Analysts put the Warner ball in PM’s court

By Yvonne Baboolal
April 20, 2013 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPolitical scientists/analysts are divided on the issue of whether Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar should ask National Security Minister Jack Warner to step down based only on allegations in the media, especially in media which have lost credibility with the Government. Some said they did not expect the PM to ask Warner to step down based only on allegations in the media.

Jack WarnerOne felt Warner should resign, not because of allegations swirling around him, but because he was distressing the national psyche. The Opposition PNM has filed an April 26 motion in Parliament calling on the Prime Minister to deal with the allegations surrounding Warner, former Fifa vice-president.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, at a political meeting in Embacadere last Tuesday night, announced that the upcoming motion would deal specifically with the unanswered allegations surrounding Warner in his capacity as a person in public life and as a representative of the Government of T&T.

Former head of the public service Reginald Dumas
Reginald Dumas, former head of the public service, who worked closely with former prime minister Arthur NR Robinson, felt the PM should wait to make a decision on Warner until a Concacaf Integrity Committee reveals the findings of a forensic audit into Concacaf (supposed to have been yesterday).

Political scientist Dr Bishnu Ragoonath
Political scientist Dr Bishnu Ragoonath is not too hopeful Persad-Bissessar would ask Warner to step down based only on allegations reported in the local media which have lost credibility points with the Government. “Allegations are made all the time but there’s nothing to certify that Fifa is going to say Warner committed any wrongdoing. “My position is let there be something more concrete than allegations in the media and then we’ll work on him (Warner).”

Ragoonath said the onus is on Warner. “He keeps saying people are only talking and the Prime Minister cannot confirm the allegations. “I don’t see the Prime Minister asking Warner to step down unless she has evidence to corroborate what the media is saying.”

Political scientist Dr Indira Rampersad
Political scientist Dr Indira Rampersad said the evidence has to be really concrete for the PM to ask Warner to step down. “He is a valued member of the Government. He holds the very important portfolio of National Security Minister; he is chairman of the UNC and MP for Chaguanas West. “Warner wielded significant power and popularity nationwide and some level of popularity still exists even with the allegations.

“The question for the Prime Minister is whether she is going to go with the allegations and ask Warner to step down based only on that.”

Political analyst Dr Winford James
Tobago-based political analyst, Dr Winford James felt the PM should ask the President to revoke Warner’s appointment, tantamount to firing him, he said. “And the reasons are different from the normal ones.” More critical than the allegations surrounding Warner are the distress he’s causing the national psyche and the distractions from its duties he’s causing the Government, James said.


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    FORMER Chief Justice of Barbados Sir David Simmons yesterday alleged that Minister of National Security Jack Warner “deceived persons and organisations” in relation to the true ownership of the Centre of Excellence, according to reports of findings delivered by Sir David to a Concacaf Congress.

    Rowley: PM must fire Jack
    OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday declared that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar can no longer protect National Security Minister Jack Warner and must immediately fire him from the Cabinet.

    Jack dimisses Concacaf probe – PM stunned
    A defiant National Security Minister Jack Warner last night dismissed the findings of a Concacaf probe into his former tenure in the organisation yesterday, saying it was baseless and malicious. However, even in the face of Warner’s stance, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she was stunned by the contents of the report and if the allegations prove true, she would make a decision on Warner’s status in her Cabinet.

  2. “deceived persons and organizations” and that’s the summary of the findings presented to CONCACAF by Sir David Simmons. When FIFA accepted Warner’s resignation they ended their investigation and indicated that Warner is presumed innocent of allegations. Maybe, Sepp Blatter took that measure to protect his own turf, otherwise Chuck and Jack can spill lots of beans. The investigative journalism by Camini Maharaj has to be congratulated because of excellent research work on her part. The average Trinidadian knows that a teacher/politician cannot acquire so much material assets over a 30 year period unless some fiscal manipulation is in the equation. However, let’s be a realistic, any persons of organizations that are ‘pumping money’ into the Centre of Excellence must have documents to verify ownership of assets. It appears there has been complete failure to acquire documents at the prior stages and now these said organizations are crying over spilled milk. The Trickidadian (Warner) is laughing into the sunset. Again, if the Opposition get’s the PM to remove Warner then the PM becomes a soft target to aim at. The question is, Did Warner do anything wrong whilst serving the people of T&T e.g. removing funds illegally from this Government or stealing from the public purse for his own personal benefit? If the answer is Yes, then the solution is simple. Otherwise, he cannot be touched and then the millionaires behind the scene who is ‘gunning’ for Jack’s head because he’s getting closer in upsetting their apple carts e.g. drug cartels, may get bolder. This would then employ sensational journalism and then we can enjoy the cup of tea by reading about Duprey, Ish, Ferguson, Abu Bakr, what’s the guy name (Canadian married to an Asian woman) living it up in Miami?

