elections ,ends,and the manipulated Political neophyte, is ousted.
    Translation :- De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!
    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

  7. It is vexing and capricious that the people’s house was used to vomit the kind of mauve langue meted out by people like Toppin-Alleyne to describe Dr. Rowley. Is this what our Parliament has come to? A place where men and women, properly attired and looking business-like came to discuss the birth of a respected member of parliament? Worse yet! the Speaker of the House allowed it. Were it a member of the PNM to speak like that, do you think that Wade Mark would have allowed that? The public has to be vigilant in how we allow our MPs to conduct themselves. Totally disgraceful and repugnant. What should little children watching these grown men and women in Parliament think of the process?. There was ONLY one intent on the motion brought forward in Parliament and that was to sully the name of the Opposition Leader and David West. It is the worst display of parliamentary conduct that I have ever seen. A total disgrace by a government in power.

  8. PNM: Vernella’s “rape” claim against Rowley vile and repulsive

    THE WOMEN’S League of the Peoples National Movement has mounted a strong defence of party political Leader Dr Keith Rowley, describing the claims made against him in the Parliament by Government Minister Vernella Allene-Toppin as vile and repulsive. It a statement issued on Thursday, the Women’s League called on citizens to express disgust over the statements made by Alleyne-Toppin. The following is the full statement.

    It is with a sense of deep disgust and abhorrence that the Women’s League of the People’s National Movement(PNM), condemns the unfortunate contribution in the House of Representatives on March 25th of the Member for Tobago East, Mrs Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.

    Mrs Alleyne-Toppin in a debasing attack on Dr Keith Rowley Leader of the Opposition, placed on the Hansard Record an unadulterated and outrageous fabrication, stating,among other gross inaccuracies, that Dr Rowley’s conception was as a result of a rape, thereby accusing Dr Rowley’s deceased father of being a rapist! For Mrs Alleyne-Toppin however that was not enough, she went on to label Dr Rowley a kidnapper, paedophile and gang rapist, all fabrications given life under the cover of Parliamentary privilege.

    The Women’s League expresses it’s gross disappointment that this slander was allowed without let or hindrance in the Parliament resulting in a debasing of the Parliament itself.

    Mrs Alleyne-Toppin’s utterances in the Parliament prove that she is a complete embarrassment to the Parliament, the people of Tobago East, the people of Tobago and the people of Trinidad.

    The Women’s League is firm in it’s view that in the desperate UNC’s unrelenting attempt to demonise Dr Rowley they will descend to any depths as evidenced by the numerous banners which hung over the streets of Debe on Monday night with the words “Hide your Children from Rowley”, the Tobago Organisation of the People’s Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s scurrilous attack on Dr Rowley feeds off this banner and she behaved in the Parliament like a a willing recruit in this UNC plot. Vernella Alleyne-Toppin has disgraced herself.

    Mrs Alleyne-Toppin, by claiming that Dr Rowley was the product of a rape and is himself a gang rapist, has perpetrated one of the worst and most disgraceful acts of slander under the guise of Parliamentary privilege and has crossed all boundaries of propriety.

    Dr Rowley, as the Newsday article that Mrs Alleyne-Toppin quoted, has a son, the product of a legitimate relationship. Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s claims that Dr Rowley kidnapped and gang raped his son’s mother and that she was underage are completely untrue and the hallucinations of a fertile and dangerous imagination.

    The Women’s League recalls that Dr Rowley entered public life in 1981 when he ran for Tobago West as a Candidate for the PNM his son was twelve years old at the time and no such outrageous claims were ever made by anyone.

    The Women’s League calls on all Tobagonians and indeed all right thinking citizens to express their disgust at the repugnant and repulsive behaviour of the Member of Parliament for Tobago East especially in the light of the fact that her claims made against Dr Keith Rowley the Leader of the Opposition, his deceased mother and deceased father are vengeful without any basis in fact, loathsome, outrageous, scandalous, vile and defamatory.

