Trini Scam family sent off to prison in U.S.

Mom, dad & daughter ripped off immigrants

By Christina Carrega
January 12, 2012 –

A seething Queens judge walloped three members of a crooked Richmond Hill family yesterday, sending them upstate to serve a combined 418 years for a brazen immigration and real-estate scam.

The mom, dad and daughter — dubbed “The Ramsundar Gang” by Queens Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder — paid a shocking price for defrauding 19 families of $1.8 million over six years.

Holder said his harsh sentences are nothing compared to the street justice the Ramsundar family would have faced back in their native Trinidad.

“You and I know, that if you did this fraud and paraded and strutted it in your own country, you would have probably been hacked to death,” Holder told the family, which immigrated from Trinidad in the ’90s.
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Father, mother and daughter sentenced to combined 418 years in prison for conning Caribbean immigrants out of $1.8 million

Queens judge calls real estate-immigration con artists ‘most despicable gang of criminals’ he’s ever seen in court

By Thomas Zambito / New York Daily News
Wednesday, January 11 2012

Father. Mother. Daughter. All thieves.

A Queens judge Wednesday hammered a family of con artists with a combined 418-year prison sentence for duping fellow Caribbean immigrants out of $1.8 million of their life savings.

Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder slammed the Ramsundar family — daughter Shantal, 23, and parents Shane, 52, and Gomatee, 48, — as “the most despicable gang of criminals to ever sit in front of me.”

“You and I know that if you did this fraud and paraded and strutted around in front of your own people, in your own country, you probably would have all been hacked to death,” Holder told the family, which hails from Trinidad. “But not in this country. Now it’s your time to hear your return on your investment for your crime,” the judge said.

Shane Ramsundar was slapped with a maximum 235-year sentence. His wife got up to 153 years and daughter 30 years.
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19 thoughts on “Trini Scam family sent off to prison in U.S.”

  1. Once a Thugee always a Thugee. The problem with Trinis is they don’t know the difference between a Business (Practising Trade) and a Hustle. Most T&T millionaires can be classified as the latter. In the Jew.S.A. however, unless you’re a well connected Jew; the difference that difference will result in Jail-Time. Lol

  2. While their activities are not to be condoned, but in fact, condemned, it is of considerable interest that in the same State of New York, and the same City, the Lehman Brothers were able to leave tens of thousands of investors completely broke because of shady investments.

    One man, an Englishman wept publicly, as he recounted how he lost every penny of $16 million and was not allowed to sue.

    And how much time did these ‘brothers’, pillars and high flyers of the untouchables in the NY society get?


    Yet these Trinis got more time than the enslavement of Africans lasted … compounding the fact that the Lehmans came from an ancestry who, like Barclays Bank and Lloyds of London, had profitably participated neck-deep in the slave trade.


  3. Sentencing not unique!

    GREENBELT, Md. – Chief U.S. District Judge Deborah K. Chasanow sentenced Robert Fred Mejia, 29, of Germantown, Md., to eight years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiring to impersonate a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer and to transport money obtained by fraud across state lines; transporting money obtained by fraud, in connection with a fraudulent scheme to provide immigration services…Mejia was previously convicted of related state charges and was sentenced to 70 years in prison, with all but 10 years suspended, on those charges in November, 2010 and to 17 months in prison for a probation violation.”

  4. Sad , and again another brown/ black eye, for our country. Notice how quickly we are informed, as to which country these immoral bandits initially emerged from?
    Now we can see why Ish , and Dish , Papa Basdeo, UNC financer pal, along with their upstart AG , is scare of Yankee land extraditions, ehh guys?
    Back to de main subject however, is dis cultural penchan,t of ingrain corruption, that remains well documented, across the entire globe.
    Luv humanity!

  5. The punishment is excessive and is an example of abuse of judicial power. What they did was wrong but they are not murderers. They are crooks who should be jailed but the time is excessive. The money taken will be returned, along with the extras. No wonder ish and his buddy did not want to go to the U.S. U.S. have the highest per capita prisoners in prison.

  6. waaaaaaahhhhhh! Wat can one say , but that Mamoo the tribal apoliogist ,strikes again, but as usual in unconvincing fashion. No buddy , a white color criminal bum , is just as disgusting to us law abiding folks , as a blue color thug. I would even recommend the death penalty for them , and it’s something that baby America ,in T&T , can very well emulate.
    Speaking about baby America,aka mimic nation, I see that we also love our Second Amendment mammoo. Guns , gangsterism , drugs , and easy blood money rule the day,in our T&T doday, ehhh?
    When did this begin my friend? What next for my unlaful country, suicide bombers?