      1. Then maybe I should explain myself for the National good. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Does this satisfy your real denial?


        1. Nepotism, Patrick Manning making his wife Hazel Manning a Minister

        2. Planting Missiles and Cocaine in MP Sadiq Baksh Water Tank

        3. Granting Brian Manning a Gun License in 24 hours and disregarding all rules and procedures

        4. Giving Brian Manning $9 million for a basketball competition ……(Has it start yet?)

        5. The scandal and embarrassment of the $2 million legacy flag

        6. $50 million dollars Boat that never Float

        7. $45 million secret skullarship fund

        8. John Rahael as Minister of Agriculture lease a house and parcel of land belonging to Caroni 1975 Ltd. To his sister

        9. John Rahael as Minister of Health give his sons the contract to provide drugs for the CDAP programme

        10. Penelope Beckles father got CEPEP contracts while she was an MP

        11. Barry Sinanan law firm get government briefs while he was speaker of the house

        12. Patrick Manning rented a house from Lenny Saith brother for $38,000 per month while the Palace was building

        13. Jerry Narace Company got the contract to provide insurance for T&TEC

        14. Kerwyn Garcia, husband of Christine Kangaloo, gets $530,000.brief from government

        15. PNM Chairman Franklyn Khan wife get a $60 million contract days before the 2010 election

        16. $5 million worth of materials from the Tobago Hospital went to develop Dr. Keith Rowley wife private project

        17. Robinson-Regis husband $50,000 per month job at WASA

        18. Tobago Hospital going from $136 million to over $800 million in overrun

        19. Tarouba Stadium going from $275 million to over $1 billion in overrun

        20. Patrick Manning call to the Marabella Police Station demanding his driver be released

        21. Cocaine found in diplomatic pouch

        22. Patrick Manning $240 million Palace with $3 million drapes

        23. Calder Hart$368 million contract to his brother-in-law

        24. $2 billion summit of no return

        25. Camille Robinson-Regis credit card scandal

        26. Manning SIA spying on law abiding citizen

        27. $650 million incomplete Legal Affairs Tower

        28. $700 million incomplete Chancery Lane Complex

        29. $500 million incomplete South Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)

        30. $576Million Rapid Rail feasibility study scandal

        31. Dustbin Terrorist a.k.a Mr. Big still at large

        32. Bombardier jet joyride

        33. A condo for the Profitess/Prophetess at UTT

        34. $30 million mystery Guanapo church

        35. $30 Million Bamboo Networks Scandal

        36. EMBD Chairman Uthara Rao using $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for sexual harassment claims

        37. Manning/Bakr Land Deal for Election support

        38. Manning giving CJ Sat Sharma an ultimatum to “resign or else”

        39. Former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil Scandalous $110 million HMB Shares

        40. T&TEC Street Lighting Scandal

        41. $1.8 billion overrun on Waterfront Project

        42. John Rahael connected to the Monos Island drug bust

        43. Karen Nunez-Tesheira conflict of interest when she withdrew her monies from CLICO

        44. Udecott Calder Hart scandal

        45. Patrick Manning bolting into a Radio Station demanding 2 announcers be fired

        46. Petrotrin $12 billion world GTL, Scandal

        47. Making former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project

        48. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP

        49. $50 Million Blimp that always Limp

        50. $500,000 Skullarship grant to Louis Lee Sing daughter-in-law, Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing

        51. Radio License for Louis Lee Sing in 24 hours

        52. $55,000 bribery to the former occupants of the Guanapo Church Land

        53. Cleaver Heights $10 million attempted fraud

        54. Patrick Manning calling Tobago Police Station and ordering 4 Bajan fishermen be released

        55. Discrimination against Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon and Harridath Mahara

        56. Discrimination against the Maha Saba Radio License

        57. Rushed to bailout their financier CLICO with billions of taxpayers money

        58. “Female” Minister calling the Point Fortin Police Station demanding her son be released after he was caught in a drug bust with 2 Venezuelans

        59. Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit

        60. $126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal

        61. Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex—$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay;

        62. Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers—$300 million over-budget

        63. Ministry of Education Towers—$300 million over budget

        64. NAPA (PoS)—$234 million over-budget

        65. NAPA (San Fernando)—$238 million over-budget

        66. Beverly Hills Housing—$106 million over-budget

        67. Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)

        68. Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal

        69. $100 million to fix shoddy work done EMBD with Water pipes and Electricity together

        70. $150 Million to repair poorly constructed houses under Dr. Rowley watch

        71. The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd. And Destruction of Thousands of Lives who depended on Caroni to feed their family

        72. Auditor-Generals Report stated $1.6 billion spent on CEPEP between 2002-2007 with lack of accountability

        73. How was Landate reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use and where the money came from to build that development project?