    We therefore call on the members of the TOP and the UNC to condemn Mrs Alleyne-Toppin and disassociate themselves from her statements. The Women’s League is disturbed this latest assault on the character of Dr Rowley could have taken place with impunity within the walls of the Parliament.

    Chairman of the Women’s League
    Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate

    1. Rowley should have stayed in Parliament and defended himself, instead he cowardly ran away. What Vernella said affirms the information most people already knew, so it is nothing new. The PNM women’s league need to do a better job of defending women’s rights. At present they have sold their soul and cannot speak against a leader who has made all kinds of sexist remarks and remains unchecked by his own supporters. Certainly the PNM women’s league should aspire for a better country where women are protected from rapist and Mysagonist. Their unflinching support for their leader mirrors their disdain for women and children in TnT. There are times when nation must come first as the honorable Prime Minister demonstrated time and time again getting rid of those who acted inconsistently with the norms of civil society. The PNM women’s league must appologise to the nation for their vociferous attack on Vernella a woman who was simply speaking the truth. They must show to the nation that they are concern about all citizens and not only the ones at the PNM feeding trough.

      1. Paganism reins! Why should we expect better of you? It is your religion and beliefs controlled by the devil himself. That is the best that can be said about the behavior you all display.

  9. When you put yourself before the public as a candidate, your life becomes an open book. The skeletons in your closet will be revealed. Are these claims against Rowley, his deceased mother and deceased father true or false?

  10. Is MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin and this UNC government suggesting the offspring of rape are prone to being aggressive, arrogant and are of ill-repute? Where is the outrage from activists in this country to this blatant assault? This is no longer politicking but an attack and negative stigmatization of people.

    1. JustRight, it appears that we elect members of parliament to be vile, undemocratic, disrespectful, immoral and unethical. Just imagine, the Prime Minister uses her masterful act of appealing to women (when it suits her) for decency, courage and upliftment. Here she is, with a member of her cabinet in parliament (the people’s house) using vile and degrading language to describe the mother of a fellow member of parliament with all the anti-social behavior associated with rape, incest and violence. That alone describes the quality of the Prime Minister. She is a fake and devil in disguise. She is pagan in her beliefs system anyway, so, there is no reason why we should expect better of her. But then again that is the government we elected to office in 2010.

  11. MP Alleyne’s contribution in Parliament concerning no confidence in the opposition leader was repulsive to many who elected her to serve TnT, her constituency, her students of psychology and really the international community. She should not have been allowed to proceed in the House of Parliament with such a speech. This is a new low for the governing party as the same low ripples through our communities. Let’s put this quickly and effectively to sleep.

    Our PM Ms Parsad-Bissessar always say she will do the right thing; she now has an excellent opportunity to do that, and to save face for her government, and this country. Bear in mind this is sensitive in nature. Condemned this speech and redirect behavior. In psychology we say “if you wish to change a person, then you must change their behavior. Your position allows you to do so.

    Let’s talk about and resolve the real issues affecting our country i.e poverty, the economy, corruption, police abuse etc.

    This current issue is not going to do any-one any-good, rather it will sink us to a new low, which in my view is undesirable. It will separate citizens as we emulate our leaders. Let us condemning such behavior and continue our aspirations to first world status.

    1. I do agree that this is not the stuff of Parliament. But as you know, it’s open season on politicians who put themselves before the public.I wonder how much of this outright indignation is politically motivated? The character of an aspiring prime minister is always under public scrutiny. Who are the judges? What standards of morality should be used to judge the affair? And yes, this is a real issue: the behavior, morality, temperament, character, disposition,emotion, sobriety,and legality of the actions of the Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister in waiting.He seems to be forever wining back with his eyes closed!

  12. Really! American and British politics are a lot worse.
    Recall the sex scandals of American politics.As a character in US politics, Rowley would be eradicated for concealing the fact that he had an illegitimate baby with a 17 year old child when he was a teacher in the community. Just ask the Republicans?

