Karen Nunez-Tesheira: They ill-treated my husband

By Andre Bagoo
January 13 2012 – newsday.co.tt

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarFORMER Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira yesterday for the first time revealed the personal reasons she had for taking her money out of the Clico Investment Bank (CIB) in December 2008, saying she did so in order to cut ties with Clico because her late husband Russell Tesheira – right up to his death in 2004 – had been badly treated by Clico and its former executive chairman Lawrence Duprey.

“All the complaints about Clico and the way they conducted their business, guess when they started?” Nunez-Tesheira said at the Clico Commission of Inquiry yesterday. “The year 2004. When did my husband die? April 2004. That says a lot.”

“They ill-treated my husband, they ill-treated members of staff who gave their whole life to the company and I did not agree with the way in which Mr Duprey was conducting the business,” an emotional Nunez-Tesheira said. “It took very little for me to decide to take my money out.”
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I didn’t like how CLICO did business
FORMER finance minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira yesterday gave an “emotional and expressive” account of the reasons behind her decision to break a CLICO Investment Bank (CIB) fixed deposit weeks before a billion dollar bailout of CL Financial was brokered.

‘…And now you have heard the story’

…Monteil tried to withdraw millions
ANDRE MONTEIL, former group financial director of CL Financial, unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw “millions of dollars” from CLICO Investment Bank (CIB) weeks before a billion-dollar bailout of CL Financial was brokered, former finance minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira stated yesterday.

…Tesheira: Monteil was ‘seeing about himself’
FORMER PNM treasurer Andre Monteil was “seeing about himself” when he was engaged in negotiations on behalf of CL Financial in January 2009 as the group, facing collapse, sought Government help.

5 thoughts on “Karen Nunez-Tesheira: They ill-treated my husband”

  1. Made a concerted effort to read dis tripe , but could not , even after three Vat 19. Such a sad day in our history , when self serving politicians like these ,lack the forsight to know how , idiotic , and or dangerous,they appear, while defending the indefensible.
    No ex Madame Minister , you made off like a two bit Caranege bandito , while thousands of your fellow citizens suffered, during dis debacle .
    You got away with this immoral crime , only because you had a heads up as Minister of Finance, unlike other less fortunate folks.
    As such you ain’t fooling anyone but your gullible kids , and stupid die hard fans , still bowing at de PNM alter.
    This is ample proof of two things. First is the fact that women ain’t no different to men , when it comes to banditry, lying , and socio political immorality, as power is the great equalizer.
    Secondly, that there is need for someone to come around with a sledge hammer, and smash what remains of this party to pieces. Failure to do so will, I can assure any- who care to listen – would ensure the runnaway freight train to no where continue , into perpetuity.
    Maybe we can learn , and put in place mechanisms to ensure transparency in both government , and business across our country. Then perhaps T&T citizens , like it so. In time we will know.
    We wish our people well!
    Wat a beautiful country- depending on how one define beautiful , of course.
    Luv Humanity.

  2. LIAR!
    You had to come up with a story after all.

    You were tempted by greed and selfishness.
    Russel would never had done that to his country because that’s what CLICO meant to our nation.

    CLICO was more than just a another company.

    You betrayed TNT’s i.e. economic stability by risking CLICO’s downfall for your own selfish desire not to mention your partners it employees etc.
    You’re just another Marie Antoinette the only difference is it took Tiesh passing, then you showed your true colors, you even destroyed your party, Emelda Marcos must envy you, after all you got away with it; ain’t it?.
    You lack grit you were like a snatch and run thief exiting an orgy while some were still fitting their underpants after reality bust in the door.
    You’re just another disgraced elite that just wouldn’t apologize to the Country.
    Mariano Brown…he was Minister in the Ministry of Finance at the time and had more money in CLICO than Karen and he stood his ground with integrity as a Minister and Cabinet member knowing how much he stand to loose. He showed grit and to my mind he demonstrated that,Country came first.
    Had Mariano Brown chose self first and withdrew the catastrophe would have been a 100 fold compare to your cretinous move.
    Woman, you are just another rich disgrace.
    According to the bible pumper:Get thee hence!

  3. Since 2004 Karen, The Auditors, The Examiners at the Central Bank,Ramesh Maharaj, Panday, everyone in senior Government positions knew that Duprey was bankrupting CLICO but they all failed to bring the info to the Public. They are all Guilty of Willful Blindness and should all be JAILED.

    Thank You

    1. Using your selectively outraged theory, GazB, who knew , and who should be JAILED, for Wilful Blindness ,in not likewise not stepping up to de plate , so as to save HCU from going Bankrupt at the hands of corrupt cuddled bandits?

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