        74. Tobago Financial Complex $81 million cost overrun

        75. Tobago Library $80 million cost overrun

        76. Patrick Manning use of a licence plate bearing the nation’s Coat of Arms on the Prime Minister car.

        77. DAWI Services Ltd ( Dane Wilson ) awarded $4 Million to construct Bagatelle Community Center. NO CENTER BUILT!

        78. DAWI Services Ltd ( Dane Wilson ) awarded $250,000.00 Cocorite project. Wall COLLAPSE

        A Careful check will show almost $25 Billion in Scandal under the PNM 2002-2010

  3. Jack ain’t going anywhere, thankful COP has kept a lid on their usual anti Warner rant. You cannot dismiss someone based on allegations. Warner is one of the most popular ministers in TnT gaining 19,000 votes to Rowley 8,000.

    On a more positive note it is good to see Rambachan talking about a more equitable distribution of financial resources, citing the glaring discreprencies in wealth distribution. I favour Rambachan’s approach. The media would not highlight this because they stupid.(my conclusion).

    1. Correction Ramadhar demands Warner be removed, not the first time he made that pronouncement.

  4. “Personal and political fortitude…….determination to take on the most challenging of battles with a steady hand….bravery…perseverance…decisiveness and ingenuity…inspiration to me personally on a daily basis.” These were a few of fine words , used by our frist Female PM ,Auntie K to describe the late , though polarizing figure ,Thatcher.
    To reiterate , she loved the woman , and probably got her feet wet in politics , because of the Iron Lady forays- not the original Iron Lady ,Dominica’s Eugenia Charles , mind you!
    That’s however where the love affair with everything Bratania ends , folks. Lovely Privy Council, great Westminister system,excellent no Written constitutional traditions , that would encourage leaders , in Mama England ,to step aside , for any speculation of malfesience , or accusations of impropriety, but as for La Trinity ? Sorry , exit stage right, for we ain’t that ready ,or politically mature!
    In case you weren’t aware ,during here tenure in office, at least 50 ministers were fired, and perhaps 50 more ,were force out of their position of leadership, for all sorts reasons,since that’s the way of the Iron Lady. Did I mention that the majority were men?
    Do you wish , that I give the track record of our reional ,Iron Lady Madame Charles? Well, she got rid of here entire military …! Hey Auntie K , your call!Not only is your legacy at stake , but domestic , and regional enemies-just like hungry Icarcas barracudas-smell blood, and are circling .
    Cut ties with the Queen maker , and simply let the political chips , fall where they may. The people would understand.

    Ohhh, by de way, did I hear former Bajan CJ Sir David Simmons , called our nationally adored , financially astute ,morally sound , Minister of National Security ,Uncle Jack ,an unmitigated crook? Well, I’ll be …! See why we Trinis , unlike more independent minded Barbados , and Guyana ,are stuck with Law Lords from England , as opposed to that Brown -or os it White -Elephant on Chalotte Street, called the Caribbean Court of Justice?
    Hang tough T&T!

  5. It is the culture of Trinidad (not necessarily Tobago) to value personalities rather than policy, credibility or integrity. It is therefore not surprising that of the five or so personalities stating their opinions only Dr Winford James appears to have it right. In practice when a high ranking member of government has shown such blatant disregard for ethics (personal and public) his value to the government or the people should not come into play. Regardless of his position in the party or government his value to either part or government should not be the consideration in kepping or letting him go. Nobody is that valuable. Government can dislike or mistrust the media all they want but unless they can prove that the media is deliberately telling lies or misleading the public, then they have a right to pursue the matter with haste and forthrightness in getting at the truth. There are enough resources within the government to obtain some semblance of truth if they really are interested in such finding to know whether to fire Jack or not. Telling us that Ramlogan has been instructed to write Eric Holder, is mere passing the buck or playing for time. Both Ramlogan and Kamla are SCs and as such should know that there is nothing binding about that request to make Mr. Holder responsible for replying. The investigation is sealed. By law that means unless the justice Department decides to unseal it, there is not a hell of a lot that can be done. Members of a democratic cabinet should be beyond reproach. Jack has never faced the allegations against him by answering to the nature of the facts placed in the court of public opinion. All he does is attack the messengers and those who opines the allegations. T&T has a government to run and that is more important than the personalities who are running it. Kamla has shown weakness as a Prime Minister in this case and nothing she has done or said so far is comforting to the public that we are better off with Jack as minister with all those baggage hanging over his head there is more evidence showing that he has something to hide than there is showing that the media is just writing to make him look bad. Jack’s goose’s cooked and he knows it. Stalling cannot help him when the evidence so far presented by people of integrity shows that he is culpable. Any Prime Minister worth his/her salt would first think about the harm that can be done to the country and not the value of the individual to the cabinet.