  13. A vote of no confidence in the opposition leader by the sitting government is guaranteed to pass for obvious reasons. It does nothing to the opposition leader once accomplished. He can be removed only by his party, who elected him, which is most likely not to happen. So what is really the purpose behind such poor behavior? I can think of one reason. POWER.

  14. PNMite exposes party’s dirty secrets (2006) by Clevon Raphael. The question lies What does the party condones and rejects?

  15. Loyal Trini…Is this the article you are talking about by Clevon Raphael in 2006?

    Dr Sharon Ann Gopaul-McNicol unsuccessfully fought the St Joseph constituency for the ruling People’s National Movement in 2002, during which she sung the praises of the PNM.
    Today, this psychologist who has authored 13 books and is an adviser to Trade Minister Kenneth Valley, is singing a very sour note on the PNM.
    She is accusing the PNM of doing nothing about racism and child sexual molestation in the party.
    Q: Dr Gopaul-McNicol, are you prepared for the negative personal consequences that could befall you as a result of going public on some rather unflattering aspects of your party, the ruling People’s National Movement?
    A: Clevon, yes. Oh, I know the usual things they would say like: ‘We will get you if you speak against us;’ ‘We will reveal this or that about you,’ and ‘She ain’t no true true PNM’
    You have no cocoa in the sun?
    [In the living room at her Federation Park home on Thursday morning]. My hands are clean and, in fact, a thorough investigation was conducted on me prior to my being selected as a PNM candidate for the 2002 general election, and they came up with nothing negative whatsoever.
    So you feel free to tell it like it is without any fear of a backlash?
    And that is why I feel free to do what I am doing today… telling the truth as I see it.
    But if there is any political reprisal for speaking out against illegal acts of any kind, then politics, indeed, has its own morality, a statement made by Mr Panday, with which the PNM vehemently disagrees.
    OK. Do you wish to start with this matter of racism you told me being manifested in the PNM?
    [A serious countenance]. Yes. In all my 21 years of living abroad, (she returned home in 2002) I heard about racism, but I only experienced it live when I returned to my own country.
    There was a constituency meeting (St Joseph election) of the PNM in 2004, where I saw a female group of Trinis of East Indian descent being blocked from entering the door.
    They were told by female PNM stalwarts: “We taking back we party from all you coolies.”
    Oh, really?
    Yes. I witnessed an Indian woman being forced to duck under the hands of these women to get back to the door and outside the building. One woman fainted, another sustained a deep cut on her ankle when she was pushed out the door and fell to the floor.
    These things allegedly happened in 2004; why did you wait until only now to come forward with this terrible matter?
    [A deep frown]. Clevon, because there is an investigative process in the PNM. We reported this incident immediately as it happened in 2004. In March, 2005, they launched an investigation and nothing, [emphasising this word] nothing came out of it.
    In other words, your patience has run out?
    Yes. And what is even worse is that unfortunately, it happened again recently at the same site, but this time the perpetrators engaged in a different strategy.
    They verbally harassed the women before they even entered the compound outside in the yard when they were attempting to park.
    When you bring down a government on the basis of corruption, there should be zero tolerance for any kind of corruption in your own organisation.
    Did you report this to the party’s leadership?
    Yes. An investigation was launched, but as I said, nothing has been said about the incidents—not even an acknowledgement—nor were the perpetrators asked to apologise.
    Based on the inconclusive resolution of this issue, I am forced to believe that there is no willingness to address this racial situation in the PNM.
    Why are you so upset over this particular matter?
    Simple, Clevon. Racism is the worst of the social diseases and the one that can lead a society right on the road to self-destruction.
    Before starting this interview, Dr Gopaul-McNicol, you were telling me about a ten per cent concept. Can you elaborate on this?
    Yes. To put it as succinctly as I can with your limited space, [deep breath] it was felt by the black elite in America in the 1940s to early 1950s, that in order to best address the needs of their community, it was first necessary to limit the professional, economic and educational opportunities for the majority—90 per cent.
