PM Seeks Confirmation on Warner

International news agency Reuters has identified Daryan Warner, son of Minister of National Security and former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner, as a “cooperating witness” in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe into alleged corruption in international football.

FBI probe story about Warner and son, PM to wait and see


FBI wary of T&T’s security agencies
Federal investigators in the United States said yesterday they will not be sharing any information on an ongoing probe involving a senior government minister and his son.

FBI, IRS probing Eurasian organised crime link

9 thoughts on “PM Seeks Confirmation on Warner”

  1. Trinidad must be one of the jokiest countries in the whole wide world. Stuff comes out on Warner, the press hints at it, some people make comments, Jack hears it, makes threats to local papers, they get scared, they are afraid to print anything, then all we do is shhhhhhhhhhhhh…. shuuuuuuuu….. shshshshshsh>>>>>>>>>>
    because everyone is afraid of what Jack can do. Bam!!!!! Reuters come out with the story, a great sigh of relief because everybody holding their breadth and wanting to say what they know about the investigation of Jack but too cowardly to be quoted in print. Didn’t they say that “freedom of the press is the fourth estate”?.
    If so, why are we so scared? Jack uses his ‘freedom’ to quote the names of innocent citizens in all kinds of plots to destabilize government in parliament!!! Why no one takes him up on that? The here is this. We should not have people in government whose character is in doubt as to whether or not they are involved in shady shinanigans, our MPs must be beyond reproach. When the FBI, IRS and other well established intelligence/prosecutorial agencies investigating you they dont do it for the fun of it. They do it because there is substantial information to warrant the time and money the federal government spends to pay the investigators. Why did’nt Jack threaten them and tell them the same thing he does to the local press? Because he reach he match!!! He now need to come straight and let the people know who he is and stand the consequencies of his deeds. After all, he holds no ordinary ministry. He is responsible for national security, how can he in good faith and integrity be telling police graduates about the virtues of good behaviour and setting a tone of conduct and responsibility whilst at the same time he is being investigated by the most credible law enforcement in the world, the federal bureau of investigation for conduct un-becoming of a minister of government? That is hypocrosity in the highest order. We have similar behaviour in parliament where the Speaker behaves like a wajank. He disciplines legislators that do not share his party identity, whilst allowing the security minister to inculcate innocent citizens, in the process making them questionable citizens while they do not share the same privilege. When ordinary people see this and connect behaviour of the titled and privileged who get away with any and everything, how do you expect them to have respect for law and order? Officials representing government are supposed to deport themselves in a way that demands respect. If they cannot do that then everything becomes a pappyshow.

    1. Great piece!!

      And to think that all this expose, the PM ought to know, and does absolutely nothing about Jack.
      Anyone’s perception of this one term government can hardly be changed.The worst brush to be tainted with is that of close association. WHAT A TANGLED WEB OF SHAME.

  2. ‘We have similar behaviour in parliament where the Speaker behaves like a wajank’. When Patrick Solomon former deputy Premier of T&T walked into a police station and took his son out of the cell (60’s), when Patrick Manning left a barber shop and walked into a radio station (21 century) and issued some threats, Rowley hurling a teacup is no different when Dhanraj Singh assuming an authority to himself seem to learn well from Bhadase in displayed actions. It appears although we have achieved independence 50 years ago, we as collective individuals need to free ourselves of some handicapped mindset that helped us to get out from impoverishment over the years but shackled us to archaic thinking at times that manifest itself as culture. We should not have to look at outside agencies in the US that seem to be struggling with gun control but look at ourselves and see how we can heal ourselves. We can begin by looking at greed, bitterness and iniquity. We as a nation are not as bad as some I do agree with your last statement “Officials representing government are supposed to deport themselves in a way that demands respect. If they cannot do that then everything becomes a pappyshow.”