  6. “Jack ain’t going anywhere.” Mamoo, you are so correct. This is Trinidad.
    Even when a Minister declared that, “All ah we tief.” nobody lifted a finger. I suppose after all these years, John O’Halloran is owed an apology, because “where is the evidence?” What money, how much money, whose money? Everybody knew that Johnny O’ was a cockfight guru and an owner of racehorses and, not just a teacher/politician. No big time lawyer ever called Johnny Boy and unmitigated crook.
    I don’t exactly get the point of Warner’s popularity and his 19,000 votes. I can only assume that popularity and votes equals honesty. I can only wonder now, how many votes did Panday get? Maybe there is some truth in what Panday said, there is one law for Pandy and another law for Warner.
    Jack Warner just have to ride it out like all the politicians before him and he will come out tidy whitey in the long run. His supporters and constituents will probably insist, unlike anyone else, he got his wealth by honest means.
    Meanwhile, the stupid media will continue to report to an even stupider population. As for me, I am waiting on Warner to reply to Rowley. I wonder if he will tell Rowley to “arsk he mudder?” Sweet T&T y’all.

  7. *Warner Committed Fraud against CONCACAF and FIFA
    * Warner Committed Fraud and Misappropriated Funds from FFA
    * Warner and Blazer Breached Their Fiduciary Duties to CONCACAF
    * Warner and Blazer Violated the CONCACAF Statutes
    * Warner Violated the FIFA Ethics Code
    *Warner and Blazer Breached Their Fiduciary Duties to CONCACAF

    Here are the findings. Warner must resign or be removed from Cabinet until the matter is resolved. The UNC can make its own decision regarding his leadership of the Party. He is fully supported by his constituents as their MP. There is no doubt that he will regain his seat in the next election.

  8. The end result will be the resurgence of the PNM.

    As the old saying goes:
    “Dis is PNM country. If yuh eh like dat, it have Piarco, it have Golden Grove, it have St. Anns and it have Lapeyrouse”.

  9. “I don’t get exactly Warner’s popularity,and his 19000 votes.” Frontsman
    That’s because you are pretending not to understand Trini politicks , buddy. Without Uncle Jack,your favorite Siparia Auntie K, would be a backbencher today , under Victimlogist in Chief , Basdeo Panday’s leadership. It’s that simple.
    Let ‘s keep it real , shall we?

    Our politically savvy ,Indo Trini brothers ,and sisters -especially ,from Sir Vidia Biswas neighborhood , Miguel street, Chagurnas ,are simply showing their love / gratitude.
    Now if he unfortunately get’s steam rolled ,by Cuz Eric Holder’s FBI Justice System? Then , as my late , and extremely wise, Tobago Granny would say-” dat’s a horse ,of a different color,” as they would then,’spit him out like ah plumb seed.’

    As much as I understand why , the political Piranhas,that are lurking in the Caroni River ,want Auntie K ,to fire , her party head, and occasional Acting PM, in the wake of past allegations, I can understand here hesitancy.
    Yes , we know that to many in La Trinity , Jack Warner is a morally compromised , and politically flawed character.
    Please do not forget folks , that he ,was selected by the PM , and she stood by him ,prior to him transitioning into higher office. If no new evidence is produced,to substantiate the claims made ,that can directly embarrass her , the party , and government , then she might be well advised to stand put.
    We will see.
    Nation building is always a challenge .

  10. Of course he is the PM BAI. He fits the role for that position ideally. She need people like him, tokens if you will, but who are so corrupt and have corrupt baggage rendering them easier to control. There is a description that is old and experiential used to describe people like Warner.

    They say show me your friends and I can tell who you are. Look who praises Warner in this blog. That is all I needed, really, to determine his character.

    1. Jack Warner got caught up in the corrupt atmosphere which pervaded FIFA.His comment to the media, “ask Havelange” has great signifance which will reveal a lot later.
      No one can point to any corruption involving Jack within the jurisdiction of T&T. As a matter of fact, Jack has never been charged with any wrongdoings.
      He is a competent, hard working and dedicated MP, loved by his constituents.
      This is not the time to tear down a man because of his political persuation, but to praise him for his achievements.Let the “law” settle the rest.