    In other words, they had to manage the majority of people, and to do that, they had to ensure that only ten per cent of the blacks attained real economic, professional and educational success, because if too many people attained success, there would be too many demands on the public purse.
    A number of Caribbean scholars, who later became political leaders in their respective countries, were educated in America, including our first prime minister Dr Eric Williams, and most likely were part of these discussions.
    What are you getting at?
    [A broad smile]. Many of them may have well endorsed this type of thinking. The bottom line is the result is, indeed, the same, whether it is called welfare or URP.
    Wait! Are you subtly referring to the Cepep and URP, which critics have accused the party of deliberately implementing to keep that section of the PNM supporters in a dependency state?
    [Resolute tone]. Exactly. URP was supposed to temporarily alleviate unemployment, but it has now become a crippling effect on this society and has created a sense of dependency on the ruling party.
    Imagine people killing each other for $500 every two weeks, and now this smart card thing like food stamps. But while they sound good, think about it.
    This thing getting really nice, eh?
    What are the eligibility criteria for this? A person must make less than $1,000, I believe, and they must have a certain amount of family members to support.
    This is the politics of disempowerment versus empowerment.
    Once you have poor people, they would never be able to question you, because they are not independent.
    Dr Gopaul-McNicol, I understand you are not exactly an easy one, and that you did have some trouble with the constituency executive that was suspended sometime ago?
    [A mischievous smile]. That is true—the problems with the executive, that is—and we call them the gang of eight.
    It started with the gang of eight who, because of principled positions I took on the distribution of funds and issues of child molestation, I was expected to be silent and I said no. We are going to bring them out and address them.
    Hold it, Dr Gopaul-McNicol. Child molestation?
    Yes. In the constituency, and we were told to leave it alone.
    Who told you that and how long ago?
    Right now, I am not going to disclose it, but I dare anyone to tell me I am not speaking the truth, and I will reveal that information at the appropriate time.
    Girls on girls, or boys on boys, or men on boys ?
    Mainly men on boys. Top-level persons, and being a psychologist, I am privileged to have inside information and it seems to be a problem which has spanned the entire spectrum of our country.
    If parents can get the affected to open up and share their experiences, that will be a good thing for this country, because politicians are also involved in this sordid situation.
    As we close this little talk, Dr Gopaul-McNicol, I repeat: Are you sure you are prepared for the attacks that may come your way?
    My understanding is that retaliation and vindictiveness are part of the whole political process in this country, and so I expect anything to happen, be it PNM or UNC.
    The Prime Minister’s sister, Dr Petronella Manning-Alleyne, has been critical of the health sector, and she was praised as being courageous in coming forward with her observations.
    So let’s see if the whistle-blower syndrome applies differently to me.
    This final question, which I am sure would hold the attention of your PNM colleagues and detractors alike: what is your opinion of Winston Dookeran’s Congress of the People?
    [Adjusting some papers on her table]. I have not read their policy yet, but I have heard about their political policy, which we desperately need.
    I also happen to have lot of respect for Mr Dookeran. And I would like you to write that.
    As a person who has been following his career for 21 years, he seems to be a person with integrity…
    I am glad that someone of that nature is at the helm of that organisation.

    If you are expelled, victimised ostracised, marginalised, or any kind of “ised” [laughs], would you look for a political home in COP, UNC, or whatever?
    [Still laughing]. I will tell you this. I am not married, unlike many people, who’re married to a political organisation. I am married to my country, so if it is that the PNM is not the best political vehicle because of its refusal to accept its failed and flawed systems within; its refusal to protect the young people and to bring about equity in race relations, I am comfortable in saying I will seek an alternative political unit.
    The point is, I will not will stay in a corrupt environment.

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