    Sorry but your cousins, are simply giving de authentic ,hard working farming practicioners a bad name.
    It did not escape us that no photo , or name was given of the killer in this case , which can only mean one thing- Dr Goopiesing you were always wrong, and so us having some white, clueless Comissioner , a la security expert, is not the solution.
    Just maybe it’s time the land is given to folks who are interested in planting food.
    Now if the recently concluded State of Emergency dragnet , and illigal curfew,was extended across the entire nation, and certain unmentionable enclacves, were not excluded from the drag net, this woman might be smiling today , all be it , while visiting her future baby daddy , from a jail cell, but as we more progressive Buddist would say -with no malice of course – dat’s Karma for you, yes? Sadly , it’s a national phenomenon, as folks are living in financial dispair since it is difficult to survive on paltry salaries,and joblessness for many.
    Seriously mammoo, how we get here ,is of no business of mine- except as an acadamic exercise, with a view to getting us out of the social quagmire.
    Time for rolling up the national sleves , and less attention to stupid silk wearing, and exotic political vacations, won’t you agree?
    Luv Humanity!

    1. Has nothing to do with ethnicity. It have to do with a mad judge who saw an opportunity to abuse the law. If the family was white they would have escape because they could hire better lawyers. Lesson here: Keep on the straight and narrow.

  7. OK Neal, one bunch of nasty fraudsters is brought to justice, and you are pointing out a “cultural penchant of ingrained corruption” and provide a link to a case of corruption in India.
    Justice Holder convicts 4, with due process etc. You convict >1 billion.
    Check this link:
    Yes, German executives involved in corruption. That doesn’t fit into familiar stereotypes, no instant recognition.
    Do you share the guilt of a cultural penchant of ingrained violence because of the Rwandan genocide and because of the Gaza/Gully wars in Jamaica? Do your white friends share the guilt of apartheid, slavery, and ongoing institutional racism in England and the US, because of a cultural penchant of ingrained racism?

  8. Of course it is ethnicity. You were not so big up on the rule of Law when some black Tini Criminal suspects were beaten up by a crowd of your ethnic brethren. As I recall, you were gung ho on that vigilante justice.

    Racist turds like you always entrap and expose themselves with their comments, because they think folks will not remember. These criminals thought they were in T&T where white crimes, because of who are mostly involved in this type of thieving, is given a wink and a nod by the current ethnic regime. Yes, in the US brown skin will influence a harsher sentence as opposed to what white skin might produce. But hell, black skin and wolley hair today in T&T are more likely to get a harsher sentence for criminal wrong doing than brown skin and straight hair. In the US, it becomes a case of the chickens coming home to roost.

  9. I’m with you mamboo, on this one. I have been trying for some time to highlight a most evolting problem that exist in these United States , that most members outside of white dominant majority community ,are unprepared to address.
    I am referring of course to un equal justice syatem, and differential treatment to immigrants of color.
    Perhaps these are the sort of results we can all rally together around , and push back on – from a Human Rights angle.
    Empathy , and solidarity my friend. Time to fight global domination, by Europeans. The American genocidal attacks on Afrikan decendents, of ex slaves, via the Jim Crow ,Prison Industrial Complex, are well documented.
    Then however,if memories serves me correct, I remember you wanted the same system for the criminals in your own country. Sing with me , and Bob Marley,” whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it,”yes?
    Luv Humanity!

  10. Not everything is a matter of Ethnicity. Had this happened before Bernie Maddoff and the housing bubble burst, they would have had a slap on the wrist compared to this. Bad Timing for the family. Many average Americans especially in NYC feel that issues concearning fraudulent financial matters should be prosecuted to the fullest. This may not have been the case if they had not been made aware of all of the white collar criminals and cases over the last 5 years.

  11. Well, I ‘ll be dar.., cuz Curtis ,is an ardent practicioner of political correctness, and apologist mantra, as well. Did someone get to you my brother , with some propose lofty State job too? What does American change in terms of going after white color criminals have to do with particular segments of de Trinis population, as usual , indulging in corrupt behavior of the worst kinds globally, since it is part of their psyco cultural DNA?
    We in T&T , would cuddle them as is the norm , but once you are a foreigner, the full brunt of the law will be dealt to you, ain’t this something Afrikan folks are aware of for the 2 hundred , andf more years they have been living in these United States?
    The biggest impediment to sustainable development, and meaningful progress in T&T , would be the penchant by a collective of people , at all levels, to be fearful -due to fear of being labeled as racist , mean, or divisive-to confront the evils that exist in the twisted souls of nationals- who thinks that politics, and well as business , has a morality all of it’s own.’ Dey say de truth shall set you free.
    Your call!
    Luv Humanity!