  11. “Jack was never charged with any wrong doings …This is not a time to tear dowmn a man because of political persuasions?”
    Are you listening to yourself TMan?
    This apologist nonesense , is a prime reason, characters such as yourself,will always lack any credibility, and would never be embrace by authentic progressive minded , honest ,& patriotic others.
    Well, …I would like to say that I am surprise , but that would be tantamount to any naive person , deciding to sleep with a hungry ,Bengal Tiger,yet expect to walk out alive, to tell de tale.Ain’t happening!
    Give it a rest, on this arragoant , corrupt bastard , TMan!
    Score one instead for your PM , for having the courage ,to part ways with him – before he finally destroy her developing legacy,sink’s her government,as well as political party,and finally flush the entire country down the toilet, as our international image,became further sullied ,by his well documnted activities.
    As you have said, the justice system would take it’s course ,and none of us ,real patriots ,should cry for Jack, since he obviously has the financial means, to find competent lawyers ,to fight his case ,with the T&T corporate media backing ,can paint a pleasant PR image , as he meander’s,all the way up to the Privy Council, or more appropriately, US Supreme Court.
    So T-Man , for all these adulations, and exalted “achievements,”you and others have proclaimed ,do you dare commit to the following :-Name me 3 individual acts ,this self serving creature,has initiated, under his two governmental portfolios, as well as an MP , to firstly ,justify his constituent’s , uncanny/ over de top ,adoration , for him , and more importantly,help elevate/ enhance the overall interst , and welfare of T&T?
    You can contine this charade of public support , but oooppps, &$@/$!?#%~\!, and that’s the over inflated ,multitude of so called ,loving Chaguarnas voters , led by UNC big wigs , jumping off that faulty bandwagon.
    I hope like equally delusional Afrikan , equivalent characters ,such as Michael Jackson, or OJ , he ain’t burn his East /West Corridor, getto card,as those as the only folks who might still show any empathy, even if he did not cherish them ,in like manner to ….well, I’ll hold back on that , as I fear , he was just as inwardly contemptuous, to them ,as they secretly were ,to him, ennnt?
    Your response would be a resounding yes, unless,as I suspect ,you were born in Fiji,grew up in Indonesia , by way of Nepal,and has retired to your adopted home GUyana, relishing Chedi/Yankee Janet Jagan ,neo Marxist dreams.
    Ain’t sure what that make’s you, but it’s certainly not a Trini.
    Luv country over tribe T-Man , and for the record , this disingenuous , public displays, is just another indication of that cultural penchant of despising de other- especially if they don’t look like White Massa, ‘you allzs ,’psychological superior.
    Just kidding me amigo! I am simply an equal playing field justice advocate , who thinks, that white color bandits ,who fleece the innocent , should be treated with the same level of force, as low end, hopeless ,blue color bums.
    For de record TMan, unlike you, that clueless party hack ,Loyal Trini, and Mayaro lifetime, alcholic,in Cuz Mamboo, I ain’t care if Jack can trace his ancestral tree ,to some Afrikan Tribal Chief in Lagos,or his wife built 15 orphanages in Gao India.My T&T means more to me.

    Long live our Republic.

  12. I think Jack is putting Kamla on notice that he can be a hard customer, so she will have to go softly on him and dont try any funny moves. This guy is a master con-artist and anyone who feel
    that they want to be in partnership with him got to think a long hard thought before saying “yes”. He had his fights with Blatter and he knows that Blatter is sitting tight so ESPN now have something to report about. Now Blatter’s head is hot. If Kamla has any intention on putting him down softly and bringing Suruj into her cabal, she better take warning from him. With all his revelations nobody still dont know who Jack really is. What degree of truth and honesty comes out of this man’s imagination and resourcefulness. His targets are multi national and homebound as well while keeping notes on everything that is told to him or promised to him. The UNC has benefitted quite handsomely from his generosity so now Kamla and company may now have to re-visit those generous gifts and understand what really were in them. If all were Trinidad gifts then they might come out fine because, They have the CoP in their pocket, attorney general is theirs for the asking, and anything else prosecutory except for the DPP. To get to the DPP it must come from the Police and that we will never see because Stephen Williams is there. If the ‘gifts’ were given with international resources then Kamla and company have a lot to fear. Watch out this thing is getting more interesting by the day. Jack is in hot water and if he has to go down he is making sure he is not going alone. Watch out people!

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