  3. Loyal Trini, quit following the trend of looking over your sholder like Lot’s wife.No one cares what Patrick Solomon did ,decades ago,when our democracy was in it’s infancy stage.
    Stop regugitating ‘old wives,anti -Afrikan folks tales,’as extended to you, by your 90 year old granny.Were you even an embryo, when our Afrikan founding father,took over from dem conniving Europeans Massas?
    Lament instead, the fact that a certain Junior National Security Minister, not only cannot control himself,via drinking ,and yes,driving,but used his clout, to elude compliance of Police directives,by not taking a required breatherlizer test-until hours had elapsed.
    Be disgusted at the fact ,that not only is he attempting now,via his high end lawyer Israel Khan, to make himself out to be a victim in this case,but that hundreds more of our similaly , socially callous Trinis,might die,after indulging in such acts, as now maligned Police blokes, decide’s it ain’t worthh their time.
    I often wonder fellow cyber joisters,with citizens like Loyal Trini, who needs enemies,huh?
    Sometimes Loyal Trini, you must try and venture outside your tribal prison,as it can be quite refreshing, and yes,liberating.
    I luv this land.Hey,don’t drink and drive fellow citizens-especially during this holiday period.See the difference Loyal Trini? I ain’t care if your ancestors came from Gao,lagos,Northumberland,islamabad,Dublin,Sau Palo,Bejing,or South Carolina.
    ‘….every creed & race, find’s and equal place,’ ain’t just some jump and whine ,catch phrase, Loyal Trini, so take note- and this from a former insignificant “beat walker,”to quote you.
    Luv Humanity and forget de tribe!

    1. No sir, not regurgitating old wives tales. You see just as a ruler and watch are measuring devices, so is nostalgia which measures progress. You need to mix it up e.g. the new with the old to get the juices and flavours: Enjoy Roi Kwabena’s poetry:

  4. Yes, Loyal Trini, you are regurgitating old wives tales, and hiding behind colorful terminology in your attempt to confuse and mislead others.
    What does the actions of Solomon, Bhadase, Manning, Dhanraj or even Boysie Singh have to do with what is happening with our present Government? Let me go along with your silly little game. How many of the above-mentioned were investigated or questioned by the FBI or IRS?
    The pappyshow is when people fail to put their country before party, by encouraging the nonsense to continue and referring to events of the past in an effort to justify the wrongs of today. “We as a nation are not as bad as some.” Where does that statement fit it?

    1. Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion. Smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
      “We as a nation are not as bad as some.” For you, I cannot be held responsible for your lack of understanding. “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be “- Rosalyn Carter

  5. If the FBI agrees to share information on the FIFA investigation with T&T, the Minister of National Security would be their contact person.That Minister is Jack Warner.
    Obviously he should step aside or be fired.
    I am also quite confident that if he should contest the next election, he would win by a landslide.

  6. Official Correspondence from the Office of the Prime Minister

    Statement from the Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

    Soon after the Reuters story came to my attention on March 27th 2013, I issued a release from my office stating:

    “I will not rely on published reports in the media, but will again seek to get official corroboration of the information now in the public domain before making any determination or pronouncement.”

    Later on that same day, I instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs the Honourable Winston Dookeran to pursue the matter via the established diplomatic channels to obtain the relevant facts and seek clarification on the reported allegations.

    I further directed the Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan, to write his counterpart, the US Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr., directly to seek his personal intervention in the matter so that there can be official confirmation of the facts and circumstances surrounding this the alleged investigation.

    Unfortunately, whilst there has been great diplomatic cooperation, attempts to elicit further information and clarification have thus far not been successful.

    It would be premature if not prejudicial for me to act without any official clarification or confirmation from the US Authorities on this controversial and sensitive matter.

    I am committed to upholding the high ethical standards which the public legitimately and rightly expects of my Government, but I am equally mindful that the commitment to the rule of law requires balance and respect for the presumption of innocence

    As Head of the Government, I would make an informed decision in this matter once the facts are established.

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