  12. Of course the sentence would have been different if they were white. But those of you who continue to form opinions about right and wrong in T&T based on your tribal kinship have no moral authority to make that case. When you make distinctions about issues based on whether Panday, the UNC, COP, PP did it or whether Manning, PNM did it, you are no different than the Judge handing down that sentence, and need to take the woodchuck out of your eyes before dealing with what is in his.

    This is similar to the situation of outrage over the racist discriminations against Indians in Australia. Yes, white Aussies were practising racism against Indian residents in that country. The irony is that around that same time Indian Crisket fans were hurling pejorative slurs against a black Aussie Cricketer. A Bollywood actress was so comfortable that her views represented the mainstream of Indian thought processes that she praised a director or producer, whatever, by saying that he possessed the skill to make even an African look beautiful. In other words, those who expressed racial prejudice spontaneously and from a foundation of religious and cultural beliefs, are themselves outraged when they perceive themselves to be the targets of a similar cultural predisposition.

    Prior to 911, Arab and South Asia Taxi drivers were profiling black customers to the point where even celebrities like Danny Glover and Chris Rock could not get a cab in Manhattan. When news reporters inquired from them the reason they claimed experience or knowledge of black men robbing Cab Drivers. Flash forward to post 911 when the very same people became victims of profiling. They were outraged. They never reasoned or justified this under the same excuse being circulated about why they refuse to pick up black passengers. I mean an explanation that Arabs had committed a terrorist act against America would not have satisfied them, and of course it should not. The point is, people with some of the most odious religious and cultural predisposition about black people become extremely outraged to discover that there are people who have the most odious religious and cultural predispositions about them. They need to look in the mirror and find truth.

  13. “The point is, people with some of the most odious religious and cultural predisposition about black people become extremely outraged to discover that there are people who have the most odious religious and cultural predispositions about them.”Spot on brother Keith Williams.
    The above commentry by you ,might be perhaps the most poignant, I have come across over the past 3 years, of traversing dis here info highway.
    It just baffles me por ejemplo, to see Jews, in good old America , remain silent, as white fake Christians ,a la numerically dominant authority ,lambast Islam , and continue their practices of genocides ,against Afrikan folks,while failing to recognize thet they feel the same about them, even though their money was able to make them past as white.
    East and South Asians likewise, as are as rephensible ,for thinking that they are some adored , previliged tribe, as publicly proclaimed by the same power brokers.
    As for Arabs, their attitudes to Afrikans Muslims are legendary, but then, reality often seep in, for them all via political , and social prosecutions , when appropiate by power mongrels.
    We ‘Progressive Global Humanist ,’ can however not worry too much about trying to change the minds of others , but ONLY do what is in our power , to curb self hatred, amongst a people who have been historically at war with themselves – starting with our youth. We can do our part via prudent advocacy to put pressurs on our leaders, to do the right thing, and nudge misguided elites , from competitive tribes , that their self interest, are inextricably tied up together with ‘the other.’
    It is said in de ‘BuddhaBlackSunGod’ stolen, King James Bible , dat ,”Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” MATTHEW 5:15
    Rise up ye mighty people ,as you were once Kings and Queens of a mighty kingdom.
    Keep the faith KW, and remid others to Luv Humanity!

  14. Does anyone now exactly how much time would be served by these convicts? Is time being served consecutively or concurrently add does anyone know when these miscreants would be eligible for parole? Well, we should consider these questions before we condemn a sitting judge for acting within the law in the purview of his court, eh Mamoo?

  15. There is such a thing as social distance that can be used as a key indicator in “judging” the morality or sentiment of a individuals intent and the categories for social distance are not limited to race, nation of origin and or gender. Economics has always been a apart of the equation, but it has historically always affected the have nots more than the haves. In this case, the family that was preying on immigrants where the haves and in a society where immigrants are seen as one of the most vulnerable portions of that society, was destined in this economic atmosphere to be severely prosecuted. This is no situation between one hotel worker with questional intent and one of the most powerful men in the world. No, this was a group of unsavory charachters exploiting the dream of desperate people.
    In some parts of the country, to have an accent of any kind will make make or break you. Some accents are favorable depending on the region and the preconnotations that some may have in regard to the nation of origin. However, it is the immigrant who always believes that they are different and that they can and will succeed in America and the U.S. governemnt deos not want that dream tarnished.
    The fact of the matter is this, sometimes the people who talk less favorably of others in front of you may and probably are speaking less favorably about you and your ilk to others. You never know exactly how a person will judge a person or situation and thats why none of us should judge a book by it’s cover. There are just too many variables.
    The political climate, the nature of the crime, and the economy had more to do with the sentence than the nation of origin and or race.

  16. reading what that judge did is truly crazy.that was very hash they did not kill these things goes on every day,i think that he has some problem with himself.where did he get off by saying they would of been hacked 2 death in Trinidad that not true.what they did is not right but that not the way 2 handle that problem.the real problem they are willing 2 sweep under the rug.what a sad case.

  17. Bernadette King said , “That was very hash they did not kill these things goes on every day…where did he get off by saying they would of been hacked 2 death in Trinidad that not true.”

    ‘Me think,’ Bernadette king, that this Judge have a better grip on the painful realities ,that exist in your backward, wild , wild west, insecured country , better than you , my friend. This Clico white color bum Lee, por ejemplo,was a symbol of the lasting corruption in T&T, as concluded by a disgruntled citizen , and so paid the ultimate price.
    Now if justice exist ,he would not be the only one to experience such tragic fate, as we should likewise see the bullet riddled body of a certain ex CEO from the HCU, with lavish real estate in Florida, who likewise fleeced his fellow Hindu customers, of hard earned dollars, ent?
    For the record, the action of white color thugs, and bandits ,are just s detrimental , for direct victims, and country alike – irrespective of where they emanate from, Lagos, or Calcutta.
    When millions of state monies, were siphooned away from building our national Airport , and it went instead to the secret , foreign ,English bank account for a sitting PM ,leaving us ,a resource ladened country, with a ricikity airport, that is a crime ,of the highest order, that deserves the death penalty.
    It’s been decades since Tobago have been promised an Hospital, and afetr much delays , finger pointing , obvious mismanagement, maybe it might be ready , two days before the next general election.
    We the mainly Afrikan victims , who have to swim from Scarborough to Port of Spain to get emergency Medical attention -that unlike the three successive PM ‘s, we were burdened with -cannot jump on a plane to Havana, Miami,London, or Toronto are left to scratch our collected heads in wonder, as to if there is more than a pestle in the mortar.
    The glaring reality is that these rogues,and vagabons , along with their high end lawyers, can twart legal blowbacks, and so escape, or delay real sanctions.

    In de case of T&T ,convenient race card yelling , and political victimization cries, would be the mantra, put forward by cultually depraved ,immoral bastards.
    Having naive , Bible touting folks like yourself,does not hurt ,does it Bernadette King?
    These Trinis,are so amusing,dat it ain’t even funny anymore. Let me guess, Madame King, is sitting somewhere out there in her Zoo York two family house, and demanding castration for Jewish , financial tugs/ Wall Street crook, Bernie Madoff, but want us to go easy on Indo Trini, alleged victims , that help tarnish the image of their country ,via disgusting banditry, yes?

    It’s called level playing field justice T&T, and what do I care , ‘you alls, ‘ Go ahead,reintroduce your barbarian laws, to hang every low caste ,insignificant ,Blue Color Bum , with limited means, on death row ,if it makes yo feel good inside , as that, in your naive estimation, would curb crimes.
    At the same time , feel free to turn a blind eye/ cuddle ,White Color Thugs, for dat is de ways of a progressive society ,led by a female leader with a conscience, and how pathetic indeed!

    By the way, it is my fervent hope, that Sistaz Bernaddet King , is Trini savvy enough, to not take this my comment ,too personally, but appreciate that I am simply using her as a convenient conduit ,to make a larger more pressing point .
    My objective therefore, was mainly to focus on an unfortunate tragedy,of inequitable justice , that has not only affected nations of the more Industrialized, Global North -where I so happen to reside for too long- but countries like ours ,trodding along the part hopefully to ‘Sustainable Development ,’ in the Global South.
    We wish our people well.
    Luv humanity!

  18. In Trinidad they were going to get a pat on their backs, and would of been sharing toys around Xmas